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Hardly a day or a week goes by without another mass shooting. But the opinion authored by Thomas (and joined by the other five extreme right-wing justices) in New York Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen (2022) has made most commons (sic) sense gun control regulations illegal and will lead to more people being killed and maimed by weapons of war that have no business in the hands of civilians. It also imposed a cramped, extremist version of right-wing “originalism” on Supreme Court interpretation.

As I recently wrote, in only the past year, lower federal courts have quickly followed the precedent of Thomas’s Bruen opinion to hold that:

      • A spousal abuser has a constitutional right to gun ownership, since “Our ancestors who wrote the laws [i.e white men] would never have accepted such restrictions.” (After all, wife beating was pretty socially acceptable in 1791 and women were then subordinate to their husbands.)
      • A long-standing federal law prohibiting people from possessing firearms with serial numbers shaved off is unconstitutional since, per the Thomas’ legal rationale, serial numbers are not part of the “historical tradition of gun ownership.” (Serial numbers didn’t come into wide use until the late 19th century.)
      • It is unconstitutional to prevent 18 to 20-year-olds from owning guns.
      • It’s unconstitutional to prevent someone under indictment for a felony from buying a gun.
      • It’s unconstitutional to ban carrying guns in summer camps, airports, Times Square, bars, cannabis dispensaries, theaters, stadiums, amusement parks, libraries, playgrounds, childcare programs, places serving individuals with developmental disabilities, homeless and family shelters, domestic violence shelters, and more. (Apparently there’s no historical analogy since guns weren’t banned from airports in 1791 or 1867.)
      • It is unconstitutional to ban carrying guns in houses of worship since there is not a sufficient historical record that houses of worship are “sensitive places.”

In short, standing on the shoulders of Thomas’ Bruen opinion, it is now unconstitutional to prevent an 18-year-old spousal abuser under indictment for a violent felony from packing heat with its serial number shaved off at a domestic violence center. Really?

Thank you Clarence Thomas (and the five right-wing Justices who signed his Bruen opinion) for likely getting innocent people killed and for millions of children and their parents to fear that their lives will be endangered by mass shooters when they go to school every day.

— Miles Mogulescu in Clarence “Private Jet” Thomas Is Getting People Killed

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  1. The sieg heiling miles mogulescu is a Gun Control drama queen basking in an agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

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  2. Under this idiots rant, it seems the First Amendment is not constitutional because his rant is printed on line and there were no computers or the internet in colonial times.

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  3. I too long for the good old days of 2021 when violence didn’t exist and all men lived peaceably together. It’s all Justice Thomas’ fault that we now live in a sh!thole 3rd world country now.


  4. Thanks you JESUS for Saint Thomas! Now cretins like this boy really do want to “high tech lynch” him🙄

  5. In short, standing on the shoulders of SCOTUS opinion using history text and tradition, it is now constitutional for a m̶o̶r̶o̶n̶ ‘journalist’ like Miles Mogulescu to write m̶o̶r̶o̶n̶ rants of m̶o̶r̶o̶n̶ nonsense and put them on the internet.

    So lets see, SCOTUS uses history text and tradition to decide first amendment rights issues but its not ok to use history text and tradition to decide second amendment rights issues. OK, got it m̶o̶r̶o̶n̶ Miles.

  6. Michael Savage; “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”, available in book stores
    Personality Traits, Mental Illness, and Ideology; Higher rates of mental illness have been found on the far left, Physiology Today.

    Just wish Leftists/Socialists would stop _____ people.

  7. Funny, but I live in the first free state west of DC (West Virginia) a little over two hours from Capital Hill and, although not likely, Clarence Thomas and his wife are two of very few denizens I would like to meet!

    I am an acquaintance and supporter of our state Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey (this is possible in a small, friendly state). He is a true friend of the Second Amendment and kept track of all gun related crime as he gets all of the reports when constitutional carry arrived in West Virginia. He observed absolutely no change! There are no restrictions beyond those imposed by the Feds on gun ownership here!

  8. If the Constitution was scrapped and all we had were “common sense” laws we would basically have the freedoms of the Soviet Union. Sadly more and more seem OK with that, at least until it is their own ass that is bitten.

    • This! The Biden DOJ believes that 1A applies only to speech that they agree with. And no one has rolled back the GWOT-era warrantless suspicionless surveillance apparatuses (so 4A is still being shredded).

  9. Do you want to know who is responsible for ‘Gun Violence’? dacian, miner49er, soros, bloomberg. gates.

    All these idiots working to disarm the citizenry are creating helpless victims for the criminal few.

