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In a series of “CZ sneak peek” posts (here and here and here), we detailed some of the new products CZ-USA has slated for release in 2018. But that wasn’t all of them! I got my digital hands on their 2018 New Product Guide, and here are some of the other new goodies coming out this year (Dan Wesson new products in another post soon):

The P-10 C FDE White Nitride combines an FDE frame with a white nitride slide. I wasn’t aware that this was a thing, but apparently it provides “the same hardy surface protection as the standard black nitride, just without the darker hue.” Cool. MSRP is $539.

The popular P-07 and P-09 pistols are now available with an OD Green frame and tritium night sights. MSRP is $539 and $599, respectively.

Scorpion Micro

Arriving in summer, the Scorpion Evo 3 S2 Micro Pistol with Brace is…well that’s exactly what it is. With a 4″ barrel and HB Industries handguard, the Scorpion Micro collapses down to just over 16″ in total length. It has a faux suppressor from SilencerCo and an SB Tactical brace. MSRP is $1,149.

CZ’s competition-ready Shadow 2 has proven popular, so CZ-USA is releasing a Shadow 2 Kadet Kit (and an SP-01 Kadet Kit) for converting the 9mm pistol to .22 LR. While not cheap ($431-ish), CZ’s Kadet Kit is well-made, accurate, and runs like a top.

More Scorpion Evo variants. Pistols in OD Green and Battleship Grey ($899). A “pistol” with flash can, folding brace, and carbine handguard ($999).

CZ 557 American in .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler, .30 Nosler, and .300 WinMag with cold hammer forged and lapped barrel. MSRP $849. Also, CZ 557 Left-Hand models in long and short actions. MSRP $865.

The CZ Sharp-Tail Coach is a hammer-less, single-trigger coach gun with 20″ barrels. Available in 12 gauge or 20 gauge. MSRP $959.

Now we’re talking. An over/under truly made for the field. The CZ Reaper Magnum has 3-1/2″ chambers and extended chokes on 26″ barrels. An included Picatinny rail can be mounted to the receiver for optics use. The entire shebang is done in Realtree Xtra Green camo. MSRP $959.

Finally, another suppressor to add to the mix. CZ’s Rimfire 22 LR can will actually handle any rimfire cartridge that’ll fit through its bore. It’s a 0.866″-diameter suppressor to match their 455 Varmint rifle barrels and it’s 6.9″ long. Just like on CZ’s Rimfire Integral setups, the internal baffles of the Rimfire 22 can be depth/spacing-adjusted by the end user and removed for cleaning. MSRP is $339.

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  1. Dear CZ, redesign the RAMI:
    1. Cut 3/4” off the barrel and slide
    2. Make it single stack and slim it down
    3. Make it in .45
    4. Add a de-cocker

    • Nope, unfortunately Rami is just bad. Better start over or shrink P-07 to single stack subcompact. There is already omega trigger, so you can switch between manual safety and decocker.

  2. Funny, the slide on that P-09/07 looks just like the slide on that new Sig. Hmm. (But the CZ is less.)

  3. I don’t own a CZ and am starting to wonder why.

    They seem to be extremely interested in giving the gun-buying consumer what they want, in a timely fashion for a reasonable price… refreshing!

    • Buy one! You won’t regret it.

      An anecdote isn’t data, but I’ve had a SIG P220 in .45 for years, and recently picked up a CZ P-01 in 9mm (reasonably comparable, apart from caliber.) I can’t hit sh*t with the P220 and never warmed up to it, but I could hit with the CZ almost immediately. The SIG is a better fit and finish, but twice the price.

      It’s not a recoil thing, either. I’m more accurate with heavy .357’s out of the GP-100 than the CZ, even. Just a “gun fits me” thing.

    • Don’t listen to Tim. If you buy a CZ, you’ll regret it…because you’ll want more CZs.
      Also, if you don’t buy them, there’ll be more for me to buy.

      • 100% right. I started out with a rami, then bought and sbred a Scorpion then got a p07 and a cz75b. Now I want to save up for a 805 bren to go with my vz58.

      • Ha! Good point. My wife’s the enabler, though. She got me a heavy barrel/thumbhole stock CZ 453 .22LR rifle first.

        Then a buddy brought his P-01 over, and I knew I had to have one.

        If you need any more rationale, the money that paid for the P-01 came from a H&K VP9 Compact that we won at a gun raffle. I took the cash instead of the pistol (a ~$100 hit since they give you their wholesale price) and waited a month for the CZ, rather than walking away with the H&K that day.

      • Yep I own eight CZ’S and love every one of them, including my RAMI, which is basically nothing more than a sub compact 75B which is of course one of the finest pistols world wide. The guy that said the RAMI is just bad ?? Mine goes bang all day long, is extremely accurate and just a great gun all around. Not sure why he thinks it is a bad gun, he may not like the RAMI for whatever reason but that certainly does not make it a bad gun. If CZ made bad guns they wouldn’t have such a cult like following. I do own other guns but I like my CZ’s best.

        • Totally agree. The RAMI is a wonderfully accurate pistol. My D model is a great shooter and runs flawlessly. The D model is a subcompact version of the 75BD with a decocker as someone wished for. And it comes standard with Tru Dot tritium sights. What I have difficulty understanding is what would be the advantages to taking a 3″ barrel and shaving off 3/4″? You would be left with a barrel and slide of 2 1/4″. Then want to to shoot .45’s through it? Not in CZ’s wheelhouse I would think. 14 round mag in 9mm through a 3″ barrel is certainly adequate. Everyone has their opinion and are certainly entitled to it but I don’t see any upside personally to the modifications suggested above. The 2075 decocker version is fine just the way it is IMHO.

  4. Can someone explain the 4inch barrel on a carbine sized pistol? I get wanting an ar or carbine style pistol with 8 or 10 inch barrels but why would i want a carbine that spits 9mm out of a 4inch barrel thats less than most full sized pistols.

  5. I wonder if a standard, round suppressor will fit with the squared handguard on the micro Skorpion.

  6. God, if the put a Sig p320 trigger on that scorpion, they wouldn’t be able to make enough of them. Espeially in those colors!

  7. Shadow 2 Kadet Kit, really? Typical Shadow owner is going to run the lightest hammer spring they can and still have 9 mm go off. Swapping the hamming spring so you can shoot 22 is kind of a PITA. But what do I know.. Wait…
    “When used in competition-oriented or modified 75 series pistols like the Shadow, a factory-weight 75 mainspring may be required to provide proper primer ignition.”

    • If you (“you” meaning anyone) aren’t actually competing in production division or want the double action pull for self-defense reasons, my recommendation would be to convert the gun to single action only (which also allows you to tune that single action so it’s pretty dang amazing) and leave the mainspring alone. It makes very little difference at all (a couple ounces at the most) to the single action trigger pull weight, so you may as well run the full-power spring.

  8. Certainly would like some new CZ handguns. My scorpion is a wonderful platform. I keep debating between the P07 or P10 suppressor ready platforms. I’m happy with my carry gun so anything new I get needs to be suppressable for me to want it.

  9. A “Coach Gun” with internal hammers is only a SxS.
    What some makers do is attempt to trade on the “tradition” of the coach gun, while not providing something that is actually a part of that tradition.

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