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The University of Nebraska’s new head football coach, Scott Frost, talks tough when it comes to evaluating potential prospects.  In order to recruit the right kind of players, he told the Omaha World-Herald that he will comb social media posts for character flaws. Among the factors that will disqualify a potential player from wearing Husker scarlet: “Anything about guns.”

That’s right. The Omaha World Herald had it in a story

If a football prospect wants to be recruited by Nebraska coach Scott Frost, he should know that the Husker staff will comb through his social media history checking for character.

An uncle attending one of Frost’s camps last week captured the comments as part of his YouTube camp vlog. Frost told prospects, in no uncertain terms, that certain mistakes on social media are disqualifiers for the Huskers.

“Aside from GPA, when we’re recruiting kids, the next thing we’re going to look at is what kind of kid the person is,” Frost said. “And part of that is looking through every ounce of social media we can possibly look at. So if some kid tweeted something four years ago that’s bad, we’re going to know about it.

“And I’ll tell you this right now — if there’s anything negative about women, if there’s anything racial or about sexuality, if there’s anything about guns or anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period.”…

Really coach? In Lincoln, Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers?

So if a young athlete attended a shooting camp and posted one or more photos of the fun and excitement, you’re going to exclude him from your team?

Guns Save Life NRA Shooting Camp
Image via GSL Defense Training / Guns Save Life

What about a 6’4″ 220-pound prospect who runs a 4.5 40-yard dash…but tweeted a photo like this from a hunting trip with friends?

Duck Goose Hunting Photo
Courtesy Baptist Messenger

Hey Coach, why would you want to reject a potential recruit over a photo like this with a gun?

Let’s hope the coach meant illegal gun activities. Like this one.

Aquoness Cathery Shot By Chicago Police

This young man, Aquoness Cathery, posted this photo on his Facebook page last year.

A few months later, he ran from police in Chicago’s Grand Crossing neighborhood. The same neighborhood where Guns Save Life recently turned in a bunch of broken down junk guns to Chicago Police in exchange for good old American cash.

Cathy doesn’t have to worry about playing football in Nebraska or anywhere else for that matter. He died after police shot him as he ran with a gun in his hand.

Maybe next time Coach Frost talks about combing through social media to evaluate the character of his potential recruits, he’ll be a little more precise about the kind of photos that he considers disqualifying.


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      • I wouldn’t want my kid wasting their time on spots to begin with. Unless its shits and giggles with friends, then it might not be a waste of time, but thats what LAN parties are for. Sports are usually a big cause of injuries too. I heard it all the time in the grunts… ‘how were you injured? ‘sports…’

        Can spit the names and stats of all these over paid football stars but can’t tell the difference between the M240B and M240G. Hence, the gunner banned all sports talk on his ranges.

        • I will admit that as a collegiate coach myself perhaps I am a bit biased but I will tell you this, there are a lot of kids in this country who are receiving very fine educations thanks to their involvement in sports. Not to put too fine a point on it, but for the vast majority of those kids if it were not for sports, they would not have the opportunity to get an education.
          You are always going to have a few idiots in any group, but the vast, vast majority of those kids playing sports are hard-working, intelligent, good kids who will, because of the values taught to them by the dedication, discipline, and hard work required by sports, turnout to be good, productive members of the American society. As someone who spent close to 15 years, between active-duty and National Guard, in the military, I can also say the exact same thing about the military; you will always have a few idiots, but the vast majority, both in sports and in the military are great people.

  1. “Let’s hope the coach meant illegal gun activities. Like this one.”

    No, he meant guns in any context.

    This is the Leftists doing to guns what they did to cigarettes, demonizing them, making them socially unacceptable.

    This is what we are up against…

      • “Guns in any context?”

        “… if there’s anything about guns or anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period.”…”

        That’s what the man said, a-hole.

        Can you read?

        (Probably not, if you’re from Iowa…)

      • “Format: European Tower Hunt. Hundreds of birds released”
        I’m all for hunting, but using birds for clays, not so much.

      • Yeah that’s odd, especially since the site says:
        “Coach Tom Osborne, Coach Scott Frost, Matt Davison and other former Husker greats will be attending!”

    • Well, except that nearly all of the highest profile leftist gunphobic actors always SMOKE in their movies, showing ignernt yoots how to be really cool.
      I’d bet the tobacco companies pay them a “consulting fee” of some sort to circumvent the law.

  2. Wait…TWO Nebraska gun tards in a row?!? What’re the odds?🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😋😋😋

      • Frost is talking about thugs posing with guns, not Nebraska corn farming kids shooting dove. Thugs are the target audience of major college football program’s recruiting. Stop making Frost out to be something he isn’t. Every college program in the country has to have the same talk with their thug players about the basics of a lawful life, including not touching firearms, not hitting women, staying away from other thugs, etc.

