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The National Association for Gun Rights has issued a Travel Advisory for gun owners to and within Massachusetts in response to the State Legislature’s 140 page bill, House Docket 4420. HD 4420 is a comprehensive gun control bill that would ostensibly ban more guns than any current law in the United States.

These are some of the provisions contained in the bill:

* Updates the state definition of “Assault-style firearm” to ban almost all semiautomatic firearms.
* Bans concealed carry of firearms at private businesses unless expressly permitted.
* Retroactive compulsory registration of all firearms.
* Registration of all firearms magazines/feeding devices, no grandfathering.
* Requires all feeding devices/magazines to have a serial number.
* Ban for anyone under age 21 from buying or carrying a semi-automatic shotgun or rifle.
* Lays out compulsory “safe storage” requirements.
* Changes the definition of firearm to include stun guns.
* Puts more regulations on firearms dealers.

“This is probably the biggest and worst package of gun control regulation I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot. A ban on almost all guns, registration of every gun and magazine in the state (old and new) and a de facto ban on firearms carry are in the bill. Massachusetts just secured top position as the most hostile state in the union to gun owners,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “That is why NAGR is issuing a Travel Advisory for all gun owners within the state or thinking of traveling to the state.”

“Your gun rights and your freedom are at serious risk in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you live there you might want to pack your bags and if you are thinking of traveling there, you need to reconsider,” said Brown.

NAGR is encouraging its members to contact members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to express their opposition to HD 4420.

The National Association for Gun Rights’ legal arm, the National Foundation for Gun Rights filed a lawsuit (Capen v. Healey) in September of 2022, challenging Massachusetts’s current ban on “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines.

The NAGR lawsuit argues the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban violates the 2022 Supreme Court decision handed down in the NYSRPA V. Bruen case, which stated gun control laws must find their justification in the history, text, and tradition of the Second Amendment.

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  1. You subhuman Gun Owners best not show up in massachusetts unless you like being served in back of restaurants, riding in the back of a bus, being hosed down, beaten, jailed, lynched, etc…Stay away Gun Owners or massachusetts Gun Control whips will make you wish you did.

  2. Not sure I have heard of any big cases coming up in the 1st circuit but looks like they will have some interesting arguments on a lot of issues that are piecemeal here in NY/2nd circuit.

  3. “NAGR Issues Travel Advisory for Gun Owners Headed to Massachusetts”

    Some “advisory”. And to whom, or through what major outlet was said advisory released? TTAG?

    Appears to me more of an attention-grabbing effort to cover some car payments, but perhaps I’m the only one thinking this. If you’ve now cancelled your trip to MA because of the advisory, please chime in!

    As is anyone traveling with a firearm wouldn’t already be aware of the issues in MA… Why not issue similar warnings for NY, DE, MD, CN, RI, IL, CA, OP, WA, and DC?

    In those places and most large metro areas, unless one is an “acceptable elite”, or sometimes an LEO, and is seen or found with a firearm in their possession, they’ll be facing huge legal problems. Oh, and of course, unless the person is a known felon, thug or gangbanger. Then it’s back on the streets, no bail, free as a bird.

    • My former employer used to send us for training. I always made sure to pick a gun friendly state. So, I didn’t change plans, but I definitely made plans based on gun laws.

      Special note: If you are flying by plane, tell the sky cap you have to firearm to declare and NO WAITING! They rush you right to the check in counter!

  4. Ralph are you still around??? I’d be interested in the opinion of a Mass resident & lawyer…

    • I fear Ralph and Tom in Oregon are at that ‘Great Gun Range in the Sky’ where ammo boxes never empty, and the RSOs are all young, attractive ladies… 🙁

      • Geoff PR,

        I was recently thinking the same about Tom in Oregon. And I forgot about Ralph–also thinking the same as you now that you reminded me about him.

    • It’s only me now. One of the advantages of being an aging lawyer/FFL in MA is that I’m generally not messed with. This is a standard fare FU to the high court (in response to Bruen) and sparks will fly from Maura Healy’s pen as she gleefully signs it into law.

