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Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II (courtesy

NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II’s Statement 
in Support of the Non-Violent Direct Action this Morning in Columbia

COLUMBIA, SC – Sister Bree Newsome, in an act of prayerful non-violent civil disobedience, scaled the flagpole in front of the South Carolina Capitol, disengaged the flag of the Confederate States of America, and then prayed as she descended the pole and was arrested . . .

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the NC NAACP, said: “Our sister from North Carolina, Bree Newsome, is a committed, trained, non-violent messenger of the truth. She stands in a long tradition. The Hebrew midwives who stood up to Pharoah; Jeremiah who put on an iron yoke in defiance of a king and unfit practices; Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and more recently hundreds of protesters in Moral Monday who were all considered, at first, criminals for their acts of conscience. We stand in solidarity with her, and the deep commitment which she has to justice, love, and true inter-racial community. We stand with her as she is our family.”

Ms. Newsome said from jail: “We removed the flag today because we can’t wait any longer. It’s time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality.”

“She is clear and sober,” Rev. Dr. Barber said. “The flag is vulgar. Its removal is not only a small step, but an important symbolic one. Its vulgarity and representation of the racist, immoral defense of all slavery and Jim Crow not only should come down but should have never been put up. Many around the country are so hurt and disturbed that the American flag and the state flag could be lowered to honor the Emanuel Nine, but not the Confederate war flag. Shameful.

Instead of trying to criminalize her, hear what her action of conscience is saying as the old saints use to say “Waiting time is over. Let’s get right now.” I believe her action and that of many others is saying: If America is serious about this moment we cannot just cry ceremonial tears while at the same time refusing to support the martyred reverend and his parishioners’ stalwart fight against the racism that gave birth to the crime.”

“The perpetrator has been caught, but the killers are still at large. Actions are challenging the schizophrenia of American morality that allows political leaders to condemn the crime but embrace the policies that are its genesis,” Rev. Dr. Barber continued.

“I believe her action is another nonviolent action of grace that should arrest and imprison our conscience. We must see that one urgently required step toward real healing is a new comprehensive Civil Rights Act for this time and a renewal of the Voting Rights Act.

We cannot wait for further martyrs, more bloodshed, the continued weight of our national grief. Legislation will not heal all trauma, prevent all pains–it never has—but it is a necessity today to place our government on the right side of history–the side that refuses to perpetuate the legacy and vestiges of white supremacy and black subjugation that is our nation’s inheritance.”

“We must write an omnibus bill in the name of the nine Emanuel martyrs that implements Medicaid expansion, raises public education funding, passes a living wage requirement, passes new gun control laws, and removes the Confederate flag from the state house, among other provisions. And this omnibus bill would be supported and passed by Republicans and Democrats.

Further, the very seat Rev. Pinckney held is in jeopardy as long as Section 5 of the VRA remains gutted. The current bill in the U.S. House, even if passed, would leave out Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee from coverage. If we want to move toward closure, name a VRA restoration bill after the Emanuel Nine and all the other martyrs in the fight for voting rights.”

“The Emanuel Nine Martyrs have set loose a spirit of non-violent action that will not stop until real policy changes are seen,” said Rev. Barber.

Click HERE to watch video of Bree Newsome protesting the NC voter suppression law in the office of then-Speaker Thom Tillis.

The NAACP, formed in 1909, is the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the U.S. Its members are the consciences of their communities on civil rights. The NC Conference of NAACP Branches, formed 70 years ago, has grown to over 100 Adult, Youth and College branches. With the consistent support of 170 partners in the Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) Coalition, it was the Moral Monday/Forward Together Moral Movement architect


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  1. Actions are challenging the schizophrenia of American morality that allows political leaders to condemn the crime but embrace the policies that are its genesis

    He must be referring to the Baltimore riot.

    • I live near Raleigh which is this race hustler’s home base and we have to suffer through his idiot media sideshows all the time on the local MFM.

