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Nothing – and we mean nothing – chaps Shannon Watts’ backside more than being ignored. As recently as last month, Kroger, the Cincinnati-based food giant, once again told MDA to go peddle their anti-2A papers somewhere else. Kroger’s policy is simple; unlike chains like Safeway and Albertson’s, Kroger abides by local laws. If it’s legal where their stores are located, carrying a firearm — either open or concealed — is OK by them. This morning the Moms fired yet another volley (video above) against the grocery chain, one that’s likely to be swatted aside just as all of MDA’s earlier efforts were. If you listen closely, you can hear a hundred hoplophobic harpies’ voices crying out in frustration. May it ever be thus.

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  1. I gotta say: Watched the video first…

    Till the last second I believed I was watchin an ad for Kroger stores, promoting their open mind about non-hazardous activities in their shops…

    They should just take the spot and cut out the last 5 seconds…

    • As an employee, trust me when I say, they don’t need anymore “training” videos. The dog thing too, is also false. They allow dogs in all the time, just not allowed inside the carts.

      • I wish grocery stores would ban dogs. I once saw a lady at the Whole Foods lean over a produce table, picking up fruit, with a dog in her other arm. Anything that fell from the dog, would go right on the fruit.

        That’s not sanitary.

  2. They haven’t moved on from Kroger? Maybe they have run out of options, and so this is where they are stuck. I hope their execs still have a restraining order I place. The last time they chased them around in the middle of the night like possessed stalkers. I guess their pathetic turn our in Nashville didn’t help either.

    • The moms can’t let a prolific company such as Kroger tell them to take a hike. It shows others that it’s ok to turn these anti-gun clowns down.

      On the plus side, it’s free favorable publicity for Kroger when the push back is done correctly, as is being accomplished by Kroger’s people. That makes the antis look like coercive extremists and Kroger like a reasonable good corporate citizen. Since the vast majority of people are NOT anti-gun wackos, it’s a big win for Kroger to maintain their current reasonable, responsible law respecting policy.

      • They got my business, and I wrote to let them know- a bit longer drive but I will support businesses who respect my rights (and I don’t even have a CCW).

        • My friend wasn’t aware of Kroger’s (and the local Fred Meyer’s) stance on this; I told him and now he’s giving preference to Fred Meyer’s for shopping. I have, and my wife has, for a while now. I’m pretty sure Kroger knows the score, and sees a winning strategy.

    • They cannot move on from Kroger. Once someone this big tells them to go blow smoke, they have lost their credibility. It will be a domino effect and once it starts, they might as well close up shop. I’m sure they wish they never picked this fight, but once engaged with any company they are so far outside the weight of public opinion that every fight is an all-or-nothing.

      It was a tactical error on their part that grew quickly into a serious critical error.

      • I agree completely. They can’t move on, because they can’t afford to lose. The truth is that they already have lost, but they can’t afford to admit it. MDA and EveryTown are losing more and more credibility every day, except in places where the majority already believes the gun-control lies. In places where the majority is pro-gun-rights, MDA has become a laughing stock. They have become irrelevant, and that is the worst thing that could happen to them.

  3. “…hear a hundred hoplophobic harpies’ voices crying out in frustration.”

    A toast: May it ALWAYS be thus!

  4. What’s the difference between your toddler’s tantrum in the cereal aisle and Moms Demanding Assassination of Gun Owners in America’s tantrum against Kroger’s?

    Answer: the toddler eventually gives up and learns it won’t work.

  5. It’s amusing, really…

    Some of the most powerful pro-2A stuff has been created by the anti crowd.

    There’s the video of the defenseless woman being attacked by her ex, which many viewed and saw as an excellent advert to gun up for self-defense, home defense, and defense of one’s children.

    There was the video of the fake gun shop, which showed exactly how low the antis will stoop and how limited their audience is. You know, having to *lie* to get people to even give them the time of day.

    And now this lovely little video. A shopper with an AR, minding his own business and bothering nary a single other person. Just buying his groceries. SO SCARY! Or maybe not. The lack of response from other shoppers, and even the lack of OMFG SCARY! expression on guy ahead of him in line…not exactly stellar anti-2A agitprop.

