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MEGA Arms makes great AR lowers and upper receivers. MEGA news! They’re making a monolithic AR-10 rifle in 7.62 NATO that uses Magpul magazines. The new rifle is light compared to some of the boat anchor AR-10 builds we’ve seen at the SHOT show. The trigger’s pretty damned good (PDG) and the guns seems to handle well. It’s available in slimming black and an extremely fetching nickel boron (silver). If you like AR-10s, now’s the time to get your boron.

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  1. The Ma-Ten has been around for a year or so. Been drooling over them on since this last spring when I was thinking of getting into .308. (And still high on my list, able to use ar15 stocks = Slidefire + .308 drum mag for bump fire awesomeness.)

  2. Nick, are the Christensen Arms folks there? If so, post some pics of their Ar-15s with the carbon fibre barrels. That’s some serious gun porn!

    • Um, dude… Christensen carbon kinda sucks. If you’re going to get all new-age and buy into something, at least the ABS carbon barrels are accurate. They’re both light. And opposed to what they both claim, they both retain heat over all steel barrels.

      But really, I’d avoid both unless it was a magnum hunting rifle you’re only taking one shot from.

      • Kyle: I’m curious, do you know this from personal experience, or is your opinion just based on something you read?

        • Personal experience with both. Christensen uses automotive (weave) carbon as a tension sleeve. I’d avoid that like the plague. On ABS at least they actually wrap, but the heat retention is fairly obvious as the carbon never heats up at all.

          Both companies seem to promote talking points that are very favorable to them but very subjective as well.

          • Ok, thanks. I think I’m gonna have to test one out for myself. I watched portions of nutnfancy’s reviews – he seemed to be impressed.

            • Just saw that video, it’s weird because nutnfancy usually is pretty good about this stuff.

              IMO, all the wrap barrels with the exception of the Walther Aluminum Sleeved barrel, will retain heat over all steel. This is because no matter what you do, carbon+epoxy over steel will not conduct as well as steel alone. IF IF IF it did, the carbon would be HOTTER to the touch than the steel – this is not the case. You can’t claim heat dissipation because the carbon never gets hot, that’s insulating. The heat doesn’t magically disappear, something HAS to get hot. Once it’s hot, it can cool, but it has to get hot first. Carbon barrels NEVER get hot.

              Like I said though, the ABS barrels in large calibers are GREAT for hunting but I suspect will (and nutnfancy noticed his CA) heat string. They are as stiff as carbon though, so there is the bull barrel accuracy in a light package. I just don’t buy the long barrel life because of less heat.

  3. While the Ma-Ten receivers are not new the one pictured is, not only is it an Ambi-308 lower, but it is also a monolithic modular upper (rail sections can be added wherever) and to top it off its all coated in NiB. I got one of the first sets of the Ma-Ten and was very impressed with the quality, I can only image these new NiB Ambi receivers will again set the standard.

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