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Beth Alcazar (courtesy

The woman in the picture above is Beth Alcazar, U.S. Concealed Carry Association writer, instructor and author of their Pacifiers & Peacemakers column. You can’t see her gun, but trust me, she’s carrying. To mark Mother’s Day weekend “in complete opposition to the anti-gun groups that degrade and demean women,” the well-armed mother of three will give a talk entitled, “Concealed Carry for Moms: Breaking the Mold”  at the upcoming USCCA Concealed-Carry Expo, May 8-10 in West Bend, WI. Breaking Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Nonsense, I’d call it. As far as winning the culture war, this is how we do it. Press release . . .

USA – -( How does your average, everyday mom go from teaching college level critical-thinking classes to teaching firearms classes? Beth Alcazar, USCCA writer, instructor, and author of the “Pacifiers & Peacemakers” column, will share her compelling story at the upcoming USCCA Concealed-Carry Expo, May 8-10, 2015.

This first-ever event, located at the Washington County Fair Park in West Bend, Wis., plans to bring together all aspects of the concealed-carry industry, including the fast-growing women’s segment.

“The firearms industry is no longer just a ‘boy’s club,” Beth states.  “And moms with guns are becoming the new norm, with women accounting for 37 percent of new shooting participants.”

Appropriate for the Mother’s-Day-weekend event, and in complete opposition to the anti-gun groups that degrade and demean women, Alcazar plans to share a presentation titled, Concealed Carry for Moms: Breaking the Mold.”

Accompanied by statistics, trends and real-world examples, she’ll share what spurs her passion to pursue the concealed-carry lifestyle and be a responsibly armed woman… and why other moms can – and should – follow the same course. Alcazar will also be teaching a WI Concealed Carry Permit Course at the expo FREE to mothers on Mother’s Day.

“Too many women are frightened and upset; they’ve turned away from guns because of horrific crimes and accidents,” Beth states.

“But to help prevent these atrocities, and to better protect our families, moms should be encouraged to exercise their Constitutional rights to self-defense and should support safe firearms ownership. After all, as mothers, we spend a lot of time with our children. And, essentially, we are also their caretakers, disciplinarians, teachers, and first responders.”

Beth, her husband, and their three children reside in Birmingham, Ala., where Beth has given up the traditional classroom in order to lead classes that are designed to address the specific needs women have regarding safe and responsible firearms use, concealed carry, storage, and training.  She would love nothing more than to see women put aside their fears and doubts and confidently pick up firearms.

“Ultimately, my story is every mom’s story,” Beth explains.

“I am not a survivor.  I am not a hero.  I am not a victim.  And I am not an expert.   I am a mom. I love my family dearly. And I want other moms to know that they, too, can live safely with children… and with firearms.”

To learn more about the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo, visit

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  1. Interesting……former CRITICAL THINKING teacher thinks for herself…..if only critical thinking was still a required course…man the devil was smart to knock down that one quick.

  2. This is so powerfully full of win that I don’t even know where to begin. Beth, good on ya gal!! You and your followers are going to do more for our civil rights than I can even speculate. You’ve got it and own it. You’ll spread the Gospel as only a woman and a mother can. And you will make all the difference. Bravo; my hat is off to you.

  3. I just went and read a bunch of her blogs. She’s good. Here’s hoping RF gets her as a TTAG writer, too.

  4. My home town. Awesome.

    Home of the West Bend company and the Stir Crazy popcorn popper. Mmmmm…. Popcorn.

    • Some of Jim Wondergem’s West Bend Company designs are timeless. Good stuff. He went to our church growing up.

  5. Well how is that for a ton of awesome. Wow. She really nailed it there:

    “I am not a survivor. I am not a hero. I am not a victim. And I am not an expert. I am a mom. I love my family dearly. And I want other moms to know that they, too, can live safely with children… and with firearms.”

  6. Not to take too much away from her, because she is obviously doing good work, but this nonsensical “mom” thing drives me nuts. Being a mother confers sweet FA qualifications on anyone, it’s a biological process that takes precisely zero IQ points to achieve. What about other women who can’t have or don’t want kids? Are they somehow less qualified?