      He is an amalgam of the worst aspects of the other well known national race hustling usual suspects.

  2. He does realize that gun controls’ historical roots and contemporaneous intentions are unequivocally racist and classist, right?

    Clayton E. Cramer, Master of Arts in History from Sonoma State University, whose works informed the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas in United States v. Emerson, 46 F.Supp.2d 598 (N.D.Tex. 1999) and District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), as well as McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010).

    David Kopel, Bachelor of Arts in History from Brown University, won the National Geographic Society Prize for best History thesis with a biography of Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. He graduated magna com laude from the University of Michigan Law School. He was also a contributing editor of the Michigan Law Review.

    I’m just throwin’ that out there.

    • I’m not counting on anyone in the disarmament camp as being able to realize anything based on fact.

    • He knows it. But the Democrats need the NAACP to keep convincing black people to vote themselves into continued slavery, and the NAACP needs the Democrats to legislate policy that keeps black people in continued slavery. It’s all theater to line the pockets and polish the thrones of those who profit from racial conflict.

    • That’s the thing: it doesn’t. None of it does. It’s just another opportunity for exploitation to push a political agenda and nothing more.

    • The medicaid, public education, and raise for minimum wage are an obvious connection:
      * More medicaid means more taxes.
      * More taxes means fewer companies can make a profit and stay in business.
      * Fewer employers means more unemployment.

      * More public education means more people graduating high school without any useful skills.
      * Fewer skilled adults means more unemployment.

      * A higher minimum wage means an increase in unemployment, as it becomes illegal to pay some people what their labor is worth.

      * More unemployment means more crime.
      * More crime means more unanswered calls for gun control from the statists, and more purchasing of guns by the free.
      * More guns in the hands of the law-abiding means fewer shootings.

      * And as a nifty side effect, by increasing the economic divide between blacks and every other group in America, Rev. Barber and his ilk maintain nice cushy do-nothing jobs pretending to do something about the problem.

      • Sorry, Chewbacca defense.

        WordPress wouldn’t let me correct and said I was submitting too fast. I think they may be anti-gun.

  3. At least he’s a legitimate “Black Person” unlike in Washington State.

    Sigh. Let’s translate:

    Expand Medicaid “Mo Free Sh**
    Increase Edumucational Funding,
    “Mo Free Sh**”

    More Gun Control Laws,
    “Gets dem guns away from Whitey”

    Yup sounds about right. Can I get a slushy and box of Goobers on this slide into the cultural abyss?

    • It remains a total mystery to me how, in a part of the world where apparently anybody with a few extra coins to run together can get an AK 47 or an RPG and a bag of rockets, ISIL manages to find so many willing unarmed victims.

      It sickens me whenever I hear about the ISIL atrocities and I literally want to know where I can go to shoot at these monsters, but I also wonder how these people seem to be led to their gruesome deaths without much protest. Eerily reminiscent of the Jews lining up to board the trains. Very disconcerting.

      • With extremely few exceptions, most every nation in the world perpetuates peasant cultures. The people are good little subjects to the government, which they readily believe to be their betters and their parentlike providers and disciplinarians. Every now and then you get some people who see through it and try to rise against it, but they don’t accomplish much, typically. The American Revolution was an anomaly.

        With this sort of culture comes ultimate dependence on the government to the point of dangerous disregard for one’s own responsibility to their own safety. The government will protect me, the police are my protectors, that kind of thing. I guarantee the Tunisians see this massacre and their first thought is “We need more police,” not “We should be able to defend ourselves.” And, as we’re intelligent enough to know, the government doesn’t give half a crap. Their peasant’s lives are worth as much as the government can squeeze out of them. Right now, the government is measuring the value of these victim’s lives in lost tourist money.

        It’s also the reason why many people are wary of all the illegal immigrants. Nothing more complicated than the simple fact that we’re importing a peasant culture, and you better believe they’ll vote for their “benevolent providers.”

