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GLOCK no longer advertises their guns as exemplars of perfection. Which is just as well. They’re terrific guns, but calling a GLOCK — or any other handgun — perfect is like saying I have a six-pack. Just as there’s a lot I can do to reduce body fat, there’s plenty you can do to make a GLOCK better. Starting with . . .

1. The Trigger

IMHO the GLOCK trigger sucks. It’s gritty and breaks like oatmeal. If you’ve ever shot a Walther PPQ or FN 509, you know what a gun with a great stock trigger feels like. GLOCK ain’t it.

That said, I’ve found that running 10k rounds-plus through a GLOCK makes the trigger smoother and more predictable. Maybe it’s just acclimatization. No need for that, or a laborious five-pound trigger pull.

I installed a Rocket Ghost 3.5 lbs. trigger on my G30SF. It transformed the pistol (which was already my favorite compact .45). The gun became much more controllable and, thus, accurate. Not to coin a phrase, it increased my confidence.

Tyler Kee installed an Apex Tactical GLOCK Enhancement Trigger and Plunger. “It is absolutely an improvement in feel over stock, and the shape is quite pleasant. Gone were the hot spots on my finger which elevated my enjoyment of shooting this gun tenfold.” Click here to read his four-star review.

It must be said: Mr. Kee didn’t gain any accuracy with his install — which may have something to do with his familiarity with the stock trigger. But I reckon increasing shooting pleasure increases trigger time which increases accuracy. YMMV may vary, but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

2. Sights

There’s nothing wrong with the GLOCK’s U-shaped sights. It’s just that many shooters perform better with alternatives: three-dots, Heini Straight 8’s, XS Big Dot, a red dot or other sights.

The trick here: get some trigger time behind firearms with other sights and see which system works best for you. Remember that you want sights that allow rapid target acquisition and re-acquisition. Preferably while moving.

If nothing else, I consider night sights an everyday carry gun necessity. While you may not ever need to defend yourself in a low-light situation, the extra money required to fit night sights will give you extra peace of mind, knowing that you’re ready for that eventuality.

3. Grip

After reviewing the new Smith & Wesson M2.0, I’ve come to realize just how important a handgun’s grip is to comfort and accuracy. The GLOCK’s handle leaves much to be desired, especially for shooters with small hands or anyone opting for a small GLOCK (like the GLOCK 42 or 43).

If you’re not into soldering irons, TALON grips run under $20 (Dan’s a fan of the rubber TALONs he has on his G43.) and install in seconds. Same for Foxx’s peel-and-stick (plus hairdryer) grips. For another $10 you can spray your GLOCK handle with Grip Assist — using as much or as little as you like.

The are an enormous number of modifications that you can make to your GLOCK to personalize it and make it run better, from extended mag and slide stop releases to replacement frames. It’s a great gun. Why not make it even better?

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  1. so what your saying is, start with the trigger, then sights, then a frame, then grips, oh and don’t forget recoil spring, maybe a match barrel ect ect ect. why again did you buy a glock? sounds as pointless as buying a dpms ar15, because it’s cheap, and then putting $1400 into upgrades and changing what you don’t like, making it a $2000 gun that is still a dpms Oracle. stupid.

    • Well…
      1) Lower cost of entry – any gun in progress is better than a gun you don’t have.
      2) Future mods reflect your wants and needs – you built your gun, not a marketing department
      3) Costs are directed to what matters (at least with ARs) – barrels, triggers and sights are what matter. Slap them in ANY in-spec receiver and the gun will work just as well, no matter whose name is on the side. I will admit that this doesn’t hold true for all firearm types.
      4) Less aversion to gun cannibalism – parting out becomes practical rather than heretical.

    • Some people like personalizing their guns. Even if you buy a high-end pistol or AR, there will be some things about it that just don’t suit you.

      Which trigger? Which sights? You get to choose.

    • I happen to like my DPMS Oracle. It was cheap, it’s accurate, it’s never had a problem, and with some magpul furniture, a white light and red dot, it suits my needs just fine.

      I get why more rifle is desirable, but in this case good enough is, well, good enough.

      • Same here. My DPMS AR10 is dependable, accurate enough. Worth the money. That said, even though it does what I ask of it, I sorta wish I’d held out for the S&W.

