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Primetake 7.62 ammo to go

Primetake, a UK manufacturer of specialist munitions, is launching two products within its Omega range of ammunition, including the 7.62mm x 51AP (armour piercing) and the 7.62mm x 51SB (subsonic) rounds,” reports. “The AP round utilises a REACH-compliant tungsten core to maximise its penetrative capability, successfully engaging 7mm rolled homogenous armour (Miilux protection 380), while also achieving penetration at inclined angles of up to 25°.” So now you know. Janes reports that Primetake – which also turns out a line of bird-scaring pistol and shotgun ammunition –  developed the rounds for “elite military, police and special forces units” who use “high-quality bolt action sniper rifles.” So no Omega for American alphas. But here’s something that could make if across the pond and into your local gun store . . .

Primetake is also presenting the latest update of its counter-terror enhanced 9mm round, which provides no ‘over-penetration’ and reduces ricochet, making it of particular interest to those involved in sensitive counter-terror or close protection activities.

What if you’re involved with insensitive counter-terror? Anyway, I’d love to know more. How can an effective round eliminate the prospect of any over-penetration without risking the prospect of under-penetration? I need a cold shower now. Or just some alone time with my Golden Sabers. Somebody stop me!

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    • You’re right. There isn’t a point past the silent point. The silent point is the point on that ammo. You sacrifice a bit of speed and energy for a quieter round. It’s why .300 AAC is so popular for silencers, you can choose between supersonic and subsonic for when you care about noise and when you don’t.

  1. I don’t really think a subsonic 308 for bolt guns is that special. You pretty much download and/or change powders, which really isn’t that big of a deal.

    The Tungsten core stuff is cool, but as said it probably won’t ever hit the civilian market en masse and it definitely won’t be something most buy by the case. Anyone got any Swaging gear out there?

    • They may have changed to a vastly heavier bullet as well while keeping powder about the same. So if they kept consistent powder loads while changing the bullet, it’s an effect not exactly available to reloaders who don’t have access to the bullet being used.

      • 1:10 twist 308 barrels are good for 180gr or so. 300BLK subs can be loaded much heavier as most are 1:7 or 1:8 twist – 240gr bullets seem to be the commercial max.

        I’ve also had issues with loading 308 subs since you are leaving so much empty space in the case, it’s easy to get incomplete or delayed ignition. I only do 300BLK subs now, makes more sense with the shorter barrel anyways. My 308 has a 24″ barrel and is (relatively) quiet with standard 168gr & 175gr loads.

  2. When you said UK I knew we were boned. Occasionally some Kynoch ammo in huge safari calibers comes across, but there isn’t much of a market in the US for British-made ammunition when we can get cheaper Brazilian, and ex-Soviet/Yugo ammo and have plenty of other domestic options for tacticool hollowpoints, penetrators, and frangibles. Also, AP ammo of all kinds is banned from import for civilian sales, not just pistol calibers.

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