  10. Clarence Thomas is not to blame. The primary reason for the high levels of violence is the Democrat party. They promote it and wont do anything to fix it. Mainly for not keeping criminals behind bars. Democrats would rather throw them back into the general population to commit more crime. This isn’t about the SCOTUS. It has everything to do with the lunacy of the left.

    • Joy Behar said Clarence Thomas doesn’t know what it’s like to grow up as a black man. Apparently she does. Wearing black face must have given her some special insight.

  11. I will note that a lot of bad things are done with automobiles. But, we don’t restrict the use of automobiles to people over the age of 21. In some places, children as young as 14 are permitted to drive those dangerous vehicles! We don’t prohibit crazies, or criminals from possessing and using automobiles. (Just think, if all the crazies had to ride the bus, there would be almost no traffic jams!) We don’t create laws that effectively prevent black folk from possessing automobiles. We don’t require that automobiles be locked in a safe when not in use. We don’t even require that you keep children away from automobiles. Yet, the family car kills more children every year, than any firearm.

    Don’t get me started on swimming pools . . .

    Democrat priorities are pretty screwed up.

  12. The VAST majority of violent crime occurs in “blue” cities – almost all of which are and have been governed by Dimocrats for decades. Simple conclusion: Dimocrats are responsible for crime. Refute me, if you can, MajorLiar and dacian the demented.

    I say we ban soc – shul – lists and Dimocrats and “Progressives”, and bring the national crime rate down to virtually nothing. Leftist/fascists are nothing, if not stupid.

  13. So f’ing tired of this.

    Miles Mogulescu and a-holes like him are responsible for the escalating violent crime problem.

    For 50 years, liberals have shoved their soft on crime policies and social policies that destroyed inner city families down our throats and then they blame us for their failures.

    Their solutions never involve holding criminals responsible for their actions. Instead, they coddle and excuse them while forcing ever more restrictive, ever more arbitrary and capricious laws on the innocent.

    Liberals like Mogulescu are nothing but elitist bigots and bullies.

    • It’s often useful to come at these things in reverse, like an SUV at a toddler on a tricycle.

      Why would they hold the criminals accountable for their actions?

      Well, the answer can be found in the history of the USSR and it has several philosophical threads behind it which I won’t bother with because that’s a few pages of history and Marxist theory when the shorter way to do it is an example.

      In ye olde USSR you could say the wrong thing and get 15 years. Heck, you didn’t have to say it. Someone could just say that you said it. This happened to millions of people. Lenin (see his discussion with Emma Goldman about it) was pretty savage about it but Stalin in particular took this kind of thing to society-wide levels of insanity that won’t be rivaled again until Mao.

      And you might well find yourself entering a prison on the same day as a truly violent criminal, say, convicted serial-rapist. Chatting, you’ll find he’s a dangerous guy and borderline psychopath. He admitted to half a dozen rapes in open court too.

      And you might be shocked to find that while you’ve been sentenced to 15 years for wrongthink, he got two year for half a dozen rapes.

      See, under Marxist doctrine, he’s a criminal because of the structure of the society he grew up in. This is made crystal clear by his behavior. Therefore, he doesn’t know better and therefore it wouldn’t be fair to punish him severely.

      You, OTOH Comrade, cannot claim such structural oppression because your behavior is that of a decent person, therefore you knew better and did it anyway which means you’re far more culpable for your crimes against the State than that rapist.

      As time progresses, you’ll also find that he does get out in two years and that he was better treated in prison than you can possibly hope for. In fact, for most people, even young and fit, any sentence over 10 years in this system is probably a death sentence unless you curry favor with the guards and the chances a political convict can do that are near zero.

      That’s the theory side. Then there’s the practice side which it’s shortest to sum up this way:

      They want anarcho-tyranny because they believe it will open opportunities for them to seize power vertically and horizontally at the same time at a speed that “bites at the apple” simply won’t allow for. Historically, they’re correct about this.

  14. “Clarence Thomas is to Blame for America’s Escalating Violent Crime Problem”


  15. quote—————-In short, standing on the shoulders of Thomas’ Bruen opinion, it is now unconstitutional to prevent an 18-year-old spousal abuser under indictment for a violent felony from packing heat with its serial number shaved off at a domestic violence center. Really?——quote

    I think that statement really sums it up.

    I would like to add that Thomas is the most corrupt Supreme Court Justice in the courts history as he has taken tens of thousands in bribes and made a mockery of the credibility of the court as a nonpartisan body.

    Thomas is so depraved he even stated after the overturn of a 50 year Constitutional right, Roe v/s Wade, that he would like to ban all contraception as well, thus making women sex slaves in a male dominated society. Hitlers Nazi’s could not have been prouder of Thomas but would have liquidated Thomas as a major priority.

