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“The HK45T can be converted to nine different kinds of trigger firing modes including HK’s enhanced double action only ‘LEM’ (Law Enforcement Modification) mode.” As I don’t want to risk TTAG’s budding relationship with H&K, I’ll say nothing about DAO triggers and the level of police firearms expertise. D’oh! Anyway, as you’d expect, the full-size .45’s got a suppressor-ready threaded barrel and three-dot Tritium night sights. It’s available in three colors: expensive, expensive and expensive. Sorry, black, tan or green. It weighs just under two pounds and holds just under 12 rounds (10 + 1 in the pipe). [Click here for a pdf with all the specs on the new HK45T.]


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  1. Dang, enough “military features” on that thing to give half of Congress the vapors. I especially love the high-capacity assault under-rail for mounting rocket launchers.

    Looks nice. Though will no doubt MSRP for 3 months’ rent.

  2. Anyone with an HK45 could have just made this gun themselves. They have sold threaded 45 barrels for almost as long as the pistol has been out.

    I have one with an LEM trigger and it is a good pistol. Certainly comfy and a better pointer than a glock but I find myself switching over to glocks more and more because of the HK LEM trigger. I was going to sell my 45 but until I feel 100% confident (currently at 75%) that there will not be an AWB II I will keep my 10 rd 45 handy due to the newly-convenient mag capacity 🙂 If I end up keeping it forever I might switch it over to DA/SA with safety and run it like a 1911. Far better trigger in that mode and while I was originally a proponent of the LEM I am starting to see that despite extensive training there is an element of pain-in-the-assedry that cannot be overcome.

    • After trying the LEM trigger on a range-rental HK, I decided to stick with the V1 DA/SA setup on my USP. I am, however, going to send it off to have the action tuned up as I understand there are noticeable gains to be had there.

      • I actually liked the LEM trigger over the DA/SA on my USP compact. It made it a lot easier to switch between it and a Glock….in the end I still prefer a Glock trigger.

        • I think it comes down to consistency of operating principle, rather than quality of trigger, per se.

          Totally agree that if I were also running Glocks (which I’m not, currently) then I would find it difficult to consistently apply the correct operating procedures to both a Glock and a V1 USP-family pistol.

          In my case, my crossover guns outside the USP are the 1911 (which matches up with USP v1 ops pretty well as long as you don’t get carried away and decock) and the SIG family (DA/SA, no safety).

          That may change for me as I get more involved in competitive pistol, but at this point I’m pretty sure I’ll be competing with a 1911-class gun if/when I decide to go outside HK & SIG.

  3. I’m not the biggest fan of HK as they appear overpriced and not really friends of the second amendment. No thank you, I’ll instead choose an FN, S&W, Glock, or Springfield Armory.

    • From what I have read if I had problems with an HK they wouldn’t even want to know me(much like Sophia Loren in her prime). I like S&W, if you have problems they send you a free shipping label to send back, they are great, Randy

    • Though the price is high, in comparison, HK isn’t
      any worse than SIG and a lot of stuff from both
      S&W and SA are just as expensive. Of course once
      you look at SA’s custom line, Wilsons or Nighthawk
      HKs are a downright bargain.

      On a positive note, the ambidextrous slide
      release is top notch. HK did a good job
      with this. I use both hands, but predominantly
      left. I’ve shot other pistols with ambi controls but
      so far the HK45 feels like the only one where
      a left handed slide release wasn’t an after thought.

      • I’m also a fan of the ambidextrous controls, especially the mag release. I’m a lefty and my wife’s a righty, and we can shoot the same HK pistols without one of us having to shift our grip awkwardly or having to swap the mag release button from one side to the other. HK’s ambidextrous controls are better than any other pistol I’ve handled, including the Springfield XD and S&W M&P.

    • Yeah I was an HK guy for a long time but Glock has finally converted me. The only non-glock I am considering at this time is the caracal C.

      I love my Glock 19 so much it’s stupid.