    • That was my first reaction too. See, nothing bad happen: a gun owner minding his own business.
      I think that this will be pulled shortly. Another fail. Or maybe a win for us 🙂

    • No doubt about that. Every time they experiment with honesty they have no choice but to push a pro-gun message to some degree.

    • Slung across his back, no finger on the trigger, polite and not in-your-face. MDA is the new expert on responsible open carry!

  6. I spend each month at Kroger perhaps as much as that video cost to produce. And I let Kroger know that I do, and why. And I’m just one person, anong many.

    Shannon may know PR (and even that is debatable), but she sucks at math and basic economics.

    • I think she knows something about the art of PR (or someone in Bloomberg’s employ does, more likely). But she doesn’t know shite about the science of it.

      • She and the rest of the antis miss the mark because their perspective is out of sync with reality, and it shows, especially with the videos.

        Our challenge is to awaken the ‘sheeple’ who so easily simply accept what they are being told by government and media, to realize the fiction being passed off onto them

  7. This is a total joke.

    Skateboards and Squirt Guns are legal to carry in Kroeger you just cant “Use” them in Kroeger. Dogs too are also cool if they are a service or companion animal.

    • That’s the funny one, dogs, in and of themselves, are not a health hazard. It is a dog that goes around eating food, or interacting poorly with another dog, or defecating in the store that is a health issue.

      If the general populace were to train their dogs up to a Canine Good Citizenship standard, there would likely not have to be this general ban on dogs in the stores. As it stands, generally only service dogs are trained to, or beyond, that standard and could be trusted to behave in a store.

  8. Hey, is it my imagination or has MDA shifted gears again? Wasn’t it guns in general that they were looking to ban from Kroger? Now it’s open carry.

    If that’s the case, my guess is they’re backing off a bit from their prior demands. And also going for the thing that their polling tells them is scarier to their cohort. Or maybe they’re simply reading the tea leaves on CCW laws and realizing how much their views go against the prevailing trends in many states.

    • Or maybe they’re afraid that the word will get out that Kroger’s business is up since MDA started this? That other businesses will take not that there is more support for respecting customer’s rights than infringing on them.
      If MDA can get some kind of ‘compromise’ from Kroger they can try and make the argument that the rise in business is the result of complying with the Mother with No Sense’s demands.

    • That’s the way it works sometimes as it did here in Ohio. At first, the uninformed and the antis were unhappy about our carrying handguns concealed. When we open carried those handguns, the uninformed became desensitized to concealed carry and the antis focused on open carry of handguns. When we carried long guns, the uninformed became desensitized to concealed carry and open carry of long guns and handguns while the antis lamented that we didn’t just carry concealed or only handguns openly.

  9. Kroger should sue those scumbags for harrasment. They don’t have to win, just bleed them dry with filings and gag orders.

      • When I think about all the things I’d like to do if I had that kind of money… Well, it shows me exactly why I don’t have that kind of money.

      • even Bloomy knows when to stop throwing good $ after bad. . . . he has lawyers too. . . . and for someone so rich to throw so little at hi pet cause says a lot.

      • Not as long as you think. Bloomberg isn’t gonna get directly involved in court action. He’ll control his liability like a good businessman. MDA’s legal staff is on a leash.

      • Bloomberg is only going to sink so much money and he certainly will not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight a restraining order. Judges generally are reluctant to deny protective orders. MDA would come up with a way to spin this by claiming Kroger`s hates moms? That would make them look even more like kooks and nutburgers.

        • Getter yet, combine the restraining order with a gag order. First mommy that goes off the reservation, gets slapped with contempt of court and thrown in jail.

