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I recently spent a few days at Mill Creek Shooting Resort in Saguache, Colorado checking out their facilities and taking a long range shooting class. Reviews are in the works, but in the meantime it looks like they’re hosting a bolt-action rifle match (and party) in July, and it’s open to any 2-person team interested in that good ol’ Mountain Money (top 15 teams win cash). Mill Creek’s press release follows . . .

You’re invited to our latest exciting event

Mountain Money Match

July 8 and 9
Saguache Colorado
Shoot cool in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. BULLETS BBQ AND A HUGE PARTY is how our match will go down. July 8 & 9 REGISTER TODAY!!

The Match

Our goal when we decided to hold this shoot was to have a great rifle match for big money sure, but we also had another goal in mind, TO HAVE A PARTY IN THE MOUNTAINS AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!! Join us won’t you?

  • 12 Stages/50 Teams
  • Two shooters per team/50 Teams
  • Entry fee $375 per person (lunch 8/8  lunch & dinner 8/9 included)
  • 50% of all entry fees paid in cash prizes to top 15 teams
  • Two Ballista Titanium Suppressors for the #1 Team.
  • Bolt Action Rifle (any caliber but velocity not to exceed 3200 fps)
  • Handguns and ammunition provided for certain stages
  • Ranges from 200 to 1760 yds
  • Practical field match (no tricked up positioning)
  • Open Range on 7/7 – Friday afternoon w/100 yard target

Presented by John Monych/Partner MCSR/PRS Member, Brent Jacob/Partner MCSR/PRS Member/Owner of Western Precision Rifles, Ladd Hall/Match Director/Lead Instructor MCSR/PRS Member

The Party

  • Live DJ
  • Full bar
  • Homemade grub
  • Campfire under the Colorado stars
  • Raffle for GOOD prizes
  • More fun than we can describe
Find Out More
Register Now

Train up hosted by MCSR Presented by Jake Vibbert of J C Steel

Want more out of the shoot? Come Early for The Train Up!

July 5 & 6

ALL INCLUSIVE (Lodging for 2 nights/all meals and snacks included. Alcohol extra)

Intermediate Precision Rifle/Competition Preparation

This combo class will cover the following to get you more than ready to compete:

  • 5 fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Dot Drills
  • Atmospheric Conditions
  • Wind Reading
  • Building stable positions
  • Barricade/prop engagement
  • Support Side Shooting
  • Improvised Position shooting
  • Hold Over/Under engagements
  • Competition Mindset/Mental strategies
  • Equipment Deployment
  • Time Management
  • You will need to bring 250 rounds
Sign Up for the Train Up!


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  1. Colorado was nice when I didn’t have to go over my gear to make sure it’s compliant with ban-state limits. I’ll take a pass.

      • It’s 15 round limit, and it’s just on mags purchased after the law went into effect with the full burden of proof on the state. So not a ton of teeth to it, but still jacked up, used to live in CO but in I visit I just choose to ignore it.

        • I currently live in Colorado, if I really wanted to, I could go into a bordering state and buy a 100rd drum, and bring it back for personal use, LEGALLY,it is the sale, transfer or purchase of “high capacity” mags done within the state that has been banned, so I can’t walk into “most” local stores and buy pmags. I only have 30rd mags for my AR, and most others do as well. there are very few that comply with that ban in colorado, untill you get into Denver and aurora, they abide by separate law because they are “special”

        • Savage:

          You’re correct that it’s legal to bring ’em in from outside the state and the law doesn’t affect people traveling to Colorado.

          In fact, if it’s not assembled it’s not illegal to sell them either. Lots of the LGS’s around me sell “repair kits” that are just disassembled mags. Of course they charge you like $35 for them…

        • strych9 – “…Of course they charge you like $35 for them…”

          No we don’t!! Well, most of us don’t…PMAGs $12.95 assembled or disassembled. Shops that charge you more for a disassembled mag are very rare, and very unpopular. The bigger issue here is the states attempt at universal background checks, but even that is not a very big deal breaker. As soon as Chickenpooper is gone maybe the laws will change, but I won’t hold my breath.

  2. you guys should read how the law is written, as long as you are not transferring the mags in a sale or donation, you are fine to have and use them. not to mention it is not an enforced law anywhere but denver.

    • I don’t even think Denver enforces that law because they have to prove so much that they really can’t unless you have PMAGS that you didn’t Dremel the date off of. I know Aurora doesn’t enforce those laws because I used to live there and a bunch of my friends still do.

      Denver has it’s own set of whacked out laws. Last I looked a weapon with a mag over 20 rounds was an “assault weapon” but you had to have the mag in the gun. A pile of Beta Mags and a rifle didn’t count until you inserted one into the rifle.

      For travellers it doesn’t much matter because traveling in a car with a loaded rifle is illegal anyway.

      Either way, the class is a bit pricey but the competition is cheap compared to a lot of the long range competitions around here.


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