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There really is no reason not to carry an extra magazine. And yet most of us don’t. For whatever reason. Thanks to the talented folks at CrossBreed, you now have one less excuse not to pack an extra mag wherever you go. They named their new item, the Gideon pocket mag carrier, last week. It’s a very reasonably priced way to make sure you have more options when that slide locks back. Press release after the jump . . .

SPRINGFIELD, MO – During the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend, CrossBreed® Holsters announced the winning name of their new pocket mag carrier, the Gideon.

CrossBreed® Holsters offered Facebook fans the opportunity to name their new pocket mag carrier. Frank Maschhoff Jr. dubbed ‘Gideon’ as the winning name of the contest. Mr. Maschhoff not only receives recognition for naming this fine CrossBreed® product and will also be the first to own the Gideon Pocket Mag Carrier. Mr. Maschhoff posted on Facebook, ” I’m honored to have my entry selected. I’m glad CrossBreed liked it.”

The Gideon is an ambidextrous mag carrier that fits securely into a pant or jacket pocket. This handcrafted, versatile mag carrier accommodates both single and double stack magazines in a variety of gun models and calibers.   It is available in five color options: Black, Havana Brown, Chocolate Brown, London Tan, as well as Horsehide Natural (+$5.00 up charge) and measures 4.875″ wide by 5.25″ tall.

Gideon Pocket Mag Carrier features:

Handcrafted leather (choice of Black, Havana brown, Chocolate Brown, London Tan, as well as Horsehide Natural (+$5.00 up charge)
Easy to carry (fits front or rear pant pockets, cargo pockets and jacket pockets)
Measures approximately 4.875″ wide X 5.25″ tall
Shaped for ambidextrous use
MSRP:   $24.95

Visit CrossBreed® Holsters on Facebook.

About CrossBreed® Holsters:

CrossBreed® Holsters was established in 2005 by Mark Craighead, who was an avid Shooter and firearms enthusiast.   His vision for US handcrafted holsters evokes attention to detail, quality and functionality that have made CrossBreed® a leader in concealment.   Visit CrossBreed® Holsters.

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  1. Just purchased a belt carrier for my spare, darn. Now I need to add another item to the “want” list.

  2. Just wish crossbreed would use stainless steel T locks so they wouldn’t rust up and fall apart in thier iwb holsters. Especially for the price paid.
    I wouldn’t purchase another one from them for that reason.

  3. If I belt carry, I carry a spare mag on my belt. If I pocket carry, I won’t waste a pocket on a spare mag, I will carry a second gun.

    • You can fit two or three extra magazines in the space a second gun, with only one magazine, would occupy.

      • A second gun gives you:
        – a back up if the primary breaks or is damaged in the fight
        – a back up if the primary can’t be reached due to physical position, primary hand busy or injured
        – a gun to give to another shooter who is not carrying (shame on them!)
        – a faster reload since no reload is needed

        • And with that, you’ve made a decision for me. I have two guns I carry, an M&P40C and a Ruger LCP, but up till now it’s never been at the same time. See, I’m a bit of a fatso. You know. So, when I wear jeans (Carhartts, what else?) I carry the M&P40C in a Ken Null OWB horsehide scabbard. Works great. Cell phone in left front pocket, wallet in left rear pocket, spare mag in right front pocket….oh wait. Why? Because the OWB rig pretty much precludes carrying anything in the right rear pocket. Nearly impossible to insert or retrieve anything, including a backup gun. Only reason I have the cell phone in my left front pocket is b/c I can only hear out of my left ear, and therefore it makes sense to have the phone on that side. But I just had this ephiphany – why bother with a lumpy spare mag in my right front pocket when I can carry the LCP/Nemesis instead? Much flatter, more comfortable, and as you said, you automatically have a second gun handy. Of course, I also need to get a proper magazine carrier from Mr. Null regardless – his work is outstanding and well worth it. The Crossbreed looks very nice, but I don’t have enough pockets to go around as it is most of the time. This is particularly true when I wear shorts and a T-shirt, pretty much a necessity in the Georgia heat. Then it’s just the LCP in the right pocket and everything else in the left, but better a mouse gun with no spare mag than no gun at all.


        • Dude the odds of needing a gun for an average citizen are very small. The odds of any of those scenarios needing to take place are negligible. I would much rather carry a spare magazine than second gun. Don’t get me wrong, at work I carry a secondary weapon, but I am also wearing a gun belt with three extra magazines. The secondary is just that, a back up if my primary is completely inoperable.

          Focusing too much on a secondary is, in my opinion, bad habit. It is much quicker to tap rack to fix a stage 1 malfunction than it is to figure out what to do with your primary while drawing a secondary weapon. Secondly, I can reload faster than I can draw a second weapn. It takes practice, but it’s not difficult.

          The average citizen going to the grocery store carrying two weapons just seems way over the top to me. Not that I’m discouraging you from doing so, its your right and don’t let me stop you, but I just don’t wan’t people on here thinking its a necessity when the odds of any of the scenarios you listed taking place are too small to mention.

    • I agree Rabbi. I wear my Glock 17 on my belt with 2 mags on the other side. In my pocket lives my Glock 43. That is a back up weapon and a good one at that.

      • You must have big pockets. For me, a Glock 43 (or a Shield or the new Honor Guard) is a belt gun. Pocket guns are a Kahr P380 or a Seecamp.

        • You are right, you do need properly sized pockets. I pocket carry j-frames and S&W Shields with no problem.

          Personally, I would never carry anything smaller than a 9mm.

  4. I was fully prepared to crap all over the idea of paying a premium for a pretty leather pocket mag holder that nobody will see, when you could get a quality synthetic one for less. Then I saw the price. $24.95 is surprisingly reasonable. I expected this to be $45 plus.

  5. None of the IWB/pocket stuff I have tried is great, but of the batch it’s probably a toss up between the snagmag and the Sticky Holsters mag pouch.The snagmag is self explanatory, the sticky holsters pouch has enough padding and flexibility that it moves with me and my clothing through position changes and the like without digging into me and gouging, so it’s a nice IWB solution for when concealment is more important. It could be used in pocket as well because it sticks pretty well in there in my experience, though that it not my preferred method.

    YMMV. I haven’t tried crossbreed’s IWB mag pouch and stuff like this pocket carrier I always feel are too bulky and make me feel like I’m trying to transport a brick in my pocket.

  6. It looks nice and all, but I don’t have that much real estate in my pockets, especially when I wear jeans. A gun takes up one front pocket, then there is the knife, the change purse, the phone in the other, with no room left for the car keys if I’m going out. They have to go in one back pocket (which this piece is not designed for), and the wallet in the other. Where am I supposed to put a mag carrier?

    • How about nowhere. You have the knife and loaded gun. To protect yourself do you think you’re going to need extra rounds? This isn’t some movie shootout. Be reasonable

      • I carry an extra mag, but it’s not for an extended shoot out. Most automatic firearms malfunctions are caused by either ammo or magazine. So if for some reason I have a failure with my mag or ammo, I can swap mags and be good to go.

  7. I carry my spare LCP;s mag in my spare LCP, works for me. One is none. “NY reloads” rock.

  8. sure, it looks great, but doesn’t smashing a clay pot open to get a spare mag sound a little silly, not to mention impractical?

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