New From Piexon: JPX4 Defender OC Pepper Projector

Piexon JPX4 OC Projector (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The Kimber Pepper Blaster II was my go-to dog ‘n perp repellent. It’s sleek and discreet with an OC spray hot enough to make a bad guy attack his eyeballs with Oedipus Rex-ian fervor. I reckon Switzerland’s Piexon has got it goin’ on with their new JPX4 Defender. OK, it’s not as concealable or as Thunderbirds-esque as their two-shot JPX2. But the four-shot OC projector can send four streams of 400k SHU solution at 320 ft/sec. (at five feet) without reloading. And it’s got a speed loader and a laser! Now how much would you pay? $449.95 and $45 per canister. Yes the Defender looks like a gun. But as we like to say around here, what could possibly go wrong? Make the jump for more smokin’ hot pics . . .

Piexon JPX4 pepper projector in holster (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


Piexon JPX4 OC projector ready to rock  (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


Piexon JPX2 OC projector (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


  1. avatar Tim Going says:

    For that size I think I’ll stick with my Mace Pepper gun. Lower price, with built in light and cheap $20 practice and refill cartridges. The biggest selling point of the pepperblaster to me was the thinness, but not being able to practice with it without buying a new one was a pain.

  2. avatar KCK says:

    Beats the fake lookalike gun because at least it shoots something.
    ( Like the peace of mind that a fake gun gives you, without the risk of a real gun)

  3. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Fox labs spray. 20 bucks delivered. Weighs less than a set of keys. Multiple shots from a 2 ounce canister. Goes anywhere, fits in any pocket. Doesn’t look like a gun.

    1. avatar Amok! says:

      +1 to Fox Labs

  4. avatar Dash says:

    Things that are not guns, that look like guns, are a BAD FRIKKIN IDEA.

    1. avatar JasonM says:


      If cops will shoot a woman with a black cordless drill, because they’re not sure it’s not a gun, I doubt they’ll hesitate to treat these things exactly like guns.

  5. avatar Accur81 says:

    Hmmm, my First Defense pepper spray is free. The equivalent 1.5 ounce canister runs for $15-20. Good bear spray is $50-80.

    I can get a Gen 4 GLOCK 19 (ProForce) with night sights or an M&P (Grab a gun) full size for $450. Hard pass.

    If this was pointed at me I would probably shoot back with a real gun.

  6. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Hey RF i too carry a Pepperblaster. But mainly it’s because I live in Illinois and don’t have legal CC yet. It’s the same size as a tiny 380 and fatter. And no one has ever noticed it in my pocket. For 500bucks I can get a great carry gun. This would be good for a mail person or cop though…

  7. avatar J Bronson says:

    Already bought the JPX4. Where can I get that holster???

  8. avatar Butch says:

    I like it, have bears where i live. Carry when out with the family. I been to prison twice for self defense in VA. If i have to use it this will cut out the legal side of dealing with the courts and prison.

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