More Gun Control to Fight Violence – Who Could Be So Stupid?

more gun control laws stop violence

courtesy Frits Ahlefeldt and Flickr

By Dave Light, DMD

The reality is “mass shootings” are not as frequent as the media portray them to be. Their agenda is to see guns removed from society as if by doing so, mass shootings will end.

Interestingly, you never hear about violence control, only gun control.

Who can be so stupid as to think that even if there were some magic potion to make all guns disappear, violence would disappear along with them? Are we so stupid as to think that gun use causes violence rather than the other way around? Violence uses guns, not the other way around.

Eliminating guns will only shift violent action more toward ramming cars or filling milk jugs with gasoline or knifings or postal bombs. We surely won’t stop people from killing people via more gun control.

The only way to resolve mass murder is to investigate the reasons behind it.

Why a young man upset over being jilted by a girl would resort to any violent solution is the issue, not firearms. Was it his immersion in violent video games? Was it that society no longer teaches basic Judeo-Christian moral tenets? Was it that television and Hollywood have indoctrinated us into believing that violence is cool and an appropriate response to being dishonored?

The entire concept of eliminating guns is nonsense. Even if the Second Amendment were removed and all guns were outlawed, who could be so stupid as to think that all guns could be taken off the streets? Urban gangs across the country are in illegal possession of tens of thousands of guns. Their guns are already illegal—they are not going to turn them in because another new law forbidding them is passed.

How stupid can we be to think that more laws will help reduce violence–the societal issue of violence itself should be on trial, not law-abiding citizens who are the only ones who would follow more such laws. A severe lesson would be learned if all guns miraculously disappeared for 90 days, demonstrating how much violence would increase rather than decrease.

The only reason that violence is as low as it is that half the population has the means to defend themselves. If no one could, then those who are evil would take advantage and become far more violent than they already are.

It’s long past time for us to stop believing the mainstream media and start addressing the issue of “gun violence” rationally. Just because others with passion and money like Michael Bloomberg say something is so doesn’t turn folderol into fact.


Dave Light, DMD is a surgeon specializing in head & neck oncology. Prior to being CEO of an international medical management firm, he directed the federal Drug Interdiction Task Force for the northeastern states. He currently advises Congress and other federal agencies on healthcare and drug policies. 

This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 


  1. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Notice a coupla things: a) “mass shootings” don’t happen at inner city schools; b) gun controllers don’t worry about criminals and gangs having guns because gun controllers don’t live in “those pooaces”.

    The anti-gun mafia does not care about lowering, or eliminating, “gun violence” in places they do not frequent; not their problem. While the major funders of anti-gun politics may have notions of dictatorial reign over the population, the front groups are made up of earnest people who believe they are not threatened by the criminal element, but by “normal” looking people (people who look just like the gun grabbers) shooting the earnest people in places the earnest people frequent.

    Gun grabbers do not care if “gun violence”, or any “violence”, is curbed anywhere but the places gun grabbers live, work and play. And there is abundant proof…none of the anti-gun mob have yet produced a single idea about ending violence (of whatever type) in the inner cities. 55 people killed, 500 shot in Las Vegas. Do the grabbers even yawn at the number of people shot and killed in Chicago, every weekend? Add to Chicago every other major city, and you have thousands killed an injured every year (where do the grabbers think the 15,000 murders each year come from?). Thousands compared to 55. Or whatever number the most recent outbreak happens.

    The issue is not safety in the general population, but safety (the appearance of) in specific places, to benefit the special group call “nice people”, respectable people, mostly people not of color. The entire anti-gun operation stinks of “white privilege”, racism.

    1. avatar Kenneth says:

      I think this is the real Sam I am speaking(actually writing) here, and not just the one who loves to play devil’s advocate for arguments sake. I could be wrong… but anyway, well said!

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “…because gun controllers don’t live in “those pooaces” ”

        Wish I knew what that means.

        1. avatar Kenneth says:

          I looked it up and all I got was “pomace” which is the leftover pulp after pressing out the oil from fruits, vegetables, or grains, but I can’t see how that makes any sense. But then, antis never make any sense anyway, so it fits perfectly. 🙂

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          Actually, I meant to type “places”, and did not spell check.

        3. avatar Big Bill says:

          Or, a typo.
          I’m gonna go with the latter.