    • I agree completely when it comes to Glock pistols. That is why I will never own one. Why? They suck! Give me a Ruger, S&W, Sig, FNH, a 1911, etc., ANY day over a Glock. A pistol that you have to change everything on IS NOT perfect! And don’t get me started on the grip angle! While it may be closer to perfect AFTER you’ve changed everything, the reality is that it is no longer the pistol you purchased.

  2. From the article: “I installed a Rocket Ghost 3.5 lbs. trigger connector on my G30SF. It transformed the pistol (which was already my favorite compact .45). The gun became much more controllable…”

    A connector made the pistol more controllable?
    Do you even READ the stuff you write?!?

    The sights are fine for their intended use as placeholders; cheap, but functional for those who need SOME kind of sights in the short term, but easy to remove for those who want to upgrade. “Ball in the Bucket” works fine out to 10-15 yards, even in low light.

    They vary, but Glock triggers and connectors are just fine for the pistol’s intended use. If you need to shoot tiny groups on a paper target, buy a target pistol, not a Glock.

    You want a grippy-gripped Glock, buy a Gen4.
    Much better than a Gen3/2/1 for grippiness.
    (Although the Gen3 RTF2 was very grippy as well).
    Just don’t let it rub on the ol’ muffin-top too much, or you’ll be sore…

  3. I’m a big fan of tritium/fiber hybrid sights. Quite frankly, there is nothing wrong with a Glock that you can’t fix with ~$100 worth of parts. My EDC Glock 34 is rocking the above sights and a cheap trigger pull upgrade. Took all of 10 minutes to install.

    • …and the guy in the video wrongly claimed Tritium is nuclear ‘waste’.

      At a value of $30,000 USD per *gram*, waste is the furthest thing it is, especially since it a preferred fuel for nuclear *fusion*…

      • It’s an incredibly light beta emitter with a half life of over 12 years. Quite frankly, there’s stuff in your house that is far more radioactive.

        • “Quite frankly, there’s stuff in your house that is far more radioactive.”

          Hell, yeah. Probably the worst is Radon gas, for example. The Uranium content in the earth here is among the highest in the US.

          Besides that and the natural radioactive content in cinderblock and the ionizing radiation emitter in the ubiquitous household smoke detector, what else did I miss?

  4. One of the mods that I’d like to do to a Glock 21SF I’d like to buy in the future is shortening the length of the grip to the size of the G30. That way, I have the concealability of the Glock 30, but with a slide and barrel the length of the 21.

    I’ve seen people do the same with the Glock 19 by cutting the grip to the length of the 26. I just wonder why Glock doesn’t come out with these themselves.

    • which can lead to lawsuits when it turns out imperfect. while it may be stupid to believe, a good lawyer could easily convince a jury otherwise.

  5. stipple the frame with a hot poker.
    attack the slide exterior with a dremel.
    change the grip angle.
    add a hammer.
    have it cryogenically enhanced.
    sumbmerse it in graphite powder.

    • I would love to make all the finger grooves disappear. Other than that the grip is tolerable.

      I find that the triggers one the Gen 4s are mushy and a little too firm, but not gritty or bad.

      That said, I put the Lone Wolf UAC Trigger into a G41, and now I am getting light strikes on some harder primers. Not pleased about that.

  6. As long as you know going into it what you want and what youre going to do to get it there the Glock is the way to go in my opinion. Theyre simple and straight forward to use with very little to screw up. That said my gun snob friends make fun of me for having a 1000$ glock. But i wanted a Glock for the simplicity and i knew i was going to have to put some money into it to get it the way i wanted. Now its just cosmetic stuff. Anyone have any experience with DP Customs?

  7. I like how the trigger on Glocks are always said to be horrible, unlike ***insert handgun that didn’t exist for 99% of Glocks history***
    M&P had no reset. XD’s were fine as long as you’re ok with a grip safety.

  8. My gen4’s got XS Big dot, a self-done polishing of the working trigger surfaces, and a Gadget striker control device.

    I see little need for any other mods. Maybe the new magpul magwell, and 3.5lb connector+NY1 trigger spring but I dunno.

    • Done both the full-size and the newer compact (in addition to already owning stock glocks). The P80 compact version is my favorite notaglock glock, period. And it is way simpler than the older full-size to complete (drop-in steel rear rails vs. hand filing poly rails on the older version for proper fit). That said, my full-size ran 100% after the first two shots. The compact frame has taken a bit of break-in before it has run without issue.

