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Dudley Brown’s Colorado-based gun rights group has staked its position further to the right of the 800-pound gun rights gorilla in the room: The National Rifle Association. Responding to the NRA’s call for the ATF to regulate bump fire stocks — not ban, regulate — The National Association for Gun Rights has unleashed the following press release . . .

The National Association for Gun Rights opposes NRA-backed ban on firearm accessories

Washington D.C. – The National Association for Gun Rights is urging members of Congress to withhold their signatures from an anti-gun letter that is currently being circulated by Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Senator Dean Heller — in concert with the NRA — that calls for banning “bump stocks.”

The proposal outlined in the letter will not prevent future crimes or mass shootings, and will only lead to more federal destruction of constitutional rights.

If a gimmicky rifle stock can be banned, what’s next? Federal regulations on magazines, scopes, or bi-pods? A new round of restrictions on other features, like Senator Feinstein’s 1994 gun ban? A full resurrection of her so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban?

Make no mistake — this is a red-herring, playing right into the hands of those who seek an open door to more federal regulations on firearms and accessories.

Despite the NRA’s endorsement of this ban, members of Congress are urged not to add fuel to this fire. The National Association for Gun Rights and its 4.5 million members and supporters will be carefully tracking and grading all support for the anti-gun Kinzinger letter, and all measures reflecting it in Congress.

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    • Looks like the NRA took a page from Springfield Armory’s playbook.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      (Can’t wait for LaP’s (dog) tearful YouTube video just oozing red white and blue)

      • It was on YouTube last night; it can be summarized as “no, no, no! We didn’t say BAN them! We only said REEVALUATE them… that’s totally different, right? Please keep giving us your money!”

        • No huge fan of the NRA, but I thought the ploy was quite clever. Convince the morons in Congress to let the agency THEY created to handle ATF&E actually do their (unconstitutional) job and reevaluate the bump-fire process.

          If the BATFE reevaluates how can they come to any other conclusion than the one they already reached? The bump-fire stock does not create an automatic weapon. The gun fires ONE TIME every time the trigger is pulled. So long as the (unconstitutional) federal law reads specifically that a machine gun fires multiple rounds without reset of the trigger, the conclusion must be the same each time. If they want a different conclusion they need to re-write the damn (unconstitutional) law.

          On the other hand, that binary trigger seems suspect. you pull the trigger once, the gun fires. You release the trigger, the gun fires. That sure sounds like two shots for one trigger pull to me.

          But the bottom line is always SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. The fact that every branch of the government seems to have so much difficulty with this concept explains precisely why the Second Amendment was included int he Bill of Rights in the first place. You CANNOT trust the bastards.

      • I can hear the video already:
        “No, no no. I never said the word “ban”. I only insinuated that the all knowing, all people benefiting, almighty, BATFE should re-study, re-evaluate, and PERHAPS, MAYBE, might should redetermine whether or not people should be allowed to have such devices. That’s all…. Nobody said BAN.”
        Cue the video of Fireclean saying; “We are not now, nor have we ever, been associated with, nor have any knowledge of, the J.M. Smucker Company in general or their product known as “Crisco”, specifically.
        OUR product is pure, but dyed yet fully edible, vegetable oil not in any way associated with the “crisco” brand name. I have no idea why people might be saying the word “crisco”. What a silly idea.”

    • Admittedly, there’s a risk in any course we follow, but every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the spectre our well-meaning NRA friends refuse to face…

  1. We often cringe at the knee jerk reactions of the lefties when tragedy happens….lets not have our own knee jerk until we see how this plays out. I have to believe Wayne and his guys have a plan up their sleeve. If it doesn’t unfold soon…then pull out the pitchforks…

    NAGR does nothing but make money off disfranchised NRA folks. Can’t remember them actually doing anything. Let it play out first…then do what you have to do..

    • I actually disagree on NAGR it gives the NRA someone to point at and say “would you rather be talking to someone like them?”
      I’ll even pay them to be the point.

  2. RF I am not sure that being more stridently defensive of the 2nd Amendment is “to the right” thing. Politics aren’t one dimensional, it’s got even more than two dimensions, but two dimensions describe peoples politics better than one. The two major parties benefit when people think of politics as one dimensional. This is not an endorsement of any third party so no one needs too jump on me about backing “losers”.

    • The proper identification between peoples politics would more properly be described as “more government intrusion” and “less government intrusion.” This is the real struggle here, as both those sides have “left wing” and “right wing” people alike. A rage of beliefs on the “right wing” side off less government intrusion would range from a republic to anarchy, with anarchy being the extreme right. A range of beliefs on the “left wing” side of more government intrusion would range from a direct democracy to Deism, with Deism being the extreme left, being that it is the most government control possible.

  3. I am done with the NRA, if the shooter had not used a BFS the left would be going after semi autos and mags. Its like giving up Czechoslovakia to the Nazi’s and hoping they will be satisfied.

    • Wow. Honest, insightful, accurate, unemotional, and professional. Who would’ve thought CNN was capable of such a thing!
      What’s even better is that it is correct. If BATF, allegedly the ruling agency over such things, deals with the matter purely on the basis of established precedent and law, how can anyone rationally argue with it?
      Perhaps I have misjudged Mr. LaPierre once more.

      • Hopefully. Just saying…to everyone…let’s see where this goes before we all pull out the pitchforks. It may be justified, lets just wait and see…

      • The NRA is playing the long game, they’re telling Congress to focus on national reciprocity and let ATF worry about regulating bump stocks.

        The political reality is bump fire stocks are now on the endangered species list regardless of what the NRA says or does… no politician is going to defend them.

        The best case scenario for us is that the NRA can nudge the ATF into reclassifying bump stocks as an NFA item. The alternative – Diane Feinstein’s bump stock ban bill will not only ban bump stocks, but also binary triggers… and potentially all replacement triggers depending on how the ATF interoperates the law.