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          Typo. Should have been “places”

        5. avatar Kenneth says:

          Ooops. Sorry Sam. I thought you were quoting and I was just being facetious.

        6. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Ooops. Sorry Sam. I thought you were quoting and I was just being facetious.”

          Totally my fault. My question was to myself – what was I thinking?

          Which required me to quote me self.

    2. avatar Excedrine says:

      “Mass shootings” do happen in inner city schools. They’re not reported nationally because they’re part of the common place gang violence that’s so prevalent there, and they’re stopped early because those schools have ironically adopted all of the security measures that we’ve been clambering, and a whole lot more.

      1. avatar CZJay says:

        Well off white people do not want their children’s school to treat them like criminals. They want to have liberty, privacy and due process. They don’t want their kids to feel like they are going to prison everyday; that’s for the coloreds and poor people, just like gun control.

        “I am smart, I am wealthy, I am white… Do as I say, not as I do. These things are for me, not for you.”

        1. avatar Excedrine says:

          The thing is, the private sk00ls they sent their kids to also have most, if not all, of those same security measures in place. The only difference is that they’ve made them part of the decor. They’re like the low-level prison cells in Norway, if you’ve ever seen them.

          But, Heaven forbid that we would want to send our kids to a well-protected sk00l. Nope! Can’t have that, say the ivory tower mush-mouths.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        False. Targeted gang shootings may happen on the grounds of inner city schools but no mass shootings because in practice inner city schools are not gun free zones. You would have to be an idiot to try that in place where an unknown number of students are packing.

        1. avatar Big Bill says:

          Just in case you’re not being sarcastic…
          The Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) is an act of the U.S. Congress prohibiting any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a loaded or unsecured firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(25) (

          So even inner city schools are officially gun-free zones.

        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          I am not being sarcastic. They aren’t in practice because gangbangers are notorious for not obeying local, State or federal laws of any kind. I have a friend who is a retired Chicago middle school principal and she haf students who brought guns to school every day. The high schools had even more guns.

        3. avatar Excedrine says:

          So, given that gangbangers are going to bang with whatever firearms are on the market, and that they’re going to gangbang whenever they see a rival gangbanger, what makes you think that they give a shit if other gangbangers are packing?

          Answer: they don’t, so they absolutely do.

          Gangland shootings happen in inner city sk00ls, and not all that rarely, either. It’s just not reported by the MSM, because they like to gloss over it and instead sensationalize tragedies that actually are quite rare. If it bleeds, it leads — except if it bleeds every day. Just like the inner cities.

        4. avatar tdiinva says:

          False,. Targeted gang shootings happen all the time on or near school property. They rarely happen in school Spree shootings haven’t happened at all as far I can tell. If you believe Parkland style shootings happen all the time and are not reported than by implication you must believe that having armed defenders at school will have no impact on spree shootings and/or that an armed gangvanger won’t defend his own life if a spree shooter made an appearance

      3. avatar Carmender says:

        I believe the word you want is clamoring not clambering.

    3. avatar RA-15 says:

      SAM I AM , you just nailed it , well said !!

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        Thank you, thank you. We’ll be here all week; tell your friends.

        Oh, and try the Veal, it’s great.

        1. avatar Big Bill says:

          Is the 9:00 show completely different?

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Is the 9:00 show completely different?”

          No, but it is sold out.

        3. avatar SoBe says:

          Well said but I think I’ll have the sea bass.

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Well said but I think I’ll have the sea bass.”

          Too many small bones. Stick with the fish patties.

        5. avatar SoBe says:

          My mother always said to order bread with the fish to catch all the bones.

        6. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “My mother always said to order bread with the fish to catch all the bones.”

          There’s an idea !

          (But the whole thing seems kinda fishy to me)

    4. avatar CZJay says:

      Apparently 5.56x45mm NATO isn’t as powerful as anti gunners claim. A thousand rounds fired at thousands of people, hundreds injured and less than 60 killed. Most of the fatalities came from people thinking laying on the ground waiting for police to save them was a great idea. The police never fired a shot at the terrorist.

    5. avatar Christ T in KY says:

      Sam I Am
      And thanks for writing this.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “Sam I Am
        And thanks for writing this.”

        I gotta put down the Old Turkey Neck, 100 proof. Done convinced myself that I had three compliments on a comment. Not possible. Must be reading the same thing over and again.

        Dang, now I gotta switch to Vat 69 who knows what malt Scotch.

