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GREELEY, Colo. [ via] Burris Optics is excited to announce the introduction of an expansive selection of new reticle offerings and optic accessories for 2016. These products meet the ever-changing needs of both hunters and shooters, and allow Burris to continually help our customers “Find What Matters” . . .

Ballistic Circle Dot Reticle

Burris Reticles
Burris Reticles

The new Ballistic Circle Dot reticle is a versatile milradian reticle. Located in the Front Focal Plane, it incorporates an illuminated circle with small illuminated center dot for rapid target acquisition. Trajectory compensation is provided out to 600 yards to allow for engagement of targets at mid- and long-range distances. The Ballistic Circle Dot reticle can be found in the new XTR II™ 1-8x28mm riflescope.

Ballistic Dot Reticle

The Ballistic Dot reticle is also found in the new XTR II 1-8x28mm riflescope. It’s a milradian reticle located in the Rear Focal Plane. Featuring a simple, daylight-bright illuminated center dot and trajectory compensation out to an impressive 1,000 yards, this reticle design takes full advantage of the new XTR II’s extended 8x magnification for long-range shots.

Horus H591 Reticle

Serious long-range competition shooters will be excited to see the addition of the Horus® H591™ reticle to the 4-20x50mm XTR II riflescope. The H591™ features a detailed milradian grid pattern with multiple hold points to make quick elevation and windage adjustments in the field. Hash marks are designed to engage moving targets, and Rapid Range Bars allow shooters to quickly estimate range to target.

Long-Range MOA Reticle

The new Long-Range MOA reticle offers a long-range shooting solution for competitive shooters that prefer MOA over mil-based reticles. The simple design
incorporates 1-MOA hash marks to assist with wind hold-off, range estimation and impact measurement. An ultra-fine center area helps shooters engage targets with extreme precision. This reticle can be found in the popular Fullfield E1™ 4.5-14x42mm scope.

Ballistic AR Reticle

The MTAC® 1-4x24mm and 1.5-6x42mm riflescopes will get an upgrade in 2016 with the new Ballistic AR™ reticle. It has an illuminated broken circle with center dot for ultra-fast engagement at short distances, with the extra advantage of offering trajectory compensation out to 600 yards.

Scope Tube Level
Burris now offers a Scope Tube Level accessory to help shooters keep their rifle perfectly vertical for accurate long-range shooting. It has a high visibility level indicator, mounts quickly and easily, and fits both 30 mm and 34 mm scope tubes.

Tikka T3 Rings

Burris Reticles and Scope Mounts
Burris Reticles and Scope Mounts

This new solid steel ring and base solution is designed specially for mounting riflescopes on Tikka® T3® rifles. They are available in 1 in. and 30 mm sizes.

All of these new products are covered by the no-questions-asked Burris Forever Warranty™. For more information, visit

Horus reticles produced upon license from Horus Vision, LLC, and may be covered by pending or issued patents or may have certain limitations. Please visit Horus Vision, LLC’s website for more information:


About Burris Company, Inc.
Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Greeley, CO, Burris Company offers a complete line of premium optics, including riflescopes and sights for hunting, competition, and law enforcement; plus handgun scopes, spotting scopes, mounts and accessories. For more information on the complete line of Burris products, visit or

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    • No, but I’ve passed up on glass that doesn’t have the reticle I want many times, and it has certainly made the difference in what I’ve purchased. If it’s on a long range gun, and it doesn’t have a Horus reticle, I’m probably going to keep looking.

    • I don’t hunt. Not for any particular reason, I just haven’t. I love long range shooting and being able to calculate a predicted trajectory and frequently go to the range, so things like good holdover reticle designs get me amped. It’s not just for killing things. But your statement could potentially be said about almost every product featured on this site. What’s your main point? Or, put another way, why are you here? To be clear, that’s not dismissive. It’s a legitimate question.

  1. I just had to comment on the pop on add from Cinesport or whoever. Every time I click on something that ad plays. Can’t you control your own website or is this how the place manages it’s content??? I’m leaving.


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