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A bill, freshly introduced into the House of Representatives, would give individuals who turn in their “assault weapons” a credit on their federal income taxes. According to the bill, people would be given a $2,000 tax break for turning in what might otherwise be a $50 piece of crap. Sounds like a great way to massively increase the national debt while failing to actually do anything useful. Click here for the full text.

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  1. At the current rate of supply and demand, that will be the value of just my lower. No thanks, the country is already broke.

  2. I should start importing 200 dollar AKs and getting me some tax credit. After all i pay close to 8k on my property alone.

  3. So I can sell Uncle Sam my Hi-Point 995 and get a $2000 tax credit, and use my refund to help pay for a new AR… that is tempting.

  4. Can I borrow some wood glue and a hacksaw… If this passed I think I could Macgyver a Mosin into an assault weapon, they can have all of mine…then I can get that M14 I have always wanted

  5. funny, i think 99% of turn ins would be for rifles worth less than $2000, and then the credit would go to the purchase of a new rifle.


    • The politicians won’t care. They’ll have gotten a lot of scary firearms off the street, so they’ll look like they’re doing something (and be happy), and the firearms owners will have made progress towards their next purchase (and be happy). Everyone wins except the taxpayers who paid out $2k to get a craptastic $500 AK out of someone’s closet (where it was doing no harm).

  6. Hmmm…

    Some 2000 firearms (Fast and Furious) went to the cartels…

    If this POS bill were to pass…

    Would they be able to….

  7. Does anyone else hear this the same way as I do? As a way to compensate people during their mandatory turn in of “Assault Weapons” so it won’t fall under any current ruling and be illegal?

  8. Figures who the “sponsor” is:

    Rep. DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3]

    And no surprise as to the lone co-sponsor:

    Rep. Grijalva, Raul M. [D-AZ-3] (Open borders asshat here in AZ)

    • They re-did the voting boundrys in AZ this year just so I couldn’t vote against him. Dems were in charge of redistricting and after the close vote last time around they fixed it so he had a better chance to win again.

    • I think “for our streets,” they ought to strive for fixing a pothole or two, in a timely, cost effective manner. Once they master that ( ha!), they can try some other stuff.

      • My county is one of the poorer county’s in my state; low population density, low employment (since Clinton’s Assualt Tree Ban).
        As a result the local PoPo have a 40 minute response time, crime has increased. Now local Utopians are calling for a Gun Ban
        Anyone see a pattern?

  9. Wow… Think of the weed you could buy in CO for $2000!!! Trade a non problem for a real problem, live high and large all on the tax payers dime. If you throw in a free phone, subsidised housing, perpetual unemployment and/or disability payments, a book of food stamps, modify my morgage, and give me cash for my clunker then I may have one I’d consider giving up (its the only one I have with the barrel shot out so i can’t hit crap with it anyways).

  10. Check o7t this under (2)
    `(B) Conversion kit.–The term `conversion kit’ means any part or combination of parts designed and intended for use in converting a firearm into a semiautomatic assault weapon, and any combination of parts from which a semiautomatic assault weapon can be assembled if the parts are in the possession or under the control of a person.

    The hell does that mean? When did a conversion kit make a gun semiauto (what was the gun before?) Can 8 just turn 8n my aks trigger assembly and recieve $200 free obamabucks?

    • I was wondering about this too. When I moved to CA I had to install a bullet button into my AR-15. Would the original parts I replaced be considered a “conversion kit”?

  11. If this passes and an AWB doesn’t, I’m not paying taxes this year then. I’ll just go buy a whole bunch of crappy ones, turn them in and use my refund check to buy good stuff.

  12. FWIW, historically on my taxes a tax credit of $2K will only net me another $500 in refund. If I have a $2K value HK or FAL or AR10, etc I’m better off selling it from a financial POV. On the other hand the $80 NFA LW-15 lower would turn me a profit if I already didn’t have most of the bits in hand to do a build.

    Also… unless I’ve been totally screwing up my taxes a $2000 tax credit DOES NOT mean $2000 in your pocket. It just reduces your adjusted income lower by $2000. Unfortunately a lot of folks seem to equate tax credit w/cash in hand so if this bill were to pass you might have a lot of folks going backwards financially re:gun investment

    • looks like you’ve been screwing up your taxes then.

      deduction: (income minus deductions) times rate = tax due
      credit: ( income minus deductions) times rate = tax due : then subtract credit

      i have so many kids, and so many credits, i pay negative tax. how about that! you pay me to live here. f’d up, i know, but i’m a capitalist.

        • The saying to remember is “we like deductions, but we love credits” A $2000 credit is like an $8000 deduction. Does this mean a $600 AR is going to remain around $2000 in price? I can think of some junk guns to turn in for this. You could wipe out your tax debt every year with garbage and have even cooler guns.

  13. Or you could buy a really dumpy, used, almost dead shotgun, for <$100, superglue a $10 pistol grip on it, and then taunt the buy back clerks about giving you free money.

  14. No thanks! I’ll keep the guns just to piss-off the Democrats. Besides, as someone else mentioned, a $2000.00 tax credit only gets a fraction of that into your refund.

      • copy that.

        Tax credit is below the line, deduction is above the line. This is a credit. Think earned income credit. You could even get money back.

        • There are some surplus rifles that are just junk. There was a group in chicago that turned scrap metal “guns” into a buy back and then used the money from the buy back (around 6k) to purchase ammo and supplies for the local range’s NRA Youth safety program.

