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Colt Competition Slide Fire rifle (courtesy Laura Burgess marketing)

For the record, Colt Competition is a separate company from Colt Manufacturing. Colt Competition produces hand-built, precision M4-style rifles in Breckenridge, Texas under license from Colt Manufacturing. Also for the record: Slide Fire’s
“bump fire” stocks make a mockery of the NFA rules regarding machine guns. (Feature not a bug.) Plunk down $1,199.95 for the new Colt Competition CRZ-16 Slide Fire Equipped Rifle and for all intents and purposes you’ve got an ATF-legal automatic rifle. How great is that? Great! Press release:


Moran, Texas (August 2016) – Slide Fire Solutions, a veteran-owned, US designer and manufacturer of patented bump fire technology, is expanding their product portfolio through partnerships with some of the hottest brands in the firearms industry. One of the results of this collaboration is the Colt Competition CRZ-16 Marksman which has been integrated with the Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD Adjustable Stock for the remarkable suggested retail price of just $1,199.95.

The Colt Competition series of tactical quality rifles all have a guaranteed Sub-MOA match-grade accuracy. The precision fitted upper and lower receivers offer superior reliability, even under the most stressful of shooting competitions. The Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD combined with the CRZ-16 is one of the most exciting shooting combinations with an AR platform on the market today.

The SSAR-15 MOD, with its dual locking mechanisms in place, allows the user to experience the ultimate in bump fire performance on an extremely stable foundation. The SSAR-15 MOD stock equipped Colt Competition CRZ-16 allows the user to rapidly pull the trigger and achieve simulated full-auto fire without compromising safety or accuracy. The SSAR-15 MOD is easily adjustable with a press of a button allowing the user to modify the length-of-pull for any scenario.

Additionally, the Colt Competition CRZ-16 Bump Fire Rifle features a blackened 16-inch HBAR-contour, mid-weight 4150 chromoly steel 5.56 barrel. The barrel comes with a twin chamber steel muzzle brake and a low-profile fixed gas block. The rifle also features a crisp 6-lb. target trigger with an enlarged Magpul trigger guard and a Magpul 30-round PMAG.

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About Slide Fire:
Slide Fire, headquartered in Moran, Texas, is a veteran-owned design and manufacturing company producing patented stocks that have revolutionized recreational shooting. Engineered around the historical technique of “bump firing,” the Slide Fire stock grants shooters the freedom of controlled rapid fire without compromising the safety of themselves or others around them. Slide Fire stands behind their stocks with a lifetime warranty against defects or breakage and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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  1. That’s so cute. Can I duct tape it under the barrel of my mosin nagant(see Ing, I can use the right name) like a 203?

  2. Ok…but I’m failing to see why they would want to put a device like this, that’s designed to spew bullets quickly, on a gun that is labelled as for competition? Did I miss something or are slide fires allowed at 3gun now?

      • Come on, everybody knows that using a rifle with “Sub-MOA match-grade accuracy” makes bump-firing lots more fun. And accurate. Or something.

        Yeah, okay, I’m with you folks.

  3. Just what the market needed, a gun that comes with a slidefire stock to draw more attention to the AR platform as a killing machine. So far I haven’t noted that MDA or Doomberg or the ATF have really paid much attention to the slidefire. You can bet that’s about to change.

    FFS, can we at least keep some of this stuff to ourselves until we get some rational changes to the laws?

  4. OK so, what competitors use the slide fire?

    The slide fire is for idiots who don’t care about hitting their target or actually controlling their firearm. They saw “Red Dawn,” and think, maybe… just maybe…

    The slide fire turns money into noise and hey, if that’s your thing I get it. Because Merica…

    But to advertise it as a competition gun…

    The ad line should be “Colt… we are desperately trying to stay relevant in a market we haven’t understood for years.”

    • The slide fire is for idiots who don’t care about hitting their target or actually controlling their firearm. They saw “Red Dawn,” and think, maybe… just maybe…

      Sounds like somebody who has never used one and mistakenly believes his opinion is worth something.

      Bought a slidefire clone for $100 and every single person who has ever used it invariably has a big grin on their face when they dump a mag.

      $100 would seem to be an outstanding value if it scratches a 30K$ itch.

      Lastly, why would somebody want/need to accurately dump a mag into one person with a true machine gun?

  5. I just deleted a long boring post, saying essentially, sub MOA accurate rifle with slide action stock? I call BS.

  6. I know nothing about Colt Competition or their guns
    I LOVE my slide fire!
    Works great and allows for aimed full auto fire
    I have shot lots of select fire weapons, and the rate of fire of slide fire is exactly the same
    I usually do 3 round bursts and that empties a 60 round sure fire magazine fast!
    I am notIt connected to the company, but I recommend their product

  7. I counted 25 holes on a man-sized target at 15 yards after dumping a 30 round mag from a cheap-azz frankenbuild equipped with a slidefire stock once upon a time. Seems to me that’s at least as good as the all powerful defensive pump action shotgun by any measure. If you don’t think slidefire’s are worth your money, it’s very simple…don’t buy one. But don’t be just another FUDD when you say no one needs to have a competition gun with a slidefire because your regular AR that you own should be good enough for anyone. You just sound stupid. You might as well just take your single shot smoothbore shotgun and slugs back up in your deer stand.

    For the record, I wouldn’t buy one of these guns either, but I’m not going to get all Debbie Downer on someone who does and can plop down the cash to get one.

  8. I was looking at it from an individual parts price and $1,199 isn’t bad.

    The Slide Fire stock is $269 at Midway. By the time you buy the rest of the parts, I think it would cost more than $1,199.

    The Slide Fire stock can be used like a regular adjustable stock.

  9. The thing that bothers me about this offering is the “crisp 6-lb. target trigger”. I don’t compete any more, but all of my “target triggers” were two stage, and usually broke right around four pounds. Is six pounds the “new” best for accuracy?

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