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I’ve said it before: MSNBC Commentator Lawrence O’Donnell is insane. His mind’s been twisted by an ugly combination of arrogance, aggression, messianic zeal and paranoia. It’s no surprise that O’Donnell projects this crazy-ass cocktail of characteristics onto the National Rifle Association, accusing them of hindering the investigation into the Boston Marathon bomb. As Brian J Conway pointed out in the comments below the accompanying post, the “taggants” that O’Donnell seeks are known to cause variations in chamber pressure that can cause a gun to explode. As mountocean points out below, “taggants also decompose exothermically, causeing shelved powders to burn/explode if you leave them on the shelf too long.” Anyway, apart from O’Donnell’s contempt for the NRA’s constant efforts to protect gun owners from government intrusion . . .

The NRA is his go-to whipping boy. As it is for the mainstream media’s commentators, college-educated curmudgeons who dismiss traditional American values of independence and self-reliance as thoughtlessly as they dismiss the waiters delivering champagne and canapés at their tribal gatherings. The NRA’s a soft target for those who can’t abide philosophical intransigence—except their own. Shame on O’Donnell for dancing in the blood of innocents. Again. Still.

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  1. Oh great, this guy again. He pounces on every rumor that demonizes conservatives and touts it as truth even if his proof is less than substantial. I’m surprised this guy still has a job.

  2. The encouraging thing in O’Donnell’s attack, and that of the Democrat-Media Complex generally, is its flailing, foaming-at-the-mouth, gibbering rage. They look like the guy in the straitjacket ranting as he’s being carted off, or the monkey flinging pooh from his cage. That’s all they’ve got left.

    And talk about an own-goal. All Obama and the Left succeeded in doing was fortifying NRA, waking up some snoozing Americans, and encouraging them to arm themselves to the teeth.

    • OMG I just shot coffee out my nose! I can so see the big men in little white coats coming to take him away! hahahaha

      • I got a keyboard cover, what with all the wack-a-loon anti claims I have read in the last several months. I have convulsed into laughter spontaenously, cant keep buying keyboards from spewing coca-cola!

        Hell, even mikeb didnt make that happen.

        That back handed praise of mikeb kinda makes a person feel slutty ya know?

        • I now keep a box of tissue and windex next to my monitors at work.
          I started humming that song from Dr. Demento show. “They’re coming to take me away ha ha he he ho ho”

  3. Does this imbecile realize that gunpowder has been made since as early as the 9th century? It is not a complicated process: charcoal dust, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate, mixed together. But, no, suddenly it is the fault of the NRA, and all gun owners by association. What a buffoon!

  4. I wonder if the NRA is delaying the FPS Russia managers murder investigation too? Say it aint so Wayne, Randy

    • Roofing tar isn’t particularly common to-hand in most locales, and most pillows have synthetic stuffing now.

      • Hot glue sticks are everywhere, and can be melted quite easily in a cooking pot. Better stock up before the control freaks realize how many nefarious things can be done with large amounts of gelatinous adhesive.

    • Fireworks are for celebrating our Independence Day, not a recognized Holiday under the Supreme Leader ya know….

  5. Taggants also decompose exothermically, causeing shelved powders to burn/explode if you leave them on the shelf too long.

    • It’d be a feature not a bug to them. Just a reason why it’d be unsafe to own guns and store ammunition.

  6. It is amazing how far PMSNBC has fallen, more like a Saturday Night Live show than anything real. The NBC group is now America’s #5 network, and freefalling fast. Under Telemundo! guess that’s life when you no longer have any “cred”….

  7. RF says:

    “… college-educated curmudgeons who dismiss traditional American values of independence and self-reliance as thoughtlessly as they dismiss the waiters delivering champagne and canapés at their tribal gatherings.”

    I says:

    So… now book learning is un-American? I’ll be sure to let the stinking, progressive, edgimicated Founders know.

    I’m a somewhat irascible 51 year old who despises Bravo Sierra, which should serve as passable curmudgeon credentials.

    I wear a khaki collar and have worn a lot of blue as well, but have two Masters’ degrees in engineering disciplines – having put myself through the “liberal mill” by driving nails, sawing planks, snaking drains and pulling wire.

    So you know, not everyone who can diagram a sentence hates the Constitution. Some of us have even read it, even though it contains no pictures. Some of us also are not rich.

    Should you find yourself in Toto’s demesne, feel free to come over some weekend for a beer (dark, not ‘lite’) and some of my signature bacon-wrapped, Cajun-spiced shrimp deep-fried in butter – but there won’t be any canapés.

    • Ease-up guy. I’m college-educated too. I included that description because O’Donnell and his ilk all fermented their fetid hatred for liberty inside the University system. Betcha bottom dollar.

    • I’m 65, have a law degree, wake up cranky, go to bed cranky and in between time I drinks me bourbon from a dirty glass. And you call yourself a curmudgeon? Pfffft. You’re not even a cur without the mudgeon.

      Now, tell me again about those shrimp . . . .

      • Take a crock pot and diddle the thermostat so it’ll do 325. Insert butter, spoon off precipitate ’til clear.

        Rub shrimp with Cajun spice mixture of your choice (I make my own, but that’s not required) wrap in bacon and stick with a toothpick.

        Immerse ’til done, retrieve, enjoy.

        Use the bacon-butter for cooking other stuff whenever.

        Get off my land! 😉

        • Russ, you done blew it, and you probably don’t even know it. The rule around here is Ralph gets NO recipes until he gives up the one for his Cornbread Sage Stuffing.