  9. Serious question to you glock guys out there:

    Does anybody have (or had) the Glock brand laser and light accessory?

    In all my years I have never seen anyone have or use one.

    • In my 5 years of carrying for a living, 13 years of near daily carrying and near three decades of using firearms for food and protection (therefore hanging around any place that sells firearms) I’ve seen exactly one Glock light and no Glock lasers in the wild. Mostly because people don’t have a good reason to change.

  10. Nothing really to do on a brand new Glock except maybe install a factory “dot” disconnector to lighten up the trigger pull.

  11. Step 4: Set Glock on table and reflect on your choice of firearm
    Step 5: Buy a Beretta or 1911 and stay away from “Perfection”
    Step 6: Profit?

  12. Why not just buy a gun that’s awesome right out of the box, with good ergos, sights and triggers and skip the overrated glock all together! Vp9, p10c, FN509, etc have it all over the trendy glock.

    • Simple, after-market part support. Right now, I have all the parts I need to rebuild my Glock 34 from a bare frame into either a Glock 17 or Glock 17L. If something goes, you generally get the parts at any well stocked gun store or have them overnighted to you from any of a dozen retailers.

    • All great guns for sure and I own them all, but the thing I love about the Glock 17 is the firepower and availability of holsters, etc. The FN is nice as Raven makes a holster for it, but given my pocket back up guns are Glocks, I want the trigger pull to be consistent. I wish HK would make a duty size VP9 that holds 17 rounds, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

    • Seems a bit strange that you call the 35 year old glock design “trendy” immediately after you mention three pistols that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

    • Stock up on springs. I was wondering why my PM9 kept shitting the bed after running fine for a while, then the service desk at Kahr told me the springs are only good for about 1k to 1,200 rounds. That’s every other month. Looking to replace it with a G43 with some modifications.

  13. I don’t exactly get it. I really like my G19 for its balance of concealment, shoot ability and firepower. I also like it’s dead simple operation and utter reliability. What I don’t get exactly is all the upgrades. This thing does what it does very well, but there are better guns, they just cost alot more. The little stuff I can see, but some of the higher end stuff leaves me shaking my head.

  14. “That said, I’ve found that running 10k rounds-plus through a GLOCK makes the trigger smoother and more predictable.”

    Cheap brass 9mm at $200/1K.

    So, spending $2000 on ammo will make my trigger better?

  15. What I do is change the (1) compact grooved trigger with the smooth. (2) change to the extended slide lock. (3) Depending on the gun extended mag release.

  16. “There’s nothing wrong with the GLOCK’s U-shaped sights”

    Statements like this are how we know you do not know much about Glocks.

    • The sights are the first thing that I would change. Switched to some night sights on a G17, and started immediately shooting better. Just to check whether it was I or the gun, I shot it side by side with a stock gun. It was the sights. Also, after maybe 4K rounds, replaced the recoil spring. It helped give me an excuse to drop by Lone Wolf (just west of Sandpoint on US 2). Probably didn’t matter, so kept the old spring, JIC.

    • Last summer GTI had Glock 21 police trade-ins for $320. That was hard to pass up. If it would have been 19s I would have bought 4.

  17. For left handed shooters stay away from extended mah releases! I made that mistake and it seemed like every time I got into/out of a vehicle, stood next to a table, stood next to a wall or went through a doorway my mag was on the ground!

  18. Any legal concerns if one installs an upgraded trigger with a lighter pull and then gets involved in a self defense shooting?

    • Nope. You didn’t modify the gun, you simply replaced factory parts with other factory parts in order to keep it running properly, just like changing a cars tires with the seasons and mileage. If anything you made it safer by enabling better control during its use.

      In a DGU, you fire because you fear for your life. That is all the jury needs to know and all the prosecutor should hear.

      • Except that’s not reality. Some jurisdictions, including potential jurors and prosecutors, are anti gun and look for opportunities to show it. Look, there’s plenty of manufactured ammo that would be fine under your rationale. But would you be comfortable putting your future into the hands of a jury after using RIP rounds?

    • I think that you argue that the lighter trigger makes the gun safer, not more dangerous, because it makes the gun more accurate, and less likely to miss and hit innocent bystanders. And then you point out the abysmal safety/accuracy record of the NYPD with their 12 lb or so triggers.

