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“Moms Demand Action’s peaceful protest at a local Target store was over before it even started,” reports. “These moms were hoping to ask Target customers to sign a petition demanding change, but the store manager asked the group to leave.” And there you have it. Save an observation: former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s money is finally trickling down to the grassroots. Specifically, coordinated T-shirts. That is all.

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  1. Wow… Such “fair and balanced” coverage. Completely ignoring that the group was…

    1. Violating Target policy on soliciting.
    2. Blocking handicapped access to the store.
    3. Guilty of disorderly conduct given 1&2.

  2. Will this cringe worthy drama finally end on a ‘victory’? If people stopped taking long guns into uncommitted private places of business, can we put on cap on this nonsense?

    • Sure. All people need to do is stop open carrying, MDA will go away and we’ll never hear from them and Bloomberg again.


      • I think they will. And soon. I support OC, I do it myself. It has been very hard for me to rhetorically defend a group of people carrying long guns in a chain store.

        Its a propaganda victory for the other side. Leaving it now after bloomberg gets the boot makes his group look crazy. Or at least as crazy as a people in Target with rifles. We can call it a draw.

  3. I can’t help but wonder if the same reporter would have portrayed similarly situated NRA members as having been asked to leave while trespassing and harassing customers. So one-sided. So much fail… oh, and my desire to shop at Target just went through the roof. If only they sold ammo.

    • Target is not pro-gun, but after compromising millions of customers’ accounts, I don’t think it’s looking for a fight.

      • It appears not to be anti-gun, and anybody who runs off Bloomberg’s minions deserves some patronage. As to the cyber hack, the CEO responsible is out of work, as he deserved, too bad the board didn’t get shown the door as well.

  4. If only every business they targeted would have done this. It would have shown them the true level of support they had amongst the public: which is whatever comes right before zero.

  5. Don’t get too happy. Target doesn’t even allow the Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside the store. They are pretty strict about soliciting.

    • It is still pretty exciting, though…at least in that Target did not make an exception for the Moms DEMANDING Action.

    • Can’t really complain about consistent and uniform policy. I do find it annoying to be hitup by an astroturff fundraising scam (as “GirlScout cookies”) when attempted to get in and out of a store in the shortest time possible (per guy buying SOP).

      Anyone got a corp email address for Target for a “thanks for having a brain” msg? I’m not able to get thru their web site to a contact email. Apparently they have some extra “security” layers (I think the cow is already out of the bran Target).

    • Yeah, they ran off the Salvation Army bellringers at Christmas too–much to the pleasure of K- and Wal- marts here in Deep East Texas.

    • What a coincidence she shows up in San Antonio at the moment of the Mum protest. Perhaps Mikey is buying T shirts AND airline tickets?

      • Wow! That’s a good point that I almost missed! That isn’t her bedrock community, is it?!!

  6. So the Mom’s are finally capitalizing on the antics of the open carry ninjas. The Mom’s go for good visuals: nice appearing, well spoken, ladies who know how to stay on topic, hand painted signs held by cute little kids . . . Open Carry? Grinning Chipotle ninjas and boneheads standing around with their hands on their weapons. Open Carry folks are now the perfect propaganda foils for the Mom’s. I’m just surprised it took this long. Texas politicians are paying attention to this.

    • … and yet Texas will be getting open carry within a year. It’s on the legislative agenda and even the DNC candidate for governor openly supports it.

    • There’s about as much unnecessary emotional bravo sierra in your comment as there is from that Mom in the video. Are some incapable of stating something without a truckload of emotionally charged language? You can make a valid point without all of the name calling and divisive language.

    • And yet, the Moms are losing popularity and credibility and Texas has handgun OC in the works.

      It’s almost as if Geezer Science on this issue is wrong.

    • If by “capitalizing” you mean being kicked out of their protesting location… Then yes, they’re “capitalizing” quite well.

  7. MDA say they won’t shop at Target, Target says “We don’t want you here anyway!”

    – I guess now they really are #OffTarget πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • Maybe they can shop at Wal Mart, instead, where you can buy all the same things plus guns. Oh, wait.

