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I don’t know the age or provenance for this video clip, but it’s the first time I’ve laid eyes on it. Anyway, while it’s clear that the recoil from the motorcycle-mounted mini-gun would play merry hell with the bike’s handling — should its owner decide to let loose while riding — I appreciate the spirit of the thing. It’s America in a two-wheeled nutshell: freedom unbound by law, convention or common sense. God bless this bike, this biker and bad-ass ballistics.

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      • So you’re saying that as long as he keeps at least 2 or 3 miles between himself and the car in front of him, he’s OK?
        And never makes a turn in a settled area? Or drives in town? Mind if I paint a bulls-eye on your front door?

    • He’s got the thing mounted knee high and pointing down. He’s going to have to wheelie if he wants to actually hit something (which would quite a trick with that mini-gun mounted up front).

      • Well, Gov… if I carried my gun in my hand, pointed at people’s knees, I’d be arrested for sure.

        I get the “joke” here, but am not amused. Sorry.

      • “He’s got the thing mounted knee high and pointing down. He’s going to have to wheelie if he wants to actually hit something…”

        Yeah, a few tweaks would improve things –

        1 – Align the barrel straight ahead, to eliminate nose lift.

        2 – A crotch rocket may be cool, but a Harley with a sidecar would really up the round count he could carry, potentially as much as a few thousand rounds.

        3 – That much extra mass up front will really ‘thicken’ the feel of the steering, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in motorcycles, as that could aid in stability. And I’m not sure if the speed of the barrels rotating would impact a ‘gyroscopic’ element to the handling.

        4 – Crap. Another expensive toy to add to the Power Ball lottery winning fun list…

  1. There was much whining here about obama playing golf. Dumpster has been on two golf outings since being elected. Nothing to say about that? Pennsylvania state senator got it right though. Called lord cheeto a “fascist loofa faced shit gibbon.” Ha.

    • I never did understand all the complaining about Obummhole spending so much time golfing. I always considered that as time spent during which he could not further fvck up the country.

    • Go put on your safety pin and let the adults talk.
      Trump won. Get over it.
      And sorry to say if he’s played golf twice… he’s earned it. Going to be very busy fixing the mess left for him by the worthless pos that just left.

  2. I watched the video and found my self saying out loud

    “SO MUCH FREEDOM!!! That’s what America is!!!”

  3. Ditto on Geoff PR’s #4 on his list…I have absolutely no use or need for one of these…that doesn’t stop me from wanting one anyway!!

  4. from a practical standpoint having the brass eject where it can bounce under your tires is about a smart as trying a moderate speed turn over loose gravel. It really needs to kick the brass away from the bike. also if you tried to use it while the bike is moving the recoil is going to throw the front of the bike around while the back is still supplying power forward.

    while an interesting concept, a weapon system that can only be used while the bike is stopped limits it to nothing more that a expensive toy.

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