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Fake news? I dunno. I mean it IS possible to carry three guns discreetly. And if one is none and two is one, then three is two, and three is like having only one spare eve though you have two, and I think I better think it out again . . .

Maybe Mike A’s profile page is simply highlighting the three concealed carry guns he puts in rotation. After all, different clothes sometimes require a different gun. And while it pays to beware of the man with one gun (unless you’re a gun dealer), a good shooter can shoot any gun well.

That said, there’s a not a whole lot of difference between these handguns, size-wise.

Taurus Millenium PT111 G2


The Taurus Millenium PT111 G2 (above) only looks large compared to Martin A’s Ruger SR9e (the $100 cheaper version of the SR9). Which only looks large in comparison to his Beretta Nano.

A trio that begs the question (oft asked by gun gurus): why would you go to smaller and smaller guns in an emergency?

Which is why I prefer to carry a spare mag for my Commander-sized 1911 rather than a smaller spare gun like my cute-as-a-button-but-a-lot-more-lethal Ruger LCP II.

Why not both? Why not three? Especially if you’re ditching all that cool stuff we’ve come to expect from EDCers: flashlights, wallets, watches, field notes, sword canes, field notes, etc.

Why not indeed? Do YOU carry a backup gun or . . . two?

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  1. You carry a back up gun for 1 reason, really. Guns are machines. They can break. If a gun breaks at the wrong moment you are fucked.

    When I hunt alone I carry my primary long gun and a back up revolver. Cause I’m alone, far from home and help. A little extra insurance.

    My time in the service was marked by a real mistrust and, in some cases, a real hatred for the m16. All of us that could swing it acquired back up weapons.

    I know that some folks talk of using their second gun to arm another in an emergency. But would you really want to arm someone that was clueless enough to leave home unarmed?

    • jwm,

      “I know that some folks talk of using their second gun to arm another in an emergency. But would you really want to arm someone that was clueless enough to leave home unarmed?”

      That is an incredibly compelling point.

      Sometimes I carry a spare handgun with the idea that I can pass it to my spouse (on the rare occasion that my spouse is not armed) or to my teenage child in a desperate emergency.

    • In the words of Boris ‘The Blade’ Yurinov: Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn’t work you can always hit them with it.

  2. Three firearms? Not my choice but you might have a need

    Three different yet very nearly the same size firearms? Retarded

  3. It is winter. My EDC small automatic is buried under too many layers. Or I have gloves on. Or both. I’ve taken to carrying my LCR in an outside pocket. I know I can work it quickly even with gloves on. So I don’t know if it is my backup or my primary, but yes I am often carrying two guns. And when I get in the car, that means I have access to 3-4 guns.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love my guns… but I kind of get the feeling that all the ones who carry tons of gear lean a bit in the unrealistic direction.

    Every time I hear someone say “I carry 3 guns on me, have 5 in the car, and every room in my house has at least 6 easily accessible weapons at all times”

    Well, my first thought is, move out of Chicago.

    My next thought is, these guys can’t be legit.
    Maybe its time to reconsider your life choices that have led you to the point of needing a small artillery team in order to move about your every day life.

    Realistically, if you were in THAT kind of danger on a daily basis, you’d be dead by now, or at least be decked out in full body armor every day. I know if I KNOW for sure that I’m gonna get into a gunfight, I’m putting armor on before I pack that 3rd pistol.

    • Back in the early 80s, I worked with another Robbery Detective, 2-gun Harrell, carried 2 Smith Model 15s on his belt. Captain of Metro/SWAT carried 3, two on the belt and one on the ankle. But then there was a reward for him put out by both the Crips and the Bloods.

    • I have a bathroom gun. When are you going to need a weapon more? it sits very close to my Obama toilet paper.

  5. NM law prohibits me from carrying more than one gun concealed. I can carry as many as I want openly, with that I have been know to carry my NAA 22lr along with my primary.

  6. You guys need to read before you comment. It’s a pic of his 3 guns in rotation.

    As an actual conversation; I’m against this. I’m a big believer in training how you’d fight. I carry 1 gun, all the time, same place, same holster.

    I make sure every time I go to the range I practice with my concealed carry, I have the holster and practice drawing and shooting, etc. To be honest I see people out at the range who aren’t proficient enough to be carrying all the time, let alone talking about multiple firearms in a rotation.

    • Good thinking there Evan!
      Actually, I carry two.
      Both the same make, model and caliber.

      Makes the spare magazines easy as well.
      All the same, except I might carry one mag with specialized loads.
      (Factory though!)

  7. Carrying three concealed handguns is easy if you don’t have a spare tire around your waste. One possibility is to carry one on each hip and one in your back pocket (ala Ruger LCP in a pocket holster). Of course you could carry one on your hip, one in a back pocket, and one on an ankle holster. And we have not even considered heavy winter clothing!

  8. And then we have this example where a teenager demonstrates how you can conceal 12 firearms including a full size shotgun, full size revolver (ala Dirty Harry), Mac-10 (or similar) pistol, and multiple additional revolvers and semi-auto pistols.

    • I’d like to see him walk around with that 870 down his pants and not look like he has a cast on.

  9. I have been known to carry three handguns. My primary carry is either a Glock 43 or one of my 9mm Kahrs(P9, CM9, K9, or MK9). I carry an extra mag for that. In my pocket is my Kahr CW380, and at the appendix position I carry my NAA Pug.

    Why? Because it’s easy to do. I find carrying my primary and a reload easier than carrying a G26 and no reload.

    The pocket carry is a no-brainer, and sticking the Pug in my waistband takes no effort at all.

  10. I actually know a guy that carries 3 .45’s. A full size XDM, A subcompact XDM, and then an XDS in .45. He was like a walking advertisement for Springfield until recent events toned him down a bit. He also carried spare mags for each. He was weighed down like a SOB and anytime we walked anywhere together he’d frequently stop to sit down and take breaks. He is also obese. I guess the extra weight could be considered a workout at least. The best thing about this recent SA kerfluffle was he finally STFU about great XDs are every 5 minutes.

  11. John Bianchi of Bianchi holsters was known as “The Master of Concealment”. I remember seeing his ad in the gun magazines dating back to the 1970’s. It showed him carrying almost 30 handguns in his holsters on his person all at once. He could pull it off. It was a sight to see.

  12. Anyone who carries 3 guns that isn’t active duty military (I.e rifle, side arm, and a BUG) is a little loony. They, of course, by definition, won’t see it that way.

    I can understand two; the whole one is none and two is one…

    Me? I carry one reliable firearm (rotate between an XDs 9 and Kimber 1911 Pro carry 9mm) with a spare mag. Good to go.

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