    Thomas is the poster boy for disgraced court that has become so corrupt and partisan that the latest polls show the American People now regard the Court as having zero credibility in all Constitutional matters.

    Thomas is a star poster boy in the eyes of the jack booted Far Right who want an all white one party system and a far right dictator appointed for life. What Thomas does not realize is that a Far Right Jackbooted State would get rid of Thomas as there first act under a white dictatorship and all white state.

    • “…after the overturn of a 50 year Constitutional right, Roe v/s Wade…”

      The reason that it was overturned is that it was unconstitutional to begin with, asshole.

      Unless you’d argue that Plessy v. Ferguson shouldn’t have been overturned for 58 years and that it is a constitutional right to discriminate against blacks.

      • Thomas is black. dacian claims to be a member of the ss/antifa. No doubt amongst his buddies dacian uses the N word a lot when talking about Thomas.

      • “The reason that it was overturned is that it was unconstitutional to begin with, asshole.”

        RGB herself agreed with that assessment…

    • dacian you should really study the ideals and policies of the Nazi party. Once you know what they supported, the government they envisioned, then you can understand neither Thomas or others are Nazis. Then you wouldn’t look so stupid.

      • To the Jack Booted Storm Trooper

        quote-dacian you should really study the ideals and policies of the Nazi party.——-quote

        Stay out of discussions about European and American History of which you just proved you know zero about.

        Republicans are modern day Nazi’s and here are just a few of their parallel beliefs:

        Both hated minorities.

        Both hated immigrants.

        Both were xenophobic

        Both tried to privatise public utilities

        Both tried to destroy freedom of speech

        Both relaxed gun laws

        Both wanted to murder liberals

        Both banned abortions.

        Both were against contraception

        Both believed in blind obedience to authority

        Both were savage and cruel to their children

        Both were stingy and cheap

        Both hated gays and LGBT people

        Both were misogynistic

        Both believed in a right wing dictatorship

        Both wanted a one party system

        Both banned and burned books that did not tow the party line

        Both rejected science when it did not conform to their warped ideology.

        Both believed in a “master race”

        Both tried to destroy workers unions.

        Both tried to reduce social benefits to workers.

        Both tried to ban workers strikes for higher wages and safer working conditions.

        Both believed in using slave labor including child workers and minorities working for almost nothing.

        Both were against safety laws in the workplace and in transportation.

        Both wanted an all white state and the murder of all minorities.

        Both wanted to spend billions on a jackbooted military.

        Both believed in the right to enslave other countries militarily and economically.

        • On the contrary, dacian the DUNDERHEAD, Unlike you Lefties we Conservatives do not:
          “hate minorities”. History shows that racism has it roots in your Leftist ideology, (See Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger, both well known racists).
          “hate immigrants (should read illegal aliens)”; We want immigrants but ones who enter the country LEGALLY?
          “xenophobic?” LOL. Not hardly.
          For your edification, “public utilities” are already privatized. They are owned by corporations.
          It’s not Conservatives who are trying to censor people. You Leftists have the corner on the market on that one.
          No self respecting Conservative wants to “murder” you Lefties. Where did you get that ditty from?
          You are dammed right we want to ban abortions, Abortion is the murder of any unborn child for the convenience of a woman.
          “Blind acceptance of authority?” It seems it’s you Lefties that are trying to impose “authority” over ordinary citizens while leaving the criminals to run rampant. You people even want to erase their criminal records.
          AS to cruelty to children, it is cruel to indoctrinate our students with your Leftist ideology which has been proven time and again to be a fraud on society and an albatross on the economy. We don’t believe that disciplining a child is “cruel”.
          If Conservatives are so “cheap”, how come we give far more to charity than you Lefties?
          We don’t “hate gays” or “LGBT’s”. We just don’t think that their life style is one which is conducive to a constructive society. Unlike your ANTIFA and BLM stormtroopers we don’t go around hating and provoke violence.
          Unlike you Lefties we do not want a “one party rule”. We want the Constitution followed as written. To that we are GUILTY.
          Banning books? Burning books? Seems your Nazie roots are showing again. Again you forget it’s you Lefties who do that kind of thing.
          No one is trying to ‘ban workers strikes for better” anything. We do believe that a worker has to right to associate his/herself with unions that agree with their political philosophy and not forced to join.
          I do believe that it was the Republican Party that freed the slaves with the Civil War. Did you forget?
          We are all for safety laws that are really safety laws. Not paper generators.
          Seems you are on that “racist” kick again. Look at Wilson and Sanger?
          You bet we want to provide a strong military capable to defending this country. That is the real basis of government.
          the US has never “enslaved other countries”. But your Communist brethren sure have. Haven’t they?