      • Your right about the Glock heavier trigger still causing accidental firings but not for the reason you stated. It is basically a single action trigger even though they call it a double action. Its short stroke just like the average single action auto or revolver with the hammer cocked back. Where your wrong is that generally when Police departments went to double action only auto’s like the Beretta and the Ruger etc. accidents went way down because of the long stroke heavy double action pull. Police studies proved it beyond any doubt.

  19. Smooth trigger goes in all of my compacts and file the trigger safety blade to the contour of the trigger.

  20. Naturally because its controversial with the Morons the Author left out the most important modification and that is the installation of a manual safety. The Cominelli safety is so good it does not void the warranty if installed by an approved gunsmith.

    Pre-loaded striker fired guns without manual safeties have proven to cause more accidents than any other type of firearm. If guns fell under the consumer safety act such weapons would never have passed the safety ok by the Government. The result of course was legions of unnecessary deaths and maiming’s. History has proven it.

    I had such a safety put on my Glock otherwise I would never carried it period.

    I also had the junk, break off, plasticky factory sights replaced with factory Glock Night Sights that are steel. They are actually made by Meprolight. Contrary to Arm Chair Commando rectum gas there is no difference between the brightness of the various makes of Tritium Sights because the vials are all made by the same company (Trijicon) only the chassis are different between makes of these sights and its only Trijicon that will replace them free when they go dim (unless they have recently changed their warranty).

    The other change I made was to buy a Glock Meister Trigger assembly which smoothed out the horrific gritty creep in the original factory trigger assembly. I did this years ago before a plethora of companies came out with various trigger mechanisms for the Glock so I am not going to state my Glockmiester trigger assembly is the best.

    Contrary to the above article Glock factory guns no longer come with the 5 1/2 lb factory pull but Glock (because of all the accidents) and (grasping at straws) quietly changed the factory pull to 8lbs. Unfortunately it did not help reduce accidents. All this is asinine because Glock has had a factory safety for decades and does indeed have to install them on Glocks that get imported to some foreign countries that were intelligent enough to tell Glock to make the gun safe to use or go peddle their accident prone gun somewhere else. Glock had no choice on that one.

    As far as changing the grip by gluing on the above stick on none slip grips. Gun solvents and oil will probably make short work of that modification and even if by some miracle they stay on a gun a grip with too rough a texture will hang up on clothing and in a crisis situation it would probably get you killed when attempting to draw the weapon. No thanks I will stick with the factory grip.

    I could do nothing of course as far as the super weak ignition system is concerned. With a Glock you must use a good low temperature oil sparingly or with some people no lube at all because of the Glocks very weak ignition system. The gun must be kept clean and free of lint that finds its way into the gun through the “straight through” hole in the grip that is a super highway right into the Glocks inner workings (not perfection by a long shot). For those Arm Chair Commandoes that will howl from the roof tops to prove their complete ignorance on this subject try shooting off an empty case with a deliberately seated “high Primer”, it will not fire Jethero even with repeating firings on the same primer, I know I have deliberately done this while all my hammer fired 9mm’s had a strong enough ignition to drive the high primer right down into the primer pocket and still have enough energy to crush the primer and set it off.

    Now Jethro may howl, that the weak ignition is irrelevant if you stick with factory ammo. Not true on two counts. Number One is that I have encountered high factory primers and even if you use good factory ammo letting a Glock get dirty and very cold (such as left in a car overnight in winter) and couple that with the wrong lube and you easily can have a misfire because of the very weak ignition system.

    By the way the much criticized adoption of the Sig 320 has a pre cocked trigger of about 90 per cent compared to the Glocks 67 per cent cocked trigger but the Glock has less muzzle flip and therefore faster recovery time between shots which is irrelevant if your Glock will not fire because of a weak ignition system.

