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(courtesy Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America - TX page)

For those of you suffering from a dearth of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America = astroturf posts, we offer this nugget from the org’s Facebook page (Texas edition). “HOST A HOUSE PARTY: As part of our Mother’s Day Week of Action, moms across the nation are hosting house parties the week of May 4th – 10th. This is a great opportunity to build community, introduce our new Gun Sense Voter campaign and discuss next steps in reducing gun violence in America. It’s not too late to sign up to host a house party.” Anyone remember slide shows? Like that, only not as popular. Or interesting. In fact . . .

the House Party idea is so dull – and unlikely – that the image accompanying the invitation shows a classroom. Today’s lesson: how to pretend to be a grass roots organization. There. Happy?

Woman’s Outdoor News publisher Barbara Baird isn’t. In an article for The Daily Caller, Baird bears her metaphorical fangs at the maternal proponents of civilian disarmament.

All moms want their children and families to be safe. All moms are not willing to defend the Second Amendment.

Bloomberg’s moms believe that taking away all guns eliminates gun crime. NRA moms know this is not true.

Perhaps the one question that needs to be asked of Bloomberg’s mommy corps is this one: If your child was in danger, and the only way to stop the crime was to fire a gun at the miscreant who intended harm to your loved one, would you authorize it or do it? Also, add to this scenario the fact that law enforcement is 12 minutes away.

Or, would you hearken back to your kitchen craft days and say it is OK to sacrifice your innocent child to the evil of this world because of your belief in the anti-gun movement?

That’s all we really need to ask these moms, regardless of how they feel about the 2A. How deep are your convictions?

Note to Baird: you can’t use logic to argue a person out of a position they didn’t use logic to get into (even if it’s the rule about not ending sentence with a preposition). That said, Baird told TTAG that she knows her audience: “I hope I’ll awaken other women who feel like I do about this and get them to speak up about their second amendment rights.”

Unlike Shannon Watts, Barabara Baird has no plans to start a media-friendly pro-gun Mommy org, Facebook page “members” and all. “The NRA isn’t funding us,” Baird said. “And I’m not trying start a movement.” As they say in Russia, sometimes movement starts you. Now, how do you burp a plastic bowl again?

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    • I was thinking about going to one for that very reason. May as well earn my name. I figure their husbands are all limp-dick pacifist new-age guys, so these moms could probably use a good shag.

      • According to their millionaires-club logic; why do something when you can just underpay a minority man to do it?

    • Well, part of the problem, in keeping with MDAs normal pattern of less than truthful advertising, is the momma you see on the posters and web pages is not the mommy that needs action.

      • Show some respect, she is the leader of the D cell community, for goodness sake. Giving off good vibes everywhere.

  1. Anti-gun tupperware parties? Yeah, I love this stuff. Shows just how creaky, old, and vastly out of touch the hoplophobes have become.

    Next up: Geriatric scolds host afternoon tea to promote gun control! Bingo to follow!

    • Yeah. This idea is hilarious. No one is going to do this. Not even in darkest blue parts of Massachusetts/NY/IL. No one. They can keep on making themselves look deranged though.

      • Pointless idea any way you look at it. The handful who could actually bring themselves to (Ewwww) interact with anyone not of their Social Circle would never stoop to actually talk with a STRANGER. There is no telling what THOSE PEOPLE might do, and what would my “friends” at the Country Club think?

    • The hypocrisy with them is just nuts. We need bodyguards, you don’t. We are strong independant women, Monica Lewinsky is a jezabel whore. We love our children, yours can die defenseless in a home invasion in to further the cause.

    • There is no “leave it unloaded.” The ONLY time a gun is “unloaded” is when the action is open and I can see daylight through the chamber down the barrel.

  2. Also, can we crash their parties? I would love to show up with a six-pack and spend a couple hours trolling overly earnest soccer moms.

    • Yes! Where do we go to find out where these gun-Quislings are meeting?
      I’d love to crash, have a nosh, and inject a little “gun sense” reality into the proceedings.
      Probably would go over like a polecat let loose in the room, but gangs of fun for me.

    • Oh this will be fun to infiltrate. I’d bet we’d be able to get 3x-5x 2A ladies for every gun grabber at these parties. We definitely need to keep a tab on this.

