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We’re fighting a war and some things are eternal. I don’t speak of death and taxes, though those are certainly good examples, but of the fact that some people will always do everything they can to disarm the law-abiding, and those people will almost always be “progressives” . . .

At TTAG, we labor to hold certain principles, and among them is the principle that everyone who believes in and works to uphold the Second Amendment is welcome. Certainly, some people who own guns and defend the right to keep and bear arms hold otherwise progressive beliefs, and while most progressives imagine themselves to be enormously tolerant, it tends to be the conservative, gun owning public that is truly tolerant, for admission to and acceptance in the ranks of those that own guns and enjoy the shooting sports does not require absolute political orthodoxy.

That disclaimer aside, progressives are predictable. As I’ve previously written in these pages: 

“The third factor — useful, indeed absolutely necessary, when all else fails — is the unshakeable belief in the brilliance and infallibility of progressivism/statism. Progressivism/statism is infallible—it cannot possibly be wrong—and it is also non-falsifiable, which allows the statist to shrug off any scientific, logical assault.”

Since progressive policies are infallible and non-falsifiable—nothing, even their abject failure, can ever prove them wrong—progressives tend to take the long view, and will work for decades, even centuries, to achieve their goals. For this reason alone, the war over the Second Amendment will never end. Law-abiding gun owners sometimes think Supreme Court decisions like Heller and McDonald are the end of the issue, or that the current popularity and growing acceptance of gun ownership have decided it. Not so. These are mere battles temporarily won. No war is over until one’s enemy knows and acknowledges they have lost, and have neither the will nor the capacity to fight on. This, progressives—or statists, if you wish, cannot do.

Fortunately, progressivism often reminds us, in graphic fashion, why the Second Amendment exists, and why this is a war we dare not lose, no matter how long it rages. There are reasons many Americans, including people who would never before have considered gun ownership, are becoming gun owners in enormous numbers. Those same reasons have also sparked a new appreciation for the wisdom and necessity of the Second Amendment. The most recent, obvious examples are the governmental fecklessness, lawlessness, and rioting in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.

Ferguson and Baltimore teach that the veneer of civilization is very thin indeed. Smart police officers understand that the only reason they—very few in number—can do their jobs and survive is because most Americans are willing to obey most laws most of the time. They voluntarily agree to submit to police authority and to avoid committing crimes because such universal behavior provides very direct benefits, not only to them, but to society generally.

However, when any significant segment of a society decides, for whatever reason, not to obey the law, when they decide to loot, burn and riot, the police have only two choices: retreat and allow it, or use whatever force is necessary—including deadly force, which considering they will almost always be completely outnumbered, is almost certain to be necessary—to end the lawlessness.

There are two other factors that make even this impossible situation worse: racial politics and progressive rule. Add in these factors and the police, and society, lose. In Ferguson and Baltimore, politicians, in deference to race, forced the police to stand down and allow multiple violent felonies. That innumerable citizens were not killed was a matter of dumb luck. In Baltimore, the mayor actually announced her considered decision to allow criminals to destroy.

Baltimore is a good example of the utter failure of progressive policy. The city has been ruled by progressives for decades. Every policy of governance is progressive. Baltimore’s social pathologies are the direct result of those policies, including gun control policies that essentially disarm the law-abiding and make it all but impossible for them to carry concealed weapons. Predictably, progressives cannot admit that any of their policies are a failure, even when they have led to unprecedented racial strife and riot, looting and arson.

On the May 3, 2015 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace pointed out to Maryland progressive U.S. Representative Donna Edwards that Baltimore has been absolutely progressive-controlled for decades and asked if those policies had failed. She maintained that they absolutely had not, and observed that a Republic governor had not given Baltimore schools as much money as they needed. Wallace pointed out that Baltimore school spending was extraordinarily high, a correction that Edwards dodged in explaining that progressive policies required wealth distribution, and the wealth just hadn’t been adequately and correctly redistributed.

John Nolte of Brietbart said it well as he observed that about 85% of the citizens of Baltimore reliably vote for the same people and policies that have so badly failed.

“Nor is Baltimore America’s problem. Baltimore is a Democrat problem. These riots are nothing more than Democrat infighting, and the videos of these riots are nothing more than infomercials for U-Haul and the NRA.

