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Image: Chris DummSometimes the SHOT Show looks more like Fashion Week. Despite all the Coyote Tan and Olive Drab clothes that all the press guys, factory reps and other ‘operators’ were wearing at Media Day At The Range, ‘tacticool’ is on its way out. On its way in: bold colors and sporty graphics borrowed from Nike and Adidas . . .

The 2013 season of shooting and range fashion accessories is designed to make it much easier to hide your iron in plain sight. This Blackhawk! ‘Diversion’ gun case will hold a collapsed AR or a folded AK, but your fellow apartment-dwellers will think you’re off to the tennis or squash courts.

Image: Chris Dumm

Their blue range bag has dual top strap handles and zippered end compartments, and is carefully designed to imply ‘sweaty gym shorts’ instead of ‘SHTF.’ Another compartmented bug-out bag (not pictured) is a dead ringer for a snowboarder’s backpack.

There are more of us (People of the Gun) than ever these days, but any day is a good day to be discreet.

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  1. That is flippin’ brilliant. All of the SWAT gear was getting old. One could even get in a conversation with an anti who despises ARs without knowing one is nearby. Heck, I could even use a sweaty lookin’ gym bag as a sweetly lookin’ gym bag.

  2. I might get one, I keep my guns hidden pretty well but it’s tough not to be seen when I take my big camo rifle case to the range.

  3. I’ll be looking for these when they come out. I live in a condo with a lot of nosy people looking out of their patios, so I am not always comfortable with the “this is an obvious gun bag” style when walking to my car.

    • Everything Rob said applies to me, except change “condo” to “apartment in the hood” and change “nosy people” to “covetous people.”

      Discretion is the better part of valor.

  4. If only they had these products last year, when I was looking for such a bag. I live in a townhouse, at the end of my row of 6 houses, with 5 more across the street. In the past I had gotten funny looks or questions when I was carrying my range gear to the car, so this kind of gear would have been perfect. I tried looking for an appropriately sized guitar case, but the ones in my area didn’t fit what I needed at a reasonable cost. In the end a plain-black case has worked well-enough and I just time things better to avoid my nosier neighbors.

    • Hear, hear! I am so sick of this “tacti-cool” bullcrap. If it’s not solid black or OD green it’s emblazoned with a manufacturer’s or organization’s logo.

  5. Finally! I also like avoiding all of the “wanna be operator” stuff, so I usually use either a backpack with a laptop compartment (fits the sub2000 pretty well) or a cheap tool bag.

  6. I just hope Lululemmon does not come out with a line of rangeware and accessories. My wife will want it and Lulu is expensive.

  7. Range bag is a toolbox. Best rifle case is a modified guitar case with peace and love stickers on it (particularly useful since I also am often observable carrying actual guitars in and out of my residence.

  8. Smart. Good OPSEC. And other bags useful for carrying are soft golf club cases, baseball bat bags, Hockey Equipment bag, etc. Just make sure of the season when you are matching which bag to use when.

  9. I think that truly discreet gear is absolutely brilliant. I’m an urban gun owner and walking around with a black or desert brown, MOLLE decorated bag just draws attention.

  10. Hell, I don’t know why people were thinking about this earlier… I carry my PS90 in a tennis bag (fits perfectly) and the ball compartment easily holds two 50-rounders for an overall good active shooter rig…

  11. Excellent idea! When I travel back east to hoplophobic states, I try to avoid anything that looks like a gun case. My carry bag for a Kel-Tec S-2000 9mm folding rifle is a fairly colorful laptop case.

  12. Brilliant! That first pack could be a travel snowboard bag and skateboard bag. Depending on one’s age that may or may not be age appropriate.

  13. Yup, buying one.

    RF, considering the (as near as I can tell) unanimously positive reactions so far, you may want to get in touch with the people making these bags and ask if they’re interested in buying some ads on TTAG. Your readers appear to be a market for these things.

  14. Good. Woods camo and tactical black does not blend in well, physically and politically, in many urban environments. When I lived in San Francisco, we would go out of our way to disguise our gun cases and gear. You never know when some anti-gun neighbor might do a loonie on you and make a false claim. In SF, when it comes to gun owners, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

  15. I am seriously going to have to get one. I don’t want my neighbors knowing what I have and this seems to be an excellent way of being more discrete.

  16. Been using a $15 Wilson tennis racket bag for years! 10.5″ SBR AR fits assembled, 16″ ARs fit when broken down to their respective top & bottom halves.

  17. What a stupid idea, why not install flashing lights and whistles. just in case it’s not viseable enough. Maybe loud speakers giving the location. fools.

    • other than you have a reading disability what is you point? Speaking of fools, why not read the article first?

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