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Yes, I had a chance to shoot the imminently US-available Tavor rifle. It was like the rifle had a glowing aura surrounding it, the awesomeness leaking out in metaphysical manifestations. And after firing it, I can see why. Make the jump for the video . . .

I can totally see why people love it. And I might just want one. RF has one coming to review, watch this space.

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  1. Sure it’s a sexy modern rifle, but did IWI do the smart thing and import some attractive Israeli military gals to show it off at SHOT? Inquiring minds want to know… heh. 🙂

      • RF I can say this in the best possible way, I HATE you right now!!!! 😉
        I miss my Tavor. That rifle just made me smile every time I caressed her in my arms. Israeli models aside, it oozes awesomeness, and you can feel that little smile twitch in the corner of your mouth every time you take aim!!!!
        Envy does not even begin to describe the feelings… I so wish I was there!!

  2. Please Hannukah Harry, I’ve been an awfully good little Jew. Let me have a Tavor and don’t ban them.

    No folding stock or bayonet lug, but will need a bull barrel or a fixed brake. With the quick- change barrel that shouldn’t be too hard

    • No they don’t. They rock for urban combat, or pretty much anything except 600m target practice. Welcome to the 1990s.

      A short-barreled M4 with the stock retracted is 2″ longer than a comparably barreled Tavor.

  3. So I just checked and this thing has a long stroke piston. So it’s an AK bullpup… sort of. With a free floated barrel. They also just launched a US consumer website… I am liking where this is heading.


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