  15. Just a reminder;
    Back in the days of my Yute (think West Side Story, without the GHay) young hoodlems would steal automobile radio antaneas then steal a Fizzy Water Bottle punctureing device, locate a round of 22LR, place said live round in the antenea, duct tape it to a short leangth of wood, position the afore said plunger to same afore mentioned wood and in doing so create a Zip-Gun. All done in the heart of NYC, the home of the most heinous anti-gun laws in America.
    Oh and super glue on a PG and a bayonet lug

    • i did that with a pipe, a .22 round and a hammer. well the case came out the back end just as fast as the bullet came out the other end. Physics is best thru experience.

  16. Skimmed the bill. There are some real wowsers on the list, like high point carbine, sks w/ detachable mag, etc.

    You can only do one a year. Your local govt authority can do it — gives you a letter.

    Their is NOTHING in the bill about disposition. My local sheriff could collect these and give out the letters legal as you please. He could also hump them out the side door to the next building and sell them at auction. It would be like paying your sheriff 400 bones for a $2000 tax credit as you bought back your gun at the auction.

    I would vote for this.

  17. I have a Tec22 that is complete crap that I bought for about $150, I will be cashing in that turd should this bill pass.

    • I have a hi point carbine I bought from a guy for $100. And we wonder why we are in debt. Oh well bye bye carbine, I would use my money to help buy a couple AR 10s

  18. My goodness, do they have any idea how many of these “Assault Weapons” are in circulation. If everyone turned theirs in the Government would be bankrupt.

    Glad that some of my cheap guns have some real value now… I think I will hold on to them anyway. I’d rather pass them down to my children when I am too old to enjoy them and they are responsible enough to own them.

  19. Yes because criminals who would murder people with a firearm LOVE tax credits to offset their legal incomes from their employers who deduct payroll taxes. Those who would benefit from a $2k tax credit aren’t the freaking people anybody has to worry about!!! Ugh this stuff is sickening.

  20. Wait…so I could trade my $120 HiPoint carbine, for a $2000 tax credit, which I could then use to buy an AK-47?

    Yes. This should totally pass.

  21. How much of the gun has to be present in order to qualify? Couldn’t you just stamp an AK receiver out of an old car fender, cut mag and trigger holes, drill for all the rivets, and put a serial number on it and turn it in?

    The receiver is the gun, right? Does it have to be a complete gun?

    Since it is legal to make your own gun, and you aren’t technically selling it, wouldn’t this work?

    Heck, the holes wouldn’t even have to be accurate and you wouldn’t need to heat treat the metal or anything…

  22. Hm. I do have a spare 10/22 parts gun….I’ll just throw an ugly $50 butler creek stock on it, toss in one of those plastic lipped 20 rounders, and walk away with a big stoopid grin on my face.

  23. Bwaaahahhaaa! The feds will let me keep 2k of my own money if I surrender my rifle. You cant type a big enough “F” or “Y” for the response I have to that.

    • No… but it occurs to me that if the lower reciever of an AR is considered the ‘gun’, and it is now possible to use a 3d printer to produce a lower….


      • The bill specifically includes frames/receivers.

        “(J) A frame or receiver that is identical to, or based substantially on the frame or receiver of, a firearm described in any of subparagraphs (A) through (I) or (L).”

        The AK 47 is included in subparagraph A. All you need is the receiver.

        Get an old car fender and cut out a piece to make an AK flat. Make a jig and hammer or press the flat to shape, cut out a hole for the mag well and trigger, do some drilling, get some number punches and put a serial on it, and you got yourself an AK47 receiver for a few bucks.

        Go to the local sheriff’s office and turn it in, get a letter stating you turned in an AK47, mail it in with your taxes, get the refund.

        You’d only have to do it once every two years.

        They’ve just proposed a tax break for those who are able to build their own guns. I’m all for this.

        Time to write my representatives and tell them to get on board for the big win!

  24. I have to agree with you on this one. Even if they scale the tax credit back for the value of the gun, it still creates a market for guns that would otherwise be un-sellable.

    Also, of course, why should the IRS be in the gun buy-back business? This is just another silly way to transfer money from taxpayers to gun owners.

  25. im gonna paint 2 of my mosins black, add a telescoping stock and flash hider. then ill get my tax rebates for $300 worth of weapons. dumb goverment at its finest

  26. So, they’re trying to buy my gun from me with my own money?

    And some people still don’t recognize government as organized crime.

  27. This just sounds like they’re trying to get a definition for “assault weapon” on the books to make any future legislation easier by referencing this definition. I dont like it one bit, even if you could take advantage and get a $2k tax credit for turning in a $150 receiver.

    • Aye, it is a very simple slight of hand to introduce this to voluntarily entice willing sheeple to take advantage of the system and then make it a mandatory buy back program.

      Anyone that participates in something like this is a willing accomplice in treason!

  28. Really? I should get a cheap hi point and get those tax cuts, these politicians really are stupid. Seriously $2,000 worth of taxes for a $200 gun?

  29. Buy a cheap 3d printer and print yourself a tax return every other year. Or just whittle one from aluminium, omit all the hard machining and turn that in. Like they would know the difference.

    I bet I could make an AR lower-ish object from wood, a little paint, maybe screw on a grip, and blammo, tax return. In your eye Black Hitler.

  30. Apparently a HiPoint Carbine is a specifically named firearm. In CA those run about $400 out the door (at least before the panic). And since they’re long guns, no “1 in 30” limit. You could buy several and claim tax credits until you retire.

  31. I’d be more impressed with a credit of things like holsters, safes and training which would help reduce the “whoops” injuries and deaths. Pile on some credits for folks who sign up for parenting classes, extra-curricular activities or drug/alcohol/mental health treatment and the societal savings goes through the roof.


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