      Ooooohhh…better yet….for the adventurous types……volunteer to become a host and then…

  3. “Bloomberg’s mommy corps.” This beats all previous descriptions and portrayals of this org. Beautiful.

    • Yeah, that’s a great description of this emotional fluff squad.

      It should be repeated often. We need to do some branding of our own!

      “Bloomberg’s mommy corps”; catchy phrase. Only I would use ‘squad’; corps makes it sound bigger than it is.

  4. Thanks a lot, now I’m going to have to spend 45 minutes working how to reword that sentence so that it DOESN’T end in a preposition….

    • …into which you were not logically argued. Of course, you probably beat me by fifteen minutes because of your one hour head start. 🙂

    • “Anti gun party? You mean, please rob or rape us we are all disarmed party…”

      There, fixed that for you.

      These moms are really, really foolish to advertise the fact that they are guaranteed to be unarmed and gathered into a crowd at a known location.

  5. Do people really have tupperware parties? I thought they only took place in creepy TV shows that caricatured suburban life?

    I’ve never known one to actually occur in real life.

  6. Wait just a damn minute. This is the wife here and this is BS. First Tupperware is out. This is written by some crazy nuts. Women don’t do that stuff anymore. These gun grabbing women are control freaks. They don’t do dishes or even know how to cook so this is a lie. Now, they may go to a alcohol mixing party. Ha Ha come on people. This proves (desperate times).

    • Amen to that. Not only is it good, clean fun that results in a functional AK with some history and attitude, you learn a lot about metalworking, spot welding, annealing, drilling and tapping, riveting, and all sorts of useful gunsmithing skills. You know, vocational skills you can actually use for all sorts of other projects. Of course, these genuises only see ‘scawwy assault wifles”.

      • when you tell most anti-gun folks that you build AKs from scratch, it seems to scare them even more. that’s something only crazy people do in long drawn-out dark basement sequences in movies, don’t you know?

  7. Count me in ! Tupperware is great for storing cleaning supplies. I suppose one could store ammo in it too.

    But #monsantomommies, don’t get angry when I pull a Diggler and say, “Excuse me while I whip this out”, to see if my SIG will fit in this storage container.

  8. A gun sense house party? Great idea! I’ll invite the neighbors, throw some burgers on the grill, maybe purchase a variety of adult beverages and me and the neighbors can compare preferred technique, maybe get into an argument or two over caliber and show off our latest additions to our home arsenals. It’ll be awesome!

  9. GROW what party?

    Reminds me of the fasionable late-boomer pre-mommy days parties a few years back…

    Somehow I can’t help feel sad for these Faux/Frustrated Moms for Bloomie…
    My guess is they are part of that 50 Shades Of Grey demographic that needs more attention…
    And the Little Nanny Mayor is not cutting it…

    Maybe theres a biz idea…Big Gun Guys Give Action. Dirk…call your office.

  10. I’m guessing my range’s Girl And A Gun breakfasts get more traffic. Even my lefty coworker is interested in those. She’d rather watch enamel bake than go to one of these shriekfests.

  11. The fastest growing gun owning segment is women. Especially in Illinois. The local gun stores and ranges are jammed with gals. Tupperware? Really???

  12. So ladies, if your friend or neighbor isn’t aware of your pro-2A philosophy and you are invited to one of the these parties, what do you do?
    a. Politely decline
    b. Politely decline telling the host why
    c. Attend the party and when the conversation comes around to ‘what makes sense’, politely steer the conversation to what really makes sense and what doesn’t.
    d. none of the above (really, what’s with all this ‘polite’ crap)

  13. This will never happen but, round up all anti gunners and drop them in any of the drug and crime riddled cities at night that are in the US and give them 10 rounds or less in their pistol/revolver with no reloads. If they survive the night ask them how they feel about limited rounds and laws on guns only aimed at law abiding citizens and not criminals!

    • why give them a gun? Give em a whistle, a cell phone, a “Gun Free Zone” sign and a laminated picture of Shannon’s smug self . . . . so that is their final memory while they are on hold to 911 waiting for the police to arrive as they are viciously attacked. All fo the childtren(TM)

      • Damn right, Dirk–that’s my fantasy, drop one of those self-righteous subliminal racist “moms” off in one of those parts of town they seem to be completely unaware of in the middle of the night. Can’t help but think of one of those post-menopausal “moms” videotaped at some anti-gun rally saying “you can ALWAYS avoid bad neighborhoods”–as if nobody actually lived in such places–or at least nobody she could be bothered with acknowledging as a human being.