  3. Wow, perform a thorough cyberstalk including things said as a minor.

    Though to be fair, college football is a garbage situation to start; caught between garbage high schools, bourgeosie fans, virtue-signalling students and faculty, and pro-football. It’s not surprising this straw has been grabbed.

  4. “Aside from GPA, when we’re recruiting kids, the next thing we’re going to look at is what kind of kid the person is.”

    I wonder what comes out of such an agenda.

  5. Drugs? OK
    Rape or assault? OK
    Legal guns? Not OK.
    Values are seriously messed up…

  6. Buzz kill Coach.
    Last I checked Nebraska is still major corn growers.
    corn attracts pests. Never met a farmer or rancher that didn’t have a rifle & some also carry handguns for other pests. For crying out loud, some of those farm boys are the best of football players!
    Here’s the deal, win games, you stay. Don’t win football games? You are gone!

    I’m laughing my ass off, just thinking this sissy is actually a football coach?

    • State College. A private college can legally discriminate against gun owners and others exercising their enumerated rights. A state college? Time for a lawsuit. If only to take advantage of discovery. PLEASE!

      • Maybe not. Once a private college starts accepting federal funding, either directly in the form of research grants or indirectly in the form of student financial aid, then they’re bound by a whole bunch of laws and regulations. The federal trough is deep and brimming. That’s why you can (possibly literally) count on one hand the number of schools which reject federal funding.

  7. I miss real football coaches who chomped cigars, drank whiskey, and cursed like a sailor at us players. They turned us into men. Why in the hell did Nebraska hire some stupid wimp snowflake to coach these boys and turn them into women? Maybe we can beat the lady Huskers this year!

    • I miss the days when you could easily recognize who the head coach was by his suit and tie.

  8. Used to be, college sports was the safe space away from the SJW-ing going on on the rest of the campus. Not anymore.

  9. Coach – just restrict team roster to natives of the state of NE. Those who are paying the bills for your PUBLIC University. IE Make the team look like NE. Not like a diversity project to advance 3rd world hellholes.

  10. Coming soon to a football field near you: a Cornhuskers teams with no actual Cornhuskers in its ranks.

  11. Don’t worry, he will be out of the job in two years. Then he can apply for the head coaching job at UC-Berkeley.

  12. So??

    all this coach is doing is recruit pussies??? stick to san fran

    but in the case of a kid that even talks to this guy about playing at this college?
    go out right now and takes hundreds of pics of you hunting right now…then if he does not recruit you


    that is all these libs get—taking their money

  13. Reason 1,759,981 not to have a Facebook (or instagram, or snap chat, or whatever) account.

  14. I think this guy should hope he doesn’t have to appear in court if he doesn’t want to be a loser.

  15. Considering the demographic he’s recruiting from, the prohibition against guns makes perfect sense to me. As would changing the school colors to Red and Blue.

  16. What’s the gun to people ratio in Nebraska, 18-1? Guess the Huskers decided they like being cellar dwellers.

  17. He won’t recruit you unless your really really good, and then there is always an exception to the rule.

  18. He refused to recruit an excellent QB prospect because one of his scouts said:

    “He has a rifle for an arm.”

    True. No, really…

  19. Seems to me that it’s a character flaw for a coach in Nebraska to exhibit such attitudes so in conflict with local values.

  20. If you dont say what you believe, you are betraying yourself.

    He’ll have players who lie to him.

  21. Let’s hope a few of those young men who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that he would like to recruit, tell him to pound some very dry sand up his ass.

  22. So what if one of these young recruits is dating one of these lovely ladies? Or one of them is his sister?
    What? He can’t give a great big hug to his sis or a smooch to his sweetie, congratulating her on her team’s victory?

    You see, the University of Nebraska has a very accomplished and record breaking varsity rifle team. This year, the lady huskers made their sixth straight appearance in the national championships. They shot their very best, a season high score, but it wasn’t quite enough to give them them victory. Still, these ladies are representing themselves, their families, their school, and their state, doing what they love and doing very well at it.

    Coach, YOU are the one who is a disgrace. YOU are the one bringing dishonor to that fine institution with your sweeping generalizations and demonization of all things firearms. You aren’t fit to wash that football team’s jock straps, let alone to lead the team as Coach.

  23. I hope the present players will either boycott or quit and his recruits will be nothing more than a bunch of skinny no good for nothing David Hogg types. Then you can watch his team get slaughtered by junior high school team.

  24. Isn’t that a public university?

    Interesting that a public institution can openly discriminate against people exercising a right enshrined in the Constitution.

    I wonder how he feels about players ‘taking a knee’ as a 1st Amendment statement.

  25. Replace 2A with 1A, and “guns” with “Judaism” and his bigotry is visible to all.

  26. If he gets away with this what is next, no pictures with your Sunday School teacher? No shots in front of a church? Or a mosque? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE in the Constitution gun or church is interfering with the First Amendment. And like somebody else said, this isn’t a private school. How about a photo wearing a Texas Longhorn tee shirt?

