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As the United States locked down and multiple city police forces started publicizing what criminal events they would no longer respond to,  the American public grew fearful.   Formerly non-gun households purchased guns.

Reports are that more than 5 million guns were sold in the first quarter of 2020,  and 2.5 million of them were in the month of March.   It is also reported that for many ( as many as 65%) of those households, this was their first gun.

As a response to the growth in guns, and the restricted access to ranges, training and firearms safety classes for these – a group of instructors invited other instructors to film a quick video giving some advice.

Amanda Suffecool, the host of the nationally syndicated radio show EyeOnTheTargetRadio and a firearms instructor based in Ohio, Paul Lathrop, a South Dakota based firearms instructor and the host of the weekly Polite Society Podcast and Rob Morse, an author, a former firearms instructor and the host of a weekly informational podcast titled Self Defense Gun Stories all worked together to present the GUN 101 videos.

All of their shows can be found on the Self Defense Radio Network.

Joining them is an amazing lineup of nationally known instructors including  Rob Pincus of Personal Defense Network,  Robyn Sandoval of A Girl and A Gun,  Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy and Beth Alcazar of USCCA among others in this educational lineup.

Rob Morse wrote the following article inviting gun owners to invite others to watch, listen and learn:

Videos on Safe Firearm Storage for New Gun Owners

You would have called me a madman if I’d predicted these events last Christmas. In early 2020, we saw sentencing reform. That meant people could steal up to $950 worth of merchandise per day and the thief would only be issued a ticket. We saw bail eliminated for so called “non-violent offenses”, so bank robbers who were arrested this morning would be released this afternoon.

Across the country, we saw empty store shelves for the first time in our lives due to fear of a pandemic. Convicted prisoners were released from prison due to fear of infection by the Wuhan flu. Many of these criminals were soon back in jail after committing new crimes. Because of the pandemic, police in some cities wouldn’t come to investigate if you called them to report a crime. (Article continues at:

Guns 101:

Safety Rules:


My Child’s Protector with Robyn Sandoval

Safe storage with the Tactical Professor:


The entire video library can be found here.

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  1. If you’re new gun owner, get yourself trained and understand not only how your gun works, but the legal & ethical consequences of your actions as well. Then be prepared to act if absolutely necessary, with determined resolve. Know your gun, and know yourself.

    We’re in the beginning stages of a global meltdown, and it will not descend in a straight line. Take into consideration the economic effects the worldwide shutdowns to commerce and trade will have. Starting somewhere in the second half of this year, the effects will manifest themselves in the forms of inflation, high unemployment, and food/product shortages. Think that’s an exaggeration, especially considering how quickly the world recently changed within the span of only two weeks? We went from “everything’s fine” to retail shortages of hygienic items, food, and guns due to the response from scared people. We’re taking a temporary breather right now as the initial panic subsides, but once the first major ripple effects from our Dear Leaders and their blunders come, our now-fragile national psyche will only need a small nudge to fall into panic again. Think, for example, how our food distribution network is beginning to report breakouts of COVID-19 among their locations, prompting slowdowns. It doesn’t have to be a complete shutdown…our “72 hours of food on the shelves” grocery model only needs to perceive that tomorrow’s supply trucks won’t be here until next week, and people will rush to clear out the shelves again to ensure they get “theirs”. Then we’ll see Panic 2.0, and it will persist.

    This will likely happen within metro areas first, which will subsequently experience an explosion of crime and burglaries. Suburbia will quickly follow.

    Know your gun. Know yourself. Know in advance how you’ll act if/when people become desperate and one of them comes to your own home.

    • Only one hour after I wrote the above, I just heard a commentary on the radio talking about small disruptions to the food distribution chain being reported and how companies are trying to manage the effects without ending up with their own crises or PR debacles.

    • I Haz a Question,

      [Consider] the economic effects the worldwide shutdowns to commerce and trade will have. Starting somewhere in the second half of this year, the effects will manifest themselves in the forms of inflation, high unemployment, and food/product shortages.

      As much as I want to find fault/error with your statement, I cannot find any.

      In late February or early March, I got a somewhat strong sense that God had reached his soft limit with mankind’s sin and was largely withdrawing His Holy Spirit from our nation, if not our world, in conjunction with meting out judgement upon the world. I can only describe that moment as being akin to what it was like in Egypt at the first Passover when God sent the angel of death to take the first born of everyone that did not paint lamb’s blood over their doorway. If my sense was accurate, it is going to be a VERY bumpy ride the next few years — and possibly even for the next several years.

    • Good job of connecting the existing dots. There will be more to come, so I hope you update periodically.

      • ours was an overreaction. death rate is one tenth of one percent.
        time to start taking some risks and open up.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr

          I agree that the fatality rate is probably around 0.1% when hospitals are not overwhelmed.

          Even if we assume that the number of cases never overwhelms hospitals (and no one dies simply because hospital staff could not care for them), we are still looking at a HUGE number of deaths. Multiple sources estimate that about 1/2 of our nation’s population would ultimately contract COVID-19. That means about 160 million people would contract it. With a fatality rate of 0.001%, that means about 160,000 people would die if we did nothing to stop the disease.

          I dare say it is a given that patients would overwhelm hospitals and the fatality rate would be higher, at least twice as high, if we did not thing to stop the spread. Thus we would be facing at least 360,000 deaths and possibly considerably higher.

          Whether or not that justifies shutting down the whole country as we have done is a completely different discussion.

          Oh, and I have not even discussed the consequences if COVID-19 hits 1% of infected patients really hard and takes them out of commission for three weeks. That means about 1.6 million people would be hospitalized and/or out of commission for three weeks. That has a significant cost as well.

        • Sorry for being a nitpicker, but your math is off. 0.001% of 160,000,000 is only 1600.

  2. Several of the major meat suppliers have closed processing plants due to the Chinese Virus. The are cases of Bird flu H7N3 showing up in the commercial Turkey population in South Carolina, The same bird flu that decimated the turkey population in 2017. When millions of birds had to be destroyed. Watch for prices to skyrocket and supplies to dwindle in the coming days. Se Safe Out There.

    • We don’t eat much processed meat at my house , we prefer venison . I still have enough to last my family till November hunting season rolls around . I feel sorry for those who don’t hunt for their own food . I pray the hunting gods will look favorably on this years hunt to refurbish our meat supply .

      • Wheel Gun Guy,

        I pray that the deer herd will be healthy and plentiful this year, in light of the various historical and current outbreaks of various diseases that decrease/damage the deer population.

  3. Newbies may learn that discovering how to use a new gun might be a perfect way to while away the time while we are under house arrest.

    They may also learn that the governments that they believed had godlike superpowers is also the greatest threat to their lives and freedom.

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