      I’ve said repeatedly that a law is only as good as its enforcement. Understaffed and underfunded PDs have bigger fish to fry than harassing lawful gun owners regarding new unconstitutional legislation.

        • Uh, no. I’ve always been Rad Man. Ralph and I lived in different counties in eastern MA.

      • And I thought Australia’s gun laws were on the lawful-stupid side. There must have been some very strong “recreational pharmaceuticals” taken when those new laws were drafted.

  5. And, still, none of those tyrants have been shot, mounted on a pike in the public square. And, there, is the WHY behind why they continue to do this….no personal accountability, repercussions, jeopardy from We The Little Peeps. They infringe with impunity.

    This is the government our Founders warned about, and for which they penned the Second Amendment. It is up to the citizens of Massachusetts to implement the tools provided by the Founders to protect their Freedoms, Rights, Liberties.

    • You know what, you hit on something that could start the fires of freedom again. Not nation wide but chose one state and start there. Every gun organization and freedom lovers.

      we know what happens when you go to DC and protest, but even if the chosen state called out the national guard if the pressure was great enough you could win then take on another state

    • Fat chance. Massassachewsets is majority pansies, pussies and libdem winers. Seriously hard to believe that Bawwwston led the Revolution of 1776!

  6. I use to work for a computer company based out of Massachusetts, they were once the 3rd largest computer company in the world and like Massachusetts they no longer exist as a proud organization anyone would be happy to work within. Instead they are an ugly remnant that anyone of intelligence avoids whenever possible. Since I go nowhere without my pistol Massachusetts has declared they don’t want me or my money.

    • Because of the ‘Iron Curtain’ of NY, NJ, CT, MA & RI I no longer go to VT, NH or ME. We travel a lot and would like to visit New England again, but no way. I wonder if those states know just how much tourism they are losing because of their Communist Bloc. I am sure there are many others.

      • Dead on. Bar Harbor Maine is one of my favorite places to visit in the Summer. Haven’t been able to go in years because of the Communist blockade.

      • Torn on this one, on the one hand you are covered so long as everything is in the trunk and you are driving through the states without really stopping anywhere on the other traffic is bad enough going to nice places and don’t need it getting worse.

  7. their laws won’t do any good, they are just going to get sued and anybody that gets arrested for any of those crimes they will get sued for that. I don’t know what’s wrong with these stupid Democrats wasting their time they cannot go against the Supreme Court decision.

    • Nonsense. As StLPro2A wrote above, there are zero consequences, ever. If you lose, you lose everything. If they “lose”, at worst it’s court costs, and they’re billed to the taxpayer (AKA “non-Democrat”). In the meantime, you’re in jail and/or spending every dime you have, losing relationships and job, etc.

      Show me a single example, anywhere, ever, where a legislator or enforcer of an unconstitutional law experienced any consequence whatsoever. If you had the power to completely fuck away your enemies’ lives with zero chances of it affecting you, how would choosing to use it be “stupid”?

      • don’t respond to me if you’re going to talk the way you do I don’t want to hear it. if you can’t talk normal then don’t talk at all.

        • If you “don’t want to hear it”, you need to consider hanging around different websites. This is TTAG… 🙂

        • If you want to spout absurdities unchallenged, TTAG (as Geoff noted) is the worst possible place. Come to think of it, the whole internet has hundreds of millions of people with the right and the means to refute them. Maybe try your grandmother (or just think before you write or speak)?

          I countered your absurd statement with facts (amply substantiated on TTAG and thousands of other sources), and a simple request that – in a country with all those sources – you find one single example proving you aren’t talking out your @ss.

          Was I not “talking normal” because I actually used punctuation and capital letters? Pretend I’m not talking to you, then, but to the countless readers who are capable of logic / open to the truth, yet may not have realized at first glance how false or ignorant your statement was.