      • I don’t think targets such as Kroger are going to do much litigating to get the Moms off their backs. Nevertheless, it is legitimate to wonder how much money Bloomberg and the Joyce Foundation are willing to spend on promoting gun control.
        I’m really overjoyed that they have turned away from Washington DC and are now focused on Washington State and the other States in the chain from WA to OR to NV and CO. Astroturf meets genuine grass-roots. Here, in the hinterland, it’s going to be a long slow slog. One bill+State at a time. The Antis will have to spend big to get-out-the-vote and buy State legislators. The gun-rights folks only need to wake-up and call their neighbors.
        No doubt the Antis will chalk-up plenty of victories in the States. And, thereupon, the grass-roots will have the opportunity to wake-up and decide whether the 2A in their home State is really worth defending. In some States such as Colorado the grass-roots will wake-up and light a back-fire against the destruction of the 2A in their homes. In some other State, the grass-roots will decide to throw-in-the-towel.
        While these State-by-State fires are burning or burning-out, the grass-roots in free States will watch and learn. There but for the grace of God go I! Or, the Lord helps those who help themselves. Are gun rights in our sister States really worth defending before the cancer reaches our home State?
        There have been so many gains at the State level that I’m optimistic that every loss from a State like Washington will result in a couple of wins in States like MO or GA. Some States such as CO will flip from gun-control to gun-rights. Each successive victory the Antis achieve will come at a higher and higher price.

  10. Man, that was stupid. At least it looks stupid to me. The store clerks explain why the prohibited items are prohibited, and the explanations make sense. If you couldn’t see it beforehand, you can after the explanation. then we see the guy with the gun. he walks in, buys groceries, and walks out–and nothing happens. No mass shooting, no mass hysteria, not even a little bit of hysteria. No evident intimidation. Nothing. And there is no explanation offered as to why the gun shouldn’t be allowed. No graphic showing how many people have been mowed down with open-carried guns in Krogers or how many children have been trampled in wild stampedes caused by the gun-wielding crazies or how many grandmas have had mini-strokes at the sight of an AR. Because none of that has happened. And if it had, there would be a graphic. This thing is a complete dud, I think.

  11. You referenced Safeway, but my experience there hasn’t been a problem and I live in an incredibly liberal area (but in a state with great gun laws, much better than Texas.)

      • Same here. I winter in Yuma and carry in Albertsons and the same here in Washington. There is an Albertsons about a mile away and also a Safeway and I “obscured” carry all the time. No signs on the door, nothing.

  12. My wife works for a competitor of Kroger. & has applied to work for Kroger even though she’s a few months away from her 5.year anniversary & fully vested in her 401k. Her reviews are consistently rated high but Food Lion treats employees like slaves. She was asked if she had a CCW permit and answered truthfully, since then her fanny pack & cellphone case have been randomly searched. muggings, stabbings, .robberies I now pick her up nights.
    Kroger.would pay $2.00 more an hour transfer her without a pay cut and obey State Law concerning firearms. For those that live in areas that have Food Lion or Del Haize branded stores, support Kroger if your can.

      • The Pig is going upscale locally. Unfortunately at the time she got layed off when Wells Fargo bought out the bank she had been with for years it was either them or McDonald’s@ 50 she didn’t want a boss that was younger than our kids for minimum wage. Master welders & mechanics make $10-12 hourly. If I hadn’t had to take medical retirement.@ 29 years of service I’d be making $42.000. Largest department in area hasn’t hired any new detectives since 2001, no money budgeted. But they got an MRAP for use during hurricanes and active shooters(1983 last active shioter) spent an undisclosed amount getting it in the road.I hate heat but TX, NM even AZ looking good. Heck my ex is in Colorado & my wife put it on the table. Only miss 2 things Fn plant is close & 7 hours to NRA headquarters for free armorers classes. Oldest son says long as he can fish & bow/BP hunt he doesn’t care.

      • Hey, I loved Piggly Wiggly a few decades ago. The store in Brady gave away a free item every week (on Tuesday I think), like a pound of rice or a carton of eggs. You didn’t even have to make a purchase to get it. It was a nice clean store and really reasonable in price. And the other two stores in town were pretty bad.

    • I think this video will result in more business for Kroger, not less. For folks who care about 2A it’s a pro-Kroger ad.

