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“Is this a gun on my back? Why, of course not, inquisitive and gun hating neighbor! I’m simply on my way to the local coffee house to smoke pot and strum my favorite Nickelback songs! I am one of you, not one of those crazy gun owners!”

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  1. I love covert weapons cases and have made many (usually “making” one doesn’t involve much).

    I made one of these with a $40 RoadRunner gig bag and some medium density foam cut to shape with a bread knife. Works great!


  2. Speaking of Nickels, if Buffalo Nickels was here he would not be awe struck, at least not for covert carry though it is a cute range bag

  3. Smoking pot and strumming Nickelback at the coffeehouse? You must be from Washington state, then. Puyallup, I’m guessing.

  4. Am I the only guy tired of the word “covert” when applied to things that come in desert tan and have MOLLE loops all over them?

    Like a fat guy wearing a shoot-me-first vest over t-shirt with shorts in the middle of the summer: You’re not fooling anybody.

    I’m looking forward to the day when legit ninja gear comes in non-ninja colors.

    • Here here! I long for the day when I can get functional U/C gear that doesn’t look like came from 5.11 or out a Galls catalog. Check it out, nothing from here can’t be recognized from 100 yards.

      When I see this apparal, I know that person is armed. Period. While I like the idea of a guitar case, coyote brown with velcro patches, tactical nylon adjustable strap and MOLLE a would not be my first choice to go Lo-Pro. How about make it look like a regular guitar case in colors that don’t scream, “I am trying to be low profile but subliminally, I want you to think I am armed.”

      • Amen guys. I actually had my hopes up a little when I clicked on the link, only to be disappointed. They could have made it 10x better if they would have moved the pouches to inside and went with black or any plain common color. I think the bag that comes with the ruger 10/22 takedown is more covert then this thing. Oh well someone up top said they built something similar out of a roadrunner gear bag, that would be a pretty easy project. When you want something done right you got to do it yourself!!

        • that’s the same way I feel about the infamous “doomsday purse” … most of ’em look full on tactical bug-out bags. If you were gonna be smart you’d have a service that discreetly sews a holster into an otherwise acquired bag of some sort.

          Besides which, my M1A wouldn’t fit in a guitar bag… I’d need something longer.

  5. Anybody who’s seen Desperado would have thought of this one years ago. And while I dig the big old heavy & stylish Mariachi guitar cases, I’m sure these would be light enough for practical carry. lol


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