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Thanks to CZ-USA’s corporate ambition, CZ and Dan Wesson are closerthanthis. That’s because CZ-USA purchased the pistol maker in 2015, placing it under the care and feeding of CZ-USA CEO Alice Poluchova, the Slezská univerzita v Opavě grad who’s been running CZ’s U.S. operations for no less than 18 years. The Wesson brand, once known for its revolvers, now concentrates on building a range of 1911-style semi-automatic pistols.

Dan Wesson’s A2 (above) is a more refined, modernized take on the historical M1911 A1. It sports a lowered and flared ejection port, modern sights, improved beavertail, extended thumb safety, and some slight undercutting of the trigger guard. The slide and frame are forged, as you’d expect from DW, and each component is hand-fit and blended before being finished in matte blue. It will be available in full and commander sizes. Well, “available” is a relative term, as each of these will be limited to a production run of 200 units.

According to the 2017 catalogue, the A2 above is DW’s is “one combat-ready pistol.” Not two. One.

16z_dw_eliteseries_optic_suppressorready_r 16z_dw_eliteseries_optic_suppressorready_l

“Equipped with a Trijicon RMR and with an extended, threaded barrel, this double-stack beast is begging to be unleashed on paper and steel.” As Elvis sang, please unleash me, let me go! Dan Wesson Fury chambers the beast with two stacks in 9mm (18+1 capacity) or in 10mm (14+1).

16z_dw_valor_blue_l 16z_dw_valor_blue_r

Dan Wesson’s Valor is their top-of-the-line pistol, now available in carbon steel with a blued finish. “Wearing a set of red and black double-diamond G10 grips with polished ats and bead blasted rounds, the Valor Blue has a classic beauty.” All it needs are some star cut-outs on the trigger. Or not.


DW says they created the Specialist Commander in response to demands from law enforcement. “The frame sports an integral 1913 Picatinny rail, 25-LPI frontstrap checkering, undercut triggerguard and recessed slide stop to enable the installation of laser grips. Equipped with an ambidextrous thumb safety, extended magazine release and detachable two-piece mag well, the Specialist is operator-friendly. It is finished with a set of G10 grips that guide the hand into the beavertail and hold it there.” Until an operator operating operationally is ready to let it go, presumably.


Finally, there’s the new 9mm Pointman Carry (PM-C). A “fully stainless take on the CCO concept (Commander-length slide with an Officer frame)” The diminutive pistol is “easily concealed while being incredibly comfortable to shoot.” Hopefully not at the same time. Anyway, all the MP-C really wants to do is ride Sally, ride — if you know what I mean.

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  1. I really dig that classic look of the Valor. Maybe more so if it had the same colored grips as shown in the PM-C.

  2. Wasn’t Dan Wesson purchased by CZ-USA in 2005?

    I love my Valor and CCO. Both have around 5 thousand rounds between them. Was about to about to pick up a DW Specialist two years ago, when my LGS convinced me to purchase a CZ-97. It’s not a 1911, but I’m glad I venture out saved the money. It shoots as good as if not better than any .45 ACP handgun I’ve shot.

    Can’t go wrong with a CZ or Dan Wesson .45 ACP.

  3. I said how much I liked the PM-C yesterday. When it was posted in the CZ release for 10 seconds. It looks sharp!

  4. I bought their Heritage model 1911 for my birthday this year. I absolutely love it and couldn’t be more impressed with the quality. CZ is rapidly becoming my favorite arms manufacturer and their partnership/ownership of Dan Wesson is a big part of that.

  5. Note to Dan Wesson’s senior management (unfortunately, I can’t write this in Croatian): The quality of an already good gun is not improved by having high school dropouts write the marketing material.

  6. Not a 1911 fan at all (weight is an issue, but lack of ammo is my big concern), but the Specialist there in SS is BEAUTIFUL and I want it. I’ve recently simplified ammo logistics in my home so adding 45acp might be an issue.

  7. Really like the non-humped grip safety on the A2 and PM-C.

    Now if they would put out the PM-C in blued instead of that nasty stainless (or two tone with a blued slide)

  8. A close up of the “Fury”(?) one side says ELITE the other side says TITAN and the frame looks like Caspian and the bbl says KKM Precision. ???

  9. I regretted missing out on the cz1911 last year. Looks like DW name will be on it this year. hopefully the price point is similar. I’ll miss the short trigger.

    Really liking how DW stable is shaping up there is definitely something for everyone. I am itching for a vbob in 9mm to match its big brother.

  10. As best I know Elvis never sang that song and and the words are “please release me let me go.”

  11. Is the Valor genuinely a blued, carbon steel gun? It is now March of 2018 and I do not see it in their lineup. Right now it is only built in stainless with either an uncoated stainless or blackened finish. Wow, introducing and then discontinuing a model in fifteen months DW? I hope I’m wrong about something as I am very interested in picking up my first DW and prefer blued, carbon steel.

    • Best of luck finding one. I was lucky enough that my LGS had a blued Valor and I snatched it up the second I saw it. It is a great gun! The bluing is beautiful and the fit is just right. This has become one of my favorite guns.

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