    • Wearing a Longhorn shirt is clearly indicative of low character. It’s slightly worse then those faggoty Che Guevara shirts.

  27. Given Scott Frost’s history at UN-L, this statement is better read as “I won’t recruit Lawrence Phillips or Richie Incognito or Scottie Baldwin”.

  28. Here in Wisconsin, it’s a different story. Our pro team, the GB Packers coaches take the guys out trap shooting to break up the monotony of training camp. When asked what players do during the “bye week” most respond that they’re going hunting. Can’t wait to get in the field, or the woods is often said by many.
    This Nebraska coach probably grew up with needlepoint and crocheting. It’s one thing to avoid a gangbanger MS-13 type but to paint with such a broad brush as to include anyone associated with guns is demented. I guess the pheasants of Nebraska are safe around this thumb sucking coach!

  29. I love that you profiled the white kids as responsible and the black guy as criminal. Sounds pretty racist to me.

    • *eye-roll* this might shock your tender sensibilities, but crying “racist” about every. single. thing. Tends to A) show you are nitwit and B) diminish the horror you are trying to convey. If everything is racist then nothing is. Also, unfortunately for your narrative brown people commit a LOT of crimes.

  30. This will help recruiting in NY and NJ when you can tell the lads they will not have to be around any evil doer that has touched a gun. How can one graduate from a university and have no idea about the people who live in the state? Coach Frost has publicly declared that only pussies will be recruited at UN. The profs are going to love him. Boosters are going to have a problem when he only recruits pussies that are afraid of firearms. This is a prime example of ego overtaking common sense. A competitive Nebraska has always been good for college football but I guess being a social justice warrior is more important.

  31. So he would exclude Obama, had a picture of him firing a shotgun on the web? Anyone that served in the Military or Police?
    If the picture was him standing next to an uniformed Police officer?

  32. Pics like this? So what illegal activity is going on in the photo?

    I mean there is what you think is happening, but that says more about you than what he is doing.


  33. What an arrogant asshat! Someone should do a deep background check on him, a lot of people like that who poses a highly moral public standard and are openly judgemental have secrets to hide, he should go flip burgers, he has no right to dictate what people do, fucking fascist. Who wants to be on that team of sheeples?

    • Well since Frost is from Nebraska and played quarterback at Nebraska for their last national championship team I’d bet they know him pretty well.

      He’s still an ass though.

  34. This whole thing strikes me as very odd. As a die hard Husker fan from North Carolina, I’m not really sure what is happening in Lincoln these days. Last week there’s an article about some moron cruising around campus with an AR calling the cops on himself, then conveniently a week later our new savior of a coach, who we ALL WANTED DESPERATELY mind you, drops this gem.

    Had to have been taken out of context, there’s just no other way it makes sense. Not sure how many of you guys are die-hard college fans but the folks calling him a wimp, pussy and lib-tard is pretty par for the course with this site, if you don’t know anything about him. Scott is the prototypical Alpha-male, super competitive homegrown talent we’ve been looking for since the early Bo Pelini era to bring Big Red back to prominence. He’s a born-n-raised Nebraskan, former natty champ QB from the 97 team. I don’t think spending a few years under Mark Helfrich and Chip Kelly while at Oregon turned him into a gun-hating liberal. I really don’t. Hopefully he’ll explain more thoroughly soon, otherwise I’ll be checking back in with you guys while eating my crow in a few days.

    Since this is my first ever comment, might as actually comment on firearms. 🙂
    Sig > HK > FN > Glock > Walther > Ruger >S&W………..Remy

  35. As an undergraduate of Lincoln NB, and a masters recipient from Omaha, NB, I am embarrassed by this coaches position. Time to replace this coach with one who truly embraces Nebraska and national gun-rights values.

  36. “if there’s anything about guns or anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period.”
    Glad to know that this coach won’t be recruiting DAVID HOGG or any of the other anti-gun protestors from the #NeverAgain movement that sprang up after Parkland as soon as billionaire Bloomberg started funding them! Glad to know this coach won’t be recruiting anyone who says on Facebook or Twitter, “We’ve got to do something about gun violence,” or complains about “guns killing people” or calls for an “assault weapons ban” or calls for bans on “fully semi-automatic rifles that shoot 30-clips per round and have a shoulder thing that goes up!” (quoting from Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator what’s-her-name).

    Or do you think perhaps this coach will be a hypocrite and recruit students who post gun-related comments as long as those comments are anti-gun, but refuse to recruit students who go hunting or target shooting with their dad, or get a Boy Scout badge in riflery or shotgun?

  37. Just Transfer to Alabama ……….. Roll Tide , Alabama has a Winning Program, so you can play manly football, none of this powder puff your use too

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