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“What should have been dismissed within hours as madcap rambling by our president [arming teachers] has instead become the subject of serious policy discussions,” the President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. writes at “Within days Donald Trump’s words began to shape public policy in Florida and in Washington. Perhaps . . .

it is the logical next step in our cruel abandonment of our children to the criminal justice system that we would contemplate meting out in the schoolhouse the ultimate punishment — death — at the hands of teachers.

Please note: Black Children Will Be the Victims of Armed Teachers  is not Swiftian satire. Author Sherrilyn Ifill honestly believes [racist] armed teachers will shoot black children. And she wants you to believe it too . . .

It does not take a great deal of imagination to contemplate instances in which armed teachers dealing with recalcitrant children will react out of fear and racial stereotype and discharge their weapons as they do the disciplinary code. Police officers — ostensibly trained in the use of firearms and the observation of criminal behavior — have shot and killed black children at an alarming rate, often citing their fear of the child or mistaken belief that the child was armed.

They rarely, if ever, pay the consequences. We have every reason to believe that armed teachers will react similarly and keep their jobs with impunity. Just this past weekend, the Florida Senate is charging ahead with a proposal to arm teachers anyway — over the objections of Parkland victims’ families and students. More than two dozen black lawmakers, in particular, are keenly aware that letting educators pack heat is a “recipe for disaster.” They get it.

C’mon. More than two dozen black lawmakers don’t want to let teachers use firearms to defend their students against a spree killer because they, the lawmakers, believe that armed white teachers are racists who’ll shoot “recalcitrant” black children? No ‘effing way.

You know what’s crazier? Ms. Ifill’s singing All You Need Is Love to Nikolas Cruz.

In one of the most moving segments in Notes from the Field, a Native American tribal judge, Abby Abinanti, offers wise counsel for how we should deal with our most troubled children. She says that when children are damaged and break the rules, the path isn’t to push them away, but to draw them “closer.”

It appears that many fine teachers at Stoneman Douglas and in middle school attempted to do this for Nikolas Cruz over many years. We should explore why those interventions failed and invest in services that can effectively spot and treat a child demonstrating the dysfunctions that Cruz displayed from a very young age. To bring the child closer rather than push him or her to a cycle of more violence and self-destruction.

For the sake of other children on the verge of being pushed away, this moment should be a reckoning to think long and hard about what really works to help them, to keep all children safe. But to invest instead, as our president has insisted, in turning those teachers into armed guards patrolling our classrooms would be the final act of hostility and abandonment of our nation’s children. And we will know — from the outset — that the children who will be the foremost victims of this effort will be children of color.

Nikolas Cruz wasn’t the victim of a heartless system. The children and families brutalized by Mr. Cruz’s homicidal rage were the victims of a heartless system.

A system that didn’t care enough to stop an obvious threat to public safety before he opened fire; including the FBI, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Social Services, Democratic politicians (who enacted a law barring schools from reporting anti-social behavior to the police), and the administrators of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

At the risk of seeming insensitive, there’s only one good reason Mr. Cruz’s teachers should have drawn the teen closer: to put a bullet in his brain. At the appropriate time, of course. With the appropriate tool for the job.

As for the idea that racist white teachers will shoot black students willy nilly — and get away with it thanks to institutional racism — I don’t think so. Anyone who suggests such a thing should have their ideas instantly dismissed as the ravings of a paranoid race-baiting troll. Feel free to do so below.

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  1. At the rate things are going, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the NAACP pushing for segregation and “separate but equal” facilities in a few years’ time.

    • It will come to be. Every indication is that homogeneity is the new diversity and segregation is the new inclusiveness. Even the genders will be isolated among themselves within each segregated enclave to ensure their equal treatment.

      It really didn’t take long for this to come full circle. Eventually any town or state where everyone lives out among everyone else will be seen as a savage and backwards land in need of conquest.

      • Honestly. I think separating boys and girls at school would be a good thing.

