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On February 9th, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange was sworn in as a replacement for Senator Sessions., who’s joined the Trump administration as Attorney General of the United States. From

“This is truly a remarkable time in our state’s history,” Bentley said in a press release this morning. “Alabama has surely been well represented by Senator Sessions, and I am confident Senator Strange will serve as a fine representative for our people. His leadership on a national level, service as a statewide elected official and long record of taking on tough federal issues are the very qualities that will make him a strong conservative Senator for Alabama.”

Strange was also quoted in the statement.

“I am greatly honored and humbled to accept the appointment to Alabama’s Senate seat vacated by Senator Jeff Sessions,” Strange said. “Senator Sessions’ commitment to public service is nearly unparalleled in Alabama history and his departure from the Senate leaves tremendous shoes to fill. I pledge to the people of Alabama to continue the same level of leadership as Jeff Sessions in consistently fighting to protect and advance the conservative values we all care about.”

A month ago, Luther Strange ordered the City of Huntsville to take down signs that prohibited people from exercising their Second Amendment rights in the City Library. From

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has instructed the city of Huntsville to remove a sign prohibiting guns at the Huntsville-Madison County Library but city officials are not eager to comply.

As AG, Senator Strange has been a vigorous defender of Second Amendment rights. In 2015, the NRA-ILA commended Strange for his actions.   AG Strange pursued numerous cases where he forced local governments to take down illegal gun free zone signs. Strange required the Sheriff in Lawrence County to stop placing illegal conditions on the pistol permits that he was issuing.

In short, Senator Strange will likely be as faithful to the Constitution as Senator Sessions has been.

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  1. From this and other sources I’ve read about Sen. Strange since Sessions was tapped for AG and Strange emerged as his likely replacement, it sounds as though Alabama has made an excellent decision in their representation.

    • NO. If you carry, why would you want to leave your weapon in your vehicle? Know where a lot of stolen weapons are procured from? And are saying that a violent incident at a library is not impossible? Our county sheriff had virtually every ‘no weapons’ sign removed in entire county, including the library where school children often use a learning center. Unarmed Victim Zones are a favorite of murderous people. Why not be prepared?

    • The people who insist, “You don’t need a gun to go …” are also the ones who, after an incident, can be heard whimpering on television, “I never thought it could happen here.”

      • “I never thought it could happen here.” Yup, I hear this on the news all the time. When are people going to wake up & smell the dog crap.

    • Move to where…exactly? Honalee?
      The fact is that random crime can occur any time, any place. It doesn’t begin or end at imaginary demarcations between good and bad neighborhoods.

      In fact, even personal crime can happen any time, any place. Who’s to say that a librarian doesn’t have a psycho-stalker ex?

      On top of that, we know from some spree killers” own writings that they specifically targetes so-called “gun free zones” precisely to minimize the chance of immediate resistance and to maximize the carnage.

      Advising people to move because they make the responsible decision not to be a victim is the same as telling them just to forfeit that decision and defer to chance. How dare you?

    • Your comment makes no sense.

      Over 90% of mass shootings occur in GUN FREE ZONES.

      The best way to make a place a target for mass shooting is to ban guns there. unless you are willing to have metal detectors and armed security.

    • Let’s even grant the idea, for the moment, that a library is somehow magically perfectly safe. How do you get there? Apparation? With a sling ring? Beam in with a transporter?

      Unless you have some equivalent to the above, you will have to travel in the real world to and from these havens. Even if they offer perfect safety within their walls, how do they protect you when you’re on a city bus ten miles away?

    • Yep. I live in the great state of Alabama (Huntsville area) and the general consensus is that Strange was appointed to take the heat of the Governor Bentley’s current extra marital activities. You good folks Google all that; better than a Jerry Springer episode……

    • “Lots of people want a special election held… ”

      Your grammar leaves me confused. Lots of people want a special election for the governor’s seat once he’s impeached, or for Session’s senate replacement?

      • The Senate seat. Sorry about the confusion. If the Governor is impeached and found guilty then he could be removed from office. If that happens then the Lt. Governor will become Governor. Big Luther (as he’s called himself around here since he got the political bug seeing as he’s 6’8″ or so) was appointed to the Senate seat previously held by Jeff Sessions by Robert Bentley. (Governor) Luther Strange was the Attorney General for the state of Alabama and had asked the legislature to stop impeachment proceedings against Bentley back in 11-16 but wouldn’t make it known to the public if his office was investigating the Governor or not. Low and behold, Strange is nominated to the US Senate. Alabama law says that the Governor is to call a special election for that Senate seat in a timely matter. The special election is set for 2018. The Governor’s idea of timely and mine differ but he didn’t call and ask my opinion so that doesn’t matter. Strange made it known that whether he was chosen or not by the Governor, he would be running for the Senate seat in 2018. So now Big Luther goes to DC and a new Attorney General was appointed by the Governor yesterday. A district attorney from North Alabama was chosen to succeed Strange and immediately comes out today and recuses himself from any investigation or possible prosecution of the Luv Guv Bentley. It’s just the normal quid pro quo in Alabama. It all stinks to high Heaven of corruption. They think the good people of Alabama are too stupid to realize what’s going on. I’m inclined to believe the same since they all keep getting re-elected.

      • Both

        Strange was appointed to the Senate by the governor because he agreed not to investigate the governor. Corruption has its rewards.

  2. Strange is NOT a friend of the 2A. He did not act against local government’s infringements from his own convictions. He was forced to investigate and act based on Alabama Law 13A-11-61.3 People like members of BamaCarry who filed the petitions are the real friends of the 2A.

    /end rant


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