The good people trapped in Baltimore, the 15% or so with the moral courage to vote against-all-odds for a new direction and new leadership, need to buy firearms to protect themselves in a city run by moral illiterates who excuse the savagery of mobs and call for police to stand idle as chaos reigns. In the meantime, the 15% also need to start saving the money for the U-Haul that will get them the hell out of Dodge.

I know what it is to be dirt poor and trapped in an American inner-city. For nearly two years I lived in the worst part of Milwaukee’s inner-city during the mid-eighties. I’ve been mugged. I’ve been burglarized. And I know what it means to worry about having enough money for rent and food. Most of all, I am nothing special. No silver spoon, no above-average IQ. If I got out, anyone can get out. You can get out.

Buy a gun. Save for a U-Haul. As is their right, the free people of Baltimore have made the choice to double and triple and quadruple down on the left-wing policies that have decimated their city and ensured misery for their children.

You can’t help those who don’t want help.

Baltimore is lost.”

Baltimore isn’t the only American city in such pathetic shape, but virtually all such communities share the progressive governance that exalts the power of the government over the individual liberty of the citizen, while simultaneously making it difficult or impossible for citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights. No government that wants to disarm the law-abiding is trustworthy. Any such government and the politicians that run it are reasonably viewed with suspicion.

Frightening too are the comments of people like President Obama and his primary race advisor, Al Sharpton, who not only want to federalize America’s police, but want to limit the police to statistical policing. Their theory demands that if the black population of a city is 13%, no more than 13% of arrests of all kinds may be black people. Larger numbers of arrests for black people, to their progressive way of thinking, are indicative of institutional, racist disparities and must be struck down. That black people—particularly young, black males—commit crimes at rates entirely out of proportion to their population numbers matters not at all to such demagogues.

Federalizing the police is a concept that is not only unconstitutional, but terribly dangerous to liberty. Many forget that Mr. Obama, even before his first presidential term, wanted to construct an internal, domestic paramilitary police force  as well funded and equipped as the US military. It takes little imagination to see that such a force would inevitably be used to oppress and tyrannize the political enemies of the government, just as the IRS was, and disarming the law-abiding population would be one of its first and most pressing goals.

This is, after all, the real reason for the Second Amendment: to allow citizens to rise up and overthrow a tyrannical government. As much as progressives/statists wail in feigned indignation whenever anyone correctly states the purpose of the Second Amendment, they recognize its truth as well. All tyrants know that disarmament of citizens is an absolutely necessary first step to pacifying any population.

Riots and racial unrest are not the only reasons why Americans are arming themselves in unprecedented numbers. Sunday’s terrorist attack on a Mohammed art contest in a Dallas suburb reminds us of the necessity of being armed and prepared. In that case, the two terrorists were immediately cut down because the police, expecting trouble, were out in force at that venue. Had the police not been present, there would have surely been more injuries and many deaths as the terrorists were well armed and obviously intended to inflict mass casualties. That incident was actually a case of the Second Amendment protecting the First, which is also a significant reason it was written.

Some wags have observed that in Texas, terrorists can expect to be outgunned even at an art show. While it’s true that many Texans carry concealed and generally live in a culture that thinks well about self-defense and firearm issues, we were lucky this time. The police were present in numbers because they expected trouble from Islamists due to the content of the art exhibit and perhaps some intelligence information, and they got it. If the terrorists chose, for example, a school, where virtually everyone remains unarmed, the outcome would have been very different, because not only do the police have no legal obligation to protect anyone at any time, the truism that when seconds count the police are minutes away, is true for a very good reason.

Islamist and ordinary domestic terrorists are here, now, and while statistically, few Americans will ever be subject to a terrorist attack, there is nothing stopping an attack from occurring anywhere at any time. The Obama Administration’s idea of fighting terrorism is to give the most bloodthirsty jihadists jobs. 

And the war goes on.

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  1. Nice article. Hits pretty much all the salient points very well.

    Contemporary liberalism and progressivism are slavery and death cults; they are spawn of Hell; how else to describe someone you can show pictures and videos of the socialist and communist depredations in the old Soviet Union, China, Cuba, the former Eastern Bloc, etc, and they still either don’t get the connection or reply with the same old “True socialism hasn’t been constructed yet, we have to keep trying.”