        • ROTFL. The Nazis had highly restrictive gun laws. The same laws that provided inspiration for other nation’s firearms laws postwar.

    • Dacian, why do you hate black people so much? It is the evil Communist left that if for Big Gov (the state), centralized power over the individual citizenry. The Atheist left believes in nothing bet their secular god (little g), the state. Communism and fascism are one…the left, and blacks are nothing but a voting block to attain more power to little g, at the expense of the individual citizen.

    • overturn of a 50 year right in a 247 year old nation.
      sorry stupid, not sorry that it was returned to the states after congress did nothing for 50 years on abortion.

      as for the second amendment, it’s been a Constitutional right since the bill of rights was written, from day one.

      that does take precedent.




  17. So rights come with risks therefore people shouldn’t have any.

    There’s a winning position.

  18. That article has a comment section, and our very own Texan BLoving wrote a *smoking* response to that jackwagon… 🙂

    • I tried however the screen told me my browser was unsupported. When I get to Ace Hardware I’ll pick me up a bag of QuikCrete.

  19. Americas Constitutional Rights permitted by 5 government approved judges
    🇺🇸🙂 Freedom

  20. All those things listed as his example as to why the supremes’ decision was wrong would happen anyway because crazies and criminals don’t follow the laws.

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    • Really, you delete my reply to this spam however the spam does not get deleted.
      One for all and all for one.
      Damn the narwhals, full steam ahead.

  22. Semi-Auto rifle equals “weapon of WAR”? Yeah, right. ALL rifles are responsible for less than two percent of the homicides. Homicide is a GANG problem, but then you get into the racist lefts voting block (for money/votes/POWER).

  23. “Miles Mogulescu is an entertainment attorney/business affairs executive, producer, political activist, and writer… Professionally, he is a former Senior V.P. at MGM.”

    Well, that kind of sums it up. I wonder how many times he visited Epstein’s mansion?

  24. Would someone please demonstrate just what so called common sense gun restriction has ever stopped anyone from arming themselves and committing whatever act of violence they wanted.
    Justice Thomas ruled on the Bruen decision, as well as those who were in the majority with him, in favor of what have been and still are Constitutional rights of the individual.
    On the Dobbs decision the majority ruled as they should have as well. That the Roe decision was not based on Constitutional law. Turning the matter back to where it belongs. With the individual state legislatures. The pro-infanticide crowd are just upset because they now have to either get legislation passed in 50 states, push through a Constitutional Amendment, or get something through the US congress and signed by a President.
    I would like to see the decision resulting from a case against the NFA and all following federal restrictions. If the majority rule against it as might happen, the screams from the disarmament industry would be enough to power the US with wind energy for decades.

  25. “Would someone please demonstrate just what so called common sense gun restriction has ever stopped anyone from arming themselves and committing whatever act of violence they wanted.”

    You can’t prove a negative.

  26. Every time I see the argument about carrying in a house of worship I want to laugh. I grew up in a Roman Catholic parish in the central Bronx where my father, an NYPD Captain (at that time) was the head usher in the church. All the other usher were cops too. They were armed in church just like all other off-duty times and the pastor and the other priests had no problem with it. Aside from St. Peters in Rome our parish was probably the safest church in the world.

  27. I saw the claim that Justice Thomas accepted bribes. Can the accusers point to an instance where Thomas voted in a manner contrary to informed expectation?

    Methinks the bribers are not getting much for their money, because he seems to walk like he talks, with great consistency.

  28. Apparently reading and interpreting the words as they are written in the constitution is “extremist”.

    There is a proven method to crime reduction. Arrest criminals, put them in prison, and leave them there for a very long time. Giuliani cleaned up NYC doing exactly this.

  29. When the author gets victimized by the scum that surrounds Hollywood, then he’ll change his tune. He’ll find out that having a golf club for protection does nothing against four armed home invaders. But there is one caveat and that is if he survives the attack. Many do not.

  30. “Thank you Clarence Thomas (and the five right-wing Justices who signed his Bruen opinion)”

    Dear Miles,
    on the behalf of Clarence Thomas and the five right-wing Justices, you’re welcome.

  31. The white Left as represented by the h0m0sexual lawmaker, California state senate president Tom Ammiano agrees with Gov Reagan. They both support the Mulford Act.

    The white Left has always hated black people with guns. It’s the white Left that made gun possession in public housing illegal.

    The racist white left hates Justice Thomas because he doesn’t go along with their belief system.They believe a black person like him should be subservient to them.

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