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If we believe Billye High’s account, her son brought a gun to school with the intention of killing himself, to end his suffering at the hands of a gang of bullies. If true, it appears that school administrators decided to punish the victim — banishing him from their school rather than address the bullies — which led to this near tragedy. That’s just one way to view this story. I also consider the government-run, politically correct education system guilty of . . .

emasculating male children; teaching them that it’s never appropriate to fight back. It’s part and parcel of the culture of passivity that’s allowed the civilian disarmament culture to thrive. The desire for a “gun-free” America, chicken or the egg? If we want to maintain our moral core as a nation we have to stop this absurd idea that all violence is bad violence. Sometimes “micro-aggression” is exactly what’s needed to keep the peace. Your thoughts?

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  1. That’s why I’m a strong supporter of teaching your kid to break the bully’s nose the first time they do something. This PC bullshit of teaching boys to act like girls has to stop.

    • +1!

      There’s nothing like a punch in the nose to send a bully home in tears.

      My former stepson was a nice but passive kid who was bullied in school. Then, one day, he finally had enough and punched his tormentor right in the snout. End of bullying.

      This was a good thing for said stepson, and also a good thing for said bully who was probably a decent kid who was headed off the rails. Both learned something, and both were better for it.

      • Gotta go Ender’s Game on bullies. It’s not enough to just win one fight, you have to win all the ones after that. Putting the bully in the hospital with broken bones accomplishes this.

        Unfortunately school administration won’t lift a finger to prevent the bullying in the first place, but they’ll go out of their way to expel a victim who dares fight back.

        • That’s what lawsuits are for. The school has a duty to prevent criminal harassment. If my kid had to resort to violence to stop criminal harassment (perfectly legal in my state as using non-lethal force is kosher to stop any felony act), then the school failed in their duty and is thus liable for damages.

      • If you’re going to get expelled anyway for daring to fight back against bullies, then they should at least come away from it with permanent injuries.

      • You can imagine the shock of early 90s American bullies when they ran into a fresh off the boat Russian immigrant who didn’t put up with their bullshit.

        To quote one of my favorite actors…

        “And they made a very satisfying thump when they hit the floor.”

      • The kids these days would sadly come back and shoot your for making them look like a “punk”

        I don’t want to generalize but if you are over the age of 35 then Its worse than you think, much worse.

    • “…act like girls has to stop.”

      Not cool! Young women have just as much to deal with as their male counterparts with both physical and mental intimidation and bullying. They are also just as capable of self-defense when encouraged to think of the possibility and pratice the concept.

      • I’m talking about an educational system that treats young boys as defective girls. Female on female bullying rarely takes the physical dimensions we’re talking about here.

    • ^^^THIS.
      Illicit drug use rate of home schoolers: Statistically Zero.
      Juvenile deliquency rate: Statistically Zero.
      Teen Pregnancy? Statistically Zero.
      Self-Esteem Issues: exponentially less than Gen-pop.
      Life Skills: Varying, but typically exponentially more than Gen-pop.
      Danger of being a victim of a rampage shooting? Statistically Zero.
      Danger of being indoctrinated into a effeminate socialist? Near zero.

      Its not for everyone, but it is for everyone who can afford something better than the meat grinder that our public school system has become.

  2. My thought is that most school shootings have always occured in these awful districts. That is why there were metal detectors in the inner city schools decades before Columbine. Suppose the kid did get his transfer; his new school is highly likely to be just as awful.

    And for a thought experiment; what if the gang attacked him again and he did shoot one or all of them? “School shooter” or self defense?

  3. Suspension/Expulsion hearings are some of the worst to sit through. Listening to a bunch of pompous f*ckwits drone on about what constitutes appropriate behavior “in their school” can make your blood boil enough to punch the school officials yourself. They have no ability to make distinctions between bullying conduct and the “back to the wall” conduct that results from when the school doesn’t do jacksquat about the bullying conduct that puts a student’s back to the wall. And it’s all about protecting the school from lawsuits, not doing what’s best for the students they are apparently trying to educate.

      • Lets be more specific. What happened to the bullies that cause her daughter to commit suicide 5 years earlier as Mom states?