    Just like the ‘Moms Demand Action’ dolts, squeezing out a puppy means precisely jack squat when you’re making an argument about science. I will engage someone with actual knowledge, expertise, research. That one is a parent means no more when speaking about firearms, than it does when speaking about quantum physics. If anything, the hormonal imbalances generated by pregnancy and beyond make them even less logical and less likely to be factually accurate.

    So please ladies, when want to be taken seriously in the world, just make factual arguments in favor of your case. Reproductive status is no more germane to the topic of CCW than the fact that she is a real redhead.

    • Beep boop she doesn’t edit on rational wiki and isn’t sterile, cannot into logic. Error. Error.

      Okay, at least you recognize that women aren’t driven by logic to the same degree men are. But motherhood, despite not conferring IQ points, is a powerful symbol. This is why the Right (which I have no idea if you’re on) loses so damned much. They just can’t grasp how emotional voters are. Symbolism, images, and narratives matter. Here we have a healthy, beautiful counterpart to Shannon Watts. She’s making concealed culture attractive. What’s wrong with that? Feelz and symbols win the culture war.

      • My politics are classically liberal, or what we now have to call ‘libertarian’ since all the old names have been hijacked and turned upside-down.

        Intellectually I know it’s all about teh feelz. But I (quixotically) would love to steer things away from that, into the realm of scientific honesty. The feels have lead us down some very bad roads over the last 50 years and it simply cannot continue. We really have to get back to teaching kids critical thinking by middle-school.

        • I think we’ll only get back to that (if it was there at all) by disenfrachising large swathes of people, starting with social science professors! Sort of joking, but not really.

    • Sensitive much?

      Unlike quantum physics, politics is not the realm of logic. Any ideas that it ought to be are pure fantasy. Moms in favor of guns is an important statement — much of the anti-gun sentiment uses moms afraid of guns, so this is a perfect counterpoint.

      Also, teaching moms about guns is a niche — I don’t see anything in the article that somehow denigrates non-mom women. My guess would be when the class comes to Q&A there are very specific questions asked by moms that will be irrelevant to non-moms. It’s a perfectly good demographic for targeted firearms education.

      • While politics isn’t purely about logic and facts, it used to be more that way, it can be, and it needs to be.

        Sure at the end of the day, the sizzle can sway a fence-stitter, but there must be some steak on the plate, and that’s what we should be selling – the steak.

        Social media, and Twitter in particular, is proving even more corrosive to the state of factual analysis in the general populace than initially feared. Someone (other than the megacorps already doing it to get your money) will use this ability to instantly propaganda meat puppets to our great detriment one day. I fear it draws nigh rapidly.

    • It’s a good point. My own wife complains about women who trade on their gender to make political points. Starting off a discussion with “As a woman….” or “As a Mom….” is certain to discredit you instantly in her eyes.

      I tend to agree, adding in liberal gun grabbers who start off with “I’m a gunowner…” or “I grew up around guns….” I just don’t care about someone’s past or personal life when the issue is a matter of fundamental freedoms. That said, I don’t think that’s quite what this mom was going for.

      I think here it’s a combination of needling the Action Demanders just for fun, and voiding their exclusive deed to the Moms parcel of the 2A landscape. I don’t think it’s really about occupying that real estate themselves. Just my take on it.

      • I agree, as a response to the MDA thing, there’s no reason to cede the “mom” space to them.

        I guess I’m just wishing there was enough critical thought for the initial MDA nonsense to never gain any traction in the first place. Or at least force a name change to something a bit more accurate such as ‘Whiny Female Shills for Bloomberg Demand Selectively Ignoring The Bill of Rights’.

    • “Just like the ‘Moms Demand Action’ dolts, squeezing out a puppy means precisely jack squat when you’re making an argument about science . . .”

      You’re just a big, mean, bully. (/sarc/)

      • When not attempting to live a life that’s a little Jake LaMotta and a little Ted Bundy, I’m just hanging out with my buddy Bill Cosby.


  7. There’s nothing leftists hate more than a strong, confident woman or strong, confident minority. Shrugging off victimhood and taking responsibility for one’s own life and safety is against their entire value system. They can;t risk their perpetually victimized, dependent voter base realizing that they don’t have to be cowards worshiping and bowing to the lords in Washington.

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