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LWRC is shooting the breeze at SHOT, introducing a couple updates to their line and one new rifle that they swear is unique. They promise on a stack of .300 BLK that they will never build anything even remotely similar again. Let’s start with the more mundane news . . .

Typically, LWRC sells their R.E.P.R. AR-10 SASSy system with medium or heavy contour barrels. They’re particularly heavy pieces of kit to lug around, especially if you’re out hunting.

Addressing this weighty issue, LWRC introduced a version of the 16 inch barreled rifle with spiral cut fluting. They created a limited production run for the commercial market—which sold out faster than a .308 round headed downrange. This year LWRC’s building a full production version that will be available indefinitely.

Before you even start thinking of emailing me I already asked. No, the spiral cut doesn’t impact the barrel harmonics. Unlike straight fluting, the spiral maintains the harmonics while allowing weight to be cut from the barrel. So there.

Also new (to the civilian market): the IC or Individual Carbine. This piston driven AR-15 will be available in a semi-auto variant of the IC designed for the US military. That gun sports a 14.5 inch spiral fluted barrel with a permanently attached AAC Blackout flash hider and fully ambidextrous controls.

Of all the AR-15 variants I’ve seen this week THIS is the one I most want to get my hands on.

The final gun is the first, last and only direct impingement firearm LWRC has and will ever sell. The salesperson was VERY insistant on that point, giving me the impression that its mere existence in the lineup was an affront to his piston driven religion.

This limited edition firearm is a UCIW with an 8.5 inch barrel converted to use direct impingement (instead of gas piston operation) and fires the new .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. The firearm will ship with an AAC Blackout flash hider for use with AAC 762SDN6 silencers and the like.

You like?

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  1. You are doing a great job of photographing and blogging about these firearms Nick. Kinda cool that you dont have to talk to them is it not? They do require maintenance though.

  2. I really like the idea of a 300 BLK UCIW. But limited edition? Hopefully like the Spiral cut REPRs these will be around for a while. The 5.56 and 6.8 UICWs just don’t do it for me.

    Sure one could go with a AAC PDW or the like, but I like the UICW bottom half for it’s OAL reduction.

  3. Good overview on LWRC. I own a repr and plan on getting either an M6A2 or the new IC considering I’m left handed.


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