  2. avatar JD says:

    Finally, a doctor that makes sense..

  3. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    I think we tried that 90 day thing already. It’s called the first 4000 years of recorded history. Things didn’t turn out all that well.

    1. avatar Kenneth says:

      Yes, but that doesn’t count because sheep can’t remember anything before yesterday.

      1. avatar Kenneth says:

        Actually, that’s a mistake. Make that ‘sheep can’t remember anything before their last meal.”
        There. That’s better.

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          And socialism just hasn’t been tried with the right people in charge…

        2. avatar Kenneth says:

          And the “right people” always turn out to be… drum roll… Me and my buddies!
          Ohhhhh. What a surprise. I never saw that one coming. Its a twist worthy of Rod Serling!

        3. avatar California Richard says:

          Tyranical and viscious socialist are already in places of power through out our country. They are more careful because they will be the first to go in a domestic insurrection where the populace out numbers and out guns them (literally) 10,000 to 1….. Unless those politicians are Eric Swalwell. That guy’s all kinds of stupid.

  4. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Half the population of voting people in this country are pretty stupid.
    They are called Libitards by many in the other smarter half of our society.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Yet those stupid people can’t be won over by Republicans. So who is really the dumb ones?

      When you are much smarter than someone manipulating them is easy. Do you ever realize when you are being played? If you are not figuring it out often, you might not be as smart as you think.

  5. avatar Timothy K. Toroian says:

    All one needs to do is look at the concentrations of “gun violence” in the larger cities and they will see that gangs and drugs are a/the contributing factor and it’s a people problem, not one of steel, wood and, plastic. And the man is correct, we never hear them talk about a violence problem; that would force them to do something about the “underprivileged” of the cities. And you know the left would rather get spayed than do something about “downtrodden and impoverished”.

  6. avatar StLPro2A says:

    The late Col Jeff Cooper observed in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself by passing laws about the means employed.”

    En route home from an Applied Ballistics Seminar outside Salt Lake City last June, I stopped in Salinas, KS to attend an Kansas Active Shooter Mitigation presentation by Trooper Ben with the Kansas State Police. He had researched and plotted mass shootings beginning with the Texas Tower shooting in 1966 depicting that mass shootings are not growing in number. He stated that only the news proliferation of sensationalism coverage is growing.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      The term “mass shootings” is slippery; no universally accepted definition. The media uses the words to conjure up visions of things like Florida, or Las Vegas, but the number involved could be as few as three. It is the same as how any shooting within line-of-sight of a school is declared a “school shooting”, even if at night.

      1. avatar Excedrine says:

        Hell, the lamestream media will count “mass shootings” where no one was actually shot at and no one else was present, with no zero injuries even to the shooter.

    2. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

      Therefore ban the MSM and it will stop.

      1. avatar RA-15 says:

        ” ban the MSM ” that sounds good for a start. Ban the idiots , the anti’s , hell ban any fool that thinks the 2nd Amendment is just some piece of paper. Shall not be infringed , ever !!

  7. avatar Michael says:

    We need to spend less time rearranging the dang deck chairs…this kind of stuff is not going to change. We need I, I and E we need it now. Ultimately, I don’t care who wins, just so long as “they” lose. -30-

  8. avatar RA-15 says:

    The good doctor should be advising Congress on the points just made. Not that it would likely do much. The truth about guns would fall on deaf ears.

  9. avatar FedUp says:

    I learned a new acronym today.
    DMD = Doctor of Dental Medicine (I’m thinking it’s like a dentist with a full fledged physician’s medical license).

    1. avatar rt66paul says:

      Dentists are doctors. They can prescribe painkillers and antibiotics. They administer many medicines in their treatments.

  10. avatar CZJay says:

    Violence is a man’s world. No guns means strong men rule. Sometimes the people that think they are strong run away. Even the government isn’t strong without guns. What makes you think you would be without one?

  11. avatar Jbw says:

    There was plenty of violence before fire arms were invented. Knives, swords, bow and arrows or just large humans beating other people. Look at home invasions in England vs the us. 80% in England while the home is occupied, 20% in the US. The difference is armed people in homes to fight back.

  12. avatar AP says:

    Even if she has legal grounds for a lawsuit, unfortunately lawsuit can take a long time. This is still a massive inconvenience to undertake while studying for finals.