        • Wake up… there is nothing in his speech that is “abnormal” these days. Or you have very selective hearing…

      • Your right I am not going to post on this site anymore. I am tired of talking to people that have no idea, You can talk to Dacian a lot of people go back and forth with that brainless wonder. I will stick with my fellow vets and patriot’s here in TN. Good luck.

        • I can’t imagine a fellow vet wanting to face an enemy without all the facts, even if they’re contrary to his feelings or first impressions. As much as I disagree with what you wrote, I wish you and all POTG well.

    • I don’t know what is wrong with stupid posters who think laws like this “don’t matter” because they might eventually be overturned in court.

      Guess what, Samson, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight each of these ridiculous laws in court — and it takes years for the case to be resolved. Meanwhile people do get arrested for violating those laws, do go to jail, do lose their rights, do pay huge fines, and do lose thousands of dollars in legal fees — if they aren’t shot by police first.

      • From the NY perspective it’s not so much that they don’t matter it’s just a forgone conclusion that we will get them and have to fight them so why get worked up when we have other things we can be doing. With that said unless you live in a state where someone passing unconditional laws has severe consequences and/or less legal methods of retribution are known to take place there is zero incentive to not pass unconstitutional laws.

        • “unless you live in a state where someone passing unconditional laws has severe consequences and/or less legal methods of retribution are known to take place there is zero incentive to not pass unconstitutional laws.”

          Absolutely correct, and I’d just add that if such a state actually existed, triumphant articles about gun grabbers sentenced to those severe consequences would consistently headline TTAG, “American Rifleman”, and every other progun publication. Commenters occasionally bring up that Federal “color of law” statute, but when was the last (or any) 2A-related conviction for that? While absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, in the information age it kinda is.

  8. I seem to remember the Supreme Court telling Massachusetts before that it could not ban stun guns. (Caetano) Is Mass saying, “well, maybe we can’t ban them, but we can sure as hell make it impossible to carry one outside the home.” Does this guy really think they can get away with that?

      • What they are really saying is, “We’ll enforce these laws until we lose a lawsuit and then we’ll stop for a while until we repackage them in some new way, and then the cycle will start anew… but in the meantime our ignorant voters and the media will tell us how virtuous we are for caring so much!”

    • “Is Mass saying, “well, maybe we can’t ban them, but we can sure as hell make it impossible to carry one outside the home.” Does this guy really think they can get away with that?”

      What personal consequences are there for those that craft such laws, Mark?


      Perhaps what we need to do is create laws that will put “the fear of Gaia” in lawmakers that violate the citizen’s civil rights? Like throw them in a prison where they can experience what Larry Nassar just experienced?

    • yes Mark. Mass was told before it could not ban stun guns.

      but you bring up an interesting point aside from that one … with this

      “well, maybe we can’t ban them, but we can sure as hell make it impossible to carry one outside the home.” 

      that concept was addressed in Heller and Caetano and McDonald and Bruen (and oddly enough in other civil rights cases in SCOTUS history going back a hundred years at least) in a ‘burdening the exercise of a right into inability to exercise it is essentially denying the right and is unconstitutional” sense.

      • The problem is we have to play the waiting game as things work through the court and see how many new avenues of similar nonsense they can try the next time. With any luck the defiance of previous court decisions will be a factor in future decisions.

  9. It is ironic and sad that the State of Massachusetts is banning the very items that earned our Independence from an oppressive government. Massachusetts is the birthplace of the armed rebellion that eventually spread across the thirteen British colonies to become the American Revolution/War of Independence. The Minuteman statutes at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge honor the brave Colonists who used their own private firearms to rise up against the most powerful military in the world at that time. That power of individual gun ownership to win our freedom (and keep it) was not lost on our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That’s why we have the Second Amendment. That power of individual gun ownership also scares the people who want to take away our freedoms. That’s why they are so adamant about taking away our Right to own guns.