  14. Since everything they do is a lie, we need to keep high jacking their events. Want gun safety: Here are the four rules. Don’t want children getting shot in the middle of the night: Keep your 16 old home after ten.

  15. While they are at it, I hope they could pool all that expertise and help Boeing out with Lithium battery problem on the 787 Dream Liner.

    • Boeing has the fix for that. The Lithium battery is now in a sealed stainless steel box with a vent to outside the aircraft.

  16. Should I let Shannon know I’m taking my mom to the gun range & lunch for Mother’s Day? She’s looking forward to showing off her targets to her coworkers.

  17. Tupperware? That has to be 3 fads ago. I’ve lived thru the Tupperware party era, and the Longaberger basket era, and after that, I refused to go along to these things. Tupperware? Really? Like these “moms” actually cook for their families or deal with left over food. Odds are better of me hitting the lottery tonight and tagging one of Dirk’s groupies.

  18. For those of you not in the know, these small gatherings are the essence of community organizing. Of the Saul A & Barry O variety.

  19. If the NRA suggested a tupperware party to promote its position to women, progs would shriek “SEXISM!” from every tower. Funny how that seems to be a one way street.

  20. Why isn’t there a group composed of NRA moms to go head to head with MDA and drown out their propaganda once and for all? Something tells me there are far more NRA moms than MDA members.

    • There are a bunch of them, they don’t have $50M

      That’s the difference/why you haven’t heard of them.

  21. I’m not sure what this says about me? When I first skimmed the poster instead of seeing “HOST A GUN SENSE PARTY” I saw “HOSTAGE SENSE PARTY”

  22. Imagine thinking you’re going to a house party and then the host starts pulling out tupperware \ anti-gun stuff.

  23. Note to moderator: please delete all future references to “giving the moms some action” sexual innuendos. They are 1) extremely tired ‘humor’ attempts and 2) add nothing to the discussion of The Truth About Guns.

    • Actually, I kind of agree with your sentiment–but they really did kind of bring it on themselves by choosing that name.

  24. so silly question, did we gloss over the MDA purported call for a”rally” in DC to lobby for “gun sense” with legislators on May 7th. I was in DC. No news about them, no Shannon sightings. I say false flag operation or . . . UTTER FAILURE BY SHANNON TO RALLY ANYONE WHO DIDN’T GET A FREE BLOOMY FLIGHT!!!!

  25. I find it odd that in all my online travels throughout the day I see more anti-gun stuff pointed out on this site.

    You help MAG out more than their rarely seen online postings by drawing attention to them.

  26. Hey guys–you all keep hitting that “Tupperware” biz, I think that was actually RF’s phrase, not Shannon’s. Not that it makes much difference–frankly, I think most normal folks would be more interested in an actual Tupperware party than in a “gun sense” party. Maybe Shannon should hire Pajama Boy–couldn’t make things any worse, I expect.

    • Ah, you’re right. And my reading comprehension scores were so good…20 years sgo.

  27. There are quite a few pro2A “mommy” groups out there, and they threw a big counter-protest to MDAs protest at the NRAAM. I sent RF the info on email, darned if it never got published.

    I did my best to call attention to their afternoon line-up, which included speakers and info and 10 different organizations.

    Hopefully next year they’ll get the word out better and make a bigger splash.

  28. Tupperware party?hmmmm!? I can use that airtight tub to keep my ammo in,Ya..that’s it! Sure I’ll attend, can I bring my ammo??

  29. They will never give up and neither must we. I do agree with Baird’s logic and although we all understand that data, rationale and logic will never win an argument with this group who wants to take our guns and keep their guns her words did have an impact on my wife who does not share my understanding of the need for a readily at hand firearm.

  30. Host a gun sense party!

    Without any guns!

    Because that makes a lot of sense. </sarc>

  31. I think the NRA should take up the idea! Get people to come over your house and teach them some gun safety, proper care of firearms, maybe even some dry fire then see who wants to go to the range! Along the way mention what candidates are and are not in favor of further restriction of their rights which have already been deeply infringed. Bet our parties would be much more fun and well attended.