        Her son has mental issues and been in trouble before, just happens to know where to get a gun on the street? Looks to me like he was going bully hunting. He goes through metal detectors every school day and uses Mom as decoy to get gun in! Then he shows off the gun in class before his lack of skill pops a cap. Huh?

        All related issues are no excuse for a kid to bring a gun to school.

  4. It’s standard admin procedure to blame the victim of bullying.

    It’s high time they’re held to the consequences of their stupid unwritten policy.

  5. I’ve always thought it is insane to punish school fights as severely as is done now. Especially high school- hundreds of teenage boys with testosterone raging, and we expect there to be no fights. All the safe space, microaggression BS is simply a liberal backdoor to curtailing your 1st Amendment rights.

    • My high school punished anyone involved in a fight the same way; suspend both, even if the victim was on the floor getting his teeth kicked in. At that point you might as well fight back if you’re going to get suspended anyway. Zero-tolerance only makes things worse.

      • Not only that, but typically in Charlotte-Meck schools (of which I am an alumnus) the two combatants would not only immediately be suspended/expelled, but arrested and given a court date as well. Pretty good way to foul up a kid’s college or job prospects upon graduation. And now with all the fuss about “school to prison pipeline”, you’d think something as harmless as simple fights wouldn’t be treated as criminal acts.

        • You went to Char-Meck? I went to Lake Norman High. But, on top of what you said, I remember a kid getting the hell beat out of him, not because he couldn’t fight, but, he knew if he fought back he would have faced suspension and possibly jail. It’s despicable that the victim of an assault will face the same punishment as the assailant for simply defending themselves against further attack. But, we all know the idiocy that is the public education system, so it should come as no surprise to people who hear these things.

      • Thats crazy. I went to the school in the mid 90s to mid 2000s and I remember the punishment being the two fighting students were sent home for the rest of the day, and the next day were given a project and detention to complete the project with the idea they had to work as a team.

    • That actually gave me a great idea – get a boxing ring, some gloves and head protection. Call the ring the “Safe Space”. If both parties agree, disputes can be settled in the Safe Space until one party is knocked out or taps out.

  6. Zero tolerance is what school administrators like because zero brained liberal nitwits can then fill the position successfully. Google Tweetie Bird key chain or pop tart gun for plenty of egregious examples.

  7. This is why my son had his blackbelt by the time he was 10.

    4th grade. Two kids started pushing him in the playground.

    No teachers to be found.

    My son put them both on the ground.

    He was suspended for two days. He got a pat on the back and his favorite dinner from me.

    No one has bullied him since. He has gotten in trouble for defending smaller kids from bullies in HS.

    We have a quiet talk about it, and that’s the end of it.

  8. Liberlism is a mental disorder! Childern do not need to be exposed to such behavior from school administratio. I find it amusing that these individuals have schooling in child development. Yet cannot see the absurdity of their policies.

  9. Yeah, 25 years ago my son was 14, in a dependent kids’ school on Okinawa. Had a punk trying to pick a fight with him for months, managed to avoid him or escape repeatedly. One day after gym, the punk and his buddy trapped him between lockers and the wall, and discovered he had been attending a really extreme Karate school for over 2 years (he trained with Marines, and studied with the top karate instructors in the world, his teacher was there to study with them, she was 7th degree looking for 8th, he was her only student) The fight, once it finally arrived, lasted about a tenth of a second, the punk threw a punch, but before it reached my son the guy discovered he was on the floor with a broken nose. His partner bully didn’t wish to pursue the matter.

    So, of course, my son was suspended, and the punk was not, since “he’d suffered enough”. The SHTF for a week or 2, some rather high-ranking individuals became involved, they ended up erasing all records and just forgetting about it. I doubt that punk forgot about it.

    • I attended those same DODDS schools in Okinawa about 30 years ago. During the three years that I was there — from age 8 to 11 — I got into fights almost every month. Those schools were brutal.

    • There wouldn’t have been a Master Nakamura involved in that Karate school a couple of levels up would there?
      I, too, am an alumni of the Ryukyus, through Seiyu Oyata, who trained under Nakamura in the 1960s, and moved to the states.

