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“Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden” (with guns and all) will air on the National Geographic Channel two days before the 2012 Presidential election. Yesterday, NatGeo Prez Howard T. Owens denied claims that his minions scheduled the program to aid the Obama campaign—despite the fact that “Seal Team’s” Producer Harvey Weinstein is a big-time contributor and fundraiser for the Commander-in-Chief. “Harvey obviously doesn’t schedule our network,” Owens told the AP. Owens said the channel is “not political. We are opportunistic from a programming perspective.” Well that clears that up. What we don’t know: does the film include a fictionalized Barack Obama? (The preview above has a clip of the man himself.) Does it include his alleged vacillation on the go/no go decision? JK. Obviously.

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  1. “does the film include a fictionalized Barack Obama?”

    Doesn’t real life include a fictionalized Barack Obama?

    But in a movie, who should play the part of 0bama? Of bin Laden?

    • I guess it would have been more fair and sporting for the SEALS to have called ahead and gave bin laden, his goons and the pakastani army a chance to tool up.

      Jack Elam, ” You hit that fellow from behind”

      James Garner, “Just as hard as I could”

      • I personally don’t care if they put him on his knees and executed him. Its Bin Laden for Christ sakes. I only fault them because they didn’t cremate him and dump his ashes into the Charmin Toilet paper mixing pot. Imagine it, “America will be wiping its ass with Bin Laden today” speech Obama could have done.

        • Exactly. IDGAF how they killed him. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans. He didnt deserve anything more than a dip in the middle of the ocean for his final resting place.

        • So should Phillip Morris executives be subject to the same fate? How about the board members of Anheuser Busch? The stock holders at Ford or General Motors? Or the Captain of the SS Grandcamp?

          All of those people are in the same way responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, all except the last repeat every year.

        • matt the difference between phillip morris execs, Anheuser Busch, Ford or General Motors, the Captain of the SS Grandcamp (random, but ok), and bin ladin?

          Bin ladin willfully advocated, planned, funded, and lead violent attacks on US citizens as the leader of a terrorist cell. He planned the murder of many westerners, and encouraged the torture of captured westerners for what? His religious jihad. The man was a terrorist with blood on his hands. He may have been a civilian by your definition, but by most others he was an enemy combatant who was willfully engaging in attacks on friendly forces.

          People willingly smoke, drink alcohol, drive cars, and showed up to work on the SS Grandcamp. Accidents that occur with these things (and this event) are not planned out by the leaders (or captain) of their respective companies. They’re just that: accidents.

          So go F yourself, a$$hole.

        • If you can’t see the difference between running or owning a company, an accident, and an attack then there is seriously something wrong with you…

        • Bin Laden didnt lead any attacks. And as far as the rest of your allegations, the same is true of our founding fathers. They were willing to attack American loyalists. Same with the service members on both sides during the Civil War, and more recent incidents like the Kent State massacre.

        • Get pissed at matt all you want, but it doesn’t make him any less right. The US’s involvement in international affairs is what caused 9/11 to come to fruition. I have stated here before, our founding fathers warned us about meddling in the affairs of other nations. Ron Paul also had something to say about it in 1998.

        • rambeast and matt, you both are 100% correct.

          Anybody that actually believes OBL orchestrated the 9/11 attacks is a ignorant idiot.

          he was a scapegoat…and so are the muslims.

      • Not condemning the Seals actions, I would have done the same to that bastard.

        However, I am saying this movie is going to be whitewashed Obama propaganda.

  2. I’ve heard a rumor that the White House is going to release the secret inside story about the raid that the three lead SEALs who kicked in Osama’s bedroom door were actually Obama, Holder, and Hillary Clinton. All three of them fired in unison terminating OBL and making America virgin again.

  3. Well anything and everything these days is under scrutiny. I just want to get through November 7th intact. Maybe get away with a little hope for the future..