          Don’t let it happen again.

        • Now that I know, you can bet I won’t!

          Shouldn’t that be somewhere in the fine print?

        • Come to think of it, modifying a crock pot to be a deep fryer is going to be a violation of federal law anytime now, what with the repurposing of pressure cookers posing such a menace.

          Better forget that recipe.

        • Those would go great with my bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed, jalapeños.
          Then the single malt scotch….

          I found this site a bit ago.
          I sincerely like this crowd!

  8. The thing about liberalism is that it requires you go through life with blinders on. There’s 2 sides to every issue. Granted sometimes one side is just plain wrong, but if you’re going to argue your side you have to explain why the other side is wrong. For a liberal your answer is that the other side is made up of evil people and you never question the possibility that they might have a point.

    I saw this earlier today and I thought he might have a point, but he’s completely ignoring the other side, which I assumed had something to do with cost, but the fact that it could make your gun literally blow up in your face is pertinent information. I can understand his ignorance. I can’t understand his arrogant presumptions about gun owners.

    Anyway, even with “taggants” what would prevent a terrorist from buying a thousand rounds of 9mm of various brands, pulling out the bullets and making a bomb with the powder? How are they going to trace that?

    • Or making gunpowder. The recipe for black powder isn’t exactly a state secret. You can even get the ingredients for free, although it takes some work – especially the sulphur.

      Also, while they’re saying gunpowder, that’s media-generic for any powdered mixture capable of rapid deflagration.

      While it could be shavings from safety match heads, my bet is that the ‘gunpowder’ was in reality firework stuffing, as fireworks are available in many states year ’round with no record of the purchase and the carbon/permanganate mixture makes for more oomph than black powder with simpler containment-for-boom than smokeless.

      There. Now I’ve put my foot in it. No doubt I’ll have black helicopters overhead by morning.

  9. It may be O’Donnell’s smug grin at the top of the page, but the article’s byline actually reads Frank Smyth. Birds of a feather, I know.

  10. It’s a fact that The NRA’s lobbying efforts to restrict the registration of pressure cookers has hampered the investigation. With government registration of pressure cookers, we could avoid the tragedies that occur in school cafeterias all over America.
    It’s OK Mr. O’Donnell. Now put your aluminum foil hat on and the mothership will be along to get you soon.

  11. I just don’t get it, excuse my ignorance but can these people REALLY be THAT stupid? Do they really believe the horse sh*t they say or is it purely a job? (journalists/pundits(liberal))

  12. Sub-humans like him make me seriously consider extending mental health checks to the NICS, if only to keep guns out of the hands of insane leftists.

    But, yeah, he’s just projecting because obstructing a terrorist investigation for political gains is something a leftist would do.

  13. “MSNBC Commentator Lawrence O’Donnell is insane.”

    Why are you just picking on him? There’s an entire menagerie of loons you can choose from at MSNBC.

  14. Lawrence O’Donnell made an accusation against the NRA. Where is the proof to back up his statements? Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, I would prefer facts over sophistry.

  15. Great, I’m at the airport right now and my flight is delayed. Why, Wayne La Pierre, why???

  16. The funniest part of this is that a rudamentary Google search reveals that the NRA actually supported research into taggants by an independent organization (in this case the National Institute of Sciences), and that the study revealed that taggants in gunpowder would have been woefully ineffective (due to both the limited range of taggants that would be distinguishable post-combustion and the fact that most domestic bomb makers use homemade explosives) and extremely costly (hence the NRA’s eventual opposition), and that currently only one country in the world (Switzerland) requires taggants in commercial explosives by law.

    I guess MSNBC relies on their viewers not knowing how to use Google.

    • Actually, Switzerland only requires taggants in imported explosives where a domestic manufacturer makes a similar product, to prevent product counterfeiting. It’s a trade protectionism measure, not a public safety measure.

  17. Funny, investigators are actually saying it’s the media hampering their investigation:

    “The official said investigators are very worried that the media disclosures undermined efforts to locate the suspect or suspects, by tipping them off and perhaps allowing them to don disguises and escape the national and international manhunt now underway.”

    • Well thats a load of BS! The media is our freind. They let us know what (they think) we should know. They are only trying to help by reporting all that (false) information as soon as possible. How can America possibly catch a terrorist or crimminal if someone with a camera (and opinion) isnt there telling us the truth?


  18. Global warming, species going extinct, cancer, AIDS, fat people, the lack of global harmony, a possible catastrophic asteroid hit and any kid that might have stubbed their toe in the last ten years….

    It’s all the NRA’s fault.

  19. Assuming the existing technical problems could be overcome, you’re still left with one rather big one (apart from home manufacture, that is): commercial gunpowder gets made in batches. Large batches. Like, say, a metric ton at a time. By the time it reaches the end user, that batch has probably been divided up among ~500 different handloaders, all with the same taggant.

  20. why don’t you do us all a favor, and help finish putting NBC and MSNBC out of business by not advertising for them?

  21. Those on the left and the right do the same. Beck was a leader in this. Same goes for FoxNews.

  22. Robert, perhaps you could comment on this considering your educational/professional background.

    The rhetoric on MSNBC has of course been rising to levels beyond shrill the past couple of years. But I would think that O’Donnell’s statement goes beyond shrill and into the zone of outright slander. I have zero education in the parlance of law, but this seems like a very good opportunity for the NRA to file a suit against O’Donnell and MSNBC.

    As it stands right now, there’s zero consequence for state run media outlets to say whatever they want in order to pass this Administration’s agenda.

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