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Over at, the TTAG-reading gunblogmeister casts his jaded eye on NERF’s new rivals: BoomCo blasters. [Link autoplays.] ENDO is impressed! With Mattel’s distribution channel. Not their marketing. Roger that. This video only smells like teen spirit; it singularly fails to show the product as a serious weapon for hormone-crazed, violence-prone teens. You know, some cool kid sneaking up on some Call of Duty dweeb and firing a dart at his face – that sticks to his Coke bottle-bottom glasses. (BoomCo’s USP: PostIt Note tips.) In fact, this could just as easily be an ad for Frosted Flakes. Except BoomCo’s blasters don’t look so grrrrreat! But what do I know? I carry a 1911. And the last time I rode a skateboard, grinding was something they did in Dirty Dancing.

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  1. Interesting, but I think NERF is onto something smart with their new disc-based guns. While discs don’t look as “bullet like” as darts, they sure as heck fly better.

    • They fly a straighter, more predictable path; the discs also hold up way better. However they also travel much slower, don’t have as hard of an impact (due to their increased size and lower velocity), and seem to fall faster too so you get more of an arc.

      That said, they are still cool and have way higher capacity (my Vortex holds 40 discs).

    • What are you afraid of? People thinking you’re immature for playing with a toy gun that’s marketed towards children? Teens tend to have that mentality, but adults?

      Real men DGAF about what other people think.

  2. right, the drum mag that comes with my nerf gun is already illegal in 3 4 states and decomposes into a short barrel assault nerf gun. And, makes a handy racking sound in case I can’t get to my real gun, just don’t rack it in NJ as it’s very likely you will actually get charged with something. Also handy for disciplining the dog from 20 feet away. Who wants to drive around and shoot a target anyway? boomco needs a little more, errr, boom.

  3. The cool dude who narrated that infomercial has some of the strangest diction I’ve ever heard.

  4. When I was the same age as the actors in that commercial, my friends and I were using all of our extra cash to play paintball, we left nerf guns in the dust.

  5. I like the zombie ones I saw at the store the other day. Pretty sure they were still nerf, but they had distressed paint, taped grips, you know, zombie type shit. They had a breach loader I might need to get for next time the nephews come over.

  6. When I was that age I was intensely and obsessively learning to play guitar, already having hopeful daydreams about getting laid, and painfully recovering from twelve years of Catholic School. I had a Mossberg .22lr bolt gun, and the use of my dad’s Harrington and Richardson .22 revolver. I most assuredly was never as just plain silly as these kids.

  7. Hmmm… Similar to some of the older Nerf stylings. The disks are nice for range compared to standard Nerfs, but the Elite series nearly matches them for effective range. Plus the new Elite rounds and guns pack a lot more punch.

    Nerfs are great for in-the-house battles. Even for a 51year old old-fart. My favorite config is the Retaliator receiver with the Longshot’s extended, rifled barrel and an extensible stock. Use that with a 35 round drum magazine and a couple of 12 rnd backups and I’ve PWND my 10 year old son and his buddies. The wife has learned the hard way to hide when the attacks start.

    Another plus for the Nerf guns was I used our Nerf games to teach my son good gun discipline while still in preschool.

  8. At the age some of those boys were.. I was carting my .22 bolt action on the school bus to Jr high wood shop class to make a new stock… and retrieving the crossbow I just made.

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