New From Caracal: Enhanced F 9mm Pistol

Back in the day, I fell in love with the Caracal pistol. Ralph warned me not to. But I did. I fell hard. Click here to read the whole sordid saga of a ballistic love affair gone horribly wrong, including a total recall and promises, promise, promises. Not to mention corporate ownership transfers, inert websites (still) and phone calls to abandoned offices. Despite everything . . .

I still consider the Caracal the perfect GLOCK 2.0. We’re talking about a high-capacity striker-fired handgun designed by the father of the Steyr M, Austrian Wilhelm Bubits (no less). A handgun with a how-low-can-you-go bore axis, fresh lettuce crisp trigger and point-‘n-shoot speed sights. Will it ever be for sale? And why launch with a full-size F when the compact Caracal C was the one to beat? Watch this space. Again. Still.

Meanwhile, here’s Caracal’s “trust in me, just in me” press release ahead of SHOT Show. . .

BOISE, Idaho – ( – Caracal introduces the striker-fired Enhanced F 9mm pistol for sportsmen, competitive shooting, concealed-carry, law enforcement and military users.

Industry Day at the Range attendees will have an opportunity to shoot the firearm at Caracal Shooting Bay #SR-52. This new handgun, designed for smooth-handling, intuitive shooting, lower felt-recoil and excellent reliability, will also be available at their SHOT Show Booth #2829.

The Enhanced F is a polymer-framed pistol with an integral rail for mounted accessories including lights and lasers for customization and a low slide profile for versatility to meet specific customer needs.

The Enhanced F is proudly manufactured in the United States, in partnership with Wilcox Industries. Projected commercial availability is targeted for the third quarter of 2017.

“Listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback, we’ve completely redefined the Caracal F pistol. The Enhanced F is designed to perform and it’s evolution brings with it many of the important features and upgrades that today’s shooters have come to expect from a world-class product,” said Caracal Director of Marketing Jae Gillentine. “The enhanced F is unique because of its low-profile, reduced mass slide, intuitive grip and proprietary trigger system. These features and other elements combine to provide a reliable handgun that gets shooters on target and will hold up to the rigors of tough environments.”

The Enhanced F pistol has a redundant safety system that includes an integrated trigger safety, a firing pin safety and drop safety.

The trigger shoe, trigger safety and trigger bar all combine into a one-piece multi-function unit (MFU) design for an extremely intuitive pistol for shooters of all skill levels.

The one-piece MFU design incorporates a full-length steel slide guide to increase rigidity and durability, while diminishing torsion and flex during recoil. The sub assembly of this design also includes all internals and provides ease of manufacturing, assembly/disassembly and armorer-level service.

The Enhanced F provides a fully supported chamber in a (4.1 in) cold hammer forged barrel with a right-hand twist. These barrels are SAAMI proof tested for +P ammunition.

The metal parts receive QPQ nitriding with an enclosed post-oxidizing surface treatment for a protective coating This treatment is very durable and protects well against rust and other forms of wear.

Sight configurations on the Enhanced F consist of a standard three-dot steel full-length (6.5 in) sight system. Both front and rear sights are now dovetail mounted and the slides will be compatible with after-market sights.

The Enhanced F also marks the return of the Quick Sight system, which has the rear sight machined into the slide and located just in front of the ejection port. This system places both the front and rear sights on a single focal plane allowing the shooter to present a clear sight picture on target extremely fast.

The pistol comes standard with two 18 or 10-round magazines (customer preference/regulatory compliance), a cleaning kit, cable lock and a user manual packed in a plastic carry case.

MSRP for the Enhanced F is $599.00 and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty which covers the pistol from all material and workmanship defects for the life of the pistol under the ownership of the original end user.

For more information on the Enhanced F, and the entire Caracal line, visit their website.


  1. They keep saying new pistols, but, will this really be available for over the counter sales? How many more years can they afford to show off things they don’t have for sale. This is a company that is worse than vapor master Kel-Tec.

    1. avatar Ivar77 says:

      Everything they have been saying leads up to believe the guns ship in Q1 of this year we will have to see if that sticks true come SHOT. I am more excited for this gun now because it is a complete US viable gun with swappable sights. The problem is in 3 years how many more people have come out with low bore axis striker fired guns?

  2. avatar El Mac says:

    At least it doesn’t have that stupid Glockish squared off trigger guard.

    But if it’s made by rags, uh, no.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      “The Enhanced F is proudly manufactured in the United States…”
      And it was designed by an Austrian.
      Still have issues?

    2. avatar 27 Words says:

      I’m genuinely curious…what is it that you don’t like about squared off trigger guards? Personally, I’m somewhat indifferent. I tend to think some guns look better with round, and some with square, just dependent on what fits with the overall design of that model. But is there something I’m missing that makes one better than the other?

      1. avatar El Mac says:

        Exactly…There is no point to them at all. And they are just damned ugly… Particularly Glock’s take in them with the extra little hook on the end….Thick, square and hooked. Uglier than a bag of monkey ass.

        1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

          That’s not nice. I’m inclined to agree with you on Glocks being ugly, but I rather like the trigger guard on my 5906.

      2. avatar James in AZ says:

        Assuming the thumbs-forward, 7-finger-on-the-grip grip, the square trigger guard gets in the way if you botch the draw a bit. When the weak hand meets the strong hand, if the positioning is a bit too forward, the weak index finger could hang up on the hook of the square trigger guard.

    3. avatar DaveR says:

      “But if it’s made by rags, uh, no.”

