New from Nosler: .30 caliber, 125 grain AccuBond® Bullet

Oh yeah life goes on, long after the thrill of buying ammo is gone. Actually, it wasn’t a thrill. It was just . . . normal. You’d go to your local gun store or click onto your favorite ammo supplier’s website and buy some ammo. Now it’s a thrill. Snagging a few boxes of your favorite cartridges is like finding a fifty dollar bill tucked away in an old jacket pocket. Only better. Rolling your own? That’s become like rolling your own. You know; back when you were a kid and marijuana was legal. Anyway, reloaders rejoice! Nosler’s new .30 caliber, 125 grain AccuBond® bullet is here. In stock and all. It’s good for for 300 AAC Blackout, 308 Winchester, 30 AR, 308 Marlin Express and 30 TC. Press release after the jump . . .

Bend, Ore. – 2013 – Nosler, Inc. the world’s leading manufacturer of the finest grade hunting bullets has announced a new .30 caliber, 125 grain AccuBond®. Designed to provide .30 caliber cartridges with limited case capacity such as the 300 AAC Blackout, 308 Winchester, 30 AR, 308 Marlin Express and 30 TC the option of a bonded core bullet, the .30 125gr AccuBond® is ideal for a wide range of large and small game. With the increased popularity and hunting use of these cartridges, Nosler® felt it was important to manufacture a bonded, light-for-caliber hunting bullet that provides precise accuracy and deadly terminal performance.

As with all of Nosler’s AccuBond® bullets, the new addition delivers controlled expansion and penetration with outstanding weight retention at all normal hunting velocities and ranges. The tapered, highly concentric bullet jacket is constructed from gilding metal to minimize barrel fouling. All Nosler AccuBond® bullets feature distinctive white polymer tips that prevent deformation in the magazine, boost aerodynamic efficiency, and initiate expansion. The AccuBond® also features a well-defined boat tail that serves to reduce drag and provide a more efficient flight profile for higher retained energy.


For a 2013 Nosler® and NoslerCustom® catalog featuring the entire line of AccuBond®, AccuBond®-LR, Ballistic Tip®, Ballistic Tip Lead-Free™, Ballistic Tip® MZ, Bonded Performance™, CT Ballistic Silvertip®, Custom Competition™, E-Tip®, Partition®, Solids™, Sporting Handgun™, Varmageddon™, Nosler® DEFENSE™ Ammunition, Match Grade™ Ammunition, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition, NoslerCustom® Ammunition, Cartridge Brass and NoslerCustom® Rifles contact: Nosler, Inc., P.O. Box 671, Bend, Oregon 97709, 1-800-285-3701,



  1. avatar Mike in NC says:

    Wait. A product announcement that applies to 300 BLK and it’s NOT posted by Nick?

    1. avatar Gyufygy says:

      Nick must have the flu or something. Only explanation that makes sense.

    2. avatar Ben in UT says:

      No joke. I’m pretty sure that guy is propping up about 30% of the .300 BLK market just from his own purchases.

      1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

        That photo of the pallet of 300BLK ammo that Nick posted from the SHOT show?

        That was all his.

    3. avatar Accur81 says:

      My God, is Nick ok?!

      Please don’t tell him I shelved plans to buy a 300 AAC because there’s no flippin’ ammo anymore. The 6.8 is still working like a champ, though.

  2. avatar cyrano says:

    I used to be in the nerdy club that rolled their own ammo, now with the ammo shelves empty I am giving lessons to friends and family. I am a pretty popular guy these days. Just wish I had bought more varget.

    1. avatar OHgunner says:

      My downfall was small pistol primers…. My stash is long gone, and my press is collecting Dust

  3. avatar Liberty2Alpha says:

    I found 3 100 round boxes of Federal .45 at an out of the way Wally World yesterday… and I was thrilled! LOL

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