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From the CCRKBA . . .

A new NBC poll showing more than half of American voters (52%) saying they or someone in their household owns a gun is one more affirmation of the importance of the Second Amendment, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms stated.

According to the NBC poll, this is the highest-ever percentage of voters who acknowledge being in a gun-owning household. The network has been tracking this since 1999. The numbers prove that firearms of all kinds are commonly owned in the U.S. 

“Considering recent history with well-publicized declines in law enforcement ranks, violent crime making headlines on the nighty news and in the morning newspapers, it is no wonder Americans are falling back on the Second Amendment for personal and family safety,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Why should anyone, including NBC News, be surprised by this revelation? Owning a firearm in this country is a right protected by the Second Amendment and almost all state constitutions, even though far too many politicians treat it as a government-regulated privilege.”

The NBC News national poll found that 66 percent of Republican voters say they or someone in the household owns a gun. Among Independents, the percentage is 45 percent, while only 41 percent of Democrats live in a gun-owning household. Another revelation is that 56 percent of White voters live in a gun-owning household, as do 41 percent of Black voters, which represents a 17-point increase in the latter category over the past four years, according to the NBC data.

“Gun ownership is rising across the national landscape,” Gottlieb observed, “and we are encouraged by what appears to be a cultural shift in America. More people, of all backgrounds, are taking personal responsibility for their safety and that of their families. We appear to be witnessing a significant change in how people look at gun ownership. We have all seen that the gun control and ban agenda has been an abject failure. Crime rates are up in many places. Restrictive gun laws have not disarmed criminals, only the law-abiding.  

“The Citizens Committee encourages all new gun owners to seek competent training from qualified firearms instructors, and to follow all of the established safety rules,” Gottlieb said. “Responsible gun ownership is an American tradition. Despite efforts to regulate the Second Amendment to extinction, this new poll shows Americans are not about to give up their most valued freedom.”

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  1. This is a shameless repost of a previous analysis. I’m feeling vindicated.

    Survey data on this topic is not ever likely to be meaningfully accurate but, there is data we have that can be pretty instructive. As TTAG recently reported, we have seen 48 consecutive months with over 1 million NICS checks for gun purchases. Given that most of those checks are part of a gun sale and given that some could be for multiples and some people buying a gun don’t require a check in some states we can then, reasonably, conclude that over the past 4 years we have seen around 48 million guns sold. Some are new, some are used etc. etc. but we still have reasonable industry data that can lead us to conclude that, over the past decade, somewhere on the order of 100 million guns have entered the ecosystem.

    A decade ago, the most widely used estimates of privately held guns in the U.S. was around 300 million (I understand that this estimate was partially derived using survey data and that such data is exactly what I am saying is unreliable in part but, I also think it likely skews low so, I think that 300 million is a decent lower bound to use for 10 years ago.) We also were being told, a decade ago, that those 300 million guns were held by about 45% of the households (of approximately 2.5 people each). So, ten years ago, 330,000,000 (I know the population has changed a bit in the last ten years but, not a whole lot so I’m just gonna use 330 mil) people living in 132,000,000 households (330×10^6/2.5) owned 300 million guns. Of those 132,000,000 households, we’ve been told that 45% own all the guns so, 132×0.45=59.4. So, 59,400,000 households with guns ten years ago. (about 300/59.4=5.05 guns per gun owning household – passes the sniff test I think.)

    If, over the past decade, 100 million more guns have been made and purchased, how many went to households that were not previously gun-owning? Well, that is the big question, isn’t it. Well, it’s not zero percent because we’ve heard a lot of reports about how many new owners gun sellers are selling to and we know that some percentage of the population that bought some of those guns came of age during that decade so, let’s make a guess and see where it leads. If 10% of the guns sold in the last decade were sold to first time household then that would mean 10 million new owner households in the last decade. If that were the case, then the 59.4 million gun households would have grown to 69.4 million. 69.4 million divided by 132 million is 52.6%. 400 million guns divided by 69.4 million is 5.76 guns per gun owning household which is real close to the 5.05 sniff test above. As such, I’d say that is a pretty good guess.