  32. The girl in that photo is definitely a Wattsling. The resemblance is uncanny. There’s even the built-in snoot.

  33. Didn’t see it in this article, but on the original website, there’s a link…someone (not me, certainly) could use their link:…bmission-form/
    for creating an anti-gun “house party”, to either tie up their resources for a non-existent party, or actually have a party (using their resources) and subvert it to our own pro-2A purposes…just thinking out loud here, you understand.

    And…if someone WAS to use that link to ask for a “house party”, they would get a confirmation email (from Shannon herself! OMG!), like I did…err… like a friend of mine did…won’t they be surprised when they show up!

  34. Hmm. Maybe Bloomturd should run some of these ‘parties’ like an episode of Oprah’s show. Give everyone that shows up a new car! Hell, he thinks he can buy this nations liberty anyway.

  35. What a joke. Who the hell is really going to have an anti-gun party. and what kind of goofball, nothing-better-to-do people would really show up? I’m guessing it will be the same 13 people on the lawn at the NRA show. So Stupid. “13 moms demand action”. What a bunch of losers.

  36. Ok so let me get this straight. Moms are going to sit around their kitchen table and lament how in their white upscale gated communities someone shouldn’t be allowed to own guns?
    I know that sounds racist doesn’t it, but how far from the truth am I?

    I can’t see this as being affective. The only ones who will be there are already probably cheering about getting a mothers day card MDA style. So if they expect fence sitters, or heaven forbid an pro gun mom to show up and discuss the issues, I think they are missing the mark. I mean like not even hitting the side of the barn here.

    • Yeah, that about sums it up. All 13 of em. What do we have – 5 million PAYING members in the NRA alone? ….not even counting GOA, SAF, etc. OH, but they have Bloomie and the paid-for shill corporate media – to make their ‘protests’ of 13 moms looks like ‘scores’. What a joke. They are not even worth mentioning anymore. I would submit that we should completely ignore this bloomie-funded gang of 13 completely.

    • It’ll be about as popular as Microsoft’s cringe-worthy Windows 7 launch parties.

      Paraphrasing RF, it takes a lot to keep the grist mill running. The struggle is real for blogs, gun-grabber or not.

      • I can still hear Hitler saying: ‘Dammit, I wanted it to be grassroots!’

        What a joke. Think about it…. Little Hitler is funding this clown outfit to the tune of millions and millions of dollars and the best they can do is about 15 people at any event?

        Why are we even talking about this sham outfit of bloomie-funded shills.

        • With that much money they could do better hiring shelters full of the homeless to show up even with the cost of re-dressing them. With $50m I’m positive I could get at least at least 50,000 people to show up to an event (hint, I’m going to pay them $1000 each!).

  37. I make coin selling and have to say Shannon IS AWESOME and every salesperson (in the world) should take notes and aspire to her selling capability. To lay out a sales & marketing plan that includes house parties, is an achievement unsurpassed in the ability to layer bullshit on your employer. Not close to making a dent in Mikey’s position, the only conclusion is he needs a tax write off.

  38. Tell us who they are, Mina. I don’t have $50 million, but I can give $50 to each, as would a fair number of people here.

  39. Note to Baird: you can’t use logic to argue a person out of a position they didn’t use logic to get into (even if it’s the rule about not ending sentence with a preposition).

    Her grammar error was in “All moms are not willing to defend the Second Amendment”, unless that is really what she meant (which I doubt). That means that every single mother is unwilling to defend the Second Amendment. She probably meant “Not all moms are willing to defend the Second Amendment”.

  40. P.M., Thanks for the grammar check. Will get it changed. I see your point.

    • Now I look back on it, “single” should have gone with “every”, not with “mother”. I see that I myself should have written “every single one of the mothers”, to avoid it being read as “every one of the single mothers”. No wonder laws get written the wrong way…

  41. NRA Tupperware parties can be held with tickets given or sold for raffle drawing to receive a handgun. After a year of Tupperware parties they could have convention in which all the ticket holders could qualify for a drawing for a rifle. Guns could be provided by local gun shops at reduced price or donated for the publicity. (this was borrowed from churches which recently pioneered similar programs of giving away guns).

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