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Quite why FNH would choose mid-July to release a new shotty is a mystery best left to those familiar with the ways of transnational Belgium firearms manufacturers. But one thing’s for sure: yes please! TTAG’s on the T&E case. Meanwhile, press release:

FNH USA, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its FN P-12 pump shotgun, which marks FNH USA’s long awaited re-entry into the pump shotgun market. The FN P-12 brings the tradition of genuine FN quality to a highly desirable firearm . . .

“Perfect for home defense, general purpose and recreational shooting, the FN P-12 is the ‘do-it-all’ tactical shotgun,” said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President of Law Enforcement and Commercial Sales for FNH USA. “Coupled with its premium quality, this shotgun will certainly provide shooters with a distinct advantage.”

The FN P-12, assembled in FN’s Viana, Portugal facility like the SLP, sports a 5+1 round capacity and premium matte black finish over anodized aluminum. At 18 inches in length, the Belgium-made cantilever barrel is fully chrome-lined for long life and added corrosion resistance. The barrel is factory installed with an Improved Cylinder™ stainless steel choke tube. Interchangeable Standard Invector™ choke tubes are offered as accessories.

Also standard on the new FN P-12 are a fiber-optic front sight and flip-up iron sight for rapid target acquisition and precise aiming as well as a Weaver rail pattern for mounting additional optical accessories.

The initial production release will begin shipping to distributors in August. Retail price of the FN P-12 has been set at $655.00. Customers can expect to see the FN P-12 (SKU 17800) on dealer shelves by the fall of 2012.

For more information on FN shotguns, visit or the FNH USA Facebook Fan Page.

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    • Most manufacturers release major new products at the SHOT or NRA shows to generate maximum buzz amongst dealers and the firearms press. Some go off-peak to avoid getting lost in the noise, but not many.

  1. Once again, FNP prices itself out of the hands of normal working people.

    • This would be the cheapest FNH I’d own, if I get one! It’s all relative, I guess. I was expecting it to be more…. just because it was an FNH. FNs are just not at the low end of the price spectrum. So, I was pleasantly surprised at the price.

      • I got an error message that I didn’t have permission to edit my own reply. ????

        I just love FNs…. and I don’t have a shotgun, yet. Hmmm… This vs. the SLP?

    • I am a mechanic, so I think I fit into the “working person” category, and I don’t think this is priced out of my range. I do think one gets what one pays for, however, so maybe I am more willing to pay for quality than you are.

      • Isn’t a “working person” a person who works??? Let’s say.. has a job? Or is there some implication that certain professionals don’t “work” or aren’t “working people?” Hmmm?

        • In the traditional sense, when people refer to the “workers”, they are talking about people that sweat, get dirty, and use their hands to make a living. If that definition excludes you, I apologize for your hurt feelings, but your problem is with the class system, not me.

          Having both worked in an office and now in a shop, I would have to say people don’t know what real work is until they have swung a hammer or turned a wrench for a 12 hour shift in the summer heat. On the other hand, they could sit in an office and get fat and tell themselves they are working, if they like, but you and I both know what people mean what they refer to the “working people”.

        • A surgeon gets dirty, sweats, and uses his / her hands. Is that “work?” 🙂

          No hurt feelings, I promise. I was genuinely curious about how these class distinctions work.

          A joke:

          A doctor calls a plumber to fix a leak on the weekend. The plumber comes over and after assessing the situation, says, “It will be parts plus $150 / hour labor for after-hours.”

          The doctor exclaims, “$150 / hour?? I’m a DOCTOR and I don’t make $150 / hour!”

          The plumber replies, “Neither did I when I was a doctor.”

      • I am a fisherman and I think that qualifies as a working man. I have four FNs, two Browning Superposed, a grade 1 and a grade 5, a Belgium made Hi-Power and a 5.7. All are beautifully made, well except maybe the 5.7 which is…well different. I don’t regret buying any of them.

        Oh, I am a Bering Sea crab fisherman and will probably make over $300k this year but I am still a working man.

  2. So the price of 3 Mavericks, and 200 rnds of birdshot? Are they out of their ‘effin mind? A plain pump shouldn’t cost more than $300

  3. It looks nice… but how does it shoot?

    I’ll look forward to a TTAG review (lots of pretty pics + video, please)!

  4. are you paying for quality, though. is this shotgun twice as good as a mossberg. you’re paying twice the price of a new 500.

  5. Pardon me but I don’t think a chrome lined barrel is worth more than double the price of my mossy 500.

    That is the ONLY thing that stands this shotty apart from the rest and it did not even say if it was a smooth bore or rifled barrel.

    Nope, this comes off as an over-priced range-toy for the upper-class to rich folks to waste their money on buying a brand name that offers NOTHING that other cheaper shotguns offer right out of the box.

    If their brand name offers better forged parts out of better metals, better stock & forend with built-in recoil reduction, tighter or longer lasting springs, levers, follower, and other parts, then I might be willing to pay extra.

    Fiber optics are pretty to look at but at 50 yards plus the “glowing dot” completely blocks the bullseye of a target and a rail is about $10 or less on line so to even metion it comes pre-installed is a joke.

  6. Wow, lots of FN haters. 🙂 They are expensive. Is the SCAR-16S worth twice as much as a high-end AR15? Heck, I don’t know… and don’t really care. I do know that I just wanted one. So, I stepped up and paid the price. I really like it. And, every “AR person” that has fired it, to a person, has said, “Wow… smooooth.”

    One of the things I like most about FNH is their innovative designs. They’re different than the rest. That said… The pump shotgun looks pretty much like every other pump on the market. I don’t own a shotgun right now. (I had an H&R single-shot when I was a teen.) It would be interesting to compare the FN and a Mossberg side-by-side.

    That all said, it seems petty to complain that FN doesn’t make guns for the “working man.” It’s like complaining that Ferrari doesn’t offer an economy model. That’s what Mustangs are for. 🙂 Nothing wrong with a Mustang. Great bang for the buck. The Ferrari and Mustang are both cars. But, that’s where the similarity ends.

    I don’t own a Ferrari (yet). But, I can certainly admire them from afar without lamenting they don’t make one for my budget and saying, “the Corvette is just as quick.”

  7. FN makes nice stuff, no question about it, but I’m going to stick with my 870 Express synthetic. BNIB it was right at 1/2 the retail of the FN, it’s reliable as a thrown rock, you can get loads of accessories for it and it’s what my kids shoot. We can swap, mix & match like nobody’s business 🙂 .


  8. A defensive shotgun with rifle sights and an unrifled barrel? Thaaaank youuu! None of my locals would order a “police” 870.

  9. The sights sound intriguing, I would love to check it out in person … I am a big fan of handling and ogling firearms and all kinds of tools, even if I have no intention to buy them! That said, I will be quite content to keep and bear my current Mossy 590 A1 (with Ghost rings sights … you don’t know what you are missing till you try them! Really helps transform the platform, making it even more versatile over quite a range with slugs or tight patterning shot). And, just as importantly (to me), I like keeping an ol’ sharpened M7 on mine 🙂 … should a bad guy try to wrestle it out of my hands by surprise in a home invasion, they WILL shed blood. And lot of it. And then if they are braindead enough to persit, they get put out of their misery. I love shotguns so much … (if I could afford it, I would collect ’em from every maker!)

  10. FN makes awesome stuff. 600 dollars for a pump action shotgun? no big deal. I dropped 1500 on a Benelli M4 so its a non issue.

  11. I actually have one and I love it! Was looking into a moss 500 tact but this has less recoil and is dead on. It also has a short and smooth pump fast and easy reloads

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