  4. I would like to see Big Bird play Obama and in the last scene it fades away to the empty chair.

  5. So are they going to include that Bin Laden had a right to trial when he was indicted twice (9-11 & WTC bombings), and that this was a extra-judicial execution in violation of his civil rights? Or that they violated the Geneva Convention when they dumped his body at sea?

    • only matt would be sticking up for bin ladens rights. Next will come the suggestion that the Seals are war criminals. Extra judicial execution. So every time we go to war we have to arrest and try the enemy soldiers? Irrational hatred of your own country is sorta why Mikeybnumbers lives in Italy.

      • The SEALS became war criminals when they dumped his body at sea, they violated article 17 of the 1st Geneva Convention.

        Bin Laden was not a soldier, he was a civilian.

        And when did we declare war on Pakistan? I’d love to see our soldiers fight a war against a nuclear power.

        • Next time you see navy persinnel in a bar or on the street tell them that SEAL team 6 are war criminals. See how well that works for you.

          Bin laden should have remembered he was a civilian before he iniated hostilities against the US. Are you sticking up for bin ladens rights because you’ve advocated armed violence against the Us and you’re afraid the SEALS might come visit you?

          And not even you could believe that the pakastani’s weren’t aware of and protecting bin laden in their midst.

        • Sure, point some out to me next time, while I hit on youre wifes sister.

          lol wut? Tim McVey had a trial, why couldnt we do the same for OBL? I’m sticking up for his rights because it is the just thing to do. Unlike you who, simply beleives every allegation he hears on MSNBC.

          It doesnt matter if the Pakistais were protecting Bin Laden. If youre going to harp on about them, how about the ISI (Pakistans intelligence agency) giving $100,000 to lead 9-11 hijacker?

          And isnt it funny that the US has given $10 billion in foreign aid to Pakistan in the past 10 years?

        • First I don’t listen to msnbc. Second, you’re only sticking up for bin laden because of your professional protester/ skateboarder mentality you’re going to take the othwer side of the argument no matter how insane, provacative or distasteful that side is. It’s your m.o.

        • “If youre going to harp on about them, how about the ISI (Pakistans intelligence agency) giving $100,000 to lead 9-11 hijacker?”

          Mohammed Atta.’s “the truth and lies of 9/11” colorfully described this situation.

          I cannot believe anybody still believes that Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban orchestrated 9/11. That is laughably insulting to anybody with a IQ above 70.

        • smwlce,
          rosie O’donnel will tell you that when thw buildings collapsed it had to be explosives cause”fire doesn’t melt steel”. Anybody with an IQ below 70 will feed at the conspiracy trough.

  6. Whatever it takes for the Free Shit Party to retain power. They need to put SOMETHING positive on TV this guy did that didn’t cost 10 trillion dollars. Maybe only a few million.

  7. I don’t object to using this just before the election. After all, if you want somebody bumped off, who could do it better than a thug from Chicago?

  8. STOP THE MADNESS!!! this film will be a clear incitement to violence in the mideast, with outraged Muslims (who loved Osama bin Laden) burning US embassies to protest this “reprehensible, outrageous, blasphemous film that insults Muslims”. (Approximate quote from the Hillabeast.)

    If that poorly filmed trailer about Mohammed and Muslims caused the Benghazi killing of our ambassador and three other Americans, won’t this “Obama killed Osama” glorification HOLLYWOOD FILM result in even more violence?

    PLEASE MR. PRESIDENT – TELL NATGEO TO CANCEL THIS FILM!! It’s for the children! Time to show us your Nobel Peace Prize chops!

  9. Typical CONservative responses. Bush had 7 years to get him, Obama did it in less. The real shocker here is that Bin Laden was in Crawford, TX on a ranch until Obama took over.

    • Barry benefited from all the hard work done to track him the waited for months until he needed this to quell the uproar over his birth certificate. Biden the Feeble minded one recommended not doing it. It’s a Miracle it got done at all.

  10. I thought this had already been done. They called it “Team America : World Police” didn’t they?

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