      • “It sickens me whenever I hear about the ISIL atrocities and I literally want to know where I can go to shoot at these monsters, ”

        In the early 80’s in Beirut during the Lebanon war EuroTrash would take a ‘Sniper Holiday’ and do some human shooting for fun.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if similar things are happening now.

        • Are you saying that psychos from Europe would shoot random humans in Beirut for sick laughs?

          Or, are you saying that good people from Europe who abhor evil would shoot violent terrorists in Beirut?

  4. The “Rev.” Barber never misses the opportunity to get in front of a camera. Of course, the camera needs a wide angle lens to get all of “Rev” Barber on the screen. He is a regular at the state capital when he is being arrested on “Moral Mondays” or as we refer to them, “Moron Mondays,” usually protesting voter ID. One thing he does well, though, is fill out a really large suit.

    • And when he’s not at the front of a picket line or catching his breath at the top of the N.C. Capitol steps, you can generally find the good reverend at the front of a buffet line.

  5. You are a useful idiot for the racist progressives who have pushed gun control, one of the primary purposes of which is to disarm black people in order to facilitate their subjugation.

      • Thank you for saying that. You are closer to the problem than you think. The naacp is the enemy of freedom because of its current leadership.

    • Witness this:

      Here the Rev. is having a lucid moment of thought and states the constitution is about expanding rights not restricting them. However today his brain butter creams the Second Amendment into gun control and applies a smattering of social services to cure ills of a deranged maniac. Then elevates the dead to Martyr status. Martyrs for gun control? They stood faced a killer and demanded gun control? Asked if his background check was up to date?

      More than ever and now convinced half our population cannot form an original thought and finally can say with conviction. From my dead hands.

  6. Did I miss it, or was that one mention of “gun control” all there was in the whole statement? I’m thinking that “gun control” has become just another piece of political boilerplate for some folks on one end of the spectrum.

  7. Solely for entertainment purposes, I would love to see this clown and Colion Noir sit down and have a chat about gun control. Sometimes I wonder about how folks can willfully ignore the entirely racist history of gun control in America, but I imagine this has quite a bit to do with the neutered, bastardized, politically charged, PC version of history being taught in many places.

    Somehow I imagine this fella wouldn’t have been too fond of the Deacons for Defense.

    ““The perpetrator has been caught, but the killers are still at large.”
    Oh lawdy something something pearls something something children.

    • Their profits and power are based upon black people being forever repressed, ignorant, and angry, just like Democrats. Of course they’re not interested in true advancement, they’re just race hustlers.

      • Indeed, these inner city ‘community organizers’ are themselves quite often slumlords or in deep with similarly exploitative* business like ‘entertainment’ or ‘lending.’

        *By exploitative, I mean they use their position to keep away better competition, while using the foul condition of the service they provide as an excuse to collect government cash, which ‘for some reason’ never seems to be enough to bring the standards up. Poor folks with no money having to live in shit housing is not ‘exploitative,’ it is realistic for people who cannot compensate their land lords. The exploitation is the tax money ostensibly sent to tackle said shit housing that doesn’t make it past the slum lord’s bejeweled fingers.

    • Rush has referred to them for many years as the National Organization for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People. Perhaps now it would be better as NAALCP&1WG. National Organization for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People & 1 White Girl.

      Race baiters. Easier to say.

    • No, but they do have a handy color scale indicating where your pigmentation places you in society and how much advocacy you can expect accordingly

  8. “The Hebrew midwives who stood up to Pharoah; Jeremiah who put on an iron yoke in defiance of a king and unfit practices”

    Yeah, the difference is they stood up against corrupt, tyrannical government. You’re a clueless, ignorant pawn of tyrannical government.