      • AB-SO-LUTELY! Kroger’s got my money. Kroger, please publish all your associated brands because those are the businesses I’m going to patronize. I think Smith’s is a “Kroger” brand. Any others?

      • I agree. Think about who sees the video:
        – hoplophobes who shop at Krogers
        – hoplophobes who have no Krogers near them
        – people who are not interested in guns one way or the other
        – PotG who have no Krogers near them
        – PotG who DO have a Krogers near them

        A hoplophobe who shops at Krogers might be bait for this video. But, suppose such a shopper never sees a gun openly-carried at her Krogers. Is she going to be put-off ENOUGH to stop shopping at the store she has been patronizing? I doubt that this is going to bother her enough to choose another store.

        A PotG who DOES have a Krogers near her is going to be eager to consider switching her business to Krogers. She might not carry herself; but, she knows that odds are that there will be one or two CCs in the store if someone tries to pull-off a robbery. Anyway, she will want to support a store that supports her.

        None of the other categories of people count. They wouldn’t patronize Krogers anyway; or, they are too disinterested in guns to notice the video at all, certainly not enough to hang-in-there to the end to learn that it targets Krogers. If anything, the video tends to immunize the viewer to the idea that someone might open-carry in a store; it’s a normalizing experience.

        Thanks, Bloomberg, for promoting gun-desensitization in America.

    • She is just a poor stay at home Mommy with us evil POTG scaring her.//sarcasm major meant.
      If you listen to. her b.s. she’s never even held a job outside home & we all know that’s garbage.

  13. I love this video! It’s simply great. All they show is that the rules are the same that they ever were, that people are allowed to carry any firearm that law allows in the store, and to top it all off MDA is demanding their members not shop there anymore.

    Sounds like a WIN WIN WIN to me!

  14. The title of this is mistaken. I’ve seen some of the Moms, and they didn’t have little feet. Some were downright Squatchy.

    • Not to rouse some rabble, but maybe someone should give Shannon some Photoshop prominence on the web…just sayin’.

      She DOES like to deal in fantasy, and it’s certainly happened to others who were…less disserving.

    • ““Shannon” and “backside” in same sentence. Are you baiting me Dan?”

      Hey, Dirk!

      In your ‘picture’ archive of Shannon, got any good pics of her backside?


  15. Some day may these zealots find themselves facing robbery, rape, murder, or car jacking in one of the “gun free zones” they helped to create. Bet st that point they would give anything for a legally armed citizen to save their ass

    • Yeah, the faux “moms” were trying to hector them not too long ago, but HT stuck with the corporate program.

  16. Come on: “stamping their little feet” is sexist, just like LaPierre’s “demographically symbolic” was unnecessarily giving the progs a target. How about some neutral terminology. Like, “Bloomberg’s Bimbos”, or “Mike’s Morons”.

    • No grabber outfit does on Youtube. None. Every gunny channel is open to comments all day long, but none of the grabbers. There’s a lesson there somewhere.

  17. I shop at King Soopers in Colorado, which is Krogers Rocky Mountains, and all of the the things they say are banned in the store I see every time I shop. Kids skateboarding, women with dogs, outside food and drink. MDA’s argument is more full of holes than the paper target at my local gun range. I’ve never once seen a Kroger brand employee discipline a customer like they do in this video. It’s nice of MDA to demonize Kroger and their employees as well as the 2A crowd.

  18. I’m actually rather surprised that the Neglected Mom’s even released this. Even with their final text card, it helps us more than them. The unconcerned “nice piece” look from the guy in front of the carrier at the checkout line pretty much kills their message.

  19. Is it just me or does MDA sound like a disease?

    I found out I have MDA. I’m MDA positive. When I found out I had MDA . . . Dude hat chick gave me MDA. Man, my MDA meds have not arrived yet. My MDA is acting up again. My MDA is in remission.

  20. I’m 16. So I can’t carry yet, but I like to see people open carrying in places like kroger and Walmart, ect. because of the reasons they want us to lose OUR rights as American citizens. It makes me feel safe.


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