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There’s nothing like a .50 BMG caliber rifle for a bit of hoo-boy fun.  [Click here to read Nick’s AR-50 review.] You get to make endless size matters jokes at the gun range and a recoil wave big enough to surf. Saying that, the person pulling the fiddy’s trigger remains largely unaffected by the blast. Unless they’re doing the shooting in the Golden State, in which case the shooter’s looking at some cell time (and I ain’t talking about telephones). Californians dreamin’ of an AR-50 BMG have another option: ArmaLite’s AR-50A1 .416 Barrett. As you might imagine, ArmaLite’s new high-precision rifle is “just like the AR-50A1, but chambered and re-barreled to accept the .416 Barrett cartridge.” It’s less of a blast but more of a blast for recoil sensitive souls and it’s CA compliant. Only $6.50 a round. Full press release after the jump . . .

(Geneseo, IL) ArmaLite’s new high-precision rifle is just like the AR-50A1, but chambered and re-barreled to accept the .416 Barrett cartridge. Because of that, the AR-50A1-.416 Barrett boasts the same ArmaLite patented V-Lock Bedding Wedge and V-Block Stock that assure absolute strength and repeatability for superb accuracy. The aluminum stock reinforces the receiver like a bench-rest sleeve.

Added to all of that is the famous .416 Barrett cartridge, which contains a .416 caliber projectile capable of sustaining supersonic speeds out to the 2,000 yards, which is the key to achieving long range accuracy. The .416 Barrett cartridge uses a lighter, narrower bullet that was designed using low supersonic drag equations and results in a significantly high muzzle velocity and exceptional ballistic performance.

Independent testing has proven the ArmaLite AR-50A1 muzzle brake to be the best in the industry for both recoil control and accuracy. The AR-50A1-416 has the exact same muzzle brake. The brake scrapes away turbulent muzzle gasses and lets the bullet break into clean air for amazing accuracy. The soft recoil means even the smallest of shooters, or the most recoil-sensitive, will enjoy shooting the rifle.


Caliber: .416 Barrett
Barrel: 30″ Chrome Moly, 8 Groove
Rifling Twist: RH 1:12″
Muzzle Device: Highly Efficient Muzzle Brake
Trigger: Single Stage Trigger
Overall Length: 58.5″
Weight: 34.7 LBS

Included with Rifle: 15 Minute Sight Base, Owner’s Manual, Ear Plugs, Limited Lifetime Warranty

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  1. Sounds like Armalite decided to make the largest caliber rifle that could be owned in California. Too bad they didn’t pull a Barrett and say screw you until California repeals the stupid law.

  2. One of these things probably costs as much as my car….

    I do like the fact that they include ear plugs in the purchase.

  3. .50 BMG is also illegal in the Nutmeg state. I couldn’t possibly justify this sort of purchase, but it’s nice to know there’s an option.

  4. I think the .416 is a damn cool caliber, and that Armalite a good job with this design. With that being said, I’m looking forward to a legit TTAG review of this rifle.

  5. “So, was this a review of the rifle or a sales pitch or what?”

    Who could read an article like this and not wonder what it costs? No one. If your ARE serving your readers, you cant ignore that reality. Nothing annoys me more than an article that ignores price. It comes off as a press release disguised as an article.

  6. Nice gun, nice price. But, why, why does it have to be so damnably ugly? Get a freakin’ protractor.

  7. btw, just to clear up any misconceptions, 50 cal rifles aren’t illegal in kali.
    It’s 50 bmg that is banned specifically. if you want the thrill of 50 without getting locked up in kali, we copy the Europeans when 50 bmg got banned there. They developed 510 DTC, same bullet, same load data, slightly different case dimensions. Cheaper than 416 if you reload.
    I got to try one out a couple months ago in kali.

  8. Great work getting by Kali’s dumb laws with a super nice rifle and cartridge. That being said, if I was to lay out big bucks for a long range rifle my money would go to a .408 Chey-Tac.

  9. Further proof that you should probably be firing the .416 Barrett cartridge with a BARRETT rifle. Often imitated – NEVER duplicated.

  10. That certain kind of person would be anyone with an I.Q. above room
    temperature who had been paying the slightest bit of attention, because
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    issue. Senator Obamas statements on the campaign trail werent any more
    reassuring. For example:
    Obama opposed a bill in the Illinois legislature which would have protected
    homeowners from weapons charges if they used an illegal gun in self-defense.
    In a primary debate in 2008, Obama the candidate stated that the second
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  11. the price given to my from my local tactical supply store was 3599+shipping and a 21 day waiting period before shipped

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