    I wish I had a boogeyman like racism upon which to blame all my problems and use as an excuse for refusing to take responsibility for my own life. I also wish more people would look at South Africa to see the end result of such noble goals as “social justice.” Here’s a clue: no one is interested in equality, they’re only interested in power and conflict.

    You know what would cure racism? Put jackasses like this guy in the same room as Ben Carson and Colion Noir, let them debate, then see who black youths would rather be like.

    • “I wish I had a boogeyman like racism upon which to blame all my problems and use as an excuse for refusing to take responsibility for my own life.”

      You will. Give it time.

  9. “In the name of political correctness, ignorance, and religion, we scale the flag pole and remove the flag of our oppressors!”

    Despite all of the moral triumph that occurred, she was still arrested. I find that unbelievably funny.

    Instead of crying racism every time something like this happens, why don’t people like the good Rev take a step back and stop. We are all expected not to see race, color, creed, sex, etc. but when an event takes place like SC, it’s thrown right back in our faces. Blacks see prominent Blacks spewing the race card, then Whites start trying to atone for more actions that neither the Blacks, nor the Whites, have been subjected to.

    “Can’t we all, just, get along?”

    • “Can’t we all, just, get along?”

      Not so long as the race hustling remains such good business for the Democrats and the Sharpton cult.

      It is interesting. Wars and feuds have been fought for money, land, love, power, pretty much everything under the sun. But I always marvel at how passionately, intensely devoted so many people are to lay down their lives and freedom in the name of willful ignorance.

    • I went in to a tea shop with two friends. One wanted green tea. The other wanted black tea. I said, “Can’t we all just get Oolong?”

  10. It’s the gun’s fault..It’s the flag’s fault..If Roof had a dog,maybe somehow it could be blamed..This was done by one evil mean person,period.

  11. When the NC House was debating H562 last week these folks were having one of their “moral Monday” gatherings at the legislative building (on a Wednesday). They were so loud that the Speaker of the house had to mention it and call for the Sgt at Arms to get the police on site.

    A short time later someone leaned into the spealers microphone and say “She wanted me to tell you that they’re making arrests.”

    I giggled.

  12. So the 9 were martyrs because they can’t bother with security in their church? Got it. Sheeple gotta’ sheep…

  13. The original intent of all the different confederate flags was not about racism, it was about states rights.

  14. I think it’s halirous that nobody told the woman you raise and lower flags from the ground. You don’t have to climb the pole every day..
    Sounds more like a stupidity bet gone wrong.. “Sorry guys, I didn’t think she’d actually climb it”..
    Ha ha ha ha ha

  15. “The NAACP, formed in 1909, is the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the U.S.”

    I may be mistaken, but isn’t the NRA the oldest civil rights organization in the U.S.A?

    • Yes. But it’s in the leftists’ best interest to make people forget that gun ownership is a civil rights issue.

    • founded in 1909 and they still have not made any advancement. not a very good track record.
      me thinks they want to perpetuate the problems for personal gain.

  16. SC Church immediately forgave as they had it figured out. It was people like Obama, the Rev., Newsome who start trouble. Flag, not the cause. Gun, not the cause. Man’s behavior, cause. Why the behavior, a million dollar question but it isn’t firearm tools or printed cloth.

    • Revision Note: Martyr
      Was: Person killed for their beliefs
      Now: Person whose death may be co-opted for others’ gain

      Sounds right in line with post modern thinking, to me.

  17. So how does one establish equality between races through inequality?

    I fail to see how continual special dispensation to one race does anything but belittle that race and keeps them down instead of allowing them to lift themselves up. The only “white men” keeping black people down are liberal politicians.

    Equal is equal.
    And I hope that sh!tbag Roof burns in a special hell with the rest of the monsters of our time.

  18. The naacp is not a civil rights group. They work to restrict rights. At one time a very long time ago in an America far, far away, they where the only help available. America is not the dark place they say it is.

