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Federal Ammunition will be releasing two new product lines at the NRA Annual Meetings this weekend: Train + Protect handgun rounds with a new “Versatile Hollow Point” projectile, and Non-Typical rifle ammo specifically for whitetail deer hunting. Press releases follow . . .


Train + Protect
Federal® Train + Protect™ proudly honors the American birthright to bear arms with a VHP™ bullet design that provides both precise, practical performance at the range, and instant, reliable expansion on impact. The result is the ideal combination for training as well as defending yourself, your loved ones and your freedom.

Features & Benefits
• VHP bullet based on proven Federal hollow point design
• Reloadable Federal brass case
• Extremely reliable primer
• Loaded to produce consistent performance on the range and in defense situations

Part No.        Description                                       UPC                        MSRP
TP9VHP1         9mm 115-grain VHP, 50-count          604544627329      $30.95
TP40VHP1      40 S&W 180-grain VHP, 50-count    604544627282      $35.95
TP45VHP1      45 Auto 230-grain VHP, 50-count     604544627305      $35.95
TP9VHP2       9mm 115-grain VHP, 100-count         604544627398      $56.95
TP40VHP2    40 S&W 180-grain VHP, 100-count   604544627404      $66.95
TP45VHP2     45 Auto 230-grain VHP, 100-count   604544627411       $66.95


Whitetails stand apart from all other American big game. Hunt them with ammunition that’s just as exceptional. Federal® Non-Typical™ uses an optimized soft-point bullet with a concentric jacket to provide tag-punching accuracy and consistent, lethal wound channels on any whitetail.

Features & Benefits
• Accurate, hard-hitting bullet design
• Loaded to meet the specific needs of deer hunters
• Consistent Federal primer
• Precision-drawn Federal brass

Part No.         Description                                           UPC                        MSRP
243DT100       243 Win. 100-grain soft point             604544 62698 8        $21.95
270DT130       270 Win. 130-grain soft point              604544 62699 5        $21.95
270DT150       270 Win. 150-grain soft point              604544 62700 8        $21.95
3030DT150    30-30 Win. 150-grain soft point          604544 62701 5         $19.95
3030DT170     30-30 Win. 170-grain soft point          604544 62702 2        $19.95
308DT150      308 Win. 150-grain soft point               604544 62703 9        $21.95
308DT180      308 Win. 180-grain soft point              604544 62704 6         $21.95
3006DT150    30-06 Spring. 150-grain soft point      604544 62705 3         $21.95
3006DT180    30-06 Spring. 180-grain soft point      604544 62706 0        $21.95
7RDT150         7mm Rem. Mag. 150-grain soft point  604544 62707 7         $27.95
300WDT150  300 Win. Mag. 150-grain soft point     604544 62719 0         $27.95
300WDT180  300 Win. Mag. 180-grain soft point     604544 62708 4        $27.95
65CDT1           6.5 Creedmoor TBD-grain soft point    604544 62734 3        $21.95

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  1. Unless the the street price of the 9mm is substantially lower, I don’t see why anyone would pay $31 for this ammo when you can get a box of Federal HST 147gr (which is my personal choice for best performing 9mm defensive ammo on the market today) for $20.

  2. Not sure what is non-typical about this ammunition. Looks like it is priced to compete with Hornady American Whitetail which has been a good performer for me in 30-06.

  3. This whole train-and-defend thing seems to continue.

    However, I can get (for instance) Speer Gold Dot for around $0.50/rnd, and Winchester Ranger-T for $0.70 (both in .45ACP).

    Granted their $.67/rnd MSRP will likely be lower online, but if I really want to use the same round for range and defense, then I’d be inclined to something with a proven track record.

  4. Does this ammo ONLY kill non-typical whitetails??? Will it only stun a 6X6 typical??? Maybe that aint what they mean, but one thing’s for sure, there’s a new gimmick every day. Ammo companies all must think we’re idiots.

  5. Yow! Those prices are wacky! Great ammo though.. I’d go with the HSTs as one commenter above has said.

    • 147gr American Eagle flat-nose (like a semi wadcutter without the shoulder) has the same advertised velocity as 147gr HST, and seems to feed equally well in my Sig.
      As far as I can tell, there’s no real difference other than cost between the two at the range.

  6. Whoever did the art and marketing for the Non Typical Whitetail needs a raise and a 6 pack of their choice, cause that is some awesome work.

  7. I too would like to get clarification as to why the new 9mm is worth my money while the “old” HSTs are not. The same company produces a proven round for self defense that reliably feeds in most modern handguns by all accounts for the same price (if not a bit less). It may not be marketed as a “training” round, but if it is reliable and cheaper why not train with it? What is it that separates these two rounds produced by the same company I’m going to need more to go off of than different packaging.

    • I think those 50-round boxes of HST at low prices are a legacy thing and will dry up. It has only been sold in 20-round boxes for quite a while, I do believe, and in 9mm is over a dollar per round. I think at retail this new VHP stuff will be like 50 cents a round. The press release certainly gives the impression that the goal is a round that’s affordable enough to practice with yet also a truly effective hollow point. Most of the inexpensive HP ammo on the market isn’t really self-defense ammo.

      • Glad I peruse the comments. I had no idea that 147 HST +P was so inexpensive now, just picked up a case for $.38/per round at SGAmmo

        • LOL sorry. It’s true though! The 50-round HST boxes haven’t been on Federal’s site for a couple of years and I don’t believe they make it in that packaging anymore. It was replaced with the plastic, 20-round boxes. The supply that’s out there is either “leftover” from back when they sold it like that or it’s surplus that’s being sold off from police departments, which definitely does happen but isn’t reliable in terms of supply.

    • Why not just train with your defense round? That way you get identical ballistics, noise, point of aim, recoil…no surprises when you actually have to use it.

      • Most of its would like to but cannot afford to be shooting dollar bills to paper. Every tone the gun cycles it goes ca-ching.

        • Yeah really, I just bought some XTP’s to try to hand load a practice round to match my defensive ammo. Not sure how much that is going to matter if the SHTF. I think it is far more important to practice with some type of ammo even if it doesn’t match ballistically that not practice at all.

    • Name aside, the concept is different. The other brands doing a ‘train + defend’ kind of a scenario are selling an FMJ round for training and a different HP round for self-defense use, with the idea that they feed, function, and feel as close as possible to each other and have very similar POI. In the case of this Federal product, it’s literally one round. It’s a hollow point that’s apparently affordable enough to train with but is also of an effective design for self-defense.

      BTW Winchester didn’t come up with the concept anyway. IIRC it was likely Speer, as the Lawman TMJ is designed as affordable practice ammo that mimics the Gold Dot defensive ammo. And Speer Lawman has been around for a long, long time.

  8. Didn’t I read about 2-3 months ago that Federal was coming out with a new 9mm load specifically designed for short-barreled autos?
    Anyone heard about that and when (or if) it’s coming out?

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