    Plenty of sensitivity analysis could be performed including the initial stock of 300 million, the initial percentage of 45%, and, naturally, the percentage of guns sold to new owners over the last decade. If that is less than 10% but greater than 0% then the “new” percentage is between 45% and 52.6%. If it is greater than 10% then the new percentage is over 52.6%. To reach the 60% mentioned in the OP [different OP so, sic] would mean that (0.6×132=79.2) 79.2 million households would have a gun which would be an increase of 79.2-59.4=19.8 million gun owning households which could have happened if just under 20% of gun buyers in the last decade were first timers. That strikes me as within the realm of possibility especially given that 80/20 type ratios are very common in consumer behaviors across a wide swath of arenas.

    All that said, without relying on surveys, except insofar as some historical data might be concerned, and principally relying on observed industry data, I’d hazard to say that currently there are over 50% of U.S. households that contain at least one gun and that the percentage is rising.

    • “violent crime making headlines on the nighty news and in the morning newspapers“

      A possible reason for increased headlines regarding violent crime:

      “The homicide rate in the US was 7.5 times higher than the homicide rate in the other high-income countries combined, which was largely attributable to a firearm homicide rate that was 24.9 times higher. The overall firearm death rate was 11.4 times higher in the US than in other high-income countries“,in%20other%20high%2Dincome%20countries.

      • MINOR49er, Your murder rate is not exclusive to firearms only. NICE TRY, Lefty, but that train already left the station.

        The major reason for violence in our society is your Leftist “Progressiave” welfare programs which has decimated the American Family especially among “minorities”. But that is really what you Lefties want. To destroy the American fabric of society to reestablish your Leftist Ideology and agenda.

      • And that has what to do with the mathematical discussion above? If you are trying to imply that firearm ownership has something to do with homicide rates in general or with news coverage of them in particular then you are gonna need to do a bit better. Here’s the thing you and your ilk cannot seem to get through your exceedingly thick heads – Murder is already illegal! If you are a person willing to commit murder, the tool is insignificant.

      • Possible reason?

        The real reason: Soft on crime DAs, leftist passing laws that support criminal activity and punishes law abiding citizens, no cash bail, defund the police movement.

  2. I cannot over state this. It is the quality of our foes that has made much of this possible. Prime examples. Miner49er and dacian. Too stupid by far to realize, with me telling them in plain english, that they sell guns every time they comment here.

    Always be grateful for incompetence amongst your foes. Now I know how the indians felt about Custer.

    • Maybe that’s their real intent? Anybody can be as stupid as they are once in a while but hardly anybody can be that stupid with such consistency. LARPing caricatures to push more people into gun ownership.

      • Indoctrination can make morons of even the smartest individuals. I give the entire populations of 1930s-40s Germany and Japan. As prime examples of the effects of Indoctrination, leading to the demise and destruction of an entire society. Acolytes like miner49er and dacian have been fed Liberal ideology their entire lives. Likely from birth by parents who were likewise indoctrinated. Add with that the effects of the Liberal Educational Indoctrination system. Formally know as Public education and you get what is being witnessed all across the nation, as the final product coming from So-Called higher education/indoctrination facilities. These products are the single most dangerous destructive devises being used against the Freedoms/Liberty’s. Our nation was founded on. Why you ask? Because they have indoctrinated to accept that those Freedoms/Liberty’s are handed down by the government and can be taken away for the good of ‘society’. We are but, 1 generation away from the loss of those Freedoms/Liberty’s. Not because of an attack by a foreign government, but simply because the citizenry allowed them to die on the unfertilized ‘Tree of Liberty’. Are we, that generation?

  3. Well I’m getting another gat. Don’t need it but it seems like a good idea to be heavily armed. Never had a delay for a 4473 so here we go. Wife fully on board. I love that woman🙄🙂

    • Me have gunms. More emu., Girlfiends daughter ” what do you want for Christmas, Dad?”
      Me :Bullets
      I got a new 5g phone.
      Uhh yeah, thanx.
      Its sitting over at girlfiends house until I find somebody that wants to trade phone for bullets. So far no luck

  4. Hell man, we’ve known this for a few years now. Just visit a gun shop, and look at the lines of people being processed. There were even photos of long lines a year or two ago. And, the brilliant loonies had to conduct a poll to affirm the obvious? That’s a librule for ya – not to be confused with a liberal.

