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The headline set me off: WHY DID COPS NOT STOP HIM SOONER? Needless to say, minutes after posting my comment, it was removed and the comments function disabled.

Here’s a thought you don’t/won’t see in the UK media: if the country’s law-abiding citizens were allowed to possess handguns to exercise their natural right to self defense, someone could have shot Bird and ended his killing spree. Perhaps he wouldn’t have even started if he’d known he faced an armed response from his intended victims.

Shock! Horror! ARMING THE POPULACE! That would make us more dangerous! We’d be like . . . America! More spree killers! Accidental death! The WIld West!

Perhaps. And perhaps not.

Keep in mind that the UK is number two for violent crime in Europe (number one in absolute terms). Your crime rate has been soaring by double digit percentages for years. Years during which personal defense firearms have been banned.

Co-incidence? Your leaders want you to think that it’s all about social ills. What if it isn’t? What if violent criminals are like rats; the best you can ever do is control and containment. What if there IS no solution. Only defense.

Whose responsibility is that, then?

It doesn’t matter how many police you have per head of population, or how well trained they are at taking out a killer (be he psychopath or terrorist). The police simply cannot protect everyone in every violent situation. Not with video cameras, and not with after-the-fact investigation.

You guys criticize the Nanny State for its stupid little rules, like Tree Preservation Orders and speed cameras where speed camera are not needed. But what about this? What about an issue of life-or-death for you and your loved ones? Do you want to depend on the State for your self-defense? Why are you surprised when they fail?

If you or your loved ones faced a gun-toting killer—and you can not eliminate guns from your society (you’ve tried)—it’s your job to do something. Are you responsible enough to own a gun to do so? Not everyone. You. What would you do if Bird was pointing a gun at your head, or the head of someone you love? Wouldn’t you WANT to eliminate the threat?

At least start the debate. More guns equals less crime? Are you mad? You SHOULD be angry. Your gun laws have turned the country into a killing field. Stand up for your natural right of self-defense.

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  1. Someone should tell the Mirror that eliminating cogent comments will only make a news site irrelevant more quickly.


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