  10. Bullies huh? So yer baby takes a gun to school? All 4 of my sons were bullied. And I told them to defend themselves. And they did. They “manned up”. Nobody shot. Happy my grandkids are home schooled.

  11. These schools today are ridiculous. I’ve thankfully been out for more years than I care to admit, but I still have cousins in school, and even 15 years ago it was bad-

    Ever since that school shooting in Columbine, if you say “Someone’s picking on me and it’s bothering me”, they treat YOU as a threat.

  12. I was bullied in junior high. I ended up kneeing the kid in the face repeatedly after he struck me. I did a week of detention. My father told me he was proud of me and the guy’s ex girlfriend hugged and kissed me. It was a good life lesson.

  13. I was bullied. Faced that same stupid zero tolerance policy. After I decked one of my tormentors I was threatened with suspension and possibly expulsion. The words from my parents: “An attorney will straighten this out” changed their tune right quick. The bully got a slap on the wrist (in-school suspension so he could still play sports… BS) but at least everyone else knew that I wasn’t an easy target. Apparently everyone was then afraid I was going to shoot up the school which was just silly. Not a one of my tormentors was worth ruining my life over.

  14. “emasculating male children; teaching them that it’s never appropriate to fight back. It’s part and parcel of the culture of passivity that’s allowed the civilian disarmament culture to thrive”

    Nicely said RF

  15. My granddaughters have emasculated a couple of boys in their short time in the schools. 3rd and 4th grades. But my girls have grown up “sparring” with “Poppa”.

    In CA we have very diverse schools. Some of these boys are raised in a culture where the women differ to the men. My girls come as a shock to them.

  16. “Billye High’s account, her son brought a gun to school with the intention of killing himself, to end his suffering at the hands of a gang of bullies”?

    That ghetto chickenhead would be a lot more convincing if she wasn’t all tatted up with gang symbols.

    When are we going to hear he was an “aspiring rapper/entrepreneur/rocket scientist/astronaut/pilot?, “Gentle Giant”, “child”, “promising athlete” and of course an “‘A’ student”?

  17. Growing up as a mixed race kid in white New Hampshire, I learned quickly that you can only rely on institutions to help when it is convenient for them. I learned very quickly to defend myself, often times physically. My father (the not-white parent) was always very supportive of this.
    Thus, in spite of a mostly liberal upbringing, when I came of age I got into guns. Because no one cares about my safety more than me.

  18. I was in elementary and high school in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I had a few fights, mostly in elementary, and the strongest punishment handed out was to spend a couple of hours picking up trash around the school yard. Usually, a teacher would break up the fight and that was the end of it.

    My wife and I never had children which is just as well given what I have read many places about bullying and school administrators’ unwillingness to protect the victims. At child rearing age, I would not have had the wisdom to handle the problem effectively. Today, I would

    (1) Verify that my child was not the instigator even by rude behavior that provoked the attack.

    (2) Inform the administrators that it’s their duty to protect my child and that no allowances would be made for the press of other duties. If the necessary measures had an adverse effect, it must be suffered by the bully rather than by my child.

    (3) If the bullying persists, I would resort to legal action such as assault charges against the bully, a protection order which the school would be obliged to enforce, and a lawsuit against the bully’s family to recover medical expenses and replacement of damaged clothing or other property. The strategy would be to make allowing the bullying to continue more painful to the administrators and the bully’s parents than controlling his behavior.

  19. Dear Mom, BULL (not bullies)!

    Your kid isn’t an innocent victim. He’s part of the problem. You are part of the problem for not controlling him.

    Website: you are foolish to buy in to her BULL.

  20. Dallas ISD Police? A school district has its own police force?
    That alone would be enough of a reason to stay away.

  21. We were worried about the neighbor kid who was pretty messed up going after our kids. Our kids enrolled in Tae Kwon Do early in grade school, worked all the way to black belt and had a great time doing it. Their peers simply knew that, if you went after them, they could put you down fast. Outside of tournaments and such they never once had to fight and were never bullied or bothered.

    That was one of the best decisions we ever made.


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