        • The NAACP is as racist an oganization as the NSDAP was. I wouldn’t piss on one of these jerks if they were on fire.

        • It’s not a great idea. I’ve seen it in action. Works reasonably well for girls but not boys.

    • My first thought was to introduce her to the quote. “An armed society is a polite society…”, but she probably wouldn’t want to hear that since it was written by a white man.

      Then I had a better idea – SEGREGATION!

      Give parents a choice. Segregate the classrooms based on teacher/student preference. If you want you children in a gun-free classroom they will be on one side of the school and classes with armed teachers will be on the other side. They will of course need to take separate lunch-breaks and arrive and depart on a staggered schedule so the gun free kids won’t be shot by the armed teachers guarding their students.

      One other thing – each side of the school needs to be visibly signed as Gun Free Zone, the other as having armed teachers and administrators.

    • No, they’ll be pushing for separate but superior. They don’t want equality. They want revenge. And this racist is a perfect spokesperson for an organization that now exists to promote racial hatred.

      • In most cases they are already more or less segregated. Cities are filled with black kids, suburbs are filled with white kids. They would like codified segregation from the crackers and chinks at the universities that they get into on diversity quotas and sports scholarships, though.

    • On one side we have peer reviewed studies indisputably documenting the racist reality of teachers/administrators and police treating black folks wildly unfairly, and thus the NAACPs logical and reasonable concern that teachers/administrators with guns would naturally likewise treat black students in a similarly discriminatory manner.

      On the other side Robert Faragos inane italicized “I don’t think so”…

      …The usual evidence-free nonsense as pointless as typing “Nuh-uh!”, but this is the best the ignorant lying racist Robert Farago can muster… pathetic, just embarrassing

  2. Yup. That is some of the highest level of race baiting I’ve seen in a while.
    And she’s probably proud of what she said.

    • A student that is actively attacking a teacher or student – be they if any given race – is not being “recalcitrant”, they are being a criminal. A distinction clearly lost on this NAACP bigot.

  3. Statistically she is correct since minorities commit disproportionately more violent crime. School shooters and other mass shooters also tend to skew towards minorities.

    So while her statement is hyperbolic, the data would tend to support her hypothesis.

    • armed white teachers are racists who’ll shoot “recalcitrant” black children?
      But of course! We all know the deplorable white teachers are part of the Einsatzgruppen and ready to enforce National Socialist racial policies.
      Ahh…let the fantasies begin!

  4. What utter horseshit.

    If she believes that, she is a moron.

    If she doesn’t believe it but is still parroting it, she is despicable.

    • I fully agree with you. Now let’s look at the most possible reason for her remarks.Oh ya MONEY (pay check) will say anything to keep the paycheck coming to be able to live the good life. Just another person who stirs the pot instead of presenting positive solutions to the problem.

  5. The sad part is that this woman, along with so many others, undoubtedly can’t see anything wrong or threatening with the endless, daily, inevitable indoctrination of her children – and all others subjected to it – in government “schools.” The risk of being shot is microscopic next to the dangers of being taught dependence, irresponsibility, entitlement mentality, irrational thought processes, so much more.

    I find it very unlikely that many of these socialist “teachers” will ever be willing to arm themselves in any case. Getting rid of the GFZ would be best, of course, along with getting your children OUT of the government indoctrination camps.

    • Yep. Horrific as they are, school shootings aren’t even the real problem here. The far bigger problem is what people like Sherrilyn Ifill want to do about them — more accurately, with them to everyone in America.

  6. Everyone is born racist. We like/trust what we know, and then learn to trust(or not) others by how they treat us.
    while separate but equal might not be PC these days, there are dorms in some colleges that do not allow whites – are black only. If that isn’t racist…..

    • I guess these college students have discovered that diversity is divisive. They also seem to have decided that inclusion is disadvantageous to them.

      They want segregation, let’s give it to them across all segments of society.