  4. Honestly? I think that’s one of the ugliest pistols I’ve seen in a while. Might be a nice one operations wise but aesthetically, it is UGLY.

    • Suppressor-height sights are readily available from HK. Don’t know why they didn’t include them in the Tactical package, as other HKs that have come factory-equipped with threaded barrels have had tall sights either standard or as an option.

  5. My first auto was an HK USP 9mm and it was love at first sight. That said, it really isn’t that different in shape, feel, or accuracy as my much cheaper Glock (which holds two more rounds). That said, my HK has probably 7,000+ rounds though it with no stove-pipes, jams, etc. assuming my memory serves me. My assessment: I’m now carrying my Glock daily, but my HK still sits by my bed stand.

  6. I like the LEM trigger as it’s not a true double-action. You could call it a pre-cocked DA/SA with a heck of a lot of slack in the trigger. Unfortunately, the ones they give Law Enforcement have the terrible 8.5 lb break in the trigger instead of the 5.5 lbs of the enhanced LEM trigger. The blade itself has a lot of flex to it which kind of sucks when shooting the 8.5 lb version.

  7. What happened to HK hates you? Besides, the convertible trigger seems like a good way to get in a DGU and accidentaly use a double action pull when you have it set in single. Sounds like a good way to turn your firearm into brass knuckles at best.

  8. I like my HK 45. It’s comfortable to shoot and damn accurate. Never had an issue feeding it anything. The Tactical version is nice but the threading on the barrel is not the same as every other pistol I have with a threaded barrel. Back to the you suck and we hate you mentality.

  9. I used to be one of the many HK haters then I shot a USP 45. Changed my life. I dont care if they act like they hate me. My wife is the same way and I keep her around. Seriously though shoot one then see if you still think they are over priced.

    • I’ve observed this repeatedly. Person tells me they don’t like HK, it being overpriced crap and such. Then they shoot one, and next thing I know, they own one.

      I made the leap from Glock to HK without regret.

      • I went from 1911s… to HK… to FN… back to HK… and somehow landed with Glock. I have used HKs professionally for years and continue to do so.

        Once I adjusted for the funky glock grip angle I was a believer. Only now none of my other pistols seem to point right anymore :/

        I won’t knock HK pistols. One can tell by holding them that a lot of care and attention to detail goes into their construction. Very nice guns.

        BUT… that low glock bore axis has stolen my heart… as well as the cheap magazines and more holster options. Trying to find a holster for my HK45 was like pulling teeth.

    • The USP 45 was actually the first polymer handgun i ever bought when i stepped outside of the 1911 paradigm. One fine handgun.

  10. The HK LEM trigger is DAO in name only. I used to think DAO was a joke until I shot a buddy’s HK P30 .

    It’s more like a single action trigger after every shot with a long takeup stroke.No decockers, buttons , or trigger dingui. And it’s literally called “Law Enforcement Modification”, so if your Grand Jury is staffed with brain dead hoplophobes you won’t run into trouble because you carried a death ray assault pistol.Your carry gun is made for cops see, and we all know the cops are the experts yes?

  11. What the hell is this supposed to mean?

    From the pdf:
    “shown with dummy sound suppressor
    (depiction of suppressor does not constitute endorsement)”

    Soooo, HK doesn’t ‘endorse’ suppressor? or do they just not ‘endorse’ this specific brand of dummy suppressor?

  12. The only thing I don’t care for on my HK45 is the rather long trigger reset. Aside from that, it is dead-on accurate, absolutely reliable, and not ridiculously heavy due to the polymer frame. I carry mine as if it were a 1911, in condition one, the SA trigger pull is quite good. I will be ordering a threaded bbl shortly, I anticipate it will make a great host for an AAC TiRant. I will also be swapping out the stock superluminova sights for taller tritium. (I would have thought HK would have spec’d those for this pistol…)

  13. Go buy an FNP 45T instead it has all the same features (except the trigger), and your slide is already milled to accept red dots.


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