    The blacks and whites who run it are anti freedom. The white progressive money buys their anti freedom positions on guns, higher taxes, limits on private property, and the most damaging thing to inner city black people, welfare.

    They have become a group of wealthy liberal blacks who hate poor black people. They are about control.

    • The blacks and whites who run it are anti freedom. Yes, we now have whites running the NAACP who claim they are black.

  19. Naw, it’s just a political whiffing of wind that makes the words “gun control” fill the bill. But it will fall by the wayside as this kid was beyond gun control and needed watchful parent who cared for better than creating a derelict person. When all is said and done, that is the only way.

  20. Ironically the first gun control laws in this country were to disarm slaves. Missouri for example had a law to permit the purchase a handgun was directed towards blacks originally but now it’s off the books. Not for that reason either.

  21. Ironically the first gun control laws we’re for the slaves in this country to keep them disarmed. Missouri used to have a law that required a permit to purchase a handgun from the sheriff. It eventually applied to everyone it was directed towards blacks originally. However that law is no longer on the books but not for that reason.

  22. Let’s agree on one thing, these people that became ordained out of a cereal box.have as much to do with religion as Hillary does with ethics.

  23. “We must write an omnibus bill in the name of the nine Emanuel martyrs that implements Medicaid expansion, raises public education funding, passes a living wage requirement, passes new gun control laws, and removes the Confederate flag from the state house, among other provisions.
    More free stuff for freedom from freedom.

  24. So, the self-appointed “leaders” of this latest tragedy/opportunity call for selectively re-writing components of American history they disagree with. And since they’re at it, they demand more entitlements to be funded by others who should feel honored to have to work only to give that money to those that don’t, in the name of guilt. After all, already existing and unused entitlements aren’t enough, these leeches deserve so much more. In addition they call for more gun control because criminals, out of deference to this horrible tragedy, will hold hands and band together to begin obeying any new laws passed. What a load of horse hockey.

    • Has ANYONE noticed these people are NORTH CAROLINA naacp , NOT SOUTH CAROLINA naacp that equates OUTSIDE. AGITATION. SC has it’s own chapter but they are not running up using this wanting more welfare for blacks.
      This has nothing to do with the shooter, this is all seeming a bit contrived. Who’s agenda is being served? So far only one with a true agenda are the NAACP, anti Second Amendment, and Constituion haters. (POTUS).

  25. First, I can care less what a Democrat Party official has to say. I seldom find any truth in their words, and many times, they flower it up to stir up emotions. I am kind of a “just the facts, Ma’am” kind of guy. Second, does anyone realize that the bars-and-stars flag is a battle flag, and that the Confederate States of America flag was quite different. In fact, I bet if I told this bozo that the real Confederate States of America flag was the new Democrat Party official flag, he would march right outside, and attach it to the nearest flag pole. Oh wait, in the 1860s it was the flag that represented their party…

  26. This post finally pushed me into commenting truthfully on social media on these issues. I used to just sit back, but the list of potential remedies here finally pushed me to just put out how I feel, chilling be damned. It’s amazing to me that somehow expanding Medicaid and increasing the living wage have anything to do with one dumbass who decided to perform a hateful act. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

    I will now let those who are allegedly my “friends” know how I feel about all this ridiculousness, because if we are all silenced and there are only leftist voices, they have achieved their goal.

  27. FOX News just announced that Wal-Mart refused to make a Confederate Battle Flag cake but, they made an ISIL flag cake problem. They have also refused to make gay rights and cakes with guns locally.
    Apparently it’s o.k. to cut off people’s heads & stick them on a pole but not have a cake that represents a constitutional right.

    Perhaps people that don’t.think the Constitution is toilet paper should follow the Civil rights example. Boycott all businesses that support this nonsense. Don’t shop@ wal-Mart, any movie or play that features socialist or anti-constitution supporters save your bucks. Realize we are now the minority. It got illegals rights so maybe if we band together we can get our Constitutional rights back.


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