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Every time we post something about a really expensive firearm on TTAG or (God forbid) Facebook, nickel-and-diming naysayers come out of the proverbial woodwork. Why would anyone buy a Cabot 1911 when they could buy thirty-nine GLOCKs and a new refrigerator for the same price? Why would someone shell out a grand for a Benelli pump-action shotgun when a Mossberg 500 does the same job for the price of a Starbucks venti and a couple of Porterhouse steaks? Good news for Scottish-minded gun buyers! Bergara’s got budget rifles! Their new . . .

B-14 Timber ($950) and B-14 Hunter ($825) offer “many of the same quality features and performance characteristics well known in their custom guns.” We’re talking about their proprietary rifling and their proto-legendary attention to detail. Got wood? Yes. Yes they do.

Nick’s got one of Bergara’s high-end rifles to review. How about a comparo? (I wonder how that will turn out?) Maybe a shoot-out with a Remington 700? Oh, that wood be good. Oh, and Bergara snagged one of the two 1000-yard slots at the Texas Firearms Festival. Click here to buy a ticket. Because guns.


Duluth, Ga. (March 2015) – Bergara USA, a division of Blackpowder Products, Inc. (BPI Outdoors), announces the expansion of their rifle making capabilities to include new production rifles for sport shooters and hunters with its Performance Series B-14 Timber and B-14 Hunter rifles.

Bergara USA now offers many of the same quality features and performance characteristics well known in their custom guns in its two Performance Series production rifles: the B-14 Timber and the B-14 Hunter. Both rifles feature the Bergara PERFORMANCE action with a coned bolt nose and breech ensuring consistently smooth feeding and a sliding plate extractor for proper alignment.

The Bergara 4140CrMo steel barrel is finished in matte blue and is available in 22-inches (Short Action) and 24-inches (Long Action). The B-14 Timber rifle is built on a classic style, oil-finished walnut stock with a checkered pistol grip and forend. The B-14 Hunter rifle is built on a rugged Sporter-style lightweight synthetic stock. Both the wood and synthetic stocks are bedded with integral pillars for stability and enhanced accuracy.

Bergara Barrels, OEM supplier to several of the world’s top rifle manufacturers, incorporates a proprietary rifling by which Bergara’s custom rifles have become widely respected by big game hunters, law enforcement and long-range shooting enthusiasts. Now, the same accuracy boasting Bergara barrels are available to American hunters and sport shooters in the Bergara Performance Series rifles at an affordable price.

Bergara B-14 Performance Rifle Specifications:

Calibers:  .300 Win Mag.,  .30-06,  .270,  .308,  6.5 Creedmoor
Barrel Length:  22″ (SA), 24″ (LA)
Overall Length:  41.25″ (SA), 44.5″ (LA)
Weight:  Timber – 7.45 lbs. (SA), 7.9 lbs. (LA)   Hunter – 7.1 lbs. (SA), 7.5 lbs. (LA)
Length of Pull:  13.75″
Finishes:  Timber – oil finished walnut stock     Hunter – lightweight synthetic stock
MSRP: Timber – $950.00   Hunter – $825.00

For more information on Bergara USA, visit Join the conversation on Facebook.


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  1. Oomph, crawling out of the woodwork. Shake off the termites. There, that’s better. I for one look briefly at all the guns, but when they cost what I’m paid per month (or year) for disability, a good guffaw is in order. A Jaguar wont get me anywhere my old Saturn will, so I try to find what justifies the price. Sorry if that bugs you Robert.

    • I wasn’t clear. I understand what it means not to able to afford more expensive things. Or to choose something that does the same job as a higher priced item for less money (i.e. go for better value).

      I meant that there are people who begrudge the very existence of high-end guns ‘n gear. And laugh at anyone who aspires to own them. That ain’t right.

      Text amended. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. What a Deal!! $850….yawn. That’s 10 M91/30’s that will kill a deer just as dead…..10 times. I wonder if lowes sold platinum hammers would any roofers buy them?? Yeah I said it.

    • I love the 91/30. I have bought dozens of them. Recently, when I moved, I found another crate of them I forgot about. I customize them in just about every way, and I’ve taken plenty of game with them. That said, the last 2 deer I took were at 600 and 640 yards. I took those shots with confidence. I could never do the same with an out of the box 91/30.

  3. “Why would someone shell out a grand for a Benelli pump-action shotgun…” I’m wondering that, too, since that’s double street price for a Supernova, which can be found used for less than half even that. The 870 project I’m working on was actually more expensive than a couple Novas on the same rack.

  4. Let’s bend that logic
    Why would anyone buy a Corvette Z06 when they could buy twelve Aveo’s and a new refrigerator for the same price?

  5. I’m all about paying for quality, I just still fail to see it on this. My savage with a nikon prostaff scope with bdc and a wooden stock (albeit not as pretty) was $610 out the store post tax and then had a $75 mail in rebate bringing it to $535.