    They have intended all along to destroy this country and Western civilization and remake it in, I don’t know, some kind of socialist utopian image, no matter how many mountains of corpses it will take. They’ve had a very successful Long March through our main cultural institutions and are poised to rule now. Not just in Baltimore or San Francisco but throughout the West.

    • Both the article and your comment are spot on.

      Bill Ayers, currently an Ivy league professor, unrepentant terrorist of the Weather Underground, planned to murder 25 million Americans that would not be “re-educated” after their ” “people’s revolution” was put in place after a violent overthrow of our goverment.

      • Sounds about right. Mao and Stalin both had to murder about 20 to 25 million of their own people to cement their hold on power.

        A friend once asked why the progressives wanted to disarm the American public when leftists traditionally went for armed revolution. My answer to him was that the progressive agenda included disarming the US citizenry because the only way to take control of the United States would be to do so by turning its own government institutions inward. The Antigun and antiviolence campaigns that gained traction in the 1970s were a coordinated effort to pacify and disarm the US population in preparation for a communist takeover.

        The Soviets Union is dead and gone, having collapsed under its own weight, but we’re still suffering a Cold War induced intellectual hangover in our academic and political institutions a quarter century after the failure of Communist Socialism on an epic scale.

        • +1


          Their Long March has largely been very successful and most Murkan derps now have grown up within it and know nothing else and question it not.

    • This Mike McDaniel fellow is most often worth reading. He often writes what I think better than I can. I stop by his home page often.

      • +1

        Agreed; I’m also an AF vet, former civilian cop and former English teacher (freshman college), but that’s it for resemblance. He’s got a site? Writes very well and kicks ass pretty good, too.

  2. As an aside to this fine piece on political viewpoints, I’d NB that when people see a car like the one pictured above, you should be very wary. It is my experience that people who drive/own cars such as the above have the lowest levels of impulse control and tend to become highly aggressive and confrontational at the smallest and most inconsequential slights. eg, you took the parking space that they thought was “theirs” from across the parking lot. BTDT, had to deal with a psychotic woman in a car covered with feminist bumper stickers who became positively unglued. That’s just one example… in the Bay Area of California, these psychotic “bumper sticker” people are not in short supply. Over the years, I noticed a very obvious counter-correlation between the number of bumper stickers on a car and adult behavior/impulse control of the driver/owner.

    I warn people of this because these people are likely to put someone who is carrying into an uncomfortable position. People who own/drive cars plastered with bumper stickers as depicted above are firmly in the classification of “stupid people to avoid, even in non-stupid places when you are doing non-stupid things.”

    • Around here (northern Vermont) we don’t see vehicles like that very often, but when we do, it’s invariably granola-head hippie-dippies; once in a blue moon it’s a certified ultra-redneck maniac who is probably better armed than you but not necessarily better trained and experienced.

      • There’s a car I saw years back in the parking lot of ‘Skycraft’ in Orlando. (It really is Disney World for Geeks lots of surplus from NASA in there as well… 🙂 )

        That car was covered, every inch of it with various printed circuit boards. Never saw the driver, I looked for an obvious whacko while inside, never saw an obvious one.

        Anyways, the real point of the comment:

        WATCH OUT for cars covered in ‘God is my Co-Pilot’ type stickers, ESPECIALLY any ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’ types.

        I’m perfectly fine with your faith as long as you do the damn driving and not leave it up to your deity.


        Thank you.

        • Yep; hate to admit it, but the guy with 200 pro-gun stickers on his truck at the 2A event is the most likely one to be a loon for our cause. I support his right to do it, but they’re the ones most likely to blow a gasket over something like a parking space.

    • There was a study done and published in regards to road rage and bumper sticker correlation — which equated bumper stickers with territorial actions. More bumper stickers ( even plain ones that advertise that they love their kids, etc ) are in a way the method that they use to mark territory and those who feel the need to mark territory are also more inclined to take offense and also aggressively defend what they believe is their claim to it.

      This effect works across the political spectrum — I avoid occupants of and the cars themselves that are such labeled — NRA stickers or otherwise.

