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From Mossberg . . .

Mossberg has expanded its popular MC2 lineup with a new micro-compact 9mm: the MC2sc. With its double-stack magazines, the compact-profile MC2sc offers increased capacity but is comfortably sized for concealed carry with an overall length of 6.25 inches, height of 4.30 inches and slim 1.10-inch width. The MC2sc also features an optics-ready slide for ease of mounting micro red-dot sights.

Available in two frame variants (standard and cross-bolt safety) and with optional TRUGLO® Tritium Pro Night sights, each MC2sc comes equipped with both an 11-round flush and 14-round extended magazines.

Constructed of glass-reinforced polymer, MC2sc frames feature high tensile strength and stiffness combined with impact and chemical resistance. The slides are 416 stainless steel and feature a black DLC (Diamond-Like Coating).

For positive manipulation, the slides have angled front and rear serrations and integrated into the slide is a removable plate which allows for direct mounting of optics (Shield RSMC footprint). And unlike competitive products, the user is not required to pull the trigger to disassemble the MC2sc for routine cleaning or maintenance with Mossberg’s revolutionary STS (Safe Takedown System).

This easy-to-carry micro-compact features a 3.4-inch stainless steel barrel with cut-broached rifling; 1:16 twist rate; and black DLC finish. The ergonomic grip is angled at 18 degrees, naturally points like a 1911; has an added palm swell; and features Mossberg’s signature aggressive texturing for a positive, comfortable grip. MC2sc pistols have a reversible magazine release and, on select models, a reversible cross-bolt safety.

Other standard features include dovetail-mounted, low-profile white 3-dot sights (drift adjustable); oversized trigger guard; and flat-profile trigger with integrated blade safety. Trigger features include short, tactile reset; reduced overtravel; and approximate 5.5-pound trigger pull weight.

The MC2sc flush 11-round and an extended 14-round double-stack magazines are constructed of coated steel, which offer low friction and superior wear-resistance. The magazines also feature easy-to-remove floorplates for ease of cleaning and high-visibility followers.

For more information on the complete line of Mossberg handguns, please visit

Mossberg MC2sc Handgun Specifications:

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    • With a trigger dingus. Looks pretty good on video. And priced right. Has that dumb takedown as the only negative I can ascertain…

  1. I don’t believe his is a “micro compact” class like the P365 or Hellcat and others (Max-9, Mako, GX4). It takes the same mags as the MC2C. Seems like a sub compact like its model name designates – ‘MC2sc’.

  2. Once again small guns are the future. In fact we are going “Back to the Future”.
    Before the 1968 gun control act, if you had or carried a gun, nearly everyone had a small 25 or 32 sw or 32 acp hand gun. Or a 38 revolver. No one was carrying over 2 lbs of steel, a 1911. Except the military police and some civilian cops.

    21st century gun making has made small guns just as effective as larger guns. But you will always need to train with the gun you have.

  3. Interesting. I just looked at Mossberg’s web site. Looks like they no longer offer the original MC1sc.

    I believe the original MC1sc was 1.03″ wide, 6 round flush mag. The MC2sc is 1.1″ with 11 round flush mag. Seems like a great upgrade. (The Glock 26 Gen4 is 1.26″.)

  4. “Micro compact” is a term that I don’t understand. These aren’t extremely small guns. And they are borderline for pocket carry. Even the p365 is huge next to an LCP. Give me a 9mm that is 3/4” wide and the size of a pm9 then we can talk “micro compact”.

    • I mean, everything’s relative. The smallest gun running 10+1 was a Glock 26, and the p365 is a lot smaller than that. A Diamondback DB9 is smaller than a p365, but it only holds six rounds and kicks like a mule. So it’s all about the high proportion of ammo capacity to size that makes the p365 unique


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