  5. There are plenty more out there, too…many won’t say or might not know if someone in the house owns a gun

  6. numbers dont lie
    its a little too little
    and a little too late
    for gun control in america
    and no matter what laws are passed
    from this moment forward
    theres not enough law enforcement
    and military personnel in america
    to change the amount of guns in civilian hands
    unless we allow them to

  7. Long, long overdue getting our full-auto rights back. It was an illegal passage of law that we lost such rights.

  8. Actually it is kind of sad gunm ownership increased because of violence.
    Be neater if it was because more people wanted participate in gunm completions or just the joy of shuting

    • Not so much ‘common sense’ as fear of harm. Nothing like fearing for your life to change your perspective of protecting yourself.

  9. With all these guns being bought, it is going to be kinda hard for the Left to confiscate all these guns.

    • They always want to have their cake and eat it too. A survey could show 100% household gun ownership and they’ll just drag out that old and flawed survey saying 80% of gun owners want stricter gun control.

      • Shire, that is the Left’s second biggest lie. I am not sure what the first is, but just in case…

  10. Picked up my new SR22 last week. Took a couple of hours off from work figuring that 2-4PM span should be quiet, no waiting. Heck, it was like the United Nations in there (minus the blue helmets). Spanish, Hindi, and some talking that sounded like an African language. English, also. Luckily, I did not have to wait long since I had ordered on line and called ahead.

    Glad to see all those folk buying their Christmas presents early.

    • And those peeps were more patriotic then a lot of natural born American citizens I bet.
      Ohh ohhh, You dont know what you’ve got till it’s gone
      Paved paradise, put up a parking lot.

      • Guaranteed. I have several friends who are naturalized citizens. They are by far some of the most patriotic towards the United States people I know. Because they understand and appreciate the Freedoms, Liberty’s and Opportunities their new country offers them. Things they weren’t allowed and couldn’t attain in the country of their birth. In many cases because of the road blocks put in their way by the governments of those countries.

  11. Some random call claiming to be a poll or survey comes in asking about if or what I may own and I will break my own rule and lie my butt off. I have no idea who they may be. Some Fed looking for a case? Some miscreant looking for a score?
    Now, we’ve had something like 4 years of a million firearms transactions/NICS BG checks every month. Manufacturers have been selling nearly everything they can make as fast as they can ship them off. Reportedly there are many of those sales going to first time buyers. With many of those new gun owners being women and minorities instead of old white men.
    Perhaps we will see less political demands for subversion of our 2nd amendment rights.

  12. It’s just too difficult for me to believe that anyone that calls themselves Democrat has any real understanding that everything they do increases gun sales. They go nuts over citizens and anyone in the general population being in possession of firearms but it is their own actions that push more and more people to buy them (or somehow acquire them). It is not the gun industry or even any form of advertising. The left sells more guns than anyone in this country. The ironic part is that they also are equally responsible for more of them being put into the hands of criminals, gangs, foreign aggressors, and dictators.

    Biden GIVES them away (just like Obama) to terrorists and those that are filled with hate all over this planet. While simultaneously trying to take them from us. This in itself should be dealt with as treason. I think it’s funny when thinking about this AND listening to so many on the left suggesting that Trump will want his political enemies put to death. While at the same time doing everything they can to completely destroy their political enemy known as Trump. The Democrat left would put him to death if they could. They have on many occasion, publicly stated as much.

    I am happy to know that more people in this country are tooling up. This is a double edge sword though. But with more guns being publicly carried by the average American citizen, the more likely that bad things can be put down quicker.

  13. Every year around this time I look back over the trends of various forms of crime, in our own area and nationally. Especially that for our own area as it helps me be aware of various trends in the area, and ‘tricks’ used, by criminals locally and thus what to watch for more carefully. Thankfully, I have access to information that lets me look at daily occurrences due to my wife having access to various databases and sources she uses in her research. I sometimes post the results of this, such as violent criminal attacks with knives trending ~1,600 daily nationwide right now. I looked at the trends yesterday.

    But one of the things I like to look at this time of year is the number of law abiding gun owners who used their guns to do what the anti-gun claims happens with their dire predictions for what all law abiding gun owners will do if they do not have a permit – and that is in an apocalypse and wild west style it is normal and routine for a law abiding gun owner without a permit to assert their armed-dominance over a population group and to just normally move through society every day randomly shooting people while wading through rivers of blood in the streets. So I am happy once again to report, that in the last 365 days there have been zero cases of that happening.

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