  3. At any given time, we are but a Wi-Fi signal and a working faucet away from “Lord of the Flies”.

    • “Lord of the Flies,” “Mad Max: The Road Warror,” and “The Children of Men.”

  4. In case anyone is interested, Jeb Bush is also a progressive. He just has a different political label.

      • If Jeb were only a RINO. He’s not. He is a Common Core amnesty for all Progressive.

        • Unfortunately, true. No Bush 3. In the future, I’m hopeful for Jeb’s son George. (Bush 4?)

          So far this election cycle, I’m liking what I see in Carly Fiorina.

          Unfortunately, those who peak early in elections rarely win.

    • It hard to take anyone seriously who still thinks and talks in terms of republican vs democrat, left vs right. This manufactured difference has been nothing more than window dressing for decades, even now the parties don’t even really pretend to have different platforms.

      • +1

        Ditto. And very hard to take anyone seriously anymore who still talks of elections, voting and the related party and political strategies here. Talk about useful dupes and idiots, yikes! They still think the system is working that they were taught about in American Government during freshman year of high skool.

        Guess what?

        It ain’t.

        And hasn’t for a very long time. The dying vestiges can still be seen, however, in rural New England town meetings sometimes. Those date back to the Norse and Anglo-Saxons but are soon to be stamped out and forgotten, in favor of the greater State. We’ll get neighborhood commissars from now on, and a Stasi spy and snitch system, already well underway.

      • THANK YOU.

        I’ve been saying that for ages but seems no one else thinks that.

        Republican or democrat, they are both working for control over and against you. The only real difference is the side of the aisle the sit on while they work towards the same goal.

        • Some of us out here have known this for many years now but talking about it is verily like unto talking into empty space; we still see entries online about nifty political strategies and various polls and insider back-room engineering that will most certainly get OUR people into power, yet such rarely seems to materialize. Once in a blue moon it does, and no sooner has the saviour been seated, he or she turns on us in a heartbeat, or the tiny bit of progress they might make is ballyhooed as though the Messiah had finally arrived and our worries are now over.

          These folks don’t get it yet that it’s not our worries which are over, it’s the whole stupid charade. When they rabidly screech at us to VOTE and thus save the country with their latest wonder-worker, they fail to realize that it has long been an empty gesture, that, at most, validates our rulers’ continued depredations and their destruction of this country in particular and Western civilization in general. It’s so bad now that they actually LAUGH at us when rush our sorry asses down to vote.

          Then when, inevitably, Field Marshal Rodham or Barack Hussein get the White House, they shout at us that it’s OUR FAULT for not voting for some poor fool RINO cretin that was talking a good game when he fell out of the carnival clown car or the other clowns shoved him out.

          • The best part about voting is I might as well be considered a disenfranchised voter.

            First off, we have the electoral college so my vote doesn’t really matter to begin with. Then we have the fact that I live in CT and no matter how I vote, the state is voting democrat. Then we have the fact that CT only has 7 electoral votes so our vote, no matter what it is, hardly counts for anything to begin with.

            • I live in a lakeside village in northern Vermont that is part of a small town of about 8k that still holds annual Town Meeting; the town hall is across the street from us. Our votes still count here and we can accost miscreant politicians in-person. For that matter, I have personally run into Senators Leahy and Sanders at the local supermarkets or Legion halls in the past, but in reality, anything beyond this level of the village and small town is a waste of time and effort.

              The neo-Marxists have pretty much won in many places, politically, and certainly in the schools, media and academia. Kids have been growing up for two or three generations now totally immersed in this zeitgeist and are probably not going to be changing their minds or their outlooks anytime soon. To them, Obola is the savior, though some of them have grown a bit disenchanted when they realized he had doubled down on both Bush administrations.

              I don’t see a way out of this until the State has imploded finally, under massive debt and incompetence, and I hope that’s the worst of it, but I fear a second civil war is in the making.

        • @davidx, the system will implode, but not from debt or incompetence, it will be a controlled demolition like the twin towers of the economy and dollar when TPTB want it to happen. People will be begging for intervention, problem-reaction-solution.

          • You could be absolutely right about the controlled demolition, with the debt and incompetence being only subsidiary and distracting factors. When the time is right, they’ll lower the boom. And it will be bad enough that yes, people will beg for order and supposed salvation.