    The Morons in Britain that adopted the Glock for the military shows that “military clerks” know less about guns than often the civilian population does. And not to just beat up on the Morons in the British Army but the Americans adopted the Remington 700 based sniper rifle that was a disaster in Vietnam with falling off bolt handles, and dust clogged trigger systems that were also unsafe too use to boot and a defective Redfield scope that had its plasticky ranging marker melt when the sun penetrated the lens. That was a real hysterical laugh. The Military Clerk Morons had rejected the Winchester Post 64 Model 70, which was superior, because they had heard a rumor Winchester was having problems with the post 64 gun which was untrue. And lets not forge when the U.S. adopted the .45 acp which in tests in 1945 (34 years after its adoption) was found that its bullets bounced off of a military helmet at a scant 35 yards while the 9×19 penetrated the same helmet at an astonishing 125 yards. Just a few more examples that busts the myth that since the Military adopted it therefore it has to be the best. I should not have left out the Germans either and their adoption of the Jam-a-Matic Luger or the safety breaking and top cover flying apart P38 pistol either. So much for the geniuses in the various worlds militaries.

    Man invents firearms and man is fallible and there has never been a perfect weapon, as they all have their faults and some of them just could get you killed if you are not aware of the faults, something Jethro will claim is impossible because to him every piece of garbage that was ever invented in the firearms class must therefore be perfection in every way, especially if guys like Forest Gump ok’d it.

    • I forgot to mention the open firing pin channel in Glocks. Simply take off your Glock slide and look at the underside of it. Burnt powder, excess lube, lint, dust , dirt can all collect there and the open grip channel funnels all this crap right into the open firing pin channel. Yep, Glock perfection, if it got any better the gun would never even fire.

    • “Contrary to Arm Chair Commando rectum gas there is no difference between the brightness of the various makes of Tritium Sights because the vials are all made by the same company (Trijicon)”


      China, the Russian Federation, and likely others produce domestically Tritium gas in their nuclear reactors (Tritium gas is a ‘booster’ for vastly increasing the yield of nuclear weapons), and the Tritium vials for their weapon sights.

      Brightness can vary due to the *quantity* of the radionuclide in the vial (remember, that stuff costs $30,000 per *gram*, there is a strong motivation to be stingy with it) and the type and quantity of the phosphor coating inside the vial. Green phosphors have a higher apparent brightness, due to the human eye being more sensitive to the color green than other colors…

      • Sorry your wrong. When comparing apples to apples, i.e. green to green or another color etc there is no difference because they all come from Trijicon. The point I was trying to make is that Glock, Meprolite, Henie, True Glow etc. are all the same. Could they change brightness if Trijicon changes suppliers, yes, but that would mean all the brands would then change as well.

        • Incorrect. Tritium has this little thing called a half-life. No two bulbs will have the same brightness. Even from the same manufacturer. The higher-end suppliers will use bright new bulbs straight from the manufacturer, the lower end suppliers will be using older, lower cost, and therefore dimmer stock.

        • Without realizing it you just verified why the other manufactures use vials from Trijicon. They supply only the best vials and handgun sight manufactures know they would not stay in business long screwing around buying inferior vials.

          The whole point being that people who claim one handgun sight manufacturers sights that are brighter than another is only wishful thinking.

          I have half a dozen handguns with tritium sights and of various manufactures plus I have looked at handguns my colleagues own and the brightness given the same color is indistinguishable between makes when comparing new sights not ones that have been on a handgun for several years.

          Too many times a fellow will come to me and say “Here is the proof, look at these two different sights from different manufactures, you can see how bright this new one is. I said “And how old is the other sight” and when they say years not months, that is the end of the conversation.

        • “Sorry your wrong. When comparing apples to apples, i.e. green to green or another color etc there is no difference because they all come from Trijicon.”

          No, they do *NOT* “all come from Trijicon”. YOU heard *WRONG* on that.

          Here is a wholesale lot for sale of 1.5mm X 6mm Tritium vials manufactured in Zhejiang, China:

          Zhejiang China is *NOT* in the U.S.A.

          Are you unable or incapable of understanding that ???

        • Look FLAME DELETED , I am going to explain this too you one more time. Trijicon supplies all the vials, and it is immaterial if Trijicon manufactures their own vials or sub-contracts out to a Chinese firm. The other handgun sight companies buy them from Trijicon. Now what part of this do you not understand.

  21. I kind of agree with you. I want to at least put a tritium dot up front and a ghost edge in there to kill the bump. But My grip is fine as is, thanks. :p

  22. Here is some food for thought. Question: Is there any safety difference between carrying a Factory Glock and an H&K P30S or P30Sk with the hammer cocked back and the safety on. Answer. The H&K is actually safer even though it gives the illusion of being more dangerous because of the cocked back hammer.