      They can have their Jim Crow gun control laws in their segregated communities. The rest of us will keep our 2nd Amendment rights.

      Chicago, etc. = Their problem, not ours. Leave us out of it.

      They can segregate but we should assist any person of color who doesn’t want to be included in their segregated communities and wants to exercise their Constitional rights.

    • No, I don’t think anyone is born “racist.” But babies do discriminate between who they know and who they don’t, between light and dark, later colors. Children discriminate based on differences, “otherness” if you will, whether that is color, braces, glasses, speech or physical impediments, religion, intelligence…we seem to be hard wired to desire a certain level of sameness, and attack those who stand out (other than those who stand out for their physical prowess).

  7. We can all be guilty of projection. No doubt she would love to kill some white kids if she had the means.

  8. We’ll, if the NAACP likes Jim Crow gun control laws, let them have them (and these gun control laws should only apply to them).

  9. So she’s saying an armed teacher dealing with an unruly (black) kid is gonna up and shoot them for passing notes in class or whatever, not use appropriate force during a school shooting incident. OK, got it. I suppose “recalcitrant” (black) students will be just gunned down in numbers approaching ethnic cleansing now. It boggles the mind that this harpy actually believes this, or consequently is spouting this racist bullshit. The inmates are taking over the asylum. It really seems as if our country and culture are in a death spiral.

  10. “Well, then, better to leave the Schoolkid’s murdering to the crazies, since they seem to be “equal opportunity” shooters of children of all colors.” – some guy in a bar.

  11. Well… if we are going to be making insane claims, then we should at least acknowledge reality; which is to say little black children would be in monumentally greater danger of being shot from their black teachers.

  12. it is the logical next step in our cruel abandonment of our children to the criminal justice system that we would contemplate meting out in the schoolhouse the ultimate punishment — death — at the hands of teachers.

    You’re darn-tootin’ right that we SHOULD mete out the ultimate punishment — death — to spree killers who are in the act of maiming and murdering school children.

    What in the Hell is the matter with these people? Oh, I guess I already answered my own question: Hell.

  13. She has a lot of trust in the teachers, doesn’t she?!?!

    If she is THAT afraid of teachers, why have ANY public “schools”?!

  14. Newsflash for Ms. Sherrilyn Ifill:
    (1) There are nasty, evil people in the world who delight in harming others.
    (2) Ample love and gentle intervention will NOT stop such people from harming others.
    (3) Forcefully removing such people from society is the only way to guarantee that such never harm anyone ever again.

    • I can see it now: Billboards saying “The NAACP is a Racist Hate Group”. Put it next to one of those “The NRA Is a Terrorist Organization” signs.
      It is patently obvious from this woman’s statements that she hates white teachers, or more particularly, white teachers teaching black students, because, of course, white teachers (being white) are necessarily racists. I wonder how white teachers who volunteer to teach in inner city, predominately black schools feel about that?

  15. How about parents teach their children to behave so that we don’t have to worry about teachers harming children (with or without a firearm)?

  16. Specialist38 touched on this first.

    “Author Sherrilyn Ifill honestly believes [racist] armed teachers will shoot black children.”

    It is certainly possible that she believes what she says. But I think the reverse is more likely. George Orwell once wrote, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    It should be clear to most people today that generally speaking, commentary like Ms. Ifill’s is part of the “universal deceit.”

  17. Given what I know about teachers and how so many of them are total left wing wack jobs I honestly have to say that giving the teachers guns scares the hell out of me too. There really are a lot of scary progressive idiots in your kids schools. The left has taken over education from kindergarten all the way through college. Teaching them how to shoot and paying them to tote a pistol just seems to be so wrong. You can’t trust at least half of all teachers of either sex, to hang a picture without hurting themselves with the hammer. Most of them can’t change a tire and now they are going to carry a gun in the classroom? This isn’t just a lot of rhetoric, it’s real.