            Dissenters and malcontents such as found on this board will no doubt have a hard life, and Stasi-like networks will be rampant, on top of the nearly total State surveillance regime. Orwell’s vision didn’t go quite far enough, but he certainly had the gist of it pretty nicely.

        • @davidx

          Very true, at the community level you can still make things happen. I live in a city much larger than yours, but I still see many councilmen out and about or at fundraisers done at our Elks Club. They are very accessible in that regard. But even at the low level of CT city, politics play a ridiculous role in the decision making process with pretty much the entirely democrat council aligned against the republican governor.

  5. [M]ost Americans are willing to obey most laws most of the time.

    Most Americans would be willing to obey all laws all the time if there weren’t so many laws, of which so many are stupid.

  6. The 2nd amendment isn’t for fighting government-designated “terrorists”, Mikey boy.

  7. “No government that wants to disarm the law-abiding is trustworthy. Any such government and the politicians that run it are reasonably viewed with suspicion.”

    Agreed. That’s why the Founding Fathers created a system that is based on NO GOVERNMENT being trustworthy. This article heaps a well earned pile of poo on the Dems for their failed policies and their anti – gun agenda but let’s not forget it was the Republican Reagan who passed the Mulford act in California banning open carry and the ban on new machine guns in 1986. Oh, and let’s not forget G H W Bush’s banning the importation of AK’s. The truth is they all smell like poo and any belief that one side is any different than the other is fantasy. This is an Oligarchy seeking to pit us against each other for table scraps while they carve up the real pie.

    • Yep. Ultimately, most Republicans are as much an enemy our freedoms and our Constitution as any liberal/progressive.

      At least the L/P are honest in their hatred of the constitution, meanwhile the Republicans will spout off about small goverment and the constitution and then once in power will simply vote Democrat/statist light.

    • GOVERNMENT, regardless of party, religious, or other affiliations, will always seek to disarm and impose ever increasing controls on what is considered to be the “unwashed masses”. Perhaps it is more blatant with Democrats, but that does not mean that the actual GOALS of the parties is any different. Both/all think, “me in total control of everything, huge and rapidly growing government under my personal command, anybody steps out of line just stomp ’em. Then, finally, all will be right with the world.” Anyone who has ever sought elective office. Also every religious leader, from Jesus to Billy Graham.

  8. With the ongoing march of these communists slowly taking over our country I sometimes wonder if I wasted my 16 years in the army defending it. Then I meet Americans who still love America and my faith is renewed.

    Bring on the zombie apocalypse to thin the herd of these leftist Nazis. They say peace love and tolerance but act do as I do or you die.

  9. and while most progressives imagine themselves to be enormously tolerant, it tends to be the conservative, gun owning public that is truly tolerant, Conservatives can suck too. Actually there is little difference between extreme right wing and left wing governments, besides the propaganda. State, Local, Federal, it is all government and it all sucks.

    • I face palm everytime I hear “bipartisan” on the radio and start yelling “noo! Our system is designed for political grid lock for a reason” when the government starts passing anything its always at our expense.

  10. Nolte’s prime point is that blue cities like Baltimore and many others are the direct result of decades of ruinous leftist control of government and unionized police forces. This is entirely a Democrat party caused disaster.

    The Repub candidates should beat that drum 24/7/365.

    The Dems want to deflect and avoid the fact that they have been totally 100% in enabling this disaster. There isn’t a Republican fingerprint for 50 years+ in most of these urban zones.

    • Just another fun fact…the dems will squawk that the national Republicans are somehow responsible for the crappy schools in Baltimore when the fact is that the schools are the 3rd highest funded per student in the entire nation. The Baltimore schools were awash in taxpayer monies. On top of that, it’s the normal Dem playbook to throw roadblocks up for the creation of any kind of alternative charter schools.

  11. Jesus, that car looks like this website’s programming, these days. Fun fact: unless you have a web-condom running (also, is TTAG just a giant advertisement for Adblock Plus, or are people today so whipped they expect to spat upon by those whom they patronize?) every single article on TTAG will crash within a minute or two. It’s been doing it for at least a couple months, now. I have never seen another site so cankerous with malicious software; free or no, it is insulting to anyone who comes here for information or entertainment.

