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Beretta ARX 100, c Nick Leghorn

Beretta is here at the NRA Annual Meeting showing off their civilian version of the ARX 160, the ARX 100. This isn’t actually news — we spilled those beans, complete with model name and pictures, at the SHOT Show this year — but enough of you asked for a redux post that it warrants repetition. This rifle is almost identical to the military version, with the obvious omission of a giggle switch in the fire control group. The gun takes down without any pins and the barrel can be changed simply by pressing down on two tabs and yanking it out the front of the gun. The rifle will be offered initially in 5.56, with a caliber conversion kit for 300 AAC Blackout being first on the list. Make the jump to see what the barrel assembly looks like when removed . . .



Here’s what the little tabs look like that allow you to remove the barrel:


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  1. Looks like a new over priced toy, if I was going to buy something with interchangeable parts like that I would hope it had multiple calibers. 5.56, 300aac, 6.8 ready to go.

  2. I was waiting for the ARX for a long time till I bought my LWRC M6A2 last year. That being said I was still excited for the ARX but I’m disappointed that Beretta’s late release has shown the rifle is behind the curve some ergonomics wise, especially when compared to the Tavor and the AR platform. Yesterday I mentioned this to a Beretta rep promoting the ARX on my Facebook feed and I suggested the ARX should have QD mounts for slings instead of the built in sling loops and make the grip removable so we can customize it with a aftermarket grip. I also suggested the stock should be able to adjust for comb height, similar to what we see on other folding stocks on the SCAR, ACR and XCR for example. The Beretta rep was kind enough to forward my suggestions to his marketing and engineers and responded that my suggestions are doable

    I also asked what the barrel’s lining is as none of the Beretta web links or videos detail it beyond hammer forging and easily swappable. The rep responded its nitrided which is really cool! I explained to the rep they need to use that as a selling point and he agreed.

    It seems like Berreta’s marketing needs a overhaul, especially since Ben Cook left. Their new guy has the personality of a retired vacuum salesman.

    • The QD mounts have already been mentioned as an optional accessory that will be available at launch. It is a bit disappointing that there is no cheek riser, but it does seem like the stock will removed with just a pin, so maybe a good aftermarket option will hit pretty soon.

      I can’t believe they already have these in warehouses ready to ship to distributors. No marketing, no hype. I am not sure what their marketing team is thinking, but I think they massively dropped the ball with the launch of this rifle.

  3. I am often alone on this but I love the ergonomics of the Storm Cx4 and Px4 firearms. If the ARX comes even close to this, I am in for one.

  4. Excited about this! Now if they just get the .22 version out 😉
    Any chance you guys could do a post on the PICO?

    • I bought my .22 version of the arx at a gun show in Lafayette, la on april 13th. the dealer said her shop had gotten two in the day before. I bought it for $529 before tax and two extra hk .22 mags…..they are the same mags and I think the colt AR.22 mags will work also.

      I don’t have much gun food to use but I did run 120 rounds through it. my only complaint is that vids from 2011 and 2012 shot show claimed that you would be able to switch sides the spend brass ejects from but mine doesn’t have that option.

      it’s serial number is 1887 and I do like.

  5. I just got the 22lr ARX160. On steel targets I can hit as fast as I can pull the trigger. Unbelievably accurate gun. No jams, FTFs, FTEs in the first 200 rounds so far.

  6. It looks like a big fat Rainbow trout of some other deep bellied fish, does it really need to be so ‘thick’ from top to bottom?

    • From what I read that extra polymer is to give the rifle’s body added strength and durability. You’re basically trading bulk for less weight when compared to a aluminum rifle like the AR-15. From all the videos I watched I don’t see the bulk being an issue.

  7. Played with there .22lr version never liked it way too bulky crappy plastic butstock and too many rails. Ill stay with a AR thank you.

  8. What is this strange device? Is it in service anywhere? Any reports on field reliability? How much will it cost? It’s nice to see that there are manufacturers trying to introduce something different in the semi-auto rifle market other than the same old AR15.

    • Been in service as the Italian general service issue arm for several years – so no significant reports on field reliability.

    • The rifle has been the Italian service rifle since 2008. So far reliability seems to be very good. The Arx-100 MSRP is $1950.

  9. Y’know, while intellectually I realize that tool-less takedown is a Good Thing, emotionally it still gives me the screaming heebies.

    I guess I just LIKE screws.

  10. Does anyone know if the bolt group rides in a steel or aluminum chassis or does it run in the polymer receiver?

  11. We’ve all been waiting for so long, I think the Tavor stole their thunder. And I heard about the Tavor comming out. This? Not a squeek. Are they going to be avaliable soon?

  12. Cost to much ! Want 6.5 Grendel instead or 6.8 between the 2 Grendel way out shines the 6.8 also needs to be chambered in .223 Wylde not the nato

  13. I Have concerns with the rather large ejection port opening. I can see that being an issue in real life. Charging handle is really small. Hard to get a good sight picture with open sights with this rifle. The gun looks over weight. Jenny Craig might be able to help. Handle one at Modern Day Marine and i must say that it feels rather good in hand. But it is one Butt Ugly Rifle. I will stick with the ACR by Bushmaster. Beretta must be given two thumbs up for bring us this rifle. But building it in Maryland!!!


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