  10. This is Insane – Newspaper Publishes Online Interactive Map of Gun Owners w/ Names and Address.

    • information for video…

      “After Sandy Hook a newspaper decided to publish an online interactive map containing the names and home addresses of all the pistol permit holders licensed in Westchester and Rockland counties. Last week Everytown essentially pulled the same stunt, they published on their website an interactive map of all Federal Firearms Licensees in the country.”

    • About as bad as having the firearms registry database leaked by senior police incompetence.

      The Assistant Commissioner who allowed a MS Office password protected file containing the registry database to be put on the unrestricted police intranet for “operational convenience”, and bypassing access controls written into legislation, deserves to be publicly stripped of rank, fired, tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

  11. ITS a said day to here this, iam from Ma Ass chesstes an been here in florida for 13 years have all kinds of guns, born there, sad to see it turn to shit

    • Really – L I B. May b u can teach us all advanced written construction – U-ALL.

  12. “Massachusetts just secured top position as the most hostile state in the union to gun owners,” said Dudley Brown.

    I beg to differ — for now, New Jersey remains the most hostile state to gun owners (at least until this Massachusetts house bill passes and is signed into law).
    Have they issued a travel warning for New Jersey yet?
    What about New York and California?

    Maryland is getting pretty bad too. Last weekend I stopped at a Cabella’s in Maryland just to look around, and their firearms section is worse than New Jersey, even worse than Dick’s Sporting Goods in New Jersey! The Cabella’s in Maryland has nothing but Fudd shotguns with 28” barrels and Fudd bolt-action rifles — nothing that even looks remotely tactical, nothing with a pistol grip, and no defensive shotguns. And of course the ammunition is locked up behind the counter, just like in Jersey, and I bet it only includes Fudd calibers that fit the Fudd guns they sell.

    At least in NJ, we still can get an AR-15, as long as it’s fully neutered (fixed stock, no flash suppressor, no threaded barrel, no bayonet lug, thus solving the problem of all those drive-by bayonettings LOL), but I’m sure they’ll be banned here too in the next batch of gun-control bills.

    • I’ve lived in all of those states. None of them have “magazine” registrations and forced serial numbers. The rest is largely a push.

      NJ isn’t that bad when it comes to buying guns, just carrying them.

      • edit without edit: I see that this hasn’t been passed yet, so I guess MA has to do that before securing the mantle of worst state in the union for 2A

  13. YAWN — just another wannabe “pro-gun” organization trying to cash in on donations now that some gun owners have started to realize that NRA isn’t pro-RKBA.

    A “Travel Advisory” about a bill that is still in the legislature?!? Yes, the bill is both stupid and a collection of terrible infringements. Yes, Massachusetts gun owners need to fight against it. Yes Massachusetts gun owners ought to contribute to real pro-gun organizations like SAF, FPC, and GOA.

  14. “Massachusetts just secured top position as the most hostile state in the union to gun owners,” said Dudley Brown.”

    Dudley Brown is just another low life 2A hustler.

  15. man imagine how many other laws will be deleted once this makes it to the Supreme. every state will be a free state. maybe a republican wrote this as bait. there is no way this can stand after the bruen case.

    • “Requires all feeding devices/magazines to have a serial number.”

      The current decimal system doesn’t have enough numbers for this plan to work.

  16. First thing, I likely won’t be going to Mass. any time soon. Would like to have the grandkids see some of the historical sights before the idiots burn them down, but again, not likely in the next couple years. Have to leave some things to their parents.
    Secondly, unless they start searching every vehicle coming into the state, their idiocy will do nothing to prevent any person with criminal or evil intent from getting whatever weapons they desire. Laws only affect the law abiding.

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  18. I will never go to MA or knowingly buy anything from there. MA, like New York, CA and all other anti 2A states are dead to me. They are all becoming crime infested, dysfunctional dead zones thanks to leftist politicians.

  19. Fuck Massachusetts. Hard to believe that one of our “founding” states, has alas, sunk to the bottom of the septic tank.
    Y’all elected that donk cunt Maura Healey as your Governor… So you got exactly what you asked for.
    Good luck.

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