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The investigation into the home invasion / murder of Brigham University professor Kay Mortensen has hit a wall. To revive their efforts to find the killer who slashed his throat, the Utah County sheriff’s department is asking the public to check the serial numbers of guns they purchased within the past two years to see if they match those stolen from Mortensen’s house. The Salt Lake Tribune has published the full list of his 32 missing weapons, and it reveals someone who might have had some home defense concerns. Or run with the wrong crowd. Or something. Ipso facto, the arsenal didn’t do the prof much good in the end, proving that ONE gun is all you need, really. If you know where one or more of these weapons be, call 801-851-4010.

Hand guns: .22 Ruger Great Eight (22475025), .22 Ruger Mark III Bull Barrel (22900712), .22 Browning Buck Mark (655NV26747), 9mm HK (2425419), 9mm Baretta Military Special Edition (0933M9), .40 Baretta SS (BER374017), .45 Sigarms Revolution (GS06701), .45 Kimber Grand Raptor II (K222884), .45 HK Tactical (25092411), .45 Springfield Armory Trophy Match Long Slide (NM159710), .44 Magnum Ruger Super Redhawk (55234084), .500 Magnum Smith & Wesson (CHY9035), Ruger .22 Mark II (22268616), Ruger .357 Security Six (15326454), Colt .380 Mustang Plus2 (RS49639), Browning (M1919A4 2834), L1a1 Fal-Inch (103304). Rifles and shotguns after the jump.


.30-06 Bar Semi-Auto, Nightforce Scope (311MW06557), 7mm Winchester Carbon Barrel, Nightforce Scope (G354481), .45-70 Marlin Long Barrel (96201225), .450 Marlin Long Barrel (1895MXLR), .223 Ruger Mini 14 Semi Auto (58013032), Springfield Armory M1 (167738), .45 Auto Ordnance Thompson Submachine Gun (KA9330), Semi Auto Clip 50-round Drum Mag Herters 243 (U-9 1086), Sks 7.62×39 (C11913789), Sks 7.62×39 (455110), Uzi 9mm/45 (22 HR4332)


Barretta 12 Gauge Extreme Black Matte Finish (AG002511), Winchester Model 50 12 Gauge Semi Auto 22729 Custom Stock Variable Choke, Winchester 12 Gauge (1018053), MK 308 Model M-14a, Browning 30.06 Dummy, Fn Fal-metric

UPDATE: Mortensen’s son and daughter-in-law have been arrested for the crime. Police have yet to say whether guns confiscated during their arrest are part of Kay Mortensen’s collection.

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