  13. avatar Warlocc says:

    I was on board until we started blaming video games and other/non religion. Way to be as ignorant as the gun grabbers.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Video games, TV, movies desensitize people to violence through constant exposure.

      Kids can watch a mock murder or rape on public TV. Kids can play ultra realistic video games depicting all kinds of things. They can go on the internet with their cellphone or tablet to see actual murders and rapes on Facebook.

      Religions were created by men for dumb people. The idea was to create a set of rules and concepts that could be passed down to future generations so there would be a base line for human behavior. Instead of relying on intellect (or what others would call free will) they decided there must be some sort of world governance for behavior. Therefore they wrote a doctrine and created an almighty authority.

      So some smart European men created religions for dumb Europeans to follow instead of allowing them to do as they please as that could keep them from progressing. Then they spread that government to the world of “savages” through force compliance or death. The almighty law must be followed or you will burn in jail for eternity. It worked on most dumb people, thus it had some positive affects, but it also had very negative outcomes.

      These days people reject religion because they believe they are smart enough to do so. They laugh at the idea of reading a bible/constitution to understand certain things. They figure they are smart enough to learn everything there is to know without someone else’s help, including their elders or ancestors. In reality, these people are not smart enough to recreate such accumulated knowledge. Therefore some people, who are smart enough to see this, think it’s a good idea to reintroduce people to the word of God. Where else are these people going to get their morality if they have not received any teachings from their parents/family?

      If you are dumb you are going to need some kind of religion. Who is the one that will give you that religion and what religion is it going to be?

      We see that leftists have rejected Christianity for Statism. Instead of pleasing God they please the State and themselves. They become communists, vegan/vegetarians and global warming crusaders. They want their lords to save them from violence, poverty, illness, the environment, etc. Trump isn’t their lord, he is the white devil who’s here to destroy all that is holly and righteous. There must be an exorcism/impeachment of the orange one, as gingers are evil:

      1. avatar Warlocc says:

        The games/movies causing violence has been debunked over and over again- just like firearms. Video games cause as much violence as guns do. People that are going to do these things are going to do them regardless of whether they have an Xbox or not.

        The day I buy into games causing violence is the day that guns cause violence and both need to be banned.

        And using bible/constitution interchangeably? Please. One doesn’t need to believe in a magic sky wizard in order to respect the constitution and understand that we have natural rights- be they “god given” or not.

        1. avatar CZJay says:

          I didn’t say video games make people violent. I said TV, movies and video games introduces people to extreme violence often enough to make them used to it. Once you get used to violence it’s much easier to commit it or be around it.

          Religious texts are a form of a constitution. They tell you what can, should or will be done. They are a structure to form a government. God is the President, he has the final say… When you are subject to U.S. law that makes you an American. When you are a subject to the Bible that makes you…

          God exists in you. He doesn’t float in the sky like a spaghetti monster. He doesn’t live in outer space. God lives within because God is the human mind, he was created by the intellect of human beings, he is a creation of intelligent design. If you can’t understand that, I have my suspicions you don’t understand humans and what constitutes a human right.

          I hope you don’t argue the topic like Sam Harris.

          Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are smart enough to know that a lot of people have no clue on how to be a good human being on their own, which leads to regressive behaviors/decisions that ruin societies. Sure, God isn’t real in the sense that he floats some place watching you just waiting to smite you for your sins. God exists because most humans need him to, in whatever form necessary.

          If you ever tried to raise good kids you should have gotten some hints as to why religion and God exists.

  14. avatar possum says:

    Criminals would applaud a law banning firearms. Recent history shows the James gang, Dalton’s and others less famous, cased the town for armed citizens and the availability to be armed

    1. avatar SoBe says:

      But, which criminals are behind the laws attempting to ban firearms? They want lenient sentences on crime, and they want to disarm the populace. What profession makes a significant proportion of those pushing for this?… lawyers. Without criminals released early and with a significant armed populace, they would be without work, and after all these are repeat customers.

  15. avatar rt66paul says:

    Whether or not you believe in God or religion is not the point. Most religions have similar modes of behavior and is how many of our laws started. While some of these laws are only about revenue for the state, most of them are how humans can live peaceably in a society.
    Religion, for the most part, is a system of politics that holds society together. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, there is a lot of wisdom there.

    1. avatar UpInArms says:

      Yeah… that’s what Jim Jones said.

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