    Actually the cocked hammer tells you at a glance the gun is ready to fire and the safety makes it less likely to accidentally go off like the safety-less Glock. Try glancing at a Glock rapidly and then try and tell me if its cocked or not. Snag the trigger accidentally and see which gun goes off, the answer is obvious. Even if the H&K’s safety is off and the hammer down snagging the trigger requires way more pressure to fire it off.

    And the H&K (equipped with the manual safety) will not go off if the trigger is accidentally snagged as so often happens with the Glock.

    And there is a second option:

    You can carry the H&K with the hammer down safety on or safety off. With the hammer down and safety on you are doubly safe as far as an accidental discharge. Many people pull a gun on someone only to recognize that either it was a family member that was mistaken for an intruder or a criminal suddenly got cold feet and decided to back off and run. In either case many times the good guy got excited and inadvertently flexed his trigger finger and shot a person he never wanted to shoot and ended up in big legal and financial trouble. With the H&K safety off and hammer down its long double action pull lets you know without a doubt you are in the process of firing off the weapon and in a flash you have the option of cocking the trigger into the single action mode if you are certain you want to fire and make an ultra precision shot if the range is longer than usual ( Few people realize that if both hands are free that you can draw a double action gun and cock the hammer into single action with the non shooting hand while maintaining a death like grip with the shooting hand). Double action pulls just could save you a multi-million dollar lawsuit that will bankrupt you even if you win the case. Think about that before you sing the Moronic praises of the Glock single action with no manual safety.

    As of late I have been carrying a H&K P30sk. Its smaller grip frame makes it more concealable and the gun when loaded is lighter in weight. It came with tritium sights and it came with the manual safety, all of these things I had to pay extra for and have installed after I bought my Glock which meant the original cheaper price difference was an illusion.

    True, the H&K is a bit more money but not all that much money if you shop around for one. Its just that that particular model I wanted is often difficult to find because its so popular. H&K makes the same gun in a several different varieties with a different L.E.M. trigger and with or without the manual safety. With all the variations sometimes getting the one you want can be a real hunt for one.

    Unlike the Glock, H&K has not had the endless recalls Glock has had (called upgrades,because Glock thinks its customers are such Morons they do not know its one and the same thing and tragically Glock is often correct in their thinking) By the way I read last summer Glock had yet another recall on their latest creation of perfection to add to all their other prior recalls.

    And remember the H&K P30 has the bone crushing super reliable ignition system designed to fire when frozen, dirty, over lubed, under lubed etc. and not to be compared to the weak ignitions system of the striker fired Glock. No comparison here as the ignition system of the hammer fired P30 is way superior.

    And remember if you are dumb enough to leave a loaded gun lying around last summer (just two of hundreds of examples) one women got her head blown off by her 2 year old that reached into her purse and fired off a striker fired gun with no safety and killed her while shopping at the store and the other woman had her two year old reach into her holster while she was driving and got shot in the back with a .45 striker fired gun, she lucky survived but just barely. Yep, Striker fired Glock or copycat guns like the Glock, perfection, no manual safety and a single action type pull, Russian roulette anyone? And if you think you are not playing Russian roulette when you handle or carry a Glock, someday you are in for a real unpleasant surprise, probably sooner than later.

    Just think about a revolver with the hammer cocked back, its no different than handling the loaded Glock, its just that you cannot visually see the danger like the revolver with the hammer cocked back but both go off with an accidental snag of the trigger.

  23. Yep, my Glocks were not finished at all. Crap they could finished it with lights, laser, night sights special triger. What the hell, as I talk about it, it really pisses me… Oh will I guess I have to customize it. Hold on Rugers you are next, yeah right. Lets see I opened the box and it went bang. Need more of this special treatment. Be safe.

  24. I got a G34 for games at my gun club. I didn’t particularly like it for a while. I’ve tried a bunch of mods (mostly connectors) but always ditched them after a while due to reliability or creating an even crappier trigger.

    What remains:
    Polished the factory connector and trigger bar
    Talon grip tape
    Dawson Precision sights.
    Adjustable trigger shoe (lone wolf UAT
    Stainless Steel recoil spring assembly for some extra weight up front.

    I’ve been happy with this, particularly the trigger shoe.

  25. I cut a section of old bike inner-tube and wrapped it around the handle of both GLOCK G30S and G43 as the stick-on grips do not hold up when things get sweaty. Bike tube was free and works great!


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