TTAG contributor LKB recently took his Korean War vet father out to the range to shoot a variety of military surplus rifles. We’re pretty sure that a good time was had by all. Our question for you is . . .

Can you name them all? Each rifle pictured above was in military service somewhere in the world (the scope on the second rifle from the left is not original or milsurp).

List the rifles, left to right, in the comments below. The first reader to get them all right will win 100 rounds each of Armscor 9mm, .45 ACP and .223 ammunition.

Here’s a larger image:

Good luck!


  1. Only one has a pistol grip, and none of them have a “thing that goes down”, so they’ve clearly never been used in war or by any military.

    Those bayonet lugs, though…

  2. Ban them all…they can fire heat seeking bullets! with .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second!

  3. Jim, Kyle, Rebecca, Bobby, Sean, Jennifer, Dianne, Natalie, Fred from Accounting.
    Where do I pick up the ammo?

  4. I’m probably dead wrong on all of these, but a few guesses:

    The rifle all the way to the right: M1 Garand? the one left of it…M1 Carbine? The rifle in the middle (the one without a bayonet)…Sturmgewehr 44?

    You may all now laugh at my lack of rifle knowledge. 🙂

  5. Arisaka Type 99, Schmidt Rubin K31, M1 Carbine, SKS, Tokarev SVT 40, FN FAL, Rasheed or Rashid Carbine, MAS 49 or 49/56, M1 Garand

  6. Unicorn-turd Shooter
    Swiss Hole-Puncher
    John Wayne’s Problem Solver
    Nork Toothpick
    Soviet Long-Range Staplegun
    Fondue Stick
    Egyptian Amputator
    Frog Flagpole
    St. Perry’s Scepter of the Holy MOA, (aka The Miracle of J.C. Garand, First of His Name, Patron of Bent Op-Rods, Bringer of the Ping, and Ruler of Ball Ammunition).

  7. L to R: Type 38 “Arisaka” long rifle, Schmidt-Rubin K31, late model M1 Carbine, SKS (Russian for sure look at that red Shellac), SVT40, FN FAL (I’m pretty sure it’s an L1A1 if that’s a tiebreaker), Egyptian Hakim, MAS 49/56, and last but not least the M1 Garand.

  8. Wow. More than half of those are, or were, mine — I took the photo. No one has answered exactly correctly yet. Too bad DanZ says I can’t play. 🙁

    • Arisaka type 99
      Swiss K31
      M1 carbine (Maybe M2)
      SKS (Maybe Chinese type 56?)
      L1A1 (or FN FAL)
      Rasheed Carbine
      MAS 49 or 56
      M1 Garand

        • Ok, your rules………..

          Arisaka type 99
          Swiss K31
          M1 carbine
          Chinese type 56
          Rasheed Carbine
          MAS 49 or 56
          M1 Garand

        • Ignore that last one, edit function not working, forgot about editing the French rifle.

          Arisaka type 99
          Swiss K31
          M1 carbine
          Chinese type 56
          Rasheed Carbine
          MAS 49
          M1 Garand

  9. EVIL ‘military weapons of war’ – all MUST be banned immediately – it’s for the children doncha know.

    • Think so? Let a rifleman get behind one of them and engage you. See how obsolete you think they are then.

      • That’s a very tired argument you have there. A smoothbore musket is decidedly obsolete but no one with a brain would stand in front of one. Obsolete doesnt mean it isnt dangerous or lethal, in case you didn’t know.

    • Those “obsolete” guns could still kill you at 1,000 yards and also, similar guns, like the mosin Nagant, caused the entire US military to re-think its combat doctrine.

  10. Real rifle, real rifle, carbine, carbine, real rifle, real rifle, real rifle, real rifle, God’s rifle. Donate my ammo to a youth shooting organization of your choice.

  11. Try L1-A1 and M-1 Rifle. Only the German variation was called G-1 and the M-1 rifle was never officially called Garand.

  12. Left to right:

    Japanese Type 38 Arisaka
    Swiss K.31 Rifle
    U.S. M1 Carbine
    Russian SKS-45 Carbine
    Russian SVT-40 Rifle
    Belgian FAL Type 50.00 Early Pattern Rifle
    Egyptian Rashid Carbine
    French MAS 49/56 Rifle
    U.S. M1 Rifle

  13. Assault turn bolt, accuate assault straight pull, ruger blackhawk carbine companion, Russian sks, svt 40 7.62 x 54r pew pew, all but U.S. NATO freedom pew pew, some kinda carbine, French rifle, greatest battle rifle of a generation…. m1

  14. Worth a shot:
    Left to Right:

    Type 38 Arisaka
    Schmidt Rubin K.31
    M1 Carbine
    FN FAL
    Walther G43
    MAS 49/56

  15. Left to right:
    Arisaka Type 99
    Schmidt-Rubin Model 1889/11
    M1 Carbine
    SVT 40
    Egyptian Rasheed Carbine
    MAS 49/56
    M1 Garand

  16. I’m going to go with:
    Arisaka, Schmidt Rubin, M1 Carbine, SKS, Tokarev SVT 40, FN FAL, Hakeem, MAS 49, M1 Garand

    • Just looked it up. It would appear that I misspelled Hakim above. In my defense I sold my Hakim about two decades ago.
      That was a mistake. I thought I’d get a real Jungmann to replace, but never found one.

  17. Japanese Arisaka type 99, Swiss K31, M1 Carbine, SKS, SVT-40, FN FAL, Egyptian Rasheed, MAS 49/56, M1Garand

  18. Arisaka 99, Schmit-Rubin K31, M-1 Carbine, SKS Carbine, SVT-40, FN-Cal, Rasheed, MAS-49, M-1 Garand


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