    And you all have the gall to act as though it is out of your hands to do anything about it. What a joke. Plenty of other ad companies in the sea; just look at The Firearm Blog or Forgotten Weapons for a lesson on how to generate quality “content” as you like to call it, without mocking and insulting your audience in the process (if not outright causing them damage via malicious code)

    • I personally run no less than 4 levels of Ad Blocking. It can often reduce ease of function. But to me limiting my exposure to data mining is more important that making it easier on me.

    • I just went into the Flash Player plugin settings and changed it to “ask me” whether or not it’s OK to run. Yes, it’s annoying at first having to “allow” the sites you do want Flash content to run. TTAG isn’t the only site I have this issue with. Breitbart and other news sites do the same. But, with Flash effectively disabled for TTAG, I have had zero issues. AND I don’t have to see the ad content. Not perfect, but until the site content is changed/fixed, it works for me.

    • Jesus, that car looks like this website’s programming, these days.
      And you all have the gall to act as though it is out of your hands to do anything about it. What a joke.

      Preach it!

      I am getting close to fed up with unfulfilled promises to do something about it. “On it!”s that lead to no change whatsoever, ever. That I have stuck through all this utter crap for this long is high praise for this site’s content, but I’m starting to feel abused.

  12. “Since progressive policies are infallible and non-falsifiable—nothing, even their abject failure, can ever prove them wrong—progressives tend to take the long view, and will work for decades, even centuries, to achieve their goals.”

    This is an extremely important point to keep in mind … in the forefront of your mind no less. When confronted with the failure of progressive doctrine, progressives will claim that their progressive doctrine only failed because it wasn’t pervasive enough. In other words progressive doctrine will ultimately work when we finally manage to implement it more completely.

    It is like the anorexic who claims that he/she would be fine if he/she could just lose a little more weight … or the morbidly obese person who says that he/she would be fine if he/she could just eat one more (entire) pizza.

    • Like in Chicago, where anti-2A politicians claim that gun control policies don’t work because evil firearms come from other parts of the state. If only the rest of Illinois/USA was as forward-thinking and commonsensical as Chicago…

  13. If you rob from Peter to pay Paul, you can count on Paul’s support. Say you are against civilian gun ownership and you can count on the support of criminals.

  14. You know I’ve always liked the idea of an electric car. But the technology isn’t really quite there yet. At least not to the level where it’s enough of an option to make it work for most of us. Kind of like hybrid cars too. They’re more developed of course. But I do have a lot of issues with many other aspects of the design.

    Of topic, I know. But it’s something I’m interested and felt like commenting.

    • “You know I’ve always liked the idea of an electric car. But the technology isn’t really quite there yet.”

      You’re right, but not the way you’re thinking.

      Roads are maintained (somewhat) by fuel taxes. The more fuel you buy and drive, the more you pay. A fair and equitable and mostly workable arrangement.

      Electrics will destroy that model. The only way to accurately record how much an electric car-truck uses public roads is some type of hacker-proof odometer (Not gonna work, *period*), or a hacker-proof GPS data logger (Also not gonna work, *period*, and HOW DARE YOU TRACK WHERE I GO?) that the government gets to read.

      This is a real, ugly, privacy bomb about to blow soon.

      • Not a big problem. Here comes a law affecting “supercharger” stations or whatever, $10 every time you plug in. Government passing new taxes will never be difficult.

        • “Here comes a law affecting “supercharger” stations or whatever, $10 every time you plug in”

          Watch the lengths people will go to plug into a ‘contraband’ non-taxed power plug.

  15. Of all the stickers, and opinions, the ones I hate most are the liberally (see wut I done thar?) applied combination of “equality” and anti-Semitic hate speech.

    • From my perspective, it’s more like collective socialist statists vs. Christian theocratic statists.

  16. People who label themselves “progressive” are an enigma….Ask them what they are progressing to, you may be surprised by their likely inability to answer and their confused look at the question. Most of them are dupes, useful idiots, that toe the line for the centralized, authoritarian government infrastructure, and not just on guns, but ironically on many issues that pertain to self reliance and independence from the government.

  17. The progressive/government element are part of a cult. It’s a modern day religion of the worst kind.

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