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Staking out the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Show in Reno, the American Rifleman’s riflemen uncovered some new product (ahead of January’s SHOT show). Click here for their most excellent photo gallery of guns to come.¬†One of the more interesting firearms (in the “Gee Honey that’s an interesting dress” sense of the term): the Chiappa 1887 T-Series 12-Gauge Lever Shotgun. “This 5+1 capacity defensive lever gun features an 18.5-inch barrel with an overall length of 26 inches. The TSeries shotguns will be available in a modern configuration, with black synthetic furniture (shown), or in the Bootlegger configuration featuring a period finish and wooden fixtures.” The 1887 TSeries lever gun looks an awful lot like a sawn-off shotgun to me. And you know what that means . . . It’s a hit!

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  1. Can you say Terminator? Besides SASS, the T-series brought this gun back to light when Arnie was wielding it from the HD moto-scooter.

    it goes to show that if Dirty Harry had carried a 41 mag, everyone would want one. . .

  2. There is a tactical 1887 in the new call of duty. I dont think it is a coincidence chiappa has developed this gun

    • +1 for the Call of Duty connection.

      Most of the people who play the COD games are familiar with and either loathe or love the 1887. They’re also mostly male and over 18, presumably with disposable income. They’ll buy every COD game at $60 a pop, pay $60 a year for XBox Live and pay $300 for an XBox. That gets them most of the way to being able to pay for a real Winchester 1887 variant. This looks JUST like the one from the game.

      I don’t think they’ll sell a ton of these to the fanboy crowd, but they will sell some. I imagine they will be available on the very-lightly-used market in a year or so, once the difference between firing a video 1887 and a real-life pistol-gripped short-barrel shotgun becomes evident.

    • I’m pretty sure that the ENTIRE purpose for this gun is to appeal to COD fans. Check out the photo of the gun here:

      I’m not sure how I feel about marketing actual firearms to the fanbase of a First Person Shooter video game. In my mind this is on par with putting The Punisher logo on 1911 grips or selling “anti-zombie” ammunition.

      On one hand, I love to see more people introduced to the hobby. On the other hand, I don’t want my hobby represented by the kind of people who are on Xbox Live.

    • Considering that their Mare’s Leg 1892 MSRP is about $1,500, I’m guessing in that range. Considering that I own said Mare’s Leg (Puma Bounty Hunter contracted out by LSI) and know how much that thing kicks (though mine is the .44 magnum), I’m afraid to see how bad the recoil is on this…..yet I definitely want one.

  3. It certainly isn’t offensively stupid like the Mossberg Chainsaw was but I still can’t find anything nice to see about it.

  4. i agreed with Todd, the second i saw this i though T2. Looks pretty awesome, gimme a model with ghost rings and a light mount and they would get a sale from me. (lets just hope the don’t put any RFID chips in this one.)

    • Other than their crap customer service, what do you have against Chiappa? Or is your anger because of the MKS “tinfoil hat” debacle?

    • Slugs for a home defense weapon? Are you nuts? Go shoot a slug through sheets of drywall and let me know how many it crashed through. Space the sheets at 4-6 inches to reflect current construction.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of lever action shotguns since I was a kid and first saw t2. Then I fired a 10 gauge lever action when I was about 13-14 yrs old, and that kinda changed my perspective a little haha. But now that I’m older in still have an affinity for the old terminator style lever action shotgun. I’ll probably pick one up just to say I have one and mess around with it, but definitely down the road from now… I mean hell I can buy a very high quality firearm for $1200-1500, like a Satori, or a very nice Benelli. I’ll let the game players have their fun and watch em whine from the recoil, while I sit back and and watch a couple bills get shaved off the price.

    Oh also. Does anyone know if it just a 2 3/4, or of its.actually chambered in 3 in mag.

  6. This does come with a butt stock

    And if you are looking for Home Defense, use
    “This 12 GA. round contains dozens of razor sharp steel tacks that blast out at high velocity”

    Otherwise, this is just a conversation piece.
    I would rather have a TRIPLE THREAT, Triple barrel shotgun

    Or Maybe Short Barrel Stoeger Coach Gun

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