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Press release:

COMER, GA (October 2012) – MasterPiece Arms, manufactures of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto submachine pistols and carbines, is pleased to introduce the new MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle. Based on the successful MPA57SST 5.7x28mm Pistol, the new MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle features a ten-inch threaded barrel with ½ x 28 threads making it suppressor ready. The MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle comes with adjustable front and rear sights, a side-cocker, scope mount, 20 Round Magazine, Muzzle Brake, Strike Industries Foregrip, MPA Short Aluminum Quadrail, Low Profile Buttstock and Side Folding Attachment. It features all the accuracy, low recoil and performance expected from the MasterPiece Arms Defender series. The weapon also cycles high velocity and subsonic ammo without the need for adjustments to the weapon. Please note all NFA rules apply. This gun is American Made, ships in its gun case and offers the MasterPiece Arms Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP is $799.95.

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  1. Kinda looks like something I’d make in my workshop out of scrounged scrap metal and hardware. Apparently one does not need a 3D printer to make a firearm at home.

  2. I’m willing to buy guns that are not beauty pageant winners provided they are real performers with delivering bullets. I associate the words “master piece” with an aesthetically appealing work of beauty. This industrial-art student project gizmo featured must be a butt-ugly design on purpose. Does the maker imagine that gun buyers equate cold industrial design with good performance? This thing hurts my eyes so much that I’m leaving this site to go for a bike ride.

  3. If it weren’t for the prohibitive cost of 5.7mm ammo, I think many more manufacturers would venture into the 5.7 market.

    The 5.7 costs at least 50 cents a round. That’s not excessive for defensive-grade ammo, but it’s only a little cheaper than bulk .308. It’s a shame that there are no steel-cased Wolf or aluminum-cased CCI Blazer 5.7s to practice with.

    • The problem isn’t the manufacturers. It’s FN. They are exceedingly stingy with the load data, hence why there’s no handload information widely available.

  4. The carbine version looks a bit better…both are still really ugly. I dont really get what look they were going for with this. Mix-matched project gun done wrong comes to mind when I look at it, but thats just me…Why have gloss black buttstock, flat black pistol, gloss black rails, and stainless steel barrel?

  5. I think saying that that series of firearm (the pistol and now the SBR) have the ergonomics of a brick would be insulting to a brick. Do people actually buy these things? This post should have been a “From the depths of uselessness…” Post, but then again I see the large sidebar add for MPA…

    • D’oh. Phone Autocorrected the correct “ad” to the incorrect “add”. Aaaannnd the edit button disappeared. Sorry grammar Nazi’s.

  6. “MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle” is just a tad unwieldy. MasterPiece should just call it the “Upchuck” and leave it at that.

    I’d like to order one in pink for my ex-GF.

  7. Ugly can be functional. It’ll always be ugly, but it can be functional. But what’s this fascination with the 5.7 round? Make it in something more common and cheaper like 9 or 40 or 45. I can buy any of these rounds cheaper at wally world for practice.

  8. A 10″ barrel and they add a scope mount? What on earth for? It’s not like you need one to shoot 15 yards.

    • I hoep so too because if it looks better than it shoots, you might as well throw the bullets by hand.

  9. If I’m gonna go for 5.7, I’m getting one from FN. The ps90 is only a bit more expensive, is title 1, probably performs better, and looks a hell of a lot better than this pile of scrap MPA put together.

    Don’t get me wrong. That stock looks nice, as does the front grip, but the gun itself is just hideous. The grip is at an aesthetically unpleasing angle, probably uncomfortable too. The frame looks like cheap stamped metal reminiscent of mass produced guns made decades ago (grease gun, sten etc). This thing makes a liberator look nice.

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