      Better stop consuming petroleum products then…

      1. avatar El Mac says:

        Oh, that’s right I forgot. Every drop of oil is consumed comes from rags. Right.

        1. avatar Vhyrus says:

          I’m sure your ask every gas station attendant if the gasoline they sell is imported from only non Muslim controlled countries… actually knowing your personality you probably are that big of a pain in the ass to everyone.

        2. avatar El Mac says:

          Yo virus, I could give a rat’s ass about where my gas came from. But my guns are a different story. You want to hug up on those boy lovers, have at it .

        3. avatar Mark N. says:

          So why are you “ragging” on a gun made in America?

        4. avatar El Mac says:

          Well, I’m not. Do note that I said, wait for it………”if”. Did ya catch that?

    4. avatar DaveR says:

      Owned a Caracal C and loved it–absolutely amazing gun…until the recall 😛

      But to their credit, they handled the recall/refund process smoothly, and Caracal even refunded me all the fees from the purchase as well. So as a company, they did everything right in the customer service area and I’d have no problem trusting them a second time.

      1. avatar Parnell says:

        Had a C also. Loved the gun and you’re right that they refunded every cent I spent on it, but I think I’ll pass on buying another. It’s just been too long and too many promises.

    5. avatar Ivar77 says:

      The trigger guard to me looks small for winter carry, I can’t see myself carrying this firearm or a compact version in the winter/cold weather months which is like 4-6 months of the year here in Illinois.

      1. avatar machinegunnertim says:

        That’s the only issue I’ve had with mine. Otherwise it’s an amazing pistol.

  3. avatar Rimfire says:

    Buy it, steal it and test it Robert, we all are curious…why the “made in USA” gun bears that ‘lamist name is also a puzzle? Maybe better to try a new name this time around??

  4. avatar Luke Yarasheski says:

    I mean I would definitely love to shoot one. But I’d never buy one. Fool me once etc. I would definitely be more than cautious with them on account of their history but I would also wonder if they weren’t better off for it because they have burned themselves so badly in the past that this gun (if it actually exists and will be sold to the general public) has been through a far more vigorous t&e evaluation. They don’t have too many shots left with the potg. So they probably really tried to get it right on this one. I just need a rich uncle so I don’t lose 600$ in the process

  5. avatar No one of consequence says:

    So when will we see the .40 S&W version?

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    How’s this for a marketing slogan:

    “Caracal International. The UAE’s answer to Remington.”

    1. “Caracal, like Glock, but more like Taurus QC and Kel-tec availability”

      1. avatar unknown says:

        I was unaware Taurus had QC, learn something new everyday.

      2. avatar Jimmy Chimichanga says:

        Caracal didn’t have QC problems, the only issue was a recall with no time line for replacements following a kaboom, most likely caused by Turkish ammo.

        1. avatar Stinkeye says:

          The recall was because they turned out to not be drop-safe.

          The kaboom was just a little extra spice.

        2. avatar machinegunnertim says:

          Wasn’t the Kaboom in Pakistan? Anyway, the F models imported to the U.S. had a drop safe defect, some C models “might” have been heat treated incorrectly so they rounded them all up.

  7. avatar Tarrou says:

    Damn that thing is ugly. Like, NOW managing committee in a food fight ugly. Rosie O’Donnell reenacting the Ursula Andress coming-out-of-the-water scene ugly. Boiled wart on the ass of a clown ugly. Jesus H Christ. I think I may be sick.

    1. avatar Timmy! says:

      Eh, it’s still better looking than a Kriss Vector.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        +1. The Vector has got to be the ugliest gun ever designed. That said, this is most definitely better looking than the Block.

  8. avatar GS650G says:

    Careful with the term high capacity. I called my walther PPQ that and got lectured about how a .45 with 12 round capacity was standard.

  9. avatar Solomon says:

    NO to Caracal. Will not knowingly put money in the hands of the UAE and it’s human rights abuses and Sharia law fanaticism.

    1. avatar John says:

      I lived the Abu Dhabi for a few years and had a great time drinking beer, chasing women, eating bacon on my burgers and shooting Caracals.

  10. avatar Stinkeye says:

    “MFU design”: Massively Fucked Up?

    Mostly Frickin’ Ugly?

    Makes Fingers Unattached?

    Might Fragment Unexpectedly?

    Marketplace Flop Undoubtedly.

  11. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    “These barrels are SAAMI proof tested for +P ammunition.”

    Last I knew, SAAMI doesn’t do proof testing.

    Where was this proof testing done?

  12. avatar AnOregonian says:

    I really wish they’d bring back the C. I shot that pistol really well. I’ve bought a PPQ to replace it, and it’s good, but it just doesn’t mesh with me quite the same as the C did.

  13. avatar Fred Frendly says:

    That POS makes Taurus look top shelf.

    1. avatar unknown says:

      I am NOT a Taurus fan, but if the new management at Taurus comes thru as they claim they are going to, a Taurus might someday become top shelf. Wait & see. Stranger things have happened.

  14. avatar Old Abe says:

    To the racists, get a dna test, like at, and stop wasting everybody else’s time. We just want to know something factual.

    To those who owned a previous model and shared their experience, thank you.

  15. avatar TGugs says:

    Had a Waffen werx import Caracal Compact . Lowest bore 9 mm I really liked it. Recalled and got paid more than It cost for it. As far as the Company …I don’t think well see any more anytime soon. Been waiting since recall . Always coming soon…. What happened to their star shooter team Caracal himself A.J Rassca with his .40 caliber Caracal F? Only company more confused with new models never seen than these clowns is Colt.

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