    I’m sure these are prettier, and run a bit smoother, but unless you’re going on 4 hunting trips a year, it kind of still begs of the question of why? And I think that’s the real question people come out about regarding cost, because half of what’s more expensive just isn’t justifiably more expensive.

  6. I’m in the market (eventually) for a good .300 Mag. I’d be interested to see how this compares to a stainless Winchester 70 extreme weather or similar gun. I know a lot of folks like budget rifles, but I miss guns that are built with quality and style like the 70 and the Browning A-bolt. I’m looking forward to the review.

    • +1. Looking forward to the review. Dan Hanus’ resume is impressive, and so is the description of barrell manufacture process, that I think in the US would be close to cost of whole gun, per a couple ofcomments.

      Dyspeptic, you lurking? Any thoughts?

  7. I was looking at a Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe the other day — nice rifle, high-gloss AA claro walnut, blued steel — and now I will look at the Bergara B-14 Timber, which has similar characteristics. Because plastic stocks suck, crappy finishes suck, and I can. The last reason should be enough.

    • Wait till you lean it against the truck to piss and it takes a nose dive into the gravel or falls out of your deer stand. I don’t know about you but I work wayyyyy too hard for my money to spend it on a safe queen and I have no one to impress but Jesus.

      • Back in the day, people took to the woods with guns that had wood sticks. Heck, some still do. My dad still hunts with a beat up Marlin 336 C .30-30. The scratches and dings make it look even more like a cowboy gun.

      • Haha.
        My elk rifle is a Sako with full Manlicher stock. It’s a gorgeous rifle. The bluing is old school. Done right and like a mirror.
        I take it into the deep woods where it gets rained on, sleeted on and snowed on. I just clean and oil it well.
        Haven’t dropped it yet.

        • That has to be one sweet rig. Love Manlichers.

          I have a Blaser that I use as a “truck gun”, well, high rack gun. It’s beat to s**t, but sure does shoot sweet.

  8. I wonder about some of the high-techedness of this particular manufacturer. I was shopping for a .300 BLK barrel for a pistol build, and found Bergara barrels here and there (Sportsman’s Guide, Cheaper than Dirt). The reviews seemed to be all over the map, with big fan-boys and some pretty negative reviews on quality and customer service.

    $850 isn’t a bad price for a nicely appointed non-custom rifle. I have a few Remington 700s that meet or exceed that price point, and I’m very happy with them. If Bergara can maintain quality and accuracy with good customer service, I hope they do well. But I guess I’d be disinclined to invest in one quite yet until I see more positive response about their products.

    • How does your Savage stack up against a CVA single shot in the budget category? If you wanna get cheap, then get cheap.

  9. Well it ain’t hard (or out of line) to drop a grand+ on a wood gun. I’d be on prowl for a “Timber” in 6.5 Creedmoor if they’d humor us southpaws. A nice scope and you’re still in the $1500-2000 range and stylin’ with a fine rifle. Is it more than a furniture 110 Savage with a Prostaff? Yeah. I actually bought my kid a .270 Model 110 this year and it’s nice (again, no lefty in wood). But for the next level, this looks like good deal and an heirloom gun.

    BTW, the tupperware version is not as ugly as most plastic rifles.

    • I have one really good reason not to buy a Bergara rifle, no left handed model. If I want a nice LH gun I’ll have to shop Browning or Tikka, or just cheap out and buy a Savage.

  10. Whether or not others like them I definitely am interested in hearing more reviews of high end guns like the cabot. I think you guys should do reviews of all price ranges not just cheap guns and not just expensive guns. I also will be waiting for the review on this new bergara as they look like nice guns at not too bad a price.

  11. I am a “nickel-and-diming naysayer”. My apologies. *hold’s head down in shame*

    I’m trying to do better. I just bought my first optic that cost over $100 dollars last year. Then I bought another. now I’m looking for really nice Single shot rifle. Like a 1885 or a Ruger No 1.

    Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m cheap. Hate me because I’m beautiful.

    But since we are talking about Bergara rifle,.. those CVA singles are a dream for under $200. Just Sayin’…

  12. Yes even lefty’s learn to live in a right handed world I brought a B-14 hunter .Hoping for nice grouping no wandering I’m impressed with. 6.5 creed. Great for old men with bad shoulders

  13. Im a southpaw who will only shoot right handed bolt guns! Got my right handed buddy wanting a southpaw gun for same reason. You never have to move your firing hand! And if you scope and mounting works you dont have to move your head!

    Been looking at these now some hardcore research amd im liking everything so far!

  14. I special ordered a B14 Hunter in 300 win mag. This ts one of the best actions I have used and is sub MOA out of the box with factory ammo. For the quality and performance you cant beat the price. I love mine. That being said, there are many other choices out there for those who dont want to spend the money.


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