    • No one is talking about giving the teachers guns. People are talking about allowing teachers who want to be armed to concealed carry at school legally. That’s not remotely the same as taking all the teachers into the faculty lounge for a meeting and handing them all a Glock and two magazines whether they want it or not.

      • Look nobody is suggesting that somebody is going to start issuing guns in the teachers lounge. “giving teachers guns” was a figure of speech. It wasn’t meant literally. Everything else, yeah, you can take that pretty much literally.

        • But you’re using the language of the anti’s. “Giving teachers guns” is exactly how they mischaracterize one of the potential solutions. They make it sound like handguns are going to be passed out to all the teachers and base some of their arguments against allowing concealed carry by teachers on that very premise. Being precise in your language is important when debating these rubes.

  18. Wow as a poor white folk I was supporting NAACP. NO more ,you cant get anymore racist than her statements.
    Congrats libs, you are doing a great job separating our country over guns. Again us gun owners are evil.

    • They said they don’t want cops in the schools because the cops will shoot all the black kids. I guess she thinks that the black kids are a discipline problem in integrated schools. I think she wants a return to separate schools

  19. “White people are too dangerous to be trusted with anything beyond teaching our children or driving school buses”

  20. My niece, a long service teacher in an urban district, spent her career is largely white-majority schools until she volunteered to “help out” an alternative school which had suddenly lost a teacher in the middle of the semester. Her classes were filled with mostly black and Hispanic kids who basically lacked the interest or ability to be in school but, by law, were required to be there. They promptly set about destroying the room’s computers, making threatening and racist comments to her. She then understood why her predecessor had abruptly quit in the middle of the semester. Even more telling, when she attempted to discipline one of her students by chewing him out in the hallway, the vice-principal filed a complaint against her for violating the schools new “alternative discipline” plan which precluded teacher initiated discipline without first going through the administration (which typically did little to solve the problem). When schools have students like this in them they’re dangerous places. The NAACP may see thugs like Trayvon or Cruz as misunderstood innocents but the practical reality of dealing with thugs like this makes arming teachers a good idea. Schools have largely abandoned the idea that if people don’t belong in school, they should leave.

  21. I’m surprised at the incredibly ignorant and stupid things black people say about guns and who also complain about racism. But this is what Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter is having to fight against.

  22. School district in Ohio has armed staff. Every month they do range time and situational training. They fire at least 600 rounds a year in training. District manager said he would put his teachers up against any cop in the country. Local sheriff told detractors that after the first round is fired there is one dead or wounded approximately every 17 seconds, the police response time is approximately 5 minutes and the naysayers should do the math.

  23. “Anyone who suggests such a thing should have their ideas instantly dismissed as the ravings of a paranoid race-baiting troll.”

    OTFLMAO, I’m going to borrow that.

  24. Would it be racist of me if I opined that black teachers with a gun would be likely to shoot white students?

  25. On one side we have peer reviewed studies indisputably documenting the racist reality of teachers/administrators and police treating black folks wildly unfairly, and thus the NAACPs logical and reasonable concern that teachers/administrators with guns would naturally likewise treat black students in a similarly discriminatory manner.

    On the other side Robert Faragos inane italicized “I don’t think so”…

    …The usual evidence-free nonsense as pointless as typing “Nuh-uh!”, but this is the best the ignorant lying racist Robert Farago can muster… pathetic, just embarrassing

  26. Tom youre the lying ignorant racist ludicrously spewing “nig*ers are criminal” by lying that NFLers are thugs…

    So Tom how could you have taught anyone math when you wrongly claim NFLers disproportionately commit crimes!?

    How could you teach anything that requires critical thinking when the very source you cite as supposed evidence for NFLers disproportionate criminality says JUST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU CLAIMED!?

    And how can we rely on anything you post when your copy and paste omitted the one sentence that contradicted your racist smear of NFLers as disproportionately criminal!?


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