  8. The Moms are complaining that Open Carry Texas weren’t asked to leave, when they were there, a few days earlier. The difference that the Moms refuse to acknowledge is that the open carriers were on the sidewalk (public property) and the Moms were at the front door ( private property).

    • I wish the media would have made that clear. I didn’t know that myself till now.

      Unfortunately MDA probably loves the outcome because as far as most people know of the situation, Target kick them out but let the gun people stay. Very important distinction about the location of each rally.

  9. A whopping 6 women 1 man and a few kids.
    What a protest group…….seems about normal amount for MOMs.

    • if they get the camera angles right, they can make it look like there was………oh hell, 25 people there!

    • “Keep it up, Bloomy. Its working for us, your money and your PR mommy.”

      But wait. I thought all the OC folks were “hurting our cause.” To hear the whiners prattle on about OC, one would get the distinct impression that the Moms and their financier have free rein in the marketplace of ideas.

      So, what’s the score?

      Staples and Target dismiss the moms. A few fast food places “request” no guns, but no 30.06 signs in their places in Texas; official policy remains “obey local and state laws,” which means technically, OC of rifles still allowed.

      Aside from that one dude in the mall a few months back, no OC-ers even arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’ or whatever similar charges could be tried.

      I read a lot of bleating from the anti-OC bunch on TTAG with still no evidence supporting it.

        • I think their request (I confess I haven’t read it) said something like:

          We are a business. We are here to sell things. It would keep things quieter in our stores if you did not bring and openly display long guns.

          We still don’t know know who the criminal was who left the gun in the Toy Department. We sell things there. Our store is not a stage for the world to act upon. Please do that at elsewhere. Thank you.

        • Nobody was carrying! It was just a handful of Bloomie’s hired professional victims making demands.

          To go to Target, just pull your shirt-tail out.

  10. Yeah I’m getting real tired of this assertion that Mom’s demand action is a ‘grassroots organization’. They’re about as grassroots as I am one of the moons of Saturn.

  11. Nice FaceBook post:

    “Dads also need to live, and dads want their kids to live. I will not shop at Target again until action is taken to protect your customers from gun violence. I would like for my dad, my sons, and my sons’ dad to be free to shop at your stores without fear of being shot.”

    WITHOUT FEAR. FEAR! Do you hear me??? I have the right not to be afraid. It’s in the Constitution…I don’t know…somewhere near the bottom.

  12. It sucks that you can’t downvote facebook comments. The MDA nonsense responses on the target facebook page have more pro-gun replies (and likes) than MDA BS.
    Oh well, target can’t afford to give into their minority opinion.

    • I’ve been following this since last week. Most MDA posts are “drive by” posts. The peak was last Thursday when they had their “post on twitter and facebook” page (something that would be fun for our side to do from time-to-time). I think Target seems to have battened down the hatches and are content to ride out the storm. It’s not like MDA is the first group to try and force them to do something via boycotts.

      I predict that after this weekend, it will be behind them.

  13. More proof that Moms Demand Action is irrelevant, by Alexa rankings, which matches who shows up in person- little to nada.

    Looks like Bloomy has been off buying Fakebook “likes” for Everytown, which is about all that his money IS buying, thats working. Ms Watts, call your office…

    Kudos to TTAG, again- the secret mojo is working.

    Not only do gun-sites beat all gun-grabber sites, by Alexa rankings,
    but TTAG tops the list (after excluding gun-selling sites).

    • “Kudos to TTAG, again- the secret mojo is working.”

      The secret mojo is the simple truth. They don’t have it, and even people not all that invested in the issue can see that fact.

      The simple truth they lack pertains to their claim that more gun control would prevent future Newtown tragedies. They (grabbers in general if not MDA in particular) have openly admitted that their proposals would not have stopped that killer.

      All over the country, schools are at least looking at increasing armed presence in schools. They have a practical problem to solve, and ideology fails when tested against practicality every single time. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the admins considering arming teachers gagged a little to do so, but they have to realize that “No Guns” signs and wishful thinking does not protect children.

      At the end of the day, MDA is a failure for several reasons, but not the of it is that their message sucks. And people can sense that.