        We had all better hope the NRA’s gambit works!

  4. From LGBT for Gun Rights
    “If you’re for banning bumpfire stocks, simply because YOU do not use them, then you are EXACTLY the same as any run-of-the-mill gun control advocate being okay with gun bans, purely because they PERSONALLY do not use them. What, so you only oppose bans when it targets YOUR shit? How spineless and selfish is that? Not to mention poor strategy, since if you don’t back up your neighbors, they sure as shit aren’t going to back you up.

    Sums it up pretty nicely.

    The NRA just wants it to look like they “did something” in response to the horrendous event in Las Vegas, NV. It’s tantamount to a major betrayal. I cut off Dudley Brown’s organization because of their incessant begs for money and I could not find anything concrete they had accomplished {except raise money}.

    • Whoever thought a lefty organization could come out with such an eloquent, succinct statement as theirs.

      I am gonna steal that.

  5. There’s lots of other ‘evil’ stuff that can be added to the ban list: pistol grips, SBRs, red-dot sights, lasers, adjustable stocks, high-capacity magazines (meaning more than seven rounds), jacketed hollow-point bullets, cop-killer FMJ rounds, tannerite, steel targets, scissors (running with scissors is dangerous and you could stab someone with them),…..

    We can go beyond gun stuff too: ban beer, cars, airplanes, wooden houses (fire risk), hot dogs (choking hazard), stairs, skateboards, bicycles, pressure cookers, gasoline, electricity, household cleaners, canines (both four-legged and teeth), cigarettes, ….

  6. I’m sticking with the NRA. No hildebeast,turned back the tide after Newtown and yes Trump. I’m in my 60’s and have no rose colored glasses on…NAGR ain’t s##t.

      • That’s how big their spam mailing list asking for money is, at least. The word “member” has a few definitions…

      • NAGR claims I am a member, but I have never sent them a dime or even acknowledge the constant emails. Their 4.5 membership claim is questionable.

        • It’s “4.5 million members *AND* ‘supporters'”; if you sign their petitions or give money – even if you don’t pay for a membership – that demographic includes you.

  7. Actually, if the ATF reviews bump fire stocks and regulates them, that very act will assure that bump fire stocks are not banned.

    Look, we all knew that bump fire stocks were toast once it was revealed that the Las Vegas murderer used them. We were looking at a complete ban. It was coming, and even the execs at TTAG knew and admitted as much. It was inevitable.

    Now, we may be looking at them becoming NFA items, or maybe not. In either case, bump stocks can be saved.

    I have a bump fire stock. It’s a piece of plastic good for nothing but burning through ammo. But that doesn’t mean I want to see them banned or that I’m willing to give it up without a fight. Sometimes, though, you have to pick your poison.

    • The ATF has no power to regulate them in a way that doesn’t ban new production. Period. Any claims otherwise are smoke and mirrors or a desire to see an unelected 4th branch write laws.

      • That is an interesting point that needs to be considered. Under what pretext can they be added to the NFA without outright banning them?

        The obvious suggestion is “machine gun”, but that would effectively ban them since there’s presumably none in existence from before 1986, and registration for MG’s is closed. It makes no sense to put them in under SBS, SBR, suppressor, etc.

        To add another category would require the legislature to take action, right?

  8. NRA is selling out too politics! they want to be in control, like all greedy companies, its money and control, not freedom, we were made to be free people, leaders of this world have modified those freedoms into servitude freedoms!
    Screw the NRA

  9. Dudley Brown is a fraud. He had a chance to roll back the 15rd mag ban to 30rd in Colorado and he campaigned and killed it.

    • Killed it so it would be donation fuel. He did nothing, didn’t say a word until after it passed.

      NAGR is a vehicle to line Dudley’s pockets and nothing more. I thought he had faded out…

  10. I am ashamed to call myself an NRA life member right now….!! Apparently what I heard while at the NRA meeting in Atlanta was a truckload of BULLSHIT!!

  11. For all of you bashing the NRA and threatening to leave, you better rethink that. GOA, of which I’m a member, is laughably weak next to the NRA. If the NRA implodes, you can kiss your rights good bye. The NRA is far from perfect, we all know this. However, they are still the lobbying juggernaut and we are better off with them than without them.

    As far as NAGR goes, what a joke, What have they ever accomplished? Frankly, what has GOA ever accomplished? The NRA has done more for our rights than all the other piss ant gun rights groups combined. We need the Gorilla and you are a fool if you leave. That is exactly what the left wants. They want the end of the NRA and they will get that if you all people leave and join various other groups. Join ALL the groups.

    • You win the interwebz Mark! My point exactly…if Newtown didn’t do it a bunch of white country fans killed and injured won’t. I stand with the NRA.

  12. NAGR is a money making scheme. As a gun rights organization, they are a complete and utter fraud. What they are doing here is trying to make money off of disaffected NRA members.

  13. Banning a bumpfire stock will do nothing to actually deter actual bad guys. Ban it or dont ban it, it wont make any difference. anyone who wants one will find a way to have one, any one who doesn’t want one, wont.

    Criminals will circumvent this ban with the same ease that they circumvent any other ban.

  14. I feel as though the NRA is turning their back on all of us. I would be even more pissed off had I renewed my membership. They are calling on the same government agency that used the proceeds from illegal tobacco sales to bankroll, off the record, all manner of bullshit they new would never be approved by Congress to re-evaluate a novelty item that neither turns a rifle into a machine gun, nor functions well as a traditional stock. Look at the arm brace fiasco, not a stock, but don’t shoulder it, might be a felony, nevermind, just don’t put a stock on your “pistol” that is wearing a pseudo stock. I mean fuck me…


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