  14. Why is it that any time, no matter the location, an anti gunner is interviewed, they have a child who died at the Aurora theater shooting? I swear, it seems like every damn time. How many people died in that theater, and where did they all grow up? Because it seems like there was atleast 3 from just about every single state…

    • First possibility: people who care about a cause or event artificially make themselves seem closer to that event. You have the same thing with things like 9/11. You hear someone talk about how their best friend died and then you find out it was someone who went to the same high school with them they met twice. Strange human reaction but it seems to happen.

      More likely possibility: people actually connected to the events are going on tours, for lack of a better word, funded by Bloomburg’s pocket change.

    • The San Antonio couple mentioned in the article actually did lose a daughter in the Aurora shooting. They and about 5 other adults are the entire membership of MDA in San Antonio.

  15. A little loose with the facts on the story. They listed Sandy Phillips as a “mass shooting victim,” but unless she was with her daughter and was injured, or was involved with some other incident, her daughter was the victim and she was the relative. Specifically, an Oxford desktop dictionary lists a victim as “a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.” Certainly she has been affected by the Colorado event mentioned in the report, but I think it’s a stretch for the television report to list her as a victim.

    • Expand the definition enough and it could be argued that she suffered harm as a result of the loss of her child. The layperson though associates “victim” with someone who was there at the time of the event. This is nothing more than trying to achieve coveted victim status to further bolster their appeal to emotion rather than fact or logic

    • She is an “emotional victim”, which is to say she morns a loved one…

      Everyone is a victim to those who are in the business of creating victims.

    • I agree with you … but let them have that one. Someone might say that any violence makes as all “victims”. By that same token, we’re “victims” of liberal media BS on every event they choose to spin.

  16. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you deal with the MDA/MAIG/Everytown #GunBullies !

  17. I love the MDA sympathizers on the Target FB page. Their spam on everything just harms their credibility and is likely to alienate people.

  18. MDA is just going for the empathy just like that caused by the drug whose name they took:MDA began to appear on the recreational drug scene around 1963 to 1964. It was then inexpensive and readily available as a research chemical from several scientific supply houses. Although now illegal, MDA continues to be bought, sold, and used as a recreational ‘love drug’, due to its enhancement of empathy./sarc…….or maybe not………

  19. Target’s policy is so strict that they stopped allowing Salvation Army bell ringers from collecting donations on their property.

  20. We shop at Target, plus scripts. I sent them an email and called them to tell them I would cancel my account if they put up a no guns sign. I included my account number.

    The Target guy on the phone transferred me to someone who had no clue (or acted that way).

    We spend a lot of $ at Target. If enough people did this they’d pay attention. Money talks, bs walks.

  21. Please, Texans, don’t OC long guns into businesses. You are screwing folks in other states who already have OC, and yourselves in the long run. Just be patient, and OC black powder for the time being if you want to make the statement. I know that’s slightly off topic, but whatever.

  22. Nothing I love more than seeing Michael waste every red cent of that $50 million.

  23. I see perhaps as many as 12 mums. How is it this “grassroots” mother club need as GUY to tell them what to do (0:20 in the clip).

  24. Good!

    Now… to all the Open Carry People, be happy that they overcooked this one and then leave it at that. MDA scored an own goal to counter the one we scored on ourselves. Lets not go giving them the ball back. Keep it on our end, burn the clock and wait to see if Greg or Wendy follow through on their open carry promises.

  25. former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s money is finally trickling down to the grassroots. Specifically, coordinated T-shirts.

    You people have it all wrong. I just signed up for Moms Demand Action (and their dads group too) and Everytown for Gun Safety. I’m gonna get me some of those nice t-shirts to wear to the range, and maybe get some pictures shooting the suppressed M16 πŸ™‚

    • Oh, and I also confirmed that all you have to do to become a “member” of their BS organization is to sign up for emails. To become a member of the NRA, I had to pay $25. I wonder how many of their “members” would be willing to fork over $25 to deny people their civil rights..

  26. So why are the anti freaks all over targets webpage thanking them for being against open carry and CC?

    • Because there is absolutely NO commitment in time or